Niki + Ian: Wedding Preview 11.27.12

What a gorgeous Charlottesville wedding! The ceremony was held at St. Paul's Memorial Church at the University of Virginia and the reception was on the downtown mall -- at the Jefferson Theater. It was the first time I had photographed a wedding at either of these places, and wow, they were just awesome. Throw in the sunny weather we had, a beautiful bride with one of the most stunning dresses I've seen, her handsome & doting hubby, a FUN wedding party (complete with sunglasses and top hats), and two lovely families and we had a recipe for perfection.

Niki & Ian, from your engagement session to your wedding, I have loved every minute of being your photographer. Thank you for all the laughs and for making my job so much fun. You will always hold a special place in my heart. Congratulations!! xoxo ~Kris

Here are just a few favorites from the big day!

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Christine + Matt: Wedding Preview 11.20.12

I have photographed THREE Baranowski weddings in the past year, and now I feel like part of their beautiful family! First it was Alicia & Jeremy, then it was Alex & Tommy, and then on August 3rd of this year, I photographed the 3rd and final one -- for Christine and Matt. Christine is seriously my hero with her crafty details. Think monograms, seersucker, handpainted signs, cowgirl boots -- Pinterest needs to have these pictures so that other brides can benefit from her talent!

See what I mean -- just amazing!

The ceremony and reception took place at Bluemont Vineyard in Northern Virginia.

It is an awesome venue.

I started my day with the girls getting ready...

Everyone in Stella & Dot. Love it!

Time for the ceremony.


The beautiful Baranowski family.

And my 3 beautiful brides!

LOVED the boots.

We did some pics of the girls...

The boys...

The whole wedding party...

The gorgeous bride.

I mean, wow. Christine you are stunning.

The handsome groom.

And at last...the newlyweds together!

Stealing the show! :)

3 weddings later... Mr. B is too funny!

Time for the reception.

Details details everywhere!

The first dance.

Was followed by dinner..

and toasts.

a little cornhole...

and the parent dances.

Some cake cutting.

And the bouquet and garter toss.

Me and my 3 lovely brides, Alex, Alicia and Christine.

I'm so lucky to have photographed all 3 of their weddings from July 2011 to August 2012. I have 6 great new friends!

Then it was time to party.

Christine & Matt, on this Thanksgiving Eve, I just want to say that I am truly blessed to know you and you are truly blessed to have found each other. With so much love and appreciation! XOXO ~Kristine

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Little Miss Magic 11.16.12

Some beautiful images of beautiful Peyton and her family -- and the beautiful piece of technology (her cochlear implants) that has allowed her to hear her Mommy and Daddy's voices...and the sound of the ocean too! Here are a few favorites from our session at the beach, and a slideshow at the end too. Enjoy!

What an amazing and inspirational family! Jessica and Troy, thank you for asking me to do these precious photos for you. Peyton is truly "Little Miss Magic" and she taught me so much in our 2 hours together. Her smile says it all! She is so happy to hear the world, and I'm so happy to hear of all her progress with words and counting. Go Peyton! Hugs! ~Kristine

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A Day at the Beach 11.12.12

A day at the beach with 3 beautiful little girls, their parents, their aunts and uncles, AND their grandparents! Here are a few favorites as I'm finishing the entire gallery. Enjoy!

Since it was a goal to get some good group portraits, we did those first. Look at those precious grandbabies and their smiles!

Then we did it again with the second set of grandparents. Just love.

With those crossed off the list, it was time to focus on what else? The kids! First Amy and Dave's family.

Riley will be turning 3 soon.

And she did just what toddler girls do at the beach.

She ran...

And ran...

And ran. I loved capturing every detail of it.

In the short pauses, I was ready.

Love the sand on her face.

What a beauty!

I love how you can see our reflections in her glasses.


Baby sister Kinley gave me a different set of challenges.

She didn't like that thing called sand.

Lift her up out of it...

And she was as happy as a clam.

Thank goodness for rocking chairs.

She is just gorgeous.

Look at those cheeks!

Oh happy girls, you made my day with these smiles!

Next I turned my attention to Amy's brother's family -- Ryan, Kerrie, and baby Kathryn.

We got some with Mommy...

Some with Daddy...

And a bunch of the whole family.

Last time I saw them I was photographing their wedding...

And now here they are as parents.

My job is so rewarding.

Look at that little beauty.

She has so much personality....from serious... giggles in 2 seconds flat.

Baby feet, just delicious!

Just too much.

To Kerrie and Ryan...

And to Amy and Dave and your entire families, thank you for asking me to do these pictures. Hugs! ~Kris

Want more? Turn up your volume for a musical slideshow. :)

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My Wish 11.05.12

I have known Chris since I was 19. She is my sorority little sister and one of my very best friends. I could go on and on about how much I love her and her family -- hubby Brad and sons Alex & Brady -- how their smiles can light up any room and their laughter is just contagious. Being around them makes my heart so happy, even if it's just for a 2-hour photo session. :)

We did these pictures over the summer at Jefferson Vineyards in the mountains of Charlottesville, and I know they will always hold a special place in their hearts. Here are some of my favorites. Enjoy!

One for the Christmas card. Just beautiful.

Brothers. They are so sweet.

There's that laugh I love.

Mommy's baby, two year old Brady.

And her big boy, four year old Alex.

Next it was Brad's turn.


Brady's reward for taking nice pictures. He got to go up high!

"One more time?"

Big brother Alex.

Still little enough for this too.

About 45 minutes into our session, the boys took a break from the action to hug.

"Big brother, I look up to you".

My heart was melting.

I was clicking through it all, even the falls...

Brady just smiled and got back up...

For more hugs. Me: Everyone say PICKLE!

And then they smiled at me. Such adorable kids!

Mr. J. Crew kids himself.

Just so handsome.

Precious Brady. He had me running.

But every now and then he stopped to pause. Look at those big brown eyes - gorgeous!

Then it was Mommy & Daddy's turn.

I can always count on them to make my stomach hurt from laughing.

I love you guys!

And I'm so proud of the marriage and family you've created.

Shoulder rides are always a hit during a photo session...

We got some really cute ones - my favorite is at the end.

Later it was time for Superman shirts. LOVE. Though I still think Chris should have been Wonderwoman.

What do you get when you take really good pics in the heat?

Lollipops of course.

A little bribery never hurts.

I could post and post...

And post...

But I'll end with this one, one of my favorites of the favorites. Chris & Brad, thank you for having me document your boys growing up. I love you all so much! XOXO

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