Please Pray for Julie 03.27.10

She admittedly stalks my blog.

And now I stalk hers.

Unfortunately the blog I now stalk is Julie's breast cancer blog.

Yes, Julie, one of my favorite brides and now friend, was recently diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer.

At the age of 30.

In talking with her, I said that I wished there was something I could do. And then together we realized that there was. Julie has said many times in her blog that she believes in the power of prayer, and she knows that her own faith and the prayers of others will guide her through this journey. She has also said that she is very open to sharing her story if it encourages another woman to have a mammogram.

So, I'm doing this blog for those exact reasons: 1) To ask people to pray for Julie as she prepares to fight this battle and win, 2) To promote breast cancer awareness and encourage other women to get checked, 3) To remind everyone of what an amazing person Julie is, and 4) To do something sweet for a friend.

I first met Julie in the fall of 2007 when Scott and I did engagement pictures for her and her fiance Clint. Clint surprised Julie with these hay bales that spelled out "We're Getting Married" and they used this image for a save-the-date.

Whether these two were running through the cornfields (don't ask - haha!)...

Or walking hand in hand by the river...

I knew that our next year of "working" together was going to be a blast.

And it was. My next shoot with Julie was a day out with all her favorite girls -- the Moms and the bridesmaids.

She has an incredible support system in her friends and family.

And those who know her can attest to her positive attitude. Julie is always smiling, even when the joke is on her as seen here (notice her zipper).

Then it was on to Julie's bridal shower. Another beautiful day...

Surrounded by all the women she loves. And who love her.

Every detail was perfect.

And it was that day I realized I had made a new friend. Julie and her friends made me feel like I had known them for years.

A week later I did a pre-bridal session for her.

Julie, you are completely stunning.

Then it was time for the ceremony rehearsal...

And the rehearsal dinner at Clint's family farm. You can just look at Julie and Clint and know how much they love each other.

There was some laughter...

And some tears...

And some laughter combined with tears. Here two of Julie's best friends are laughing and crying over the cards she wrote them. She is always taking the extra time to do something nice for the people she cares about. I strive to be more like her.

Julie and Clint's wedding was so beautiful and memorable.

They pledged to love and support one another in sickness and in health, and that is exactly what they are doing. The other night, Julie came home to yet another surprise from Clint -- he had shaved his head as a gesture of support, as Julie is preparing to start chemotherapy treatments the Monday after Easter. Clint, you are an amazing husband. That's all.

Julie and Clint saw a LOT of rain (a hurricane actually) on their wedding day...

But they and their guests survived it (love the t-shirts!)...

And in the end, Julie and Clint got their rainbow, just as I know she will now.

With the love and prayers of her husband, family, and friends, and those from complete strangers too, I know there is light at the end of the tunnel for her.

So Julie, you rock on with your bad self. Thank you for allowing me to share your story with others. You are an inspiration on so many levels, and I know that many, many people are praying for you tonight as they read this. And you better believe I will be at the "Booby Bash" to celebrate with you when this is all said and done. Love you! ~Kris

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OBX 03.22.10

I just returned from a fabulous long weekend in the Outer Banks with my favorite girls -- my mom and my daughters Elsa and Emme. I was down there doing a newborn shoot (more on that coming soon), and we totally lucked out because we had the most gorgeous weather. If I didn't already, I now officially have summer-fever. And since it was only a month ago that I was posting snow photos, I thought it would be fun to post these beach images.

I love the Outer Banks, and now that I live in Virginia, I'm really hoping to get down there more.

I took these images last time I was down in pre-kids.

..and as much as I loved getting up at the crack of dawn to photograph a sunrise...

I now have a much better reason to get up that early. This was Emme's first trip to the beach.

And believe it or not, it was Elsa's first time too. Watching her was so magical.

She absolutely LOVED it, so I have a feeling we'll be making many more trips there. Stay tuned for one of my favoritest newborn sessions. xoxo ~K

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Pampered Pups on a Shopping Spree 03.12.10

Here is just one for now, but there will be many more of these adorable furkids coming soon! :-)
Richmond Lifestyle Photographer

Okay, I know that Deanna is checking since she already left a comment (thanks Deanna!), so here are a bunch more favorites as I am editing.

Last weekend, I met up with Deanna, her husband Gary, and their beautiful Bichon furkids, Fezzy and Monty.
Richmond Lifestyle Photographer

This is Monty, the new puppy they adopted last month. He is just over 3 months old, and he is so so sweet!
Richmond Dog Photographer

This is big brother Fezzy, who is 3. Here Fezzy is showing Monty how to sit...
Richmond Dog Photography

But Monty thought it was more fun to chase Fezzy around the yard. This one makes me smile.
Richmond Lifestyle Photography

I told you he was sweet. He even said he was sorry for biting Fezzy's ankles.
Richmond Lifestyle Photography

I really couldn't get enough of his adorable little face.
Chesterfield Lifestyle Photography

So so cute!
Chesterfield Lifestyle Photography

After a bunch of portraits in Deanna and Gary's backyard, we decided to head to The Puppy Mall, aka Stony Point Fashion Park.
Chesterfield Lifestyle Photography

I had been there before, and I remembered the gorgeous light and the beautiful brickwork. And the fact that they allow dogs made it a no-brainer! I was so glad that Deanna and Gary were up for the idea.
Chesterfield Lifestyle Photography

This was the first time Fezzy and Monty had been there, and they LOVED it, especially when they heard there was a doggie bakery there. I think that's where they are headed...
Chesterfield Lifestyle Photographer

But first we had to take advantage of all the cool photo spots. The red brick made for a gorgeous contrast.
Chesterfield Lifestyle Photographer

And I totally fell in love with the benches there.
Chesterfield Lifestyle Photographer

Gary, thanks for helping me get this shot. Deanna, you are beautiful!
Chesterfield Dog Photographer

And boy were Fezzy and Monty happy when they got special treats at Three Dog Bakery.
Chesterfield Dog Photographer

Thanks so much for an awesome session Deanna and Gary! Fezzy and Monty are such sweet doggies and I had a blast!
Chesterfield Lifestyle Photographer
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Our daughter Emme is 12 weeks 03.06.10

Baby Emme is 12 weeks old -- or at least she will be on Wednesday, and that is hard to believe. She is such a happy baby, and (knock on wood) so super easy. No, she isn't sleeping through the night yet, but she usually only wakes up twice and goes right back to sleep. During the day, she is all smiles, and as Elsa would say, she loves to coo. Our family has been so blessed and having Emme has definitely been the icing on the cake.

Elsa LOVES her baby sister. She helped Mommy get Emme all extra pretty for her pictures today.

Elsa has really blue eyes like Scott's, and so far Emme's are looking like a greenish-hazel color.

And there is that smile. It melts me in an instant.

Well, I'm off to work on wedding album designs, and then I hope to get outside to enjoy this beautiful day. I have my first lifestyle session of 2010 tomorrow, and many more are coming up after that, so if you want to get on my spring schedule, give me a shout. I'll be blogging about my "marathon weekend" dates soon.

Happy weekend everyone! ~Kris
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