Understanding Your Digital Camera: The Workshop 02.25.11


There are a lot of photography "how to" books on the market, but few if any hands-on opportunities for people to learn how to use their digital cameras. So to meet this need (and by popular demand – holla!), I am excited to announce that I will be hosting and teaching my 2nd photography workshop -- and registration is officially open.

During this workshop, we'll spend 3 hours learning and practicing how to take better pictures. I’ll demystify all those scary camera terms and buttons and show you how to use them. All the fun details are here:

And in case you don't feel like straining your eyes -- (I made the above to use on Facebook, now that I have a new business page) -- here are the details pasted directly into my blog:

Date & Time:
Saturday March 12th
2 pm - 5 pm

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens
9750 Meadowlark Gardens Court Vienna, VA 22182

Who Should Attend:
This workshop is open to those with SLR digital cameras, and is designed for anyone (Moms, Dads, Grandparents, etc.) who wants to learn to take better pictures of children.We'll cover lighting (good light/bad light), composition, shooting a moving object (aka - your kids) -- plus the big 3 (Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO) so that you learn how to change these things on your camera and move beyond the green box.

$50 per person, which includes the following:
- 3-hour workshop with group and one-on-one instruction time
- a workbook and a pen...gotta have a pen
*Note - there is also a $5 entrance fee for Meadowlark

Limit in Size:
The workshop size is limited to TEN adults and slots will be filled on a first-come first-serve basis. I want to keep the group small so we can maximize learning.

Reserve Your Workshop Spot:
To guarantee your spot, simply call or email me. Payment must be received in full upon reserving your spot.

I anticipate this workshop to sell out quickly.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!
kristinekristinepringle.com | 434.872.3706

So there we go. I'm really excited to empower people to use their cameras better to take better pictures. Don't delay...because we all know how fast your tiny baby chewing on your camera strap...

...Turns into a big girl who dresses herself and plays field hockey. Start capturing better pictures of your memories now. Happy Friday everyone!

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Baby Ava: 15 Days Old 02.20.11

Alanna was one of my roommates in college. And one of my bridesmaids. I adore her. Over the years, I have taken a LOT of pictures of her. Her smile just makes me want to get my camera out. She has always been one of the happiest people I've met, but these days, she is on cloud nine. And she should be. It has been an emotional journey, but she and her husband Jeff are now parents. Amazing ones. They recently welcomed their second baby girl into the world, and she asked me to do a newborn session for them. I've said it before, but I'll say it again, I'm so lucky that my friends hire me to capture life's most precious memories.

So I have to preface this post with a little contextual background before diving into the most recent photos...

If you've seen my wedding website then you've probably seen this picture. What started as a sort of "experiment" on shooting in really low light and with a really slow shutter to blur the traffic turned into one of my favorite pictures ever. This was taken in 2007.

Fast forward a couple years. Alanna was expecting their first daughter, Ella. I took this at her baby shower. She looked so gorgeous.

When Ella was 3 months old (in the spring of 2009), we did a 20 minute mini-session and ended up getting this -- now my business card.

Then, last fall, I had the opportunity to photograph Alanna's entire family - - her parents, their 4 daughters and husbands, and their 6 grandchildren, plus the 7th on the way. (More on this later)...

During that shoot, Alanna was pregnant with sweet little Ava...

And she was the happiest I'd ever seen her...

...'til, of course, I paid her a visit recently. Meet baby Ava. Just 15 days old, she is a tiny and perfect miracle. She is so so beautiful.

She takes after her big sister Ella, who just turned 2.

And of course their stunning Mommy.

Jeff is definitely a proud husband and father.

He is surrounded by girls who adore him and each other.

Our first attempt at a family shot. I was like, "Okay, everyone look at baby Ava." And not only did Ella do it, but even their dog Kallie did.

Thanks Kal dog. My reward for all those treats I gave you in college, right? ;-)

In the midst of all the excitement, we managed to get a few awake shots of Ava. She is definitely a blue-eyed beauty, just like the rest of the family.

But all it took to get her back to sleep was some Daddy kisses...

And Mommy snuggles. Love.

For the first time in about 2 hours since I had been there, Ava was finally really sound asleep. And look what we got. Perfection! What beautiful sisters!

A really sleepy baby meant we could finally get some more alone shots of her too. So we put her in some really cute hats...like this one made by Alanna's talented sister Kim...

And this one made by the amazing Sew Sweet.

Then we got some close-ups of her sweet little features...

Because they will want to remember every little wrinkle and fold.

A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. That's all.

At the very end, we attempted to get some family bed shots, and it was literally the icing on the cake. The perfect way to end a very great shoot.

Live laugh love baby.

Alanna and Jeff, congratulations! I am so happy that all your dreams are coming true! Life is good and you deserve the best. I hope you love these as much as I do. XOXO

And as promised, here is a little gift for Alanna's parents for welcoming me into their home on so many occasions (and for all the bagels and coffee!) -- whether I was shooting a wedding at the beach, or just visiting for an annual "girls weekend", I wanted them to know how much I appreciate all that they have done. Congratulations Cookie and Poppy on your 7th beautiful grandchild. I will order you this storyboard to frame for your home. Love, Kris

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A Maternity Session in the Snow 02.15.11

I have the world's coolest clients. I really do. I guess because my business is mostly based on word of mouth, so one cool client refers their cool friend or coworker...and there you go...coolness overload. Katie works with the sister of another cool client of mine, and I LOVED working with her and her husband Derek.

We had been planning their shoot for a couple of weeks, and just days before the session, Northern Virginia got a LOT of snow. And even though the roads were pretty much clear by the time I traveled up there (I live in Charlottesville but travel to NOVA often), I did something pretty uncool. I let my husband have our 4-wheel drive car, and I took the other car, as in the not 4-wheel drive. I pulled into the driveway of their beautiful home and yes, I got stuck. My tires were spinning and I couldn't go anywhere. I was mortified. I hadn't even met these people yet, and I had to knock on their door and ask for Derek to push me out. Yikes.

He and Katie just laughed as if we were old friends. No pun intended, but I guess it was a good way to break the ice! ;-) So there you go. I have cool clients. And beautiful ones. Enjoy!

I showed up to Derek and Katie's beautiful home to find a gorgeous, glowing Mommy-to-be...

And her totally adoring husband. Katie is 31 weeks pregnant in these photos and just stunning stunning stunning!

I also got to meet their precious miniature schnauzer, Coco.
Charlottesville Maternity Photographer

She was quite the camera ham!
Charlottesville Maternity Photographer

I think she loves her baby brother or sister already! We started off indoors so that we could include Coco in some photos...
Charlottesville Maternity Photographer

But also so that we could incorporate their amazing home. Love it!
Charlottesville Maternity Photographer

Katie, you make pregnancy look so good.
Charlottesville Maternity Photographer

I could have stayed in there for hours taking her picture.
Charlottesville Maternity Photographer

But I wanted to make sure we got outside to take advantage of the amazing gift that Mother Nature left behind.
Charlottesville Maternity Photographer

The trees were still coated in snow. It was truly an awesome backdrop.
Charlottesville Maternity Photographer

The park we were shooting at had this neat old train.
Charlottesville Maternity Photographer

And a bridge. Everything had character.
Charlottesville Maternity Photographer

But what really makes these photos is Katie and Derek's expressions. Their love just jumps out at you. They are seriously adorable.
Charlottesville Maternity Photographer

Smiling at her hubby.
Northern VA Maternity Photographer

What would a big snowfall be without a friendly snowball fight?!
Northern VA Maternity Photographer

One of my favorites.
Northern VA Maternity Photographer

Though I really love them all...I can't stop blogging!
Richmond Maternity Photographer

Katie and Derek, thanks for a super fun session! I am so happy for you and can't wait to meet your little one! Congratulations and hugs! ~Kristine
Richmond Maternity Photographer
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My Brother, Sister-in-Law & Niece: The Past Year 02.09.11

A whole year. Wait, no, 16 months. How can little Vivi already be that old? I love my niece, and of course her beautiful parents. They mean more to me than I could ever articulate. Vivienne is my one and only niece, and like my own 2 daughters, she spends a lot of time in front of my camera. In trying to show "a few" favorites from her first year, I realized I have a LOT of pictures of her. That makes my heart happy. Many of them my brother Mark and his wife Jess have never seen. That makes my heart happier. Not because I have been a picture-hoarder (I am working on this! Oh free time where are you?), but because of the surprise I am giving them right now. Enjoy! XO

Viv went from a tiny, curled up, sleepy, wrinkly newborn baby...

To a running, babbling, bright-eyed toddler...in what seems like overnight. This photo was taken on Monday, as in 3 days ago, so this is about as current as it comes. I know I'm biased, but isn't she gorgeous?!?! I'm lucky enough to see her every single week, so we've gotten really close, and I'm honored that I get to share a little slice of her first year (plus). Viv, someday when you read this yourself, you'll know how much Aunt Kris loves you.

Flashback to October 2009. My handsome brother Mark was beaming.

And so was his beautiful wife Jess.

They were so proud of their perfect little angel.

At 3 months, Viv was all smiles. I did a mini-shoot one day as a little surprise for Mark and Jess. This one they have seen.

This one they have not. But I suspect it'll be a framer.

Viv, around 7 months. One day when visiting Richmond, I took a ton of photos of Viv in her new exersaucer. I loved seeing her face as she discovered all the new toys and sounds.

We also did a mini-shoot of the whole family around 7 months. Love this one.

I also love the everyday moments -- photos I take "just because" that turn out to be such special memories.

At 10 months, it was off to the OBX. Mark and Jess, you know that canvas gift certificate I got you for Christmas?? :)

One of my favorites, and theirs. They have seen it, though I've never shared it. This image happened because a really nice lady saw Viv standing and squatting in the sand in her first attempts at walking, and with her "SURF" swimsuit on, she offered to let us borrow her boogie board. People are good.

Then she was ONE. So let her eat cake.

I took this just minutes after Viv ate her cake, at her 1st birthday party, and it is one of my favorite eyelash shots ever.

Viv turned 1 in October, so in November we did a little 1st year/holiday shoot. I've heard some feedback on the new pram and it seems like it's a hit. I found it at our local Goodwill! Score!

Viv loved it. So my composition here pretty much stinks, but I was nervous she was going to fall out so I think I was running towards her. Super cute anyway!

My fave headshot. So beautiful.

And a fun shot on the haybale.

Their gorgeous family. The portraits are nice, but in my opinion, nothing can compare to the moments...

Like watching your daughter take some of her first steps... Priceless.

Case in point. I could cry.

Christmas came, and Viv got to meet Santa (aka my/our Dad). I know he will love being on the blog -- even though he's all covered up and even pulls the beard up over his nose so the girls won't have a clue. We love you Dad. This is such a special tradition.

Realizing I hadn't taken any photos of Viv since Christmas, and knowing I was getting ready to finally do their blog...I grabbed my camera the other morning while at my Mom's house and got the. most. adorable. pics. Viv was just eating breakfast. She thinks I'm funny.

She likes to use 2 spoons to feed herself.

LOVE - these should get framed on their kitchen walls.

My favorite. One that will always remind them exactly what their daughter was doing at 16 months.

See you next time everyone. Hooray!

Mark and Jess, thanks for being such rock stars. The Pringle family loves you all so much! XOXOXO

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Chris and Her Boys, the Story Continues... 02.06.11

Chris is one of my best friends from college. I met her when I was only 19 when we joined the same sorority. We were asked to fill out these pretty long questionnaires about our likes and dislikes, and our interests and values in general, and we were matched up as big sister -- little sister. Who knew how much what I wrote down on that sheet of paper would change my life?! Not all big sis -- little sis matches were destined to be BFF, but wow I guess ours was. Several years after college, Chris stood beside me when I married my new best friend, and years later we were lucky enough to be pregnant at the same time -- not once, but twice! Today, we both live in C'ville with our husbands and children. What an amazingly lucky coincidence!

Having Chris and Brad here in C'ville has been the best welcome present to us since we moved here a little over one year ago. Our kids are about the same age, and we love getting together with them -- whether it's an afternoon at the park, a Friday morning at music class, or a whole weekend extravaganza with the Dads included, it is ALWAYS fun. A lot may have changed since those college days, but some things never do. Like Chris's ability to laugh, and to make others do the same. I love that about her. Despite all that she has been through in her life, her smile is one of peace and love and grace. I suspect, no scratch that...I KNOW that her boys, Alex and Brady (and Daddy Brad too) have a lot to do with that. So onward we go to some photos. Their story, as told through my lens.

The first time I photographed little Alex, he was just 19 months old. Sigh.

Now, he is a little boy, getting ready to turn 3. Bigger sigh.

The first time I photographed his younger brother Brady, he was a few days old. A tiny sleepy newborn.

Fast forward to 7 months and we have smiles and chubby cheeks. Love.

The first time I photographed these 2 brothers together, my heart melted.

And nothing has changed. They are the sweetest.

The first time I photographed Chris and her boys, they were a family of 3 with 1 on the way.

Then they were a family of 4, counting every blessing. This was taken in April of 2010...

And this was just 7 short months later, this past November. In 7 short months, some things change a lot...

Some things don't. Like the love that Chris and Brad have for each other...

And their boys.

After 3 sessions, I love that Chris knows exactly how I shoot. She knows that she can find herself in a sweet embrace like this and I will not miss it. The in-between moments are my favorites.

Brad knows that he can play with his kids as if I'm not even there.

Brady loved to be carried like this, and I love that you can see Brad's smile at the top of the photo.

Capturing moments like these makes me happy -- time frozen, with my camera.

A few of my favorite portraits. This one was on their Christmas card. So while I'm doing their blog well after the holidays, I did make sure Chris came over to pick out a few faves for gifts and cards.

Beautiful brown-eyed Mommy and her gorgeous brown-eyed baby, Brady.

And the blue-eyed boys.

Speaking of eyes, can you say wow? Alex is such a handsome little guy.

Those eyes and eyeLASHES -- Chris and Brad are going to have some serious heartbreakers on their hands.

But that won't be for awhile. For now, they'll let them be little...

They'll throw them in the air...because they won't always be little enough to do so.

Chris and Brad, I'm so happy I have the privilege of chronicling your family as the boys grow. I (we) love you all, and I can't wait to continue documenting your story. XOXO

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Lori and John's Miracle: Sweet Little Luke 02.01.11

Lori and John have been married for 14 years - and for the past 11 of these, they have been on a journey to become parents. If you read my blog this past fall, you probably remember their story. If you are new to my blog, stop reading now and grab some tissues. And prepare to be inspired by a truly amazing family.

Lori is one of my sorority sister's from college, and though I didn't know her too well because she graduated a few years before me, I knew I'd always remember her contagious laugh and her beautiful smile. People like her are hard to forget, even after many years. Lori and I are friends on Facebook, and one day in the fall of 2009 she sent me a message that said, "Too bad we'll be delivering babies around the same time because I'd love to have you do newborn photos for Matthew." I remember writing back and saying I couldn't wait to do pictures for her, when Matthew was a little bit older.

Sadly, I never got that chance.

Lori's due date was November 24, 2009, and I checked her Facebook wall shortly after that so that I could congratulate her and John. And that is when my heart got so heavy. Instead of seeing a bunch of congratulatory notes, I saw all these messages that said things like, "I am so sorry for your loss." I was in shock. I sat on my couch hugging my own very pregnant belly, and I sobbed. Lori and John's beautiful firstborn son Matthew was born on November 28, 2009 and he left this earth on November 29th. If you want to know more, you can read the entire story on her blog.

Needless to say, after finding out they were expecting again after losing Matthew, Lori and John were filled with mixed emotions - missing Matthew, but also so, so grateful and hopeful for his little brother, whose name would be Luke. Prayers and well wishes came to them from people all over the country, and I know that everyone was on pins and needles just waiting to hear of the safe arrival of Luke. Lori and John included.

The day before the scheduled C-section a few weeks ago, Lori wrote this on her blog: "The last time I bought chocolate for the nurses, they loved it...but remembered me for something so, so, so different than I wanted. The last time I packed a diaper bag for a newborn, it went unused and stared at me for months as insult to injury. The last time I believed it was going to be ok, I was so wrong. So...I'm excited, yes! I'm nervous, yes! I can't wait, no! But I'm apprehensive and just praying...and so, so overwhelmed with gratitude for the many, many prayers and good thoughts and wishes. Please, please know how much they have given me a peace I just didn't expect I'd have."

On January 4, 2011, Lori and John's prayers were answered as they welcomed a perfect little Luke into this world. A true miracle. Their rainbow after the rain. God's restoration of hope. Seeing them with Luke in their arms brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart, and I hope that you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. XO

First, a few of my favorite pregnancy photos from last fall. The amazing parents. They have so much love for each other and their two precious sons.

A remarkable Mom.

One of the most beautiful women you could ever know, inside and out.

Love this. Their smiles were beaming...

But I hadn't seen anything until I saw them with Luke. I didn't even have to direct them. They just looked at him, and each other, and smiled non-stop.

Well, sometimes they got teared up too. What a precious family.
Charlottesville Newborn Photographer

Lori, I've never seen you look so beautiful.
Charlottesville Newborn Photographer

We set up our own little natural light studio in their living room. What a perfect little angel.
Charlottesville Newborn Photographer

Lori still can't believe he is really here.
Charlottesville Newborn Photographer

But Luke reminded her. Can you guess what is happening here? Adorable anyway! ;-)
Charlottesville Newborn Photographer

A very proud Dad.
Charlottesville Newborn Photographer

Wrapped around his little finger. Yep.
Charlottesville Newborn Photographer

Charlottesville Newborn Photographer

One of my favorites of Luke in Daddy's hands. This was also the first of many hats.
Charlottesville Newborn Photographer

Luke, posing in his aviator hat. Darling!
Charlottesville Newborn Photographer

Lori made this one - she is so talented.
Charlottesville Newborn Photographer

"Please, no more hats for today Mommy!"
Charlottesville Newborn Photographer

"All these hats and pictures are making me sleepy!"
Charlottesville Newborn Photographer

Ahhh, sweet sweet baby.
Charlottesville Newborn Photographer

A perfect little miracle, from head...
Charlottesville Newborn Photographer

To toes.
Charlottesville Newborn Photographer

We even managed to get a shot with Dixie and Sam. Love.
Charlottesville Photographer

I could not be happier for this precious family.
Charlottesville Photographer

Lori & John, congratulations on the birth of your gorgeous little man, Samuel Luke, and thank you for being a source of strength and hope to so many, myself included. Hugs to you all as you start this next chapter of your beautiful story.
Charlottesville Photographer

Click below to see a slideshow with images from both their maternity and newborn sessions...

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