Oh Technology! 02.25.10

You've gotta love technology. I used to be the girl who was happy with my outdated cell phone, my film DSLR, my video camera that weighed more than I did, my 19-inch Sanyo TV & VCR, my mix-tape playing walkman & tunebelt, and yes -- my PC. But over the past few years and admittedly with the help of my husband, I finally got sucked in by the new technology and made some upgrades to my antiquated life.

First it was a digital camera. Then the tunebelt came off and we got an ipod. And a flatscreen TV. Next it was a Flip video. And now this! I am so in love.

I've been using a Macbook Pro for awhile now, but I can't even begin to explain how excited I am to have this new iMac desktop. For those who were wondering, this was the mystery Valentine's Day gift.

So...now that I have a machine that can keep up with my ambition, you can expect me to be back in full bloggin force. I have my first shoot of 2010 scheduled for next weekend, and I still have lots to blog before then, so check back soon!
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Snow: History Made 02.14.10

Well, we moved south and got more snow than we've ever seen. Charlottesville has gotten 55 inches of snow this winter, setting a record for the most EVER in one season. It's pretty cool to be a part of history, so Scott and I thought we'd document it with some images. Enjoy!

We've always loved this image that Scott took on one of his favorite trout streams. Back in Pennsylvania, it was pretty normal to see snow on the ground.

So of course we weren't expecting anything like this when we moved to Virginia. I took this image in our backyard late at night just after the snow had stopped.

And then Scott ventured out early last Sunday morning to take some more. This is the main road in our neighborhood.

He went to the grounds of UVA and captured some beautiful shots.

We love this one of the Rotunda.

Ever heard of shoveling out your bike?? ;-)

Later that afternoon, Scott tried to take Elsa to Barnes and Noble, but it was closed. I guess we should have called first, but at least he got another fun photo out of it.

And Elsa, she gave us our most fun photo of all.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day! We're off to get a very exciting gift...I'll post photos soon. xoxo ~Kris
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My Niece Viv: 3 Months 02.09.10

Last week when I was visiting my family, I had a few minutes to snap a couple photos of my beautiful niece, Vivienne, who is now 3.5 months old. It wasn't an "official shoot" by any means -- (I did these in about 10 minutes with the help of my Mom (aka Super Grammie)) -- but they were just too cute not to share on the blog. Plus, I know that friends and family will love seeing how gorgeous she is and how much she has grown since the newborn photos I did of her.

Viv has the most amazing blue eyes and the prettiest little lips.

My camera loves this little munchkin...

...and she loves it back. How lucky for me! Viv, thanks for making all of us smile.

Stay tuned for more blogs -- some awesome SNOW pictures, Emme and Elsa (of course), marathon weekend dates, and more -- all coming very soon!
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