My Pregnancy with Emme Ann 11.29.09

I can't believe my pregnancy is already coming to an end. I am 38 weeks today (I'm due on December 13th in exactly 2 weeks), so I decided I had to squeeze this blog in before I missed my chance. My pregnancy has been wonderful, and Scott and I are so excited to meet our new baby girl.

Her name will be Emme Ann, so we'll have Emme and Elsa, or "Em" and "El" as we sometimes have already nicknamed them. Everyone I know with 2 girls, including some of my clients, has told me that we are going to love it, and we really think that Elsa is going to be a great big sister. She is so loving, and she is really cute with her new little cousin, Vivienne (see blog below). She also calls all of her baby dolls Emme, and she points to things like little clothes and bouncy seats and tells me they are for Emme. Elsa is such a sweetheart, and I can only imagine the emotion I will feel the moment our 2 girls meet for the first time. We are so so blessed.

I posted this picture a couple weeks ago...

And as promised, here are some more. To everyone who said I looked tiny, remember, black is slimming. ;-)

I threw on a pink shirt to get some shots with Elsa in the woods, and I came home covered in poison ivy!

It was worth it though. This is what Elsa does when you ask her to smile for the camera. Ha!

She is excited to be a big sister, yes. But she will definitely miss her little shelf that she has gotten used to sitting on.

Our shoot got cut short because Elsa got tired -- for those who know her, that's a rarity, but it worked out so well for these images.

This one with her thumby is priceless. Thank you Scott for getting this moment!

Elsa is 18 months old today, and this is her most recent picture. Her hair is long enough for 2 little pigtails, but I think she looks totally adorable rockin her cute mullet.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Stay tuned for 4 more awesome blogs to come (hopefully!) before Emme arrives, and of course details/pictures from the big day that we meet our precious new addition. Lots of love! ~Kris (ps - many thanks to my friend Amanda for taking this family picture of us!)

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Vivienne: 15 Days Old 11.25.09

I recently had the chance to photograph a VERY special new baby, my beautiful niece Vivienne, who was born on October 14, 2009. She is the daughter of my brother Mark and his wife, Jessica, and they couldn't be any more adorable as parents.

If you have read my blog before, then you may remember Mark and Jess from their gorgeous wedding that Scott and I photographed in June. To see those photos, and to read more about the amazing story of how they met (it was several years ago while vacationing in Costa Rica!), you can click HERE.

But back to the newborn pictures of baby Viv. As I sit here on this Thanksgiving Eve reflecting on all the things I am thankful for, I couldn't imagine a more appropriate blog post, since little Viv is definitely one of them. It's also pretty cool that the very first time our family met Jess was on Thanksgiving day in 2006. We immediately fell in love with her, just as Mark knew we would, and now here we are 3 years later spending the day together with the beautiful new addition to the family. Life is so sweet.

This is my proud Auntie disclaimer - lots of photos coming! But really, could Vivi be any more precious?!?!

I think she looks like a little doll.

From her sweet little yawns...

To her full head of hair ...

To her tiny hands...
Charlottesville Newborn Photographer

And her soft baby feet...
Charlottesville Newborn Photographer

To her newborn wrinkly skin...
Charlottesville Newborn Photographer

And the little expressions she makes in her sleep, I think she is just perfect.
Charlottesville Baby Photographer

Jessica is an amazing Mom.
Charlottesville Baby Photographer

And my brother, a wonderful Dad.
Charlottesville Baby Photographer

They are totally in awe of their little miracle, just as we all are.
Charlottesville Baby Photographer

Since we had pretty nice weather, we decided to do some outdoor shots. We had the most AMAZING light coming off the lake, and I loved the texture I was able to get by shooting through the trees. But of course what REALLY makes this photo is Mark and Jess's smiles. There's no hiding it - they now know the love that comes with being a parent.

Mark and Jess, we are all so happy for you! Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl and Happy Thanksgiving! Can't wait to see you all tomorrow! Love, Proud Aunt Kris

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Dedra & Paul's Wedding 11.23.09

On October 10th, I photographed the beautiful wedding of Dedra and Paul in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. It was my last wedding of 2009, and it was definitely a fabulous way to end what has been an amazing year. I always get to work with really cool couples, and Dedra and Paul were no exception.

Not only were they super sweet and fun, but they were also pretty easy on the eyes. Dedra was totally stunning!

And Paul couldn't stop smiling as he was about to see his beautiful bride.

A quick glimpse into the ceremony. I tip-toed around to get some straight-on shots...

And some off from the side.

Married! I love this shot of them recessing down the aisle...

And I really love this bubble shot of them exiting the church too.

Portrait time. There was a big tree "in my way" so I used it to my advantage, creating a sort of frame out of the yellow leaves.

Then we stumbled upon this random blue boat named Tootsie. Gorgeous!

And Paul thought it would be fun to drive it. We all laughed...

A lot. I adore this candid.

I think they're having fun!

Dedra really wanted a shot of their rings in a pink rose, so Dedra, this is for you!

And just in case weren't having enough wedding day good fortune, a little ladybug decided to land in Dedra's bouquet. Come to find out, she LOVES ladybugs, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture. Smart little ladybug even knew to land on a white rose so she would stand out. ;-)

Onto the reception. I really liked the limo shots in sepia.

This one of them entering the room pretty much sums up the night ahead. F-U-N!

Their first dance...

There was a beautiful modern cake.

And some really cute kids. I was having the hardest time picking a "kid pic" to blog, but I chose this one since it also had the groom in it.

There's that laughter again. Love it!

Dedra and Paul, thank you for asking me to document your wedding day in photos. I had an absolute blast and I hope you like this little sneak peek as much as I do. Congratulations again! With love and appreciation ~Kristine

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Blue Eyed Beauty 11.18.09

I have been photographing baby Evie since she was 6 months old, so it's really hard to believe she is already 21 months! Evie and her parents Kristi and Mark live in central PA, and we were able to coordinate a lifestyle session when I was up there last month shooting a wedding. I'm so glad it worked out, because as I told Kristi in an email, these are my favorites of her yet. I have watched Evie grow from a tiny baby into an energetic toddler, and they have watched me grow as a photographer. And over this time (I think this is our 4th session now), we have become friends. I love it when that happens. I know I have said it before, but I really don't know how I got so lucky.

We started off with a few family pictures...

And I was able to get a few of Evie with her pretty Mommy.

Love it!

Love it more. Evie had so much fun playing in the leaves...

And climbing on the rocks...

But this next series of her in the "weed jungle" is my favorite.

I saw the spot, and I said, "Oh we have to put her in those! If she doesn't like it, just grab her out." Boy am I glad she liked it, because I heart these images.

The light was so perfect, and I got adorable expressions like this...

Candid laughter like this...

And modern portraits like this. I was doing a happy dance after almost every shot. What a gorgeous little girl!

Then it was time for an outfit change and some fun with Dad. Mark is tall, so I was really impressed that he repeatedly went down the slide with Evie. He and Kristi are always so vested in each session, which I love about them.

Had to post this one too because it's too funny. None of us realized that the slide had speed bumps or sort of moguls on it. Mark's expression is priceless. Such a trooper!

An adorable moment I know they will cherish.

Towards the end of the shoot, we found these beautiful green grasses that matched Evie's pretty sweater.

She thought this was a pretty cool spot too. So so cute!

Well, I could post forever, but I'll end with this "see ya later!" pose from Evie.

Kristi and Mark, what can I say? I am beyond blessed to work with such an awesome family! Thank you thank you thank you! Love, Kristine

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Janice and Her Boys 11.16.09

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to do another session on the grounds of UVA. Janice, her husband Ken, and their two sons were referred to me by another client of mine who told me all about how nice their family was. Well, she was definitely right. Janice and Ken are the nicest couple, and they have two really sweet (and handsome!) teenage sons, Anthony who is 18 and Marcus who is 16. They were all super easy to photograph, probably because they are used to being in front of the camera by now. They have done Christmas pictures every year since the boys were little, which is a tradition I admire so much as a photographer and a Mom. Here are a few of my favorites from our afternoon together. Enjoy!

UVA has some great architectural lines. Love this shot!

We did a bunch of portraits with everyone close together...

But we also did a good number with everyone more spread out. Something a little different and modern.

We got some black & whites...

And some with vibrant fall color. I love this candid of their family walking and talking.

They had some pretty funny conversations...

But once the topic turned to physics (I think I'm remembering correctly?!), we went back to portraits. A great shot of Dad and his boys...

And one with their beautiful Mom. We did both the traditional eye contact and some looking away shots like this one here. Anthony and Marcus had such natural smiles, especially considering that here they are "smiling at a tree." ;-)

Such handsome young men!

But it's easy to see where they get their good looks...

Don't their parents make a gorgeous couple!?!

To Janice, Ken, Anthony, and Marcus, I had a lot of fun doing this shoot for you, and I'm so glad the weather cooperated and we didn't have rain. You are a beautiful family and I'm really happy we had the chance to meet and work together. Hugs! ~Kristine

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A Day in the Life of Baby Aiden 11.11.09

This is the last of my NOVA marathon weekend blogs, and it's such a great one to end with. I first photographed Erin, her husband Matt, and their dog Rosco last fall, and several months later Erin emailed me to tell me they were expecting their first child, a beautiful baby boy named Aiden. I was so excited to hear the news, and equally excited that they thought of me again to do baby Aiden's first photoshoot.

Unfortunately Matt had to work on the weekend I was planning to be in the area, so he and Erin had a decision to make...and I'm so glad they chose to go ahead with the session. Aiden will only be this little once, and as Erin said, we'll get a bunch of family photos on the next go round.

I could go on and on about how much I love working with Erin and Matt. Even though we had never met before last fall (they were referred to me through a wedding I did in PA), I immediately felt like I had known them for years. And now, to see them as parents and to have the opportunity to document these fleeting moments for them -- words can't really describe it. It's just awesome. So, without further rambling, here is a little taste of what I captured on a day in the life of Aiden at 2 months old. Enjoy!

This is the image that Erin and Matt used for their Christmas card last year...

And how a year changes things. This year they have been blessed with the best gift of all. We started the shoot with some images with Mommy...
Charlottesville Newborn Photographer

And then Aiden got a little playtime.
Charlottesville, VA Newborn Photographer

Erin said she thought he would do well for his photos and she was right. He couldn't stop looking at my camera!
Charlottesville, VA Newborn Photographer

Then it was time for a diaper change...
Charlottesville, VA Newborn Photography

And some gazing up at Mom again.
Charlottesville, VA Baby Photography

He played and giggled in his crib...
Charlottesville, VA Baby Photographer

And he posed.
Northern VA Baby Photographer

And posed some more. Such a gorgeous baby boy!
Northern VA Baby Photographer

Feeding time. I love the whole series I captured. So sweet. So real. So fleeting.
Northern VA Baby Photography

And the dark couch pillows made for a nice contrast when shooting from above. Yeah, I was standing on her table. ;-)
Northern VA Baby Photography

I can't forget their first "baby" Rosco. He loved laying in Aiden's blankets.

And even though we tried to get a shot of him with his baby brother, he really preferred to have the spotlight. So cute!

So we did some more with Mommy instead. Some photos for Daddy's desk.

Don't know if I have a favorite, but I LOVE this one. Erin and Matt -- congratulations to you and your families! Aiden is a beautiful, happy baby and I'm so thankful I had the chance to meet and photograph him at such a young age. Enjoy every precious minute! Hugs! ~Kristine

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Hangin' at Home with Shane & Avery 11.09.09

I recently met up with another friend of mine from college, Kim, and her adorable family at their home in Northern Virginia for our 3rd annual photo shoot. It's such an honor to walk into their home and see images that I have taken hanging all over their walls. Truly, it almost made me tear up.

We did the session right in their backyard, which is always a great place to shoot.

The kids are so comfortable in their own environment. Shane was having a good time giving me lots of silly faces, which was cracking me up...

But rest assured Kim and Mark, I got plenty of angelic smiles too. Shane is just gorgeous, and isn't window light the best!?!? It's so eye-popping and editorial, or as I would say, magazine-esque.

Shane's little sister Avery is such a beautiful child. Hard to believe she is already 18 months old! I started out getting some serious faces from her, and I totally adore them...

Then I got some perfect little smiles...

And finally some full out laughter. So fun!

We did a bunch of relaxed portraits, and I can't decide whether I like the color...

...or the black & white versions better. Either way, I love the bokeh!

Then I was able to get some moments. I love the joy in Kim's smile as she helps Avery down the slide.

Speaking of moments, I had to post this series of "outtakes" because I know it will make people laugh. I was hoping to get a shot of Shane and Avery walking together, and this is what I got instead. Hehe!

So Mark got their wagon out of the garage, and I fell in love with the images I was getting. Shane and Avery thought it was so fun to be in their wagon, so I was getting great expressions from them, and just look at that color! Good thinking Mark!

Towards the end of the shoot, I even snapped a few of Mom & Dad. Such a good-looking couple!

I had a lot of fun with them, making them do things they probably hadn't done since their engagement photos. Kim was laughing at me, and I love the result. It's so candid and natural, and that yummy backlight doesn't hurt either.

Kim and Mark, I am so lucky to be your family's photographer. Not only do I get to do what I love, but I get to photograph families I love. It doesn't get any better. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. XOXO ~Kris

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The Home Stretch! 11.06.09

Whew! I have a lot of blogging to do before I can even think about editing and posting some preggo pictures of myself -- but I've had some people asking to see belly pictures, and since we did take some a couple weeks ago, I thought I would post just one for now. I'm currently working on editing another NOVA marathon weekend blog, which is coming soon. Then more adorable families and another wedding to follow over the next week.

I am currently 35 weeks along, and Scott took this one (and a bunch more) when I was 33 weeks. I'm so lucky to have such a talented husband! I'm also really lucky to be feeling so good, and to have tons of energy to chase around our busy little Elsa and to burn the midnight oil to get through editing all these shoots and weddings before baby girl #2 arrives in December. That is the goal.

Stay tuned for lots more images, including some really sweet ones with Elsa, and the big name reveal in a few weeks...or sooner! Happy Weekend! ~Kris

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Fields of Gold 11.04.09

My third NOVA marathon weekend shoot was for my good friend Meghan, her husband Ryan, and their gorgeous 8-month old son, Chase. It really couldn't have gone better. I LOVE when friends of mine ask me to do pictures for them (I really have the best job in the world!). I also LOVE photographing babies in the 6-9 month age group. They are full of personality, so curious about the world, and an added bonus is that they can't yet run from my camera. And I LOVE when my subjects have the most amazing location for photos in their backyard. All of these combined made for another fabulous shoot in Northern Virginia. Enjoy!

Last time I photographed baby Chase he was just 15 days old...

And here he is today at 8 months! Babies change so fast. Too fast. But isn't he just gorgeous! So so cute!

This was Chase's first Halloween, so we started with a few of him in his adorable costume.

I'm sure he was a big hit in his neighborhood.

Then we went over to the nearby "fields of gold" to get some modern portraits and real moments. :-)

Such a beautiful family!

Chase was excited when it was time to play on his own. He loved the tall grasses, and I did too!

"This grass tickles!"

"And it tastes kinda funny!"

Look at those eyes!

Some fun with Mommy...

She makes me laugh.

And some cuddles with Daddy. I'm glad Meghan and Ryan have lots of wall space to hang all these new images!

Towards the end of the shoot, we trespassed (just a little) so we could use the awesome red barn.

Totally totally worth it. The color just pops.

Meghan and Ryan, thank you so much for asking me to do family pictures yet again. I'm so lucky to have such wonderful friends who trust me enough to document these precious memories. I hope you guys like these as much as I do. XOXO Kris

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Playing in the Leaves with Ava & Jacob 11.01.09

For my 2nd NOVA shoot, I met up with Jeni and Matt, their 2 adorable children Ava and Jacob, and their cute and so well-behaved dog Boomer. I had just done pictures of Ava and Jacob over the summer, so I was really flattered that Jeni and Matt asked me to do more this fall. It also put on a little pressure, since I loved their shoot the first time around and of course wanted these to be even better.

Well, it was definitely an awesome shoot. I know it's going really well when I keep getting images that make me gasp under my breath with excitement. And when I keep getting sibling shots, which are often the hardest to get. And, when I'm done in like 1.5 hours flat. And when I want to blog the whole shoot! I can't wait to share some so here they are.

LOVE this image of Ava in her colorful Boden dress. What a little beauty!

A darling close up from a different angle. My clients hire me for angles like these...
Charlottesville Children's Photographer

And for wide-open aperture shots like this one of Jacob. Sure, I sometimes end up with out-of-focus images...especially with little ones on the move...
Charlottesville Children's Photographer

But it's the only way to get those super blurred backgrounds that I adore so much. LOVE this one of Jacob. You can actually see the woods and trees reflecting in his eyes.
Charlottesville Children's Photographer

Let the sibling images begin. We started off a little more posed...
Charlottesville Children's Photography

Then we did some that were a little less posed...
Charlottesville Children's Photography

But still somewhat directed. Does it get any sweeter?!?!
Charlottesville Children's Photography

And then we ended up doing a bunch of candids. So fun!
Charlottesville Children's Photography

Ava really had fun in the leaves.
Charlottesville Lifestyle Photography

And Jacob had a blast throwing rocks into the water. We were on the shores of the Potomac at Algonkian Park in Sterling. Beautiful!
Charlottesville Lifestyle Photography

He also thought this tree was a pretty cool hiding spot.
Charlottesville Lifestyle Photography

I can't forget the adorable family dog, Boomer. He was sooooooo good...
Northern Virginia Lifestyle Photography

Allowing me to get images of him with the kids...
Northern Virginia Lifestyle Photography

And even some of the whole family. Jeni and Matt, it was so nice to see the kids and to take their pictures again. I can't believe how much they have grown up in a just a few short months! You are a beautiful family inside and out, and I am so happy I've had the chance to work with you. Thanks so much! Hugs! ~Kris
Northern Virginia Lifestyle Photography
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