We Wish You a Merry Christmas 12.25.10

And a Happy New Year! Happy Holidays from the Pringle's! Wishing you all the joys of the season and a happy and healthy 2011. XOXO

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An Early Christmas Present 12.21.10

A couple weeks ago, I got to do a newborn session for the sweetest family. Julie is a coworker of another favorite client of mine, and for her baby shower, her office gave her a gift certificate for newborn photos. I was so honored. To be able to give new parents memories like this is so incredibly rewarding.

Julie and her husband Andrew welcomed me into their beautiful home, and I knew it was going to be a great session. They were so nice and easy going. I just felt like I was hanging out with friends. When I found out Julie is a fellow Hokie, that was just the icing on the cake. Here are a few of my favorites from our afternoon together. Enjoy!

Meet adorable 3-year old Matthew.

He was just given the BEST early Christmas present from his parents.

A perfect little brother named Alexander, but who Matthew likes to call Fred. :-)

He is the sweetest thing ever.

From his tiny little hands...

To his sweet baby feet.

Big brother Matthew watches "Dinosaur Train" and thought that baby Fred should have a dinosaur room. So he got one. Their Daddy Andrew did an amazing job with the painting!

Love this! Kisses from Dad...

And from big brother.

For the record, I didn't ask them to do this. There is so much love in this family -- they were so easy to photograph and I could seriously blog the whole shoot. I love them all!

Beautiful Mommy. (Still can't believe we got this during a quick awake moment)

Beautiful baby. (Back asleep)

Beautiful family. Matthew's smile melts my heart.

Julie, Andrew, and big brother Matthew, thank you for allowing me to spend an afternoon capturing these memories for your family. Congratulations on your beautiful new addition, Alexander, and Merry Christmas! Hugs! ~Kris

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Happy 1st Birthday to Our Daughter Emme 12.16.10

On December 16, 2009, we welcomed our second beautiful daughter Emme Ann into the world, and today she turns ONE. I can't believe it. I hardly blinked. So thank goodness I took pictures. I may not have been able to edit them -- baby books are on the long list of projects for this winter when it's a little slower around here -- but I did take them. Lots of them. It has been the best year ever, and I am so thankful that I captured Emme as she grew from a tiny newborn to a running toddler. Here are a few favorites from her first 12 months.

Emme was born at 12:27 am on 12/16/09 and we were in love with her the second we saw her. Take that back, we loved her the second we found out Elsa was going to have a little brother or sister.

But upon meeting her in the hospital on that cold winter day, the love jumped to a whole new level. Mommies and Daddies out there, you know what I mean.

This is what it looked like here last year. We had 2+ feet of snow just after Emme was born. You can read the entire birth story blog and our adventures in getting to and from the hospital by clicking HERE.

Some things never change, huh? This was taken today -- on Emme's 1st birthday. Last year, the snow was a nuisance to say the least. This year, it was a blessing. I mean, yes, it took about an hour to get them dressed to be out there for 20 minutes -- but as the snow fell and I watched Elsa pull Emme in the sled, I remembered that I like snow again. And I counted my blessings.

Because really, having a new baby around the holidays -- blizzard or no blizzard -- is the sweetest gift there is.

I still can't believe our little Emmers is ONE and running everywhere, so I thought I should show one of her from each of her first 12 months. Hope you enjoy!

Newborn: our sweetie in her Santa hat. She was just 9 days old on her first Christmas and pretty much slept through it. This year will be so much fun!

1 month: Emme did her first smiles in her little "gym" just like her big sister Elsa did.

2 months: Still had all that dark hair...

3 months: Then it was gone. Emme is soooooo happy. She always smiles.

4 months: Now we're in April and it was finally warm enough to be outside.

5 months: The exersaucer is a hit!

6 months: So is the swing.

This is our older daughter Elsa at 6 months. I think they look so much alike. Just with different eye color.

Elsa adores her baby sister. It is the sweetest thing.

7 months: Hair magically appears.

8 months: By this point it is hard to keep Elsa out of the pictures. How lucky for me!

9 months: On a little nature walk in the Bjourn.

10 months: My favorite pic. We got a 4-generations shot when we went to California in October. This was taken on 10-16-10 -- so Emme is exactly 10 months when she got to meet her "Great Grammie" for the first time.

11 months: A portrait taken before Thanksgiving to use for Christmas gifts.

12 months: She LOVED eating her cake!

Emme, thank you (and your big sister Elsa) for making my smile the biggest it has EVER been.

Your Daddy and I are so proud of you.

And it has been the best year of our lives. Still can't believe it went so fast. Hopefully next year will be a little slower! Happy Birthday Emmers PaMemmers! XOXO

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Alex and Tommy's Engagement 12.14.10

Last month I got to photograph an awesome engagement session for Alex and Tommy, and I can't wait to share a few (okay a lot) of my favorite photos. But first I have to give a few details.

First, Alex and Tommy will be getting married November 5, 2011 and it is going to be amazing!

Second, Alex and Tommy are high school sweethearts and have been together for 7+ years. They are beyond adorable.

Third, Alex was a Tri Delt at Virginia Tech like I was -- she graduated way after I did, but through Facebook (super cool!) and mutual friends, I am now their wedding photographer. Actually, it was Tommy's sister Christine (thanks sista!) who had seen my work and told them about me, and now here we are.

Their shoot was SO. MUCH. FUN. Seriously, we were shooting exactly one year before their wedding and it was a perfect fall day in a vineyard with lots of laughter, leaves, and love -- oh, and football! Enjoy!

We were shooting at Willowcroft Farm Vineyard and the views were incredible.

Of course, so were Alex and Tommy. They were like models. I was so confident in them that like 10 minutes into our shoot I said...

Look at this tree. I know you guys can pull off a dip right? It'll be good practice for your wedding. And look what they did! Sweet!!

Outfit #2. I'm trying to show a good selection of portraits so I can email them some to use for Christmas gifts. I know they're going to make their families so happy.

But I'm so glad they have a mix of both -- meaning the "modern portraits" and the "real moments" like this. Love it!

Love it more!

We had perfect silhouette conditions so I couldn't resist.

And the leaves were really amazing too. This is a framer.

I knew that if I could get them onto the ground that the real fun would begin.

And it did. I so wish I had pictures like this with my husband. Alex and Tommy, I'm so happy I could give you these memories.

Couldn't "pose this" if you tried. It's just a perfect moment.

So after a little romance, Tommy did throw some leaves at his wife-to-be.

But that's okay, she got him back. ;-)

For their third outfit, they told me they brought their VT hoodies...and a football.

I was so excited. Love this one!

You can't bring a football to an engagement shoot and not expect to play.

So that is what they did.

Alex and Tommy, thank you for being so much FUN to work with and for being SO easy to photograph. You make me look so good! I can't wait til your wedding, and I hope you and your families love these as much as I do! Hugs and Delta Love! ~Kristine

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Cute from Head to Toes 12.07.10

Last time I photographed Wesley, it was May and he was just 7 days old. This time it was November and he was 6 months old. Wow, I feel like I hardly blinked, and I know his parents, Tiffany and Travis, feel the same. Time goes by faster when you have children growing at warp speeds.

Here are just a few favorites from our recent session together. Enjoy!

You have probably seen this newborn photo of Wes on my main website. Cute cute cute! Well, after posting it as one of the "teaser photos" yesterday, Tiffany emailed me and said how special it was to see one of Wes's first photos, especially this one with their dog, Hunter, who passed away in October. Tiffany and Travis (and Wes), I am so sorry to hear about Hunter, and I am so thankful that you have this photo.

I had to show one more "before" shot because it will definitely remind all of us how quickly time flies. This was just 6 months ago...

And here we are in November. So much has changed, but yet some things remain the same -- like Wes's cuteness! Such a beautiful family!

He still has really good hair!

And now he is all smiles!

They were especially big when he went up in the air.

Love this one with Mommy...

This one with Daddy...

And this one of their gorgeous family.

Next it was onto Reston Town Center for a few urban shots. It is Wesley's first Christmas, so they did a few in a Christmas outfit and his little "Russian Hat" was the cutest thing ever.

Then we found some cool urban walls, like this one.

I was in love. Tiffany and Travis just moved into their new home a few days ago, so I can imagine how excited they are to decorate with some of these photos.

Cute from head to toes. This would be a fun canvas in Wes's room.

Tiffany and Travis, you have a beautiful family! Thank you for asking me once again to document your memories!

I had to end with this adorable shot of Wes in Dad's hooded sweatshirt as we were walking into the parking garage. "See you next time everyone!" :-)

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On a Cold and Frosty Morning 12.04.10

We started shooting at 8 am, or maybe it was 9. Either way, it was cold. But little Chase didn't mind one bit. Maybe because he has an outdoor fireplace to warm up by (talk about an amazing backyard)! Or maybe because he was so excited to be outside running around in his adorable train sweater and hat. I think it was a combination of both. We covered so much on that cold and frosty morning -- even some indoor pictures at the end -- and I can't wait to share a few favorites of this beautiful family. Enjoy!

Chase is such a little cutie.

He has such a happy personality, and I loved being able to document that with my camera.

His big smiles were melting my heart. You would never know it was like 40 degrees out.

Chase and his parents, Maureen and Jeremy, didn't mind the cold one bit -- because look what they have to warm up by! Such a beautiful family.

We even got some pictures with their sweet dog, Jaxson.

Then it was back to playing. Whether it was tossing the basketball...

Or the leaves (adorable!!!)...

Chase was having so much fun. I LOVE this candid family shot!

Mom was such a good sport. Hehe!

Gorgeous parents. Can't decide if I like this photo better in color...

Or black & white.

Towards the end of our shoot, we went inside to warm up. While Mom was changing, we did a few pictures with Dad. So so sweet!

So even sweeter! I let Maureen peek at a few of these on the back of my camera, and she was so happy. She said something like, "Finally! We have good family pictures! I have been waiting so long for this."

And well, that totally made my day. Maureen and Jeremy, thank you for making my job so rewarding! I hope you love the little sneak peek as much as I do. Hugs! ~Kristine

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A Countrypolitan Session with SuzySaid C'ville 12.01.10

Countrypolitan. It is the term used by one of my favorite brides to describe her wedding, and I have loved it ever since. So when "SuzySaid" mentioned wanting to shoot at both a rural and an urban location, I couldn't help but think of it. For the "Country" part of our shoot, we headed to Jefferson Vineyards, and for the "Politan" part, we went to Charlottesville's Downtown Mall. Both locations were amazing for pictures, and I think "Suzy" is going to be thrilled.

So who is this "Suzy"? Well, her name is Amy, and she is a Momtrepreneur. She is the woman behind "SuzySaid", the go-to website for women in Cville to find out the latest and greatest about what is hip and happening in this fabulous city. I love reading SuzySaid, and I was super excited when I found out she was one of the people who was going to be interviewing me on the evening news this past July. After our segment, she mentioned wanting to do family pictures sometime, and I was so flattered. Here are a few favorites from our Countrypolitan session.

We started our session on the downtown mall. Amy and Courtney have 2 very beautiful daughters...

Katie, who is 8...

And Maggie who is 10.

I love this one on the newspaper boxes.

And this one of their sweet family. Shooting downtown was really great, but we wanted to make sure we got to Jefferson Vineyards for the golden hour...

So that is where we headed next. The girls had the cutest outfits.

Their adorable skirts are from Whimsies in Barracks Road Shopping Center.

I love that they are different yet the same, just like their individual personalities. And by the way, the body language in this shot is amazing! These two are really close.

It is so hard choosing photos to blog, but I love this one of Maggie - it's her "unpose".

And of course I adore this one of Katie in her hat.

We did some portraits of the whole family -- because I'm sure there will be a photo Christmas card!

The setting was so so gorgeous!

But I also made sure that we got those "moments" -- memories that I know Amy and Courtney will love so much.

We got some with Mom...

And some with Dad. I love the "Old School" look here...

But I love traditional black & white too. To be able to capture a belly laugh like this is so priceless.

Capturing these two sisters was so much fun!

One more portrait -- by far one of my faves of them.

Since the girls had been running, I thought we should try it with the whole family. LOVE it!

When they got to the top of the hill, I knew we had to do just a few more. The setting sun, the church with the red roof, the weeping willows - it was so perfect and I can't wait to shoot there again. Amy and Courtney, you are a beautiful couple.

And an even more beautiful family! Thank you SO much for asking me to document your family. I hope you love these as much as I do! ~Kristine

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