A Newborn Session with Baby Grayson 02.24.08

You may have seen Megan and Aaron on the blog already - I did a maternity session for them in January - and on Saturday, I photographed their beautiful new son, Grayson. Megan was due on Valentine's Day, but Grayson decided that was too long to wait. He was born on January 26th and is exactly 4 weeks old in these photos.

I LOVE photographing newborns...their cute expressions, their little hands & feet, their cries. These first moments are so fleeting, and as I will soon learn myself, new parents are probably too exhausted to remember them. Meg & Aaron - you actually didn't seem exhausted - but I'm still so happy that I was able to document this beautiful time in your lives and give you images to treasure forever. Congratulations!

A picture of the cute parents-to-be, just a few short weeks ago.

And their new bundle of joy, Grayson. There are no words for such cuteness.

Less than a month old and he was already posing for his pictures. Have you ever seen such cute newborn hair?!

I mostly shoot using natural light - because I love how it makes the eyes pop!

So teeny tiny...

The proud parents and their precious miracle.

They are just glowing.

But it's easy to see why.

They are very blessed.
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Delightful News... 02.22.08

As Seen on DelightfulBlogs.com

I’m “delighted” to announce that my blog was just added to the chic and stylish Delightful Blogs Yay!

If you haven’t heard of Delightful Blogs, it is an edited directory of blogs for women – divided up into categories such as photography, wedding planning, motherhood, fashion, shopping, decorating, etc. Their tagline is “Cutting Through the Blog Smog”.

You can view my listing by going to www.delightfulblogs.com, clicking on “Photo and Video” and sorting by “newest”.

There are some awesome sites on Delightful Blogs, and I’m so excited and proud to be their newest listing! Happy Friday everyone!

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A Babymoon in State College 02.18.08

A month or two ago, Scott and I started getting "Babymoon" mailings from resorts all over the world. Defined as a sort of pre-birth vacation, I guess they're like a bachelor or bachelorette party for a married couple with a bundle of joy on the way. One last getaway before life is forever changed.

I have to admit that I took a few virtual vacations to Aruba, but after quickly realizing that staying local was much more practical, we opted for good ole Happy Valley. State College will always be special to us - we lived there for several years while I was finishing my doctorate, and it was there that we bought our first home, got engaged, and planned our wedding. It's where our life as husband and wife began, so it was really cool to go back to celebrate the beginning of our life as a family.

It was COLD outside, but we schlepped around campus for a little photography.

For those who have asked, here are me and my belly in front of my old building, Henderson Hall. I am 26 weeks now.

Baby Girl Pringle got some culture - we did the Art Museum and saw
Chick Corea and Bela Fleck in concert.

We stayed at the Days Inn, which allows dogs - so our precious little Zoey got to come too!

And of course a trip to State College wouldn't be complete without a little fly fishing. I saw Scott catch a few, but I didn't get any pictures of the trout.

But I did get this one of Scott and his beautiful sucker fish. Note, no fish were harmed during the creation of this blog. :-)

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Real Moments: Love & Kisses (Happy V-Day!) 02.14.08

This post wasn't planned, but as I was in the midst of selecting more images to update our website, I heard this song. I first thought about doing a normal "Real Moments" blog, but I quickly realized I had too many pictures I wanted to post of cute, happy couples. So I decided to throw together a little slideshow.

Part of what makes what we do so fun is constantly being surrounded by people who are in love. People celebrating one of the happiest days of their lives. So I just wanted to take the time to wish our super sweet clients a wonderful Valentine's Day! :-)

To see the 2 minute slideshow, click HERE Enjoy!!!
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Julie's Bridal Bonanza: Part I 02.11.08

The women in her life mean the world to her. This was so apparent yesterday as Julie and her bridesmaids, along with her Mom and Mother-in-Law-to-be did what girls in the midst of wedding planning do. Because pictures also mean the world to her, Julie decided she wanted to have her "Bridal Bonanza" day documented...I'll also be photographing her bridal shower, her pre-bridal portraits, and Scott and I together will be providing coverage at the rehearsal dinner. Oh, and of course we will be there for Julie and Clint's fabulous "Countrypolitan" wedding on September 6th of this year. Julie recently found her wedding dress, so yesterday's mission was shopping for the bridesmaids' dresses, with plenty of time built in for some sillyness.

Here's Julie, the gorgeous bride-to-be, in front of Special Moments Bridal in Millersburg.

And here are Amelia, Val, Karen, Natalie, Mom R, Wendy, Mom B, Julie, and Sherry (Prego memory prevails. I guess it's good habit to blog immediately following a shoot!)

While the girls tried on dresses, Julie searched for veils.

No, this is not the winner. After the bridemaid dress decisions had been made, the girls decided to reminisce their high school proms.

Then it was off to Julie's childhood home for some snacks and a toast or two.

This represents the "Country" part of "Countrypolitan"

This represents the "Politan".

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Julie's Bridal Bonanza: Part II 02.10.08

After the girls were rehydrated, it was time to play! I love this one.

Oh, by the way, Julie's accent color is pea green - hence the clothing and the green bows made by Clint's Mom. The bridesmaids' dresses are black.

After this cute shot, I was lucky enough to capture some of the best "real laughter" in Pringle Photography history.

Notice Julie's zipper. One of her bridesmaids happened to notice that Julie had forgotten to re-zip after trying on those prom dresses!

Sorry JB- these were just too cute and too funny!!! :-)

Thanks so much to everyone! I always say that I'm so lucky to have the coolest and nicest clients ever, and today was definitely a testament to that. Hope you ladies had fun in Harrisburg last night, and have a wonderful time in NYC in April!!! See you at the shower later this summer. XOXO Kris

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Real Moments: Tears 02.04.08

A few weeks ago, I decided to post a series of my favorite real moments in an effort to choose some fresh new images for our website, and also to keep blogging about weddings during the off-season. Laughter was first (click HERE to view that blog), now it's tears, and many more will be coming over the next few weeks.

I am a huge sap, and I've often been asked, "Do you always cry at weddings?". Yeah, I usually do. Even though I'm "working", I find myself getting caught up in the moments and also reflecting on my own wedding day nearly 6 years ago. I'm always glad to have my husband Scott shooting with me, because I know that if I miss a moment when I'm wiping my own eyes, that he has my back. Actually, many of these emotional candids were taken by him. :-)

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