Baby Kaydins: 3 Months 03.31.08

On Sunday afternoon, I photographed a beautiful new baby girl. Kaydins was born on December 28, 2007, so she was (almost) exactly 3 months old for her photo shoot. Her mom, Sherry, decided to sign up for a "Baby's First Year" package (details coming on our main website soon), so I will get to photograph Kaydins at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months. I can't wait!

Sherry and Bryson, I'm so happy you decided to have me document the first year of your daughter's life. She is a such a little angel - so lovable and so cute! I'm excited to watch her grow over the next 9 months, although I hope the time passes by very slowly and you can enjoy every minute. At 3 months, she is already quite the little poser, and she is so aware of the camera, so I can only imagine the little model she is going to become by her 6-month shoot. :-) Thank you both again!

Baby Kaydins has the coolest nursery, which became my natural light studio for the day. The walls were hand painted by a local artist.

Just chillin in her crib. Her eyes are so gorgeous, and since her parents both have blue eyes, they are here to stay.

Smiling at mommy. Kaydins was in a serious mood (I think she knew she was modeling for the camera), but we managed to get some smiles with a little singing and some help from dad too.

This might be my favorite image. I love how her perfect little features stand out against her white hooded sweatshirt. And the leaning on the rocking chair is just too much!

Love this one too.

One more - I just love babies in hats.

Creativity is definitely part of the fun of on-location photography. We used lots of different nursery items for this shoot, like this green storage bin. It was perfect.

At the end of the shoot, Kaydins turned all smiles. Here she is in her crib, just laughing away. Kaydins, I will see you in 3 months!
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Ben & Shawna's Wedding Slideshow 03.24.08

Last September, Scott and I photographed a VERY special wedding - for Scott's brother, Ben and our new sister-in-law, Shawna. So why am I just now posting their slideshow? Well, pregnancy + growing photography business = too few hours in the day. This is actually the first time they are seeing their wedding photos, other than the few I posted on the blog last fall. I truly cannot wait for them to see this.

If you saw the blog I did last September, then you know that Scott was Ben’s best man and I was Shawna’s matron of honor. We knew that balancing photography with our other “duties” - not to mention having a little fun dancing, visiting with family, etc. - would be challenging, but we were definitely up for it! I mean, when will I ever get another chance to photograph a wedding wearing a bridesmaid’s dress and heels? We can’t take all the credit though. Special thanks go to my dad and brother, who captured the great ceremony shots in this slideshow.

Over the 8 plus years that I have known Scott, Ben has become a good friend, and now he has given me an awesome sister-in-law by marrying Shawna. To capture their wedding day memories was an honor.

To stand beside them as they read their vows was an even bigger honor.

Ben and Shawna, we hope this slideshow helps you relive the magic of that beautiful day. We love you.

To see their blog from last September, scroll to the bottom of this page and click on “September” under the 2007 archives.

To see their sneak peek slideshow, click HERE (and make sure your volume is turned up!)
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Happy 7th Birthday Zoey! 03.22.08

It's hard to believe that our "puppy" is 7 years old today!

Seems like yesterday that she looked like this. We got her in 2001 when she was 13 weeks old.

In addition to having the longest legs anyone has ever seen on a Jack Russell (we think she may have some Whippet in her??), she definitely has her quirks. She is the only dog I know who is terrified of swimming! This is the only time we ever took her. Funny for us, but not for Zoey.

This is Zoey with her cousin Kodi at Christmas - Kodi just wanted to play, but I guess Zoey decided she was too mature for his puppyish ways. ;) The look on their faces cracks me up.

Zoey is best known around the neighborhood as the "dog who does handstands". This was taken with our point and shoot awhile ago, and she does this every time she goes to the bathroom. She literally walks on her front legs for at least 10 seconds. We really need to video this sometime!

And she definitely has the pouty face down, which I'm sure is part of the reason she is so spoiled! Seriously though, she is such a good dog, and she has brought us so much happiness and love over the past 7 years. I'm sure she will be a great big sister when our daughter arrives in May. Happy Birthday Zoey Pamoey! :-) Mommy and Daddy love you.

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Real Moments: Real Dance Moves 03.17.08

I've had a lot of people tell me how much they love it when I post "Real Moments" blogs. Well, since it has been about a month since I've done one, AND since I now have more space to write within each blog (no more 2-part blogs- YAY!), I thought I would celebrate by posting a Real Moments blog with LOTS of pictures.

I love to dance! I was the girl who stayed up til 3 am with my roommates in college making up dance routines to the Grease Soundtrack. So when Scott and I are photographing a wedding, I really look forward to the dancing. It's one of the reasons we stay until the very end of the reception. Some of the best moments happen late in the night, after the formalities are over and it's time to just let loose.

Of course we always have our eye on the bride and groom. They are having so much fun.

These two were amazing dancers! They actually met in a dance class and it showed.

I love this sweet moment during a fast dance.

And this one of the Father of the Bride dancing with his two daughters. It's going in the album.

Even though this isn't a "dance move", I love this picture because it's the bride's grandparents' reaction after they realized they had won the Anniversary Dance.

Ta-Dah! This must be a popular dance move. This shot and the next one were taken at two different weddings. Too cute!

This flower girl was adorable.

And so was this one. Just beautiful.

Here is the groom's brother and best man dancing with his daughter. What a great memory for them to have to look back on someday when she has a wedding day of her own.

Of course pictures of the entire dance floor are a great way to tell a story about your reception.

This band, Cruise Control, was awesome!

I love how much fun everyone is having. If you look really closely, you will see my big camera flash sticking up in the middle of everyone. I guess I was discretely floating around the dance floor, and then I got sandwiched. :)

I love this one. I love that the bride was crying tears of joy just seconds before and still has the tissue in her hand. And I love the crowd of men watching the girls have fun.

Gotta love the Pretzel!

Here it is again.

I think this is the Cha-Cha Slide - ya know - how low can you go?

And of course The Hokie Pokie is a must at a Hokie wedding. :)

This is one of my favorite Conga Line shots.

I don't know what dance this is, but I love it!

Same with this one.

Just goes to show that girls really do just wanna have fun!
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A Day in the Life of Baby Russell 03.10.08

Yesterday I did a "Day in the Life" photography session with a gorgeous little guy named Russell, the son of our good friends, Bill & Sylvia.

Bill & Sylvia have known each other for 15 years - they started "going together" when Sylvia was in the 9th grade - and they are the most amazing couple, parents, and friends. Scott met Bill through work nearly 6 years ago (they still work together as physical therapists), and over that time, the four of us have become so close. We were there when they got married, and after casually taking some photos at their wedding, they were one of many couples who encouraged us to pursue our photography as more than a hobby. Since then, we have done maternity and newborn pictures for them, and now this most recent "Day in the Life" shoot.

Russell will be turning the big O-N-E in a few weeks, and Sylvia wanted pictures of her son doing what he does on a normal day. These are my FAVORITE kind of pictures - the kind I can't wait to take of my own daughter when she is born. Five years from now, these pictures will remind Bill & Sylvia what it was like to have an almost one-year-old running around the house, and I'm so happy that I could freeze these moments for them - even if just with my camera.

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Ali Designs 03.07.08

My friend Allison recently launched a fabulous new company called Ali Designs, which sells handcrafted boutique accessories for your little ones, including toy clips, hairbows, hairbow holders, & picture frames.

Though I did not know her at the time, Allison did her undergraduate work right here at Bucknell and she now lives in the Atlanta area. Before marrying her wonderful husband Jon, Allison attended Duke University and worked as a physical therapist for many years before becoming a stay-at-home-mom turned entrepreneur. Her daughter Madeline is an absolute doll, and I can't wait to get her blue eyes in front of my lens someday!

If you have kids yourself, or if you know someone who does or who is expecting (ahem!), all of the Ali Designs products make a perfect new baby, baby shower, or birthday party gift. My friend Heather actually gave me an Ali-Oops! toy clip and some Bitty Bow hairbows for my shower, and I can't wait to use them! They are truly the epitome of adorable meets functional.

Pictured below are some of the great products offered at Ali Designs.

Here are Allison's daughter Madeline & Heather's son Jackson showing the Ali-Oops toy clips in action. Now these two can play the "drop and retrieve" game all by themselves, which makes their parents VERY happy. :-)

Click HERE to visit her site, which was just listed on the Top 100 lists for Swanky Moms & Posh Moms. Congratulations Allison!

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My Baby Shower in Northern VA 03.03.08

This past Saturday, my mom & stepmom hosted my first baby shower at The Pink Bicycle Tea Room in Occoquan, Virginia. If you're ever in the DC-Northern VA area, or for our clients who live in that area, I would highly recommend The Pink Bicycle for lunch or a small private party. It was perfect!

Here I am out front with my mom - and a very proud Grandmother-to-be.

On the right is the other proud Grandma-to-be, my awesome stepmom Becky. We had a private room, which was all PINK. :-)

My friends Amanda & Heather helped out a bunch with the planning. How lucky for me, because the creativity of my friends never ceases to amaze me.

In addition to finding the tea room, Heather made me this adorable diaper cake! Our daughter's name is going to be Elsa Kate Pringle.

Gotta love details! Amanda planned the best "non-games" and the food was so yummy. Elsa even got a shoe fund!

And she got the cutest gifts, like this Ralph Lauren bikini from my friend Alanna.

Baby Elsa is so lucky to have this huge family of women who love her, and I am so lucky that they love me, too.

After the girl shower, it was time to grab our husbands for the PM festivities. Our friends Meghan & Ryan had a VA Tech party to welcome ALL the Hokie bambinos on the way.

I can't wait to frame this one!

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