Hold the Cheese Please: The Photography Workshop 03.31.09


There are many photography "how to" books on the market, but few if any hands-on opportunities for parents to learn basic photography concepts. So to meet this need (and by popular demand – holla!), I am so excited to announce that I will be hosting and teaching my very first workshop: Hold the Cheese Please. And registration is officially open!

During this photography workshop, parents will spend 3 hours learning and practicing how to "capture real moments" and take better pictures of their children. Not only will I share my secrets of storytelling in children’s photography, but I’ll also demystify all those scary camera terms and buttons and show you how to use them. Using your children as examples, (yes, you are encouraged to bring your child to this outdoor workshop!), I will empower you to take better portraits, capture more moments with genuine smiles and less “cheese-face”, and use your digital camera to its full potential.

Here are all the fun details:

Wednesday May 13th (with a rain date of Wednesday May 20th)

9 am – noon

Kidsgrove Playground
294 Sassafras Street
Selinsgrove, PA 17870

Kidsgrove Playground is one of my favorite places for shoots. We will start the workshop under the covered picnic pavilion and then use various areas of the playground for hands-on learning. There are restrooms with diaper changing tables for your convenience.

Things to Bring:
Your digital camera and one child.

Who Should Attend:
This workshop is open to those with point & shoot and SLR digital cameras. What’s a digital SLR?? A camera that has the ability to swap out various types of lenses. And you don’t have to be a Mom to attend. The workshop is designed for anyone (Dads, Grandparents, etc.) who wants to learn to take better pictures of children.

$50 per person, which includes the following:
- 3-hour workshop with group and one-on-one instruction time
- a workbook and a pen
- a discount on a future lifestyle photography shoot

Limit in Size:
The workshop size is limited to 10 adults and 10 children, and slots will be filled on a first-come first-serve basis. I want to keep the group small so we can maximize your learning experience.

Reserve Your Workshop Spot:
To guarantee your spot, simply call or email me, and I will send you a reservation form that you can fill out and return with your payment. Payment must be received in full upon reserving your spot. I anticipate this workshop to sell out quickly.

Also, for those who miss the post-every-day blogging I was doing last fall, not to worry! My blogging will resume in full force next week. Stay tuned for a gazillion lifestyle shoots I have coming up later this week AND 16 more weddings we have between May and October.

Since all blog posts are better with a picture, here is one that I took of our daughter Elsa with our dog Zoey back in February. Enjoy the beautiful day everyone!

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Baby Noah: 7 Months 03.24.09

The other day I got to photograph gorgeous 7-month old Noah, and his parents, Jimi Sue and Ryan. I love photographing babies this age because I feel like they're at the epitome of baby-ness....sitting up, wide-eyed, smiley, drooley, and lovey. Old enough to look adorable in 'real' clothes, but young enough to look even more adorable in a diaper or onsie. And Noah was just that. WAY too cute.

To Jimi Sue and Ryan, I'm really happy it worked out that we could do a shoot when you were in town visiting, and I look forward to doing it again sometime. Many thanks to Ryan's Mom Jodi for getting in touch with me, and for welcoming me into your beautiful home. It was so nice to meet all of you, and I hope everyone likes the little preview of images! Hugs! ~Kris

Meet darling Baby Noah.

He has the most beautiful green/hazel eyes. I think I said that like 20 times during the shoot.

We started with a few portraits inside....love this close-up with Mom.

And then we went outside for some playing. Noah loved being thrown in the air by his Dad.

My favorite of the day. The eyes, the smile, the little hood -- so precious!!!
Central PA Lifestyle Photography

It was cold outside, so Noah convinced his parents that he would be happier inside in just his onsie.
Central PA Lifestyle Photography

Yup, he was a happy little man.
Selinsgrove Children's Photographer

He showed off his new crawling skills several times, and for only 7.5 months, wow was he fast!
Selinsgrove Children's Photographer

I love this one. Noah is such a Gerber baby!
Lewisburg Children's Photographer

But I love this one even more. "Anyone want a ride in my new car??"
Lewisburg Children's Photographer

That smile is the sweetest thing ever.
Harrisburg Children's Photographer

This is one of my favorite family portraits -- it's modern and fun, and most of all, it's real. Jimi Sue and Ryan will look back at this and remember how Noah liked to be pushed around in his favorite red car, in his diaper.
Harrisburg Children's Photographer

Noah was getting tired, but we managed to get a few shots in one more outfit. On a photography side note, can I just say how much I love my new 5D Mark II. This was taken in a pretty dark room using a little available light from the front door and 1250 ISO.
Camp Hill Children's Photographer

Thanks again Jimi Sue and Ryan! You have a beautiful family and I hope to see you all again soon!
Camp Hill Children's Photographer
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Cori & Tyler's Engagement Session 03.19.09

Last Saturday, Scott and I (and our daughter Elsa!) did an engagement shoot for our good friends Tyler and Cori at Penn State. Scott and Tyler have known each other for almost their entire lives, as they grew up in the same small town (go T-Vegas!), and Tyler's older brother Nate is Scott's best friend. So how incredibly special that they chose us as their photographers.

To Cori and Tyler, thank you for asking us to capture these memories for you. We had such a blast hanging out, taking pictures, and catching up. We hope you enjoy the sneak peek and the slideshow too. We are so excited for your wedding this May -- partly because we know it's going to be fabulous, but mostly because we can't wait to hang out again! Lots of love! Kris, Scott, and Elsa

Cori and Tyler first met as undergrads at Penn State 12 years ago. This is the EXACT spot where they met, and this was the very first frame I took. I told them they had to do the whole "Nice to meet you" thing, and they were too funny shaking hands.
State College Engagement Photography

And this is the exact sidewalk on which they shared their first walk....and their best-worst conversation of their lives...about the weather. :-)
State College Engagement Photography

Finally, 8 years later though, they re-met in Hermosa Beach, California and had the conversation they were meant to have. The rest is history!
Selinsgrove Engagement Photography

Cori is going to be a gorgeous bride! Their wedding will be in New Jersey at the amazing Stone House at Stirling Ridge
Selinsgrove Engagement Photography

I was pretty far away from them to get this shot of Old Main, so I think I gave my famous instruction, "Ok, now just hang out." I don't know if they're playing "Rock, Paper, Scissors" here or what, but it's way cute!
Lewisburg Engagement Photography

Who knew we would basically have the campus to ourselves that day. I love Spring Break!
Lewisburg Engagement Photography

We did a few playful shots on the lawn...
Harrisburg Engagement Photography

And then we headed into the HUB, which was just flooded with natural light.
Harrisburg Engagement Photography

That made it a good spot for reading.
PA Engagement Photography

And a fantastic spot for portraits. Hellllllllllo hot stuff!
PA Engagement Photography

One of my favorites! These two are always making each other laugh. Their smiles are contagious.

A little art...

And then we were off to see the Lion.

Even though campus was empty, we managed to find a little traffic in downtown State College.

But it was just empty enough to get this shot of Tyler and Cori all alone by The Corner Room. I still can't believe it. We couldn't have planned it better.

We finished up with some shots amongst the traffic.

And they were charged with PDA....(kidding, Mom.)

Cori and Tyler, we will see you in May! Love you guys!

To see a bunch more images from their session, click on the arrow below and make sure your volume is turned up...

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The Adam Smith Leadership Award Luncheon 03.16.09

If you have followed my blog in the past, you probably know that we are big Pittsburgh Steelers fans. What you probably don't know is that our 9-month old daughter Elsa already owns a field hockey stick. So when Scott and I were asked to attend and photograph a luncheon in which Andy Russell (former Steelers linebacker & MVP) and Keli Smith (captain of the U.S.A. women's field hockey team at the 2008 Summer Olympics) were going to be in attendance, it was a happy day in the Pringle house.

EconomicsPennsylvania, the single largest not for profit economic education and financial literacy organization in the Commonwealth, holds the Adam Smith Distinguished Leadership Award Luncheon every year, and this year's was on Thursday, March 5th, at Tedd's on the Hill in Shamokin Dam.

The luncheon was a huge success -- there were over 175 local business people in attendance.

There was lots of mingling...

And some incredible speeches, by Steelers linebacker Andy Russell...

By Daphne Ross, Superintendent of the Montgomery area school district and "Educator of the Year"...

And by Keli Smith, field hockey legend and recipient of the Adam Smith award. Pennsylvania State Senator John R. Gordner, Chair of the Luncheon, said "The Adam Smith Distinguished Leadership Award is recognized as one of the most prestigious honors bestowed by EconomicsPennsylvania on local residents who reflect the wholesome values of community service, individual achievement, personal integrity and commitment to the highest standards of excellence in their professional careers."

Then there was a lot of autograph signing by Andy...

And Keli too. She is a graduate of Selinsgrove High School!

I thought this one was so cute.

Andy gave some interviews.

And then posed for a bunch of photos. Many thanks to Fritz Heinemann (right), President and CEO of EconomicsPennsylvania, for asking us to be there.

Scott and I had a wonderful time! GO STEELERS!

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Bill & Sylvia's Growing Family 03.11.09

Last week I got to do a maternity/lifestyle session for a beautiful family -- my good friend Sylvia, her husband Bill, and their adorable almost 2-year old son, Russell. Sylvia is about 34 weeks along now and due in April. She didn't find out what she was having, but she feels like it's a girl. We shall soon see! And I can't wait! Stay tuned for the newborn pictures in the next month or so.

To Sylvia, Bill and Russell -- I had so much fun during this shoot, but that comes as no surprise. Scott, Elsa, and I are beyond blessed to have you in our lives, and we are so excited to meet the new addition! Congratulations!!! Love, Kris

Surprise, Sylvia! There is a slideshow at the end of this post. If you have any trouble viewing it, you can also click HERE to see it. You might want to get out those Kleenex! ;)

I started the shoot with just Sylvia. We were originally going to do some outdoor pictures...
Central PA Maternity Photography

But it was so cold and windy that we decided to do the entire shoot indoors. Sylvia, you are so beautiful!!!
Central PA Maternity Photography

Yep, indoors was a good decision. I was able to use the late afternoon sun coming in the windows to give Sylvia's hair some gorgeous backlight. Love it!!!
Selinsgrove Maternity Photography

Sylvia is an amazing Mom. We were able to do a few of just her while Russell was napping, and Bill was still at work.
Selinsgrove Maternity Photography

One of my favorites! Russell woke up full of energy, so I definitely got this image by "accident". Sylvia can attest to that. Sometimes I wish I could just say, "Okay Russell, you go lay next to Mommy's belly and smile nice for the camera."....but who am I kidding?? Capturing those perfect unexpected moments is what I love doing.
Lewisburg Maternity Photography

Another unplanned one. How could I resist those cute little feet next to Mommy's belly!?!
Lewisburg Maternity Photography

Our daughter Elsa actually got Russell this book for Christmas. Who knew it would look so great in photos!
Harrisburg Maternity Photography

Bill got home from work just in time for the golden hour. I love this one.
Harrisburg Maternity Photography

But I love this one more. I think Russell was running around and making them laugh.
Pennsylvania Maternity Photography

It doesn't get much sweeter.
Natural Light Maternity Photography

Russell will be turning 2 later this month, and I know he is going to be a great big brother.
Natural Light Maternity Photography

He even has the shirt! Congratulations again Sylvia and Bill. We are all so happy for you!
Maternity Photography

To see a slideshow with more images from their session, click on the arrow below, and make sure your volume is turned up.

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Jaime & Jason's Wedding Ceremony 03.05.09

On Saturday, February 28th, I photographed Jaime and Jason’s beautiful and intimate wedding ceremony at St. John Neumann Catholic Church in Lancaster. Surrounded by their families, this amazing couple and soon-to-be parents became husband and wife, and I am so honored that they asked me to be there to document all the love and emotion of the day.

This is just the first time you will see this couple on the blog though – because on Friday August 21st they are having a big ole reception, complete with a 22-person wedding party, at the gorgeous and historic Riverdale Manor – and Scott and I will both be there to photograph that.

To Jaime and Jason, your love for each other and for your unborn child just jumps out of these photos. I found myself getting so caught up in your ceremony that I had to remind myself I was there to take pictures. Thank you again for asking me to be part of your day. I am so happy for you both, and I cannot wait to meet Baby Boy P this summer! Much love and appreciation ~Kristine

I started the day with some details...loved the bouquet!

And the shoes.
Lancaster Wedding Photography

But this is my favorite. H.E.L.L.O lashes!
Lancaster Wedding Photography

Jaime looked absolutely stunning. She has the most beautiful blue eyes.

She was totally glowing...

And she was very ready to see her husband-to-be, Jason.

It was an emotional walk down the aisle.

And Jason didn't take his eyes off his bride. On a side note, I have always wanted to get a shot like this, where you can see the groom looking at the bride, but through the shoulders of the bride and her Dad, so thanks J&J! :)

There was a little laughter...

And a lot of smiling as they recited their vows.

Love the detail in this one.

After exchanging rings, they lit the unity candle.

And then they shared their first kiss as husband and wife.

I had a few favorites from this series. Their expressions are awesome - like - "Whoo, we did it!"

Just as they had put their rings on, I made them take them back off. Beautiful!

One of my favorites. Their son will be coming into a family filled with so much love.

Freezing is an understatement -- it was so windy out -- so thank you Jaime and Jason for putting up with me for a few outdoor shots.

Another favorite. Sometimes what happens right after the kiss is what I really want to capture.

Congratulations again Jaime and Jason! I am overjoyed for you both! See you in August!

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9 Months Already! 03.02.09

Our daughter Elsa is so much fun. She is such a happy, playful baby, and she never ceases to amaze us with what she'll do next. We are so blessed! Yesterday was her 9-month "birthday", so I thought I would share some recent pictures. I can't believe how fast time goes by. Before we know it she will be a year old. I'll definitely do a big blog for that, hopefully with a slideshow to go with it. :) In the meantime, hope you enjoy these!

This one was taken on Valentine's Day 2 weeks ago, and the rest were taken just a few days ago. I have become a very fast crawler.

And I pull to standing on everything I can grab.

Look, I'm even starting to get a little more hair.

But my Mommy insists on making me wear these hats. I think they make me look like a Teletubby. Oh, notice my hand - I love to point at everything.

My Mommy has always wanted to take a picture like this, so I cooperated really well for her. I like the camera.

And I love my jumperoo that I got for Christmas. There's that pointing finger again.

My favorite thing is being outside. I can't wait til spring.

Then I'll really be able to get into all kinds of new things. Like these pine needles. They were fun.

But the best part about being outside is when I get to go on walks with our dog Zoey. She leads the way and I smile the entire time. See you next time! Love, Elsa

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