Baby Callie 01.29.08

This past Saturday, I had a newborn photography session with 2 month old Callie and her parents, Heather and Mark. I met Heather at a baby shower I attended several weeks ago, and we hit it off right away. I gave her my card (actually -- I wrote down my web address b/c I didn't have any with me!), and I was really excited when she called me the next day to schedule a session.

There is something about black and white photos for a newborn baby. Although Heather and Mark's image CD will contain both the black and white and the color versions, I decided to post all black and white because, well, I just LOVE them! Black and white images are emotional, pure, and timeless, and I thought that it fit especially well for these images -- images focused on a moment in time.

Heather and Mark, thank you so much for welcoming me into your home to take pictures of your beautiful new daughter (and your adorable dog Kira too!). I hope you enjoy the little preview! ~Kristine

What a gorgeous baby girl!

Getting sleepy...

I am a sucker for babies in hats!

Whew - that was hard work! ;)

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Babies Everywhere 01.27.08

Now that I'm well into in the honeymoon stage of my pregnancy - the 2nd trimester ROCKS - Scott and I have been doing some traveling and visiting friends. This morning I was going through some of our personal pictures from the past two weekends, and I couldn't resist blogging these three little cuties. There are babies everywhere! Plus I have 6 pregnant friends right now - it seems like there is a new announcement every week lately - so Baby Girl Pringle is going to have lots of little friends. :)

Baby Russell is 10 months and he is almost walking already! We saw him take a step or two yesterday.

Baby Hadley is 5 months old, and she is the happiest baby ever.

And Baby Kadins is 1 month old today. Happy 1 month birthday Kadins!

Stay tuned for more adorable baby girl pictures from a shoot I had yesterday afternoon.
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Real Moments: Laughter 01.21.08

During the wedding off-season, one of the things I am working on is selecting new images for our website. It should be updated by early spring, but in the meantime, I thought I would share some little sneak peeks on the blog.

As you may know, Scott and I LOVE capturing moments as they happen. Well -- we love the portraits and the detail shots too -- but our passion is telling the story of your day through real photojournalistic moments.

Over the next few weeks, I will be blogging a bunch of real moments - the happiness, the tears, the crazy dance moves - but I thought I would start with one of my favorites. Here's to laughing often!

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Megan's Maternity Shoot 01.14.08

Last weekend I had the chance to do a lifestyle maternity shoot for our friends Megan and Aaron. Megan is 34 weeks along and due on Valentine's Day...and she is my new prego idol! She looks fabulous.

We did the outdoor pictures on the campus of Susquehanna University - (we lucked out with crazy warm January weather) - and then we headed back to their home for some indoor pictures. This is the first maternity shoot I've done since I've had my new blog, so I'm super excited to share.

Megan and Aaron, thank you for asking me to do these for you. I hope I captured a small amount of the excitement and joy you are feeling as you await your new baby. XOXO Kris

ps - I know I already showed you a slideshow containing 40 of my favorites, but since I can't blog 40 images, this is my best attempt at a top 10. :)

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It's a Girl! 01.08.08

Tonight Scott and I had our 20 week ultrasound, and we found out that we are expecting a GIRL!

*For those who didn't know, or for our prospective clients visiting our blog for the first time, we are due on May 29th. We will be doing lifestyle photo shoots this winter and spring, and we will begin our wedding spree on June 21st. Next month we will be updating our website, and I will continue to blog weekly - so stay tuned for some images from recent shoots, some funny behind-the-scenes stuff, and some of our favorite never-blogged-before images.*

Despite having a few boy dreams, I had a feeling we were going to be seeing pink, because most people I know with girls were really sick during their first trimesters and/or had babies with fast heartbeats while in utero. Baby Pringle's heartbeat has ranged from 150 to 165, and wow was I sick! I know these are old wives tales, but at least for me and most of my friends, they turned out to be true. I have loved every minute of this experience - even the nausea - but now the real fun begins...picking a name and designing the nursery.

The ultrasound was amazing. We got to see the different parts of her brain, the chambers of her heart, her kidneys, her spine, her hands and feet, and her sweet little face. She kept putting her hands up like she was waving to us. It was the cutest thing, and words can't begin to describe how much we love her already. We are so blessed that everything is going well and that Baby P is healthy.

Here is her 3D image. She weighs almost a pound.

She's too big to fit in one image, but according to books, she is somewhere between 6 and 10 inches long now.

It's hard to believe that just a few months ago, she looked like this.

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Andrew's Modeling Pix 01.02.08

Last week I had the opportunity to work with Andrew, a talented artist and model from Los Angeles, California. Well, like most of those who live there, he's not really from LA - he actually grew up right here in central PA and his art has been featured on the gallery walks in Harrisburg. I know his Mom and Dad from work, and I was delighted when they asked me to do some portfolio pictures for the second year in a row. Truth be told, I was also a little nervous, as it seems that Andrew has been quite busy since I last took his pictures. He now has a new agent, and he has recently been auditioning for all kinds of jobs, including some screen tests for some of the best shows on TV!

Andrew, congratulations on all of your success, and I hope that 2008 brings great things for you! Enjoy the mini preview. ~Kristine

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