Happy Thanksgiving from The Pringles 11.27.08

Last year on Thanksgiving, I posted an ultrasound photo announcing my pregnancy. I was just 11 weeks pregnant, but already completely in love with our baby-to-be. Now I can hardly remember life before her. Elsa is already 6 months old, and she is the best thing that has ever happened to us. We are so thankful....for Elsa and each other (and our sweet doggie Zoey), for our wonderful families and friends, for our health, for our photography business, and for the fact that we have the coolest and nicest clients in the world! Thank you thank you!

Happy Thanksgiving with much love from The Pringles -- Scott, Kristine, and Elsa. Special thanks to our great photographer friend Val for taking this picture of us a couple weeks ago.

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Bella: Woof Woof 11.26.08

I recently got to visit little Bella for her second photo shoot, and it was so fun -- and so easy! Bella is an 11-month old Havanese puppy, and she is so good. Anywhere her Mom Sue put her for a picture, she would stay there in the most perfect pose, look right at me, and "smile" for the camera. ;)

To Sue and Ron, it's always so nice to see you both, and Bella & Bria too. They are just beautiful! I hope you like the little preview. I'm looking forward to some snow scene shots this winter! Happy Thanksgiving! ~Kris

Bella was so adorable on her sleigh, with her little red bow.

And she was so good that Sue let her have her bone. Isn't the little Santa hat the cutest thing ever!?!

Sue has a lot of antiques, and this box was perfect. I couldn't believe Bella just stood there like that for me!

We even included Bria in a few shots. This is a definite Christmas card!

After we got the Christmas shots done, Sue thought it would be fun to cover the other seasons that had passed by since I first did pictures of Bella in the spring.

We did some for fall...

And even summer. Sue finds the cutest little doggie clothes for Bella. I just love them!

And of course we put her in the Culligan bucket to see how much she has grown.

Thanks again Sue! Bella is a little angel!

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Abby's Holiday Mini-Session 11.24.08

I did a lifestyle photography session for Abby in June, just after her third birthday. To see that blog, click HERE. I called the session "Little Miss Personality" because that is definitely Abby. I just love her! Well, not much has changed since then, except for the fact that Abby gets cuter and cuter every time I see her!

Abby's mom Lyndell really wanted some Christmas pictures of Abby, but she didn't want to take her to the mall to get just a few pictures, so that is when the Pringle Photography Holiday Mini-Session was born. I have done a few of these now, but I plan to officially offer them next year around the holidays, so details will be coming on the main website soon.

Anyway, back to sweet little Abby. This is the 4th session I have done for Abby, and she definitely knows me. Actually, when she sees me, she runs up to me, tackles me to the ground, and says, "WRISTEEEEEEN!!!!" (for Kristine). It is the cutest thing ever!

To Lyndell, thank you again and again for asking me to document Abby's childhood. It is truly an honor, and Abby is just beyond-words gorgeous. Happy Thanksgiving! ~Kristine

As you can see, Abby and I have fun playing together during her sessions. :-)

She is just a beautiful little girl. I love this close-up.

And this one when she was smiling at Mom. Of course these didn't show her whole Christmas outfit though...

So here ya go! Lyndell can vouch for me....I didn't ask Abby to sit there. She just randomly did it on her own, and I had about 2 seconds to get one shot. I love everything about it, from her shoes and patterned tights to her little headband. DOLLBABY!

We were shooting in an Evergreen Garden, so I was able to get some neat Christmas candids.

Abby kept saying, "These trees are wrickly!"

Thanks again Lyndell - it was so great to see you and Abby, and I will see you again soon!

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Baby Maggie: 6 Months 11.21.08

A couple weeks ago I got to visit baby Maggie for her 6-month photo shoot, and it went so well! She was just waking up from a nap when I got there, and she was as happy as can be. Not to mention as ADORABLE as can be too! We had warm temperatures the first week of November, so we started outside and then went indoors to do some in Maggie's nursery. I even got her big brother Avery in a few - I really couldn't have asked for a better session!

To Addy and Mike - it was so great to see you both and your beautiful little ones. I love your pictures and can't even begin to pick a favorite. Hope you do too! Talk to you soon. Hugs! ~Kris

Maggie recently attended her Uncle's wedding, and this was her pretty little dress she wore.

She was just full of smiles! Of course it helped that Addy and Mike (and Avery too) were behind me making silly faces and noises. :-)

And she was so pretty in her little white sweater.

Still can't believe I got this shot! A definite framer.

So then it was time to swing! Maggie just cracks up laughing in her Little Tikes swing - I need to get one for Elsa!

Couldn't resist cutie patootie Avery on his swing. He is starting to know me now, which is GREAT. I think he is less camera shy that way.

Seriously, does it get any better?! The smile, the light, the perfect lawn! Hehe.

Yep, it does. "This grass tickles!"

After a bunch outdoors, we went inside, and I took some pictures of Maggie in her sweet little PJs, and in her crib. Love it!

This one will definitely be going on the main website when it gets a big updating this winter. Look at those eyes!

Addy and I were talking about how I tilt my camera sometimes - it "adds interest" I guess. So here is a good example of a "tilter".

Maggie has the best hair (like her Mom!), so she can already wear darling little hairbows.

As I was leaving, Maggie got to play in her new jumper, which she LOVES. Maggie, thank you for being such a perfect little subject. I'll see you in a few months - I can't wait!

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Bouncing Baby Boys 11.19.08

I recently had the chance to photograph 3 adorable baby boys -- all under the age of 2! We lucked out with a beautiful day in early November, so we were able to do the whole shoot outdoors at Nichole and Kendrah's childhood home near Mifflinburg. Nichole and Kendrah are sisters, and the boys I photographed were their sons, Alex and Ben, who are Nichole's, and Jaiden, who is Kendrah's.

To Nichole and Kendrah (and their wonderful Mom) -- it was so nice to meet you! Thank you so much for welcoming me into your home and for asking me to document these memories. Your boys are beautiful and such sweethearts! I hope you enjoy the sneak peek. Your CD of images will be coming soon! Lots of love ~Kristine

Meet cutie-pie Alex. He is 20 months old and recently became a big brother!

His 3-month old baby brother Ben is too cute for words, and he is so good - I don't think he cried the whole time I was there.

And their 9-month old cousin, Jaiden, is a total dollbaby. Just wait til you see his blue eyes!

Of course we had to sneak Nichole in a few...I love this moment.

And Kendrah too. How sweet is this!? I love how their outfits match the beautiful red tree.

Then it was little Ben's turn to shine. I was loving all the candid natural expressions I was getting. :-)

Natural light baby! Nichole and I both noticed how Ben's eyes popped as soon as we put him in this spot. He is so precious!

"Hey, whatcha doin down there taking pictures of my brother?! I want to come out and play!"

"This is much better!"

Alex was so cute on the swing.

And then I looked over and saw Jaiden in the cutest little winter hat. I can't resist babies in hats! Especially ones that give me smiles like this!

This is why I like shooting during "the golden hour". We all stood there with our chins on the ground saying, "Wow, those eyes!"

I could post a gazillion more, but I thought this one would leave you smiling. Thanks again Nichole and Kendrah! I had so much fun!

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My Friend Sylvia's Holiday Mini-Session 11.17.08

About 3 weeks ago while on a little vacation at "camp", I did a holiday mini-session for my good friend Sylvia, her husband, Bill, and their 1 1/2 year old son, Russell. My husband Scott has worked with Bill (another physical therapist) for the past 6 years, and ever since they have been great friends. I think Sylvia and I first met on a double date with our husbands at the Bloomsburg Fair (is that right Sylvia?), and she is definitely one of the best friends a girl could have. They do so much (too much) for Scott and I, so I was really happy to be able to take a few pictures of their beautiful family for the holidays.

To Sylvia and Bill, thanks for being such amazing friends, and for being so photogenic! We are so blessed to have you and Russell in our lives, and we cannot wait to meet Baby #2 this spring! Love always, Kris (and Scott & Elsa - who is being so good playing while I blog right now!)

Love it - gorgeous family, gorgeous smiles, and gorgeous fall color! It's a happy happy day!

Russell is the CUTEST thing ever! I just love him and I'm so excited for him to get a baby brother or sister in April.

Sylvia, this is going to be a main website cover photo for the intro slideshow -- you are such an awesome Mom.

I think you guys should frame this one and the one above it next to each other. I love that Russell is doing the same thing in both pictures! And his smile makes me smile!

Even though it was a mini-session, I spent a few minutes capturing some candids...

And then I got the cutest "Russell serious face" -- he has such perfect little features! Bill & Sylvia, we miss you and can't wait to see you again soon!

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Chasing Chase 11.13.08

I have been waiting to get little Chase in front of my camera for months now, since his wonderful Aunt Julie (a Pringle Photography bride) bought him a photography gift certificate last Christmas before he was even born. Upon meeting Chase's Mom, Amber, at Julie's bridal shower (Amber is married to Julie's brother, Rob), I mentioned that it would be good to wait until Chase was able to sit on his own to do the pictures. Well, they waited just a little longer, until Chase was able to crawl, and that was an awesome decision -- good thing Chase learned to crawl at just 8 months, so we were able to get him in all the leaves.

To Rob and Amber, it has been great getting to know you both through Julie and Clint and all the wedding festivities, and I'm really happy I had the chance to do a lifestyle session for your family! I had a hard time picking pictures for the blog because there were so many I loved (I even got the accidental 911 call - haha!), but hopefully this will give you a good sneak peek. Thank you so much for your patience as I edit the rest of them -- I have to get Julie's wedding finished first. :-) Hugs! ~Kris

Chase is such a beautiful baby. And his little sweater vest was way too cute!

Let the crawling begin! Chase was on the move through all the leaves, and every so often he would look at me with the cutest little expressions that I'm sure his parents know so well.

And when he stopped crawling, Chase decided to strike a pose which had us all cracking up. It doesn't get much cuter.

We did the shoot at Bucknell, which had awesome leaves everywhere -- and great natural light.

I love this close-up.

Lately I've posted a lot of "posed" family pictures. So this time I'm posting the candid family lovin -- these are my favorites anyway!

Pure joy.

Man, I wish I had pictures like this from when I was a baby! Real laughter.

And love.

Here Chase was being thrown in the air by Rob - I love his smile!!!

Thanks so much Amber and Rob - you have a beautiful family! I would go big with this one! :)

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A Holiday Mini-Session 11.12.08

I've been trying my hand at a couple holiday mini-sessions lately, and they are going great. A mini-session is perfect for the family who wants just a couple of pictures -- maybe for a Christmas card or to use for Christmas gifts. Next year I plan to officially offer several different mini-session packages, but for now I just wanted to prove to myself that I could get some awesome photos in a 20 minute session. Well, Val and her family definitely gave me the confidence I was hoping for.

You may recognize Val from some of my other blogs, as she was the Matron of Honor in the wedding of Julie and Clint. It's so nice when we can form lasting friendships with not only our brides and grooms, but also with members of their wedding parties and families.

To Val, it was really great to get you in front of my camera again, to meet Erik and Owen, and to see you interact with them. Thank you and Erik so much for traveling to Selinsgrove for your pictures. Owen is way too adorable and so smiley, and I am very excited about your pictures. I hope you like them as much as I do. Much love and appreciation! ~Kris

Meet darling 14-month old Owen.

He has the most beautiful greenish-hazel eyes.

Val just glows when she is around Owen.

I think they might have to do a collage for their Christmas card, because these are all so cute.

Even though it was a mini-session, we definitely made time for some playful candids.

Owen was loving it!

He kept clapping his hands anytime we would say, "YAY!!!!!" It was so stinkin cute!

Hands down my favorite family shot of the day. Thanks again Val and Erik - you are the cutest little family!

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The Newlyweds and Their Adorable Dog Rosco 11.11.08

Erin contacted me several months ago, saying she wanted some "great photos" of her and her husband Matt, and their baby, an adorable Boston Terrier named Rosco. They have been married just over one year, and they just bought a home which has lots of blank walls for what else - pictures! :-) Erin works in a Pediatric ER in Northern VA, and Matt works as a firefighter -- and their personalities are just what I would have expected from two people who dedicate their lives to helping others -- warm, kind, and caring. Even though they live several hours away, we planned a photo shoot when they were going to be in town visiting family and it was so much fun. We went to the Sunbury Marina and we had great weather for outdoor pictures.

To Erin and Matt (and Rosco!) -- thank you so much for asking me to do your first family pictures! It was so nice getting to know you both, and I'm definitely looking forward to more pictures when a little one comes along in the future. I hope you like the sneak peek - I really wanted to blog them all! Much love! ~Kristine

What a gorgeous family! This would make a great Christmas card I think!

I love this one of Erin with Rosco. It looks like they are hugging.

Here I focused on Rosco during a brief restful moment...love it!

And here is what I got seconds later. So fun!

Rosco liked to find sticks that were bigger than he was! :-)

I've always wanted a shot like this - Rosco was so good for laying there and looking at me, especially because he knew his parents were beind him!

So of course he got a treat!

Then it was time to focus on Mom and Dad for a little...."Hey guys, where ya goin?"

I love this one in the midst of all the trees and fall color. It's so fun finding different locations for photos. That way they're unique too.

And I love this close up of them laying in the leaves.

This might be my fave though. Erin and Matt -- see, you are "great walkers" hehe!

Trying to show up my husband with my silhouette skills! ;)

Rosco, I think your Mommy and Daddy will love this pouty face one of you. Thanks again Erin and Matt! I had so much fun!

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Generations 11.10.08

About a week and a half ago, I did a photoshoot for a family of 11, my largest family shoot yet. Gail contacted me after seeing my blog, and she said that her brother was coming in from Colorado, and she would love to get some pictures done of everyone. So I met Gail and the rest of her family at her parent's home in Muncy, and we did the shoot in their home and backyard. It went GREAT!

To Gail (and everyone else), thank you so much for the opportunity to photograph your beautiful -- and growing -- family. Special thanks to Gail's parents, Jim and Molly, for opening their home and making me feel so welcome. I hope everyone enjoys the sneak peek of images! With love and appreciation ~Kristine

This family started 52 years ago, when Jim and Molly got married.

They have beautiful children, grandchildren, and now...

They have their first beautiful great-grandchild, Hailey, who is 4 months old. I love this candid moment I captured when no one was watching.

So there are now 4 generations of women, Molly, Gail, Ashley, and Hailey.

Ashley is a very proud new Mommy, and it's easy to see why. Hailey is so precious!

Her parents and her sister are really proud too - Hailey is the first grandchild for Gail and Bill.

And her Aunt Sara just adores her!

Gail's brother Jamie, his wife Lisanne, and their gorgeous kids, Sawyer and Sierra, were in town visiting from Winterpark Colorado. They even brought their cute dog, Tucker.

We couldn't sit on the ground because it had lots of "prickers" everywhere, so we did some walking shots, which I LOVE! :-) They are such a cute family.

Isn't 9-year old Sierra just beautiful!

And her 11-year old brother, Sawyer -- his Mom is going to have to get a big stick to keep all the girls away!

After a bunch of outdoor shots, we went back inside so I could do more pictures of Hailey. Congratulations to everyone on your newest little addition, and thanks again for a great shoot!

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