Jenni and Mike's Wedding 10.27.10

Jenni and Mike were married on Saturday October 2nd in beautiful Lake of the Woods near Fredericksburg. They had a gorgeous outdoor ceremony, right at the water's edge, and an amazing dinner and reception followed inside. They couldn't have picked a more perfect day for an outdoor ceremony -- it was literally one of those perfect 70-degree and not a cloud in the sky days that you wish for. That would make anyone smile, and on their much anticipated wedding day, Jenni and Mike were beaming! They decided to see each other before the ceremony so that we'd have minimal photos to take afterwards, which really helped the day run smoothly and allowed us to take lots of fun portraits. I am so excited to share a few favorites as I'm going through them all. Enjoy!

Jenni's dress was so stunning. And it looked so good hanging on the beautiful windows inside the Clubhouse at Lake of the Woods.

Loved her bouquet too! So colorful and perfect for fall.

Put the dress and the flowers with the beautiful bride and you've got this. Perfection. Jenni, you are gorgeous!

The handsome groom, Mike, just minutes before seeing his beautiful bride for the first time.

I stepped back and took all candids during their big reveal -- LOVE this!

Then we started with some portraits. First a little classic.

You two are adorable!

Love this one with the Clubhouse behind them.

And I really love this silhouette with the lake and the woods. :-)

Two of the nicest men you could ever meet. We also did all the family pictures before the ceremony, and I had to post this one of Mike with his Dad, Joe, because Joe is my Mom's boyfriend of many years and he is (1) The reason that Mike and Jenni found out about me and eventually hired me to do their wedding, and (2) The reason this blog is happening right now, as he is always helping my Mom out with babysitting for my 2 young daughters while I work. They ADORE him, as do I, and I just wanted to publicly thank him for all that he does for all of us. He is truly a wonderful person who we're all lucky to have in our lives.

A quick glimpse into the was breathtaking.

The first kiss...

And then it was onto the reception. This one makes me smile.

Laughing during the toasts...

They were hysterical, so I quickly turned around to get everyone's reaction.

The first dance. I love that I could get lens flare from the sun indoors! Such a great location to shoot a wedding!

And I love that all the guests were still crowded around from the toasts and not at their tables. Good planning guys!

Next it was open dance floor and this pretty much sums it up. Everyone had a blast.

Best garter removal ever. Mike, I don't know that I've ever seen another groom do this so well without using any hands! ;-)

Saying goodbye to the Grandparents. So so sweet.

The final dance to "Tonight's Gonna be a Good Night". Jenni and Mike, congratulations on your marriage. I am so happy for you! Thank you for including me (and my family!) in your special day and for making us all feel so welcome. You are both sweethearts and I know you will have a long happy life together. Hugs! ~Kris

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A Newborn, a 2-Year Old, the Dog, and the Cousins 10.25.10

My clients have said that I'm really laid back during sessions. I guess I relax once I get behind the camera, but truth be told, I'm always a little nervous just before each and every shoot. Like the same nervousness I would get before taking a test in college that would somehow make me do well when there were trick questions -- it seems to work for photo shoots too. Brings me good luck.

So, I have to admit that when my former clients Jacelyn and Allen asked me to photograph their new baby girl, their 2-year old, and their dog, I was a little nervous, as always. Then, when Allen's sister Brandy (see previous blog post) asked if we could get all the kids together to get some shots for their parents' Christmas card, I was a lot nervous. Confident, but still nervous. An oxymoron I know. It's just that the more kids you add to the picture, the harder it gets, and we were talking 3 little boys and a newborn baby girl. I remember saying to my husband, "How am I going to do this? I'm a little scared."

Well, I'm super super excited about what we were able to capture, so I guess my nerves brought me luck once again. The kids were so cooperative, and I went home smiling and thanking my lucky stars to have the most rewarding job in the world.

Meet Jacelyn and Allen's beautiful 3-week old baby girl, Lily Reese. She is an angel.

And if you read my blog over the summer, you probably remember this adorable face -- Lily's big brother Cash.

This is their first baby, Ty. He is the nicest dog.

Nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby...

Except maybe her tiny hands and feet.

Cash agreed. Adorable!

Things were going great, so we decided to add dog Ty into the mix. He is getting older, and it was really important to Jacelyn and Allen to have him in some shots.

Goodnight baby. Goodnight doggie. I think this is my favorite of the three babies.

Though I really do love them all. My heart was definitely fluttering.

After a little rest from their own session (see previous blog), cousins Tyler and Aiden came over to get a shot of all 4 grandkids. I couldn't believe we got this. It's going on my website!

And Aiden was still "shouting hooray"!!! :-)

Last but not least, some kisses with Daddy...

And some with Mommy. Jace and Allen, thank you! It was so great to see you all again and to meet beautiful baby Lily. Congratulations and love! ~Kris

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If You're Happy and You Know It... 10.22.10

This is the second time I have photographed this beautiful family. The first time was just a few months ago, and we captured a bunch of images of their entire family, including the boys with their grandparents. I am so so flattered that they asked me to come back, especially so soon. I walked into their home and saw "my pictures" framed everywhere, along with a hardbound coffee table album they had made through Picaboo of all the session images. My heart melted. I love my clients!

I always say I get to photograph the cutest kids, and Tyler and Aiden are definitely a testament to that. I adore them, and their darling cousin Cash too. He recently became a big brother, and his blog will be coming next! :-) Anyway, this time was about focusing on Brandy and Patrick's family of 4, and getting some shots for their Christmas cards of course! Here are a few that I know they will love! Happy Weekend!!!

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands... (way too cute! and yes, if my singing gets "in the way" I still shoot.)

If you're happy and you know it stomp your feet...

If you're happy and you know it shout hooray...

If you're happy and you know it, make mommy happy with a smile like this. ;-) Aiden is precious.

And his big brother Tyler, he may just be a professional model in the making...(his parents will know what I mean - haha!)

Love this.

And this. What a gorgeous little man! Those eyes!

Brothers. Tyler is playing peek-a-boo with Aiden.

One of my favorites of the day. A perfect moment in time.

And a classic portrait. These boys make it look so easy!

Kisses for mommy...

Ahhh, here is the shot I was trying to get. This would be a beautiful Christmas card.

To Brandy and Patrick, thank you so much for keeping in touch and for asking me to document your beautiful family. It is truly a pleasure to "work" with you and I just adore your kids! Hugs! ~Kris

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Cookie and Poppy's Grandkids 10.21.10

About a month ago, I traveled to Virginia Beach to do a session for the sweetest family of 16. I'm pretty sure these are their first family photos with EVERYONE included in them, so it goes without saying that it was a huge privilege for me. Alanna is one of 4 girls, and each of them now have their own families, which are literally growing by the minute. Alanna just found out yesterday (for sure at this past appointment) that she and Jeff are expecting another little girl, and I couldn't be happier for them. I have known her since college, and it's so incredible to watch her as a Mom. She is amazing. And her parents, "Cookie" and "Poppy", they are equally amazing. They had everyone over to their beautiful home for this session, and it went so so well! Here are a few favorites. Okay, maybe more than a few, but there are a lot of beautiful kiddos to show off! Enjoy!

Cookie and Poppy currently have 6 grandkids, and their newest bundle of joy will join their family this winter. I love this shot of Alanna's beautiful baby bump...

And I really love the matching LP dresses! How awesome that Ella will soon have a little sister!

The proud grandparents with their 6 beautiful grandchildren.

The oldest is Sumner...and seriously, every one of these kids could be a model. It's unreal!

This is Sumner's little sister Ainsley. Love love love her eyes.

You'd never know that I only had like 2 minutes with each kid. I was so thrilled to be getting these images.

Parker is just a little younger than his cousin Sumner. And just like his cousin, he is so so handsome.

His little sister Emme is a beauty!

Darling darling darling sibling shot.

Last but not least, we have little cousin Eliza. Such a little dollbaby! I really wish I had more time with each of them, but we had to move on to Alanna's family...

After all, she hired me hoping to get a bunch of shots of her immediate family -- which includes daughter Ella, husband Jeff, and baby girl on the way.

Looking at these now, I can't believe we ever worried that Ella wouldn't smile for us.

What a gorgeous little girl!

Priceless! I feel like this should be a Christmas card that says JOY.

Things were going so well that we even squeezed in a mini-maternity shoot. So sweet.

Alanna, I said it last time you were pregnant -- you need to be a preggo model. You are stunning. Pregnancy makes your smile glow even more.

To Alanna's entire family, thank you for asking me to capture these truly special generational images for you. It was such an honor! XOXO ~Kris

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Orvis Chique 10.18.10

Orvis Chique. That is what they called their session. Can I just say LOVE? I have the CUTEST friends (I have known Meg since college), who I'm lucky enough to photograph year after year. I have been photographing Chase and his parents Meghan and Ryan since Chase was a teeny tiny newborn, and now he is almost two. This time around, Chase's grandparents traveled 4+ hours to participate in this photo session, and his beautiful Auntie Amanda even came too. So...the entire family was there, and wow, we got some priceless images that I know will be cherished forever. Here are just a few of my faves as I'm editing the whole shoot. Enjoy!

Such a beautiful family. I adore them!

And why did they call this session "Orvis Chique"?? (btw - could Chase be any more adorable?!!!)

Because aside from looking REALLY good....they did a little fishing.

And that made Pappy really proud. I love this moment.

And this is one of my favorite images that I've ever taken. Chase loved picking flowers with his Gammy.

He loves his Auntie Amanda, so of course he gave her some too.

That made her really happy. Too too sweet!

We did a ton of different portraits, but I couldn't resist posting this one.

If you've seen my main website, then you probably remember these beautiful faces.

We did photos of Meghan, Ryan and Chase at the VERY end, and I think we were all a little nervous that Chase would be done. After all, it was almost 7 pm.

Boy did he prove us wrong. Here is a fave with Dad...

A fave with Mom (seriously Mego, could you be any prettier!?!!)

And some favorites of all three. I'm so glad they have lots of wall space waiting for these. :-)

To Meghan and Ryan, thank you for asking me to family photos for you for the 3rd time. As always, it was such a fun couple of hours. I am so lucky. To Meghan's family, "Pappy", "Gammy", and Auntie Amanda, thank you for traveling over to Meg and Ryan's for this session, and for all of your help in creating these images. I really couldn't have done it without you and I hope you love these as much as I do. Lots of love! ~Kris

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Pretty in Pink 10.08.10

A few weeks ago I got to photograph the most beautiful sisters -- Mary Chandler who is 6 and Lally who is 4. Their mom Nicole was referred to me by one of my favorite NOVA clients, and upon meeting her and her 2 daughters, I knew the shoot was going to go well. How did I know that?? Well...let's see...aside from these girls being beyond adorable...

I knew the session was going to go super well when this was our "warm up to the camera shot". WOW! They weren't even wearing their dresses yet!

Mary Chandler is an absolute beauty.

And Lally is a dollbaby! I love the depth in this shot.

One of my favorites. Love their serious looks. I was standing on the bench as they were sitting because I knew I could get them to look more natural and relaxed if they were sitting.

Dress #2. Gorgeous!

Of course it wasn't all "portraits", even as relaxed as these may be. Here are a few of my favorite funny moments from our session. These 2 had me cracking up.

A sweet candid - completely undirected.

I then quickly ran to the other side of the lake to get this shot.

"Our Mom is silly". Love this!

And this. Nicole, you and your daughters are beautiful, and it was so great to meet you. I had so much fun doing these pictures for you and I hope that your girls did too. Thank you so much. Hugs! ~Kris

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On a Nature Walk with Olivia and Naomi 10.06.10

I could have titled this blog a million things...

First it was something like, "Another beautiful daughter". The last time I photographed this beautiful family, they had just welcomed their first baby girl Olivia into the world. Now she is 3, and she is a big sister to 1-year old Naomi.

Then it was "Riding the Carousel". The park we were shooting at had this amazing old carousel, and I could have filled an entire blog with just shots from that short segment of our session.

Next it was "Photogenic-ness". You'll see what I mean when you see the pictures. I seriously have beautiful clients, inside and out.

Finally though, as I was editing, I decided to call it "On a Nature Walk" because of all the things we did in our 2 hours together, walking through the woods was the crowd pleaser. The girls loved it! Here are a few favorites.

We started the session at their beautiful new home so that we could include their sweet dog Kobe in a few shots.

LOVE this candid.

Then we headed to a nearby park with the cutest carousel. It was broken and said "No trespassing" but we didn't think anyone would notice if we climbed the fence and hopped on. :-)

I'm so glad we did.

The girls loved it!

A sweet sister shot.

And a darling portrait of Rose and Naomi. Beautiful girls!!!

Speaking of beautiful, I adore this shot of Olivia. She was so happy during our session, and she even got sad at the end when I told her I had to go take pictures of another little girl. Love her!

The girls enjoyed finding leaves...

And acorns...

They went fishing with sticks...

They picked flowers out of the grass...

And oh yeah, they walked. Canvas anyone? Rose and Mike, thank you. Thank you for keeping in touch over the years and asking me to document your family as it grows. I loved spending a morning with you and your beautiful daughters. Much love, Kris

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Nikki and Brendan Had a Baby! 10.04.10

I love my job. I really REALLY love it. There are so many things about it that I love, and one of them is the people I've been lucky enough to work with over the years. They are not only my clients, but also my friends. Nikki and Brendan were one of my 2007 weddings -- back when I was just getting started -- and we have kept in touch. I was pregnant with my first daughter at their wedding, and I remember watching them with all their nieces and nephews and thinking what wonderful parents they would be someday.

Nikki emailed me to tell me they were expecting a baby girl in July, and I was so happy to hear that news. I was also just a little sad, because I was hoping I could do newborn photos for them...but I just couldn't plan another trip back to PA since I was planning to be there in September. So Nikki and Brendan had newborn photos done by another photographer, and they are beautiful (trust me - I saw them when I was at their house a few weeks ago for this shoot and they are amazing!), so of course I wasn't really expecting to get to do a shoot for them. Well, to my surprise (and delight), they decided they wanted to do a session because, really, newborn babies change by the minute. Josephine (Joey) is now 2-months old, and she is perfection. Just beautiful, like her parents.

Nikki and Brendan are so fun. We did their engagement session near a big lake, and by the end of it they were rolling in the sand and splashing in the water. I loved it!

Their November 2007 wedding was amazing. We had perfect weather for outdoor photos, which is exactly what they were hoping would happen for their family session...

And it did. The sun was definitely shining for us. Is Joey the cutest little thing ever or what?? I found this antique carriage like 2 days before their shoot, and I was so excited to try it out. This would make a darling Christmas card.

But of course so would this. Picture perfect family.

Something I had never done it. These were taken in their awesome wooded backyard.

I love that I was able to capture some of Joey's first smiles...

And then all of that smiling made her sleepy. This is one of my absolute favorites.

We continued shooting and chatting right through her catnap. So so sweet.

Tiny little fingers...

I adore this moment. Nikki looks so proud, so happy, so in love with her daughter and hubby.

We woke Joey up by heading inside for a feeding and a diaper change...then I was able to get a bunch of awake diaper shots.

Nikki and Brendan, thank you so much for asking me to do these 2-month photos of Joey. She is precious - her features are so beautiful - and it was really awesome to see you as parents. You're naturals, just as I "pictured". Congratulations again and hugs! ~Kris

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