Ella: 12 Days Old 03.28.11

Newborn babies. They are the sweetest things, and I LOVE that I get to photograph them for a living. :-) I especially love when I get to photograph them along with an older brother or sister and their parents. And that is exactly what I got to do in Richmond about 2 weeks ago, for parents Mike and Nicole, big sister Hannah, and their beautiful new addition, Ella.

Actually, side story, but I have been asked several times when booking a newborn session (or other baby session for that matter), "Are these photos JUST for the newborn/baby or can we include the whole family?" Now this particular family didn't ask that (they were given a gift certificate by Nicole's sweet sister Jenn so I think they knew what to expect before booking) but when I am asked this, I always say that I really encourage families to include everyone -- because in my opinion, newborn babies are captured best when surrounded by the people who love them most. Enjoy!

Meet GORGEOUS 12-day old Ella. She is perfect.
Richmond Newborn Photography

And her beautiful 2-year old sister Hannah adores her. I'm pretty proud of this picture, especially since Nicole told me that Hannah wasn't really into kissing her baby sister yet, AND not only did we get her to do it, but I got an awake shot of Ella at the same time.
Richmond Newborn Photography

Thanks for making my day, Hannah! Seriously, is she going to be a heartbreaker or what?!? Those eyes and curls!
Richmond Newborn Photography

LOVE this shot of Ella. She was really sleepy...
Richmond Newborn Photography

So I was able to focus on all her tiny features.
Richmond Newborn Photography

Like her hands and feet...
Richmond Newborn Photography

And her gorgeous head of hair!
Richmond Newborn Photography

When Ella took a break for a feeding, it was time for Hannah to PLAY!
Richmond Newborn Photography

Life is good when you have a pink kitchen and can make soup for your doggie!
Richmond Newborn Photography

It was approaching her nap time too, and I love this shot because this is what she does when she's tired. Precious!
Richmond Newborn Photography

Love this perspective.
Richmond Newborn Photography

Mommy is going to be so surprised when she sees all that we captured during the feeding break.
Richmond Newborn Photography

Seriously, couldn't direct this if I tried.
Richmond Newborn Photography

Mike and Nicole are obviously so in love with these girls.
Richmond Newborn Photography

That is what makes my job so amazing.
Richmond Newborn Photography

I get to witness and capture the most beautiful families, interacting with and loving each other. Pretty cool.
Richmond Newborn Photography

And of course, as people always say, I do get to photograph the most beautiful children.
Richmond Newborn Photography

Nicole, Mike and big sister Hannah, congratulations on your beautiful new bundle of joy, Ella, and thanks for letting me spend a morning with your family. Hope you love these as much as I do. Hugs, Kristine
Richmond Newborn Photography
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Heather's Maternity Session 03.24.11

Heather. What can I say except that she is one of my bestest friends IN. THE. WORLD. I have known her since I was 18 when we joined the same sorority in college. Wow. Since then, though, our friendship has only grown stronger and more real. There is something that really bonds you when you are bridesmaids in each others' weddings (Heather was my Maid of Honor) and when you have children just months apart.

There is also something that really bonds you over a photo session. That is probably why all of my clients are now my friends. Really though, I have taken family photos of Heather's family MANY times (I did newborn photos for both Jackson and Charlotte, and other shoots too), but not once in 3 pregnancies have I done "maternity" photos for Heather (and Tib). Why? Well, apart from the fact that maternity photos can be "cheesy" (not mine of course! ;)) and Heather is probably the least cheesy person I know....Heather was just resistant. She is a marathon runner, not someone who is used to packing on 40 pounds and getting her photo taken. But as one of her best friends, I told her to trust me. The pictures wouldn't be cheesy, nor would they make her look like she had eaten one too many girl scout cookies.

I didn't have a case to make for newborn photos - she booked me for those months ago to show off her new precious bundle. But for pregnancy photos, she was still on the fence. So I told her, this was her last (supposedly?) time being pregnant and that she needed some good photos to document it. So she finally agreed. No cheese. Just life. Captured as I do best. And Heather, can I just say I TOLD YOU SO! You just wait til you see these and get your tissues ready.

Enjoy the preview!

My friend Heather - an amazing wife, mother, daughter, friend.

These first few images were taken at my last photography workshop -- everyone was having fun shooting our "maternity model".

Especially me. I only took a couple. I was teaching. But I'm so glad I got what I got. H - you are stunning. And can anyone say depth of field?? Love the bridge!

Before the workshop started, I did an actual kinda-mini-session with Heather and her beautiful family. She is due with baby #3 in June and we are all so excited to meet this little guy. What a blessing!

Big brother Jackson who is 4 now can't wait to be a big brother again. Heart. melting. These are the moments I was wanting to capture.

Mommy and 2-year old Charlotte. Adorable.

I posted this photo earlier today as the "coming soon" photo, and Heather wrote a comment that she couldn't believe how smiley Jackson was. I was thrilled to hear that...

...because...I'm not just waiting for ANY moment...I am patiently waiting for THE moment...like CiCi pointing to baby T-Rex (so they have named him)...

Jackson giving thumbs up to his little bro...

AND THIS --- PERFECTION. I didn't stop shooting til I knew we had THIS. We did it over and over a few times. The kids looking up at their parents = tears. Love it!

It was getting close to naptime for Charlotte - precious!

Even more precious with both kids!

At the end we tried to get a few with just Mom and Dad. Ummm, not so much. Haha!

So we used a trick...put the kids in the car with the DVD player on and shoot right next to the car. So here we are, in the parking lot, 5 feet from the car. Heather and Tib, you are amazing and I love you!

Congratulations on baby #3 and I can't wait do to your newborn pics for baby "T-Rex" in June. I hope you love your maternity pictures minus the cheese as much as I do. XOXOXO ~Kris

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Baby Holden: 3 Months 03.22.11

I recently had the chance to photograph the most precious new parents, Christy and Jayson, and their sweet little "Duder" (aka Holden) here in Charlottesville. Baby Holden just turned 3 months old, and he is too stinkin cute! And already such a camera ham! I loved taking his picture (big surprise huh?), but really, I love photographing babies that are just beyond that newborn stage. Every chubby, raspberry-blowing, smiley ounce. I can hardly wait to share a few (I had to stop myself at 15) so here they are. Enjoy the preview!

Meet 3-month old baby Holden.

Yep, he is A-dorable.

And he is so so loved.

To be able to capture new parents in these fleeting moments is one of the best parts about my job.

Love. I can't get enough of baby chub.

And feet.

One of my favorites, probably because it symbolizes growth for me as a photographer. I once had a long conversation about "drool and bubbles" with my good friend Amanda, and I know she'll love this one too. I mean really, blowing bubbles is what babies do and it's precious. I wish I had shots of my own daughters like this.

I could have stayed indoors photographing Holden and his parents all day, but Holden had bottles to drink and catnaps to take so we could get outside...

...And then he could show off his new hightops. This makes me smile.

For the second half of our session, we headed to the Charlottesville Downtown Mall. We got some portraits with Mom (Christy you are a beauty!)...

Some with Dad...

And some of the whole family.

My favorites though are the more candid ones. Look at that smile!

And of course this. How can you not love a baby with a binky and a fauxhawk? ;-) This was our last picture.

Christy and Jayson, congratulations and thank you so much for asking me to do these pictures for your family. I can't wait to work with you all again in the future! Hugs! ~Kris

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The Workshop 03.17.11

On Saturday March 12th, I taught a photography workshop that helped people better understand their SLR cameras and all of the features. It was a blast, and I wanted to share a few photos in case you are thinking about signing up for one of these in the future. To stay in the loop, you can click HERE to follow me on Facebook, or just send me an email or follow my blog. I am going to announce more spring and summer dates soon. Thanks to everyone who has already contacted me and expressed interest.

This workshop sold out in a few hours, and I was so excited that many of the people who attended were friends and clients of mine. My intern Jocelyn (bottom left) also attended, and she brought along her super adorable niece to be our child model.

Since I was mostly teaching, Jocelyn also took a bunch of fun behind-the-scenes shots of everyone learning and shooting. Thanks so much J! You are the best.

Brooke was a total ham -- I love this shot that Jocelyn captured.

Everyone loved taking her picture and practicing some of the new things they had learned.

Including me. Sometimes I shoot from above...

...So I can get shots like this. What a gorgeous little girl. I only took a few pictures of Brooke, but this one is a definite favorite.

And this one. Beauty!

We also had a maternity model, my friend Heather. At the very end of the workshop, we all took some photos of her and her beautiful baby bump.

I took a few too, but for now this is all I'm going to share...because before the workshop started, I did an actual session with Heather, her husband Tib, and their 2 little ones, Jackson and Charlotte. That blog is coming next week. :)

I always say that blog previews are somewhat arbitrary because it is so hard to choose favorites. Case in point. After everyone had left, I spent like 3 minutes flat with Brooke. So glad I did! Thanks again to everyone who came to this workshop and for making it so much fun. ~Kris

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Excited... 03.12.11

At last. I am finally blogging. I know, I know. My blog has said "coming soon" for 3 days, and I really meant to do it sooner (sorry everyone!), but every night when I would sit down to do it, I would have like 10 new emails from prospective clients. Maybe it's the Facebook page, or the warm weather - who knows? But it's busier than ever. So of course returning those nightly emails took priority over this "personal blog post", which is probably my last one for a little bit as busy season is officially here. I just did 3 shoots (those blogs really are coming soon - hehe!), a workshop, and tomorrow I am photographing a 12-day old baby girl in Richmond. This is all so exciting.

Before I dive in, I just have to say what an incredible year this has been. It has been a time filled with so much growth, both professionally and personally, and my business has truly morphed into something beyond my wildest dreams. I also have to say that none of this would have happened without my amazing clients. I really like what I do, but my clients make me LOVE what I do. They rock. And I'm so glad I took that leap of faith to make photography my full-time career.

That's not to say that most days I don't feel like Superwoman. I am busy, but I am so excited about and so grateful for everything that is going on. For those who thought I was going to announce that I'm pregnant again...not so much. ;-)

But I did have an exciting first -- getting published in The Knot Magazine. It was only a "details" spread, but still. Next on my Bucket List is actual people.

I also finally have a Facebook Page. If you haven't already, can you "LIKE" it please??

Speaking of Facebook, after reconnecting with a friend from high school recently (J- thank you!!), I may soon start offering candid "day in the life" sessions for local nursing home residents and their families. I love photographing older adults, and I think that giving families some of the last images they'll ever have of their loved ones is just priceless.

In all of these new ventures I want to take on, I am excited to announce that I have someone to lend a hand -- my new intern, Jocelyn. She is a first-year at UVA, and she was referred to me by my friend Michelle, an amazing photographer in North Carolina. I am so excited to be working with her.

And speaking of amazing UVA women, I couldn't do any of this without our beyond wonderful babysitter, Abby. Abs, you are the best and The Pringle Family loves you.

While I'm giving credit (whoa I feel like I'm writing the acknowledgments section of my dissertation again right now), my husband and my parents have been so supportive of my dreams and I wanted to publicly thank them for all that they do to help out.

Okay, back to exciting stuff. The workshop. Saturday 3/12 was awesome - more to come and I'll be posting dates on Facebook and the blog soon.

I'm also expanding my commercial portfolio. I've had the opportunity to do some really cool projects for various companies lately, and it's something different that I really enjoy.

If you follow my blog, you might remember my friend and former bride Julie. She was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer at the age of 30.

Well, after a year of having her life turned upside down and undergoing radiation, chemo, and surgeries, she was just given a clean bill of health. Truly, I couldn't think of more exciting news to share. Julie and her husband Client just returned from the trip of a lifetime -- to Singapore and Bali. Now that rocks.

Speaking of brides, I can't wait to kick off wedding season with Rachel and Peter on April 2nd. Woot woot!

Rachel is one of my sorority sisters, and doing her pictures reminds me how lucky I am that my friends are among the people who hire me to take their photos. I love my girlfriends. I wish I could dress them up and take their pictures every day. Can't wait til girls weekend again this year.

Somehow, in the midst of our busy lives, we fit in a playroom remodel this winter. It's still not done, but let me just say that my husband continues to surprise me everyday. He was like, "I think I'll paint a mural of the Blue Ridge Mountains". It turned out amazing, and I will share before and after pictures when the whole room is complete.

Despite all that has been going on, I have made spending time with my 2 girls my number one priority.

I can't get enough of them. I am immersed.

They are my world.

The way that they play with and love each other melts me.

And this warm weather we've been having....that has definitely made life easier. Winter is tough, and these days we've been planting flowers...

And playing in water tables...in March...I love it.

Emme thinks it's another bathtub. She climbs on everything.

Always have popsicles. My mom's advice. I love my Mom.

And I love Emme's new smile. She is so proud of it.

I had to end with these pictures...because I am trying to take more pictures of the everyday "imperfect" moments. Like when they "ride the train" in the box that their water table came in.

Before I might not have shared such "imperfect" images on my blog. I mean, they are in crusty-after-dinner-clothes and playing on a Little Tikes box.

But as I ALWAYS tell my clients, the background doesn't really matter -- great pictures are about the emotion and the moment. So I learned to take my own advice. I have grown. And for the first time since starting my business in what has been a whirlwind with having 2 kids and moving it from PA to VA, I have a plan. And I'm excited. XOXOXO ~Kris

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Robin, Dan, and Baby Bump 03.01.11

They met how a lot of couples meet.

At church.

But their meeting was SO SO unlike any other.

Because the morning after they met, Robin had to leave for Hong Kong.

As in China.

Robin had just been cast to star as Belle in Beauty and the Beast, and she had an 8 month contract. But something clicked. The stars aligned. And she and Dan continued to talk via MySpace (because that was all the rage before Facebook ya know!) almost non-stop.

Fast forward a few years. Robin and Dan got married, and then they lived in Hong Kong together for second Beauty and the Beast contract. Dan would even go watch her on stage. I am such a romantic - does that sound dreamy or what??

Today they live here in Charlottesville. Dan is an engineer. He designs buildings and bridges and all kinds of cool stuff. Yeah, he's a smarty. He knew what he was doing that day almost 10 years ago when he met Robin. ;-) And now they have a beautiful baby smarty on the way. I am having a really hard time picking blog photos from their recent maternity session...(it is SO arbitrary because I always love them all)...but here is my best attempt at a few preliminary favorites as I'm editing the whole shoot. Enjoy!

We did most of their session at the downtown mall -- they both work there and it is really special to them.

Robin, you are so beautiful. Belle. I have no other words.

I can't do a shoot downtown without using the newspaper boxes...

I am in love with them and the colors!

So adorable. The smiles don't get any more genuine!

Window shopping. One of my favorites.

Til we stumbled upon this storefront. I am still pretty new to C'ville and didn't even know this place was here!

Ummm, Robin, this is a magazine ad!

Then Dan decided it was time to make us all laugh -- wow I'm so glad I didn't miss this moment. Way too cute!

Gorgeous! Love it!

We found a cool reflection on one of the buildings...

And of course we had to use the big chalk wall. I really wanted Robin to lean against the wall -- the pictures would be so much better -- so she threw on her jacket. More to come on that later.

The golden hour light was so perfect.

And Robin and Dan were wiling to do whatever -- even my infamous "smile kiss". Love.

The aftermath. Robin's jacket looked like something from 1982. Hehe!

After downtown (and this wasn't planned - I am known to do this!) we decided to do one more location really quick.

I wanted to get them a totally different look - the "rural" or "country" look versus the urban look. I am so glad we did this. My clients are amazing!

So sweet. Cannot wait to meet this little baby (Robin is due in mid-April, and they don't know what they're having).

Robin and Dan, thank you so much for this wonderful shoot. You are an amazing couple, and I am beyond happy for you. You will be the best parents. Can't wait to meet your precious little bundle soon! XOXO ~Kris

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