Behind the Scenes 04.30.08

When I met Scott in grad school, I knew I was going to marry him, but I never dreamed that he would someday also be my business partner. After all, Pringle Photography started by "accident" shortly after we casually photographed a friend's wedding in 2004. How did I get so lucky? I get to work with my husband, photographing the most memorable moments of peoples' lives. Life is so good!

Because we shoot together, Scott and I sometimes photograph each other while we're shooting. These images bring back so many memories of the time spent with our wonderful clients. Some of them are also pretty funny! So I decided it would be fun to post a few of these "behind the scenes" shots, along with the image that resulted.

I am 5'2" on a good day, so I can often be found climbing on things - plus I love shooting from different angles.

Here is what resulted. I'm glad the groom trusted me when I said, "Squat down" - because this image went in their wedding album.

Scott is even more of a climber than I am - especially since I've been pregnant. Here he is in the 3rd story of a barn.

That was the only way to get an aerial shot of Julie and Clint with their "We're Getting Married" hay bales. This image was used as their save-the-date. :) Our clients are so creative!

This one of me with Molly and Brian cracks me up - I am definitely guilty of letting our clients look at some of their images on the back of the camera.

Here is one of Scott with Molly and Brian - we wanted them to dance in the bandshell, so Scott and Brian had to help Molly up because the stage was really high.

Here is one of my favorite resulting images - their upcoming wedding in Lewisburg is going to be so fun!

I will never forget our engagement session with Nikki and Brendan last summer at Colonel Denning State Park.

I think we all figured that since they were already SO SANDY, why not get even sandier!? ;) This was their third and final outfit and the very end of the shoot.

They are so cute!

Here I am with Mallory and Scott at their gorgeous home in Danville. Those yellow leaves to the right were amazing in photos!

Love the leaves - love the moment.

Scott can usually be found with two around his neck - or on the tripod - and one is his hands.

It's the best way for him to get both wide-angle and telephoto perspectives. He took these two images at Katherine and Brian's wedding just seconds apart.

Here I am last August at a senior shoot. We used a few different locations, one of them being an awesome playground in Lewisburg.

Isn't Taylor gorgeous?! I love the color in these images.

Last but not least - someday when Elsa is older, I'll be able to show her how much she helped her mommy, even before she was born! This is undoubtedly my favorite.

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Blessed 04.23.08

If you have visited my blog in the past, you probably know that I'm pregnant with my first child - a sweet baby girl whose name will be Elsa. I have just one month to go, although everyone who looks at me seems to think I'll deliver early. So I figured I needed to post some nursery and pregnancy pictures or I may miss my chance. There is also a slideshow link at the bottom of this post.

After months of preparation, baby Elsa's nursery is finally finished, and we are so excited about how it turned out. It's directly across from our room, and every time I walk past it I smile. I'll often catch Scott just sitting in there, and it totally melts my heart.

I'm sure her closet will never be this neat again, so I had to take some pictures. Scott jokes that it looks like a department store with all of her new clothes.

My friend Amanda wasn't kidding when she decided Elsa needed a shoe fund! These were all gifts, and I can't wait to take pictures of her wearing each and every pair.

Of course since I'm married to a fabulous photographer, I had to get some "maternity photos". I was a little apprehensive about posting these, but Scott convinced me to.

This one was taken on the sidewalk next to our house. I love the light.

And I love that they have that natural unposed feel we strive for.

These are my favorites. Scott is becoming quite the master of light these days.

Scott definitely did an amazing job, but I couldn't let him get away without at least a few of us together. Using the tripod and the timer wasn't exactly our style, but I'm glad we did it. I will cherish these pictures forever.

My pregnancy has been the most amazing time of my life, and Scott and I are so excited to meet our little miracle. Thanks to our wonderful families, friends, and clients for all the love and support along the way. As you may know, I love to write, but sometimes I can say what I'm feeling even better with pictures. That said, ever since purchasing the software I use to make all of our musical slideshows for our clients, I have wanted to make one for us. And this was definitely the perfect opportunity. We are so blessed.

To watch the slideshow, click HERE, and make sure your volume is turned up.
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Baby Bella: 4 Months 04.21.08

Scott and I recently had a chance to do a shoot for an adorable little puppy named Bella. She is a Havanese and she is just 4 months old. Her parents, Sue and Ron, signed up for a "Baby's First Year" package so they could document her as she grows, and we couldn't be more excited. She is quite the subject!

Here she is posing in her little newborn basket. What a little angel.

She has the cutest little scarfs - I love this one with her tongue sticking out.

And I think I like this one even more. She knows she's not supposed to be eating the daffodils.

This full body shot gives a sense of how small she is - she weighs about 5 pounds now.

Here she is in her red and black scarf. She has such pretty brown eyes.

She was doing so well, especially for just a puppy, so we took her into Sue and Ron's big open field for a play break. She was so quick!

A brief tired moment.

And then we found another incredible spot for photos- amongst the emerging lillies.

She is so sweet! I wanted to take her home!

I had to save some of the best for last. Sue is the owner of
Culligan in Lewisburg, so she had the idea of getting Bella to pose with a Culligan water bottle and an antique Culligan bucket. Too cute - and by the way, these pictures involved zero treats! Bella, you are a good girl! Sue and Ron, thank you! See you in a few months!

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Rick & Beth's Engagement Session 04.17.08

On Saturday evening, Scott and I did engagement pictures for our friends, Rick and Beth, in their hometown of Hughesville, PA. Their intimate wedding will be held sometime in the next few months, and they are planning a BIG celebratory bash for August 30th. Congratulations guys - we are so happy and excited for you both!

We started the shoot at an awesome old barn - thanks Bill and Sylvia! I'm pretty sure Scott was crackin' jokes, which resulted in some great moments between the bride and groom-to-be.

The barn was pretty dark inside, but in certain spots the light was insanely gorgeous! Like here.

And here. Scott gets the credit for this one, because the 3 of them had to climb up into the second story to take advantage of the light coming in between the planks. Since I'm very prego, I just helped with some "poses that don't look posed" from down below.

Even though we have known them for several years, I could tell they were a little nervous about being in front of the cameras. But that's nothing that a little skipping can't fix! :)

Before we left the barn, I noticed all the tools, which made me think about the famous old painting with the pitchfork. Very fun, and very unexpected.

When we got home, Scott googled it for me - it's called
American Gothic and it was painted by Grant Wood in 1930.

Our next location was going to involve a little hike to the exact spot where Rick proposed to Beth. But first we saw this "No Outlet" sign - seemed like a symbol of some kind!

The hike through the woods was so peaceful and beautiful.

And then we arrived at some big rocks next to the fast moving stream - the spot where Rick asked Beth if she would marry him.

You guys are glowing - it seriously looks like that moment happened all over again.

Realizing that the sun was about to set, we walked out of the woods as fast we could and found this wide open cornfield with a setting sun. I'm pretty sure we were trespassing, but that's okay, we weren't there long. I love the sun directly behind their heads and coming through Beth's hair.

And our reason for chasing the light - a fabulous silhouette by Scott. Rick and Beth, we're so glad you asked us to do some pictures for you - we had so much fun and we hope you like the sneak peek! Much love! Kris & Scott

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Beautiful Blue-Eyed Blondie Babies 04.14.08

On Saturday afternoon, Scott and I did a lifestyle photography session with two BEAUTIFUL little girls, 2-year old Jera and her 6-month old baby sister Gabriella. Not only are these blue-eyed babies beautiful, but they have the cutest personalities, which had us laughing constantly. After being around them for 2 hours, I have to admit that I'm even more excited about having a little girl - if that's at all possible?! Their parents, Gerrisa and Rob, are so incredibly nice, and they have an amazing home that is just flooded with natural light. Throw in the gorgeous weather we had on Saturday (the shoot was originally scheduled for Sunday and I'm so glad Gerrisa called to switch), and we pretty much had the recipe for a perfect shoot. Needless to say, ever since returning home I've been so excited to pick out some favorites and post a sneak peek of their photos.

Meet the girls - I love this photo in black and white too, but I couldn't dare hide their amazing blue eyes.

This is baby Gabriella, just smiling away with all her toys.

And this is big sister Jera. I caught this sweet restful moment while Scott focused on Gabriella playing.

There are so many cute expressions in this series. It was hard to pick just 2 for a sneak peek.

Then it was Jera's turn. She was calling Grammy, and she kept saying, "She's not answering her cell phone." It was the cutest thing ever!

After the playroom, we ventured into the dining room and did some shots on top of the table. I love the reflection.

And this close up one might be my favorite of little Gabby. I can't get over those eyes.

I love this image of Jera and her natural smile. And of course her pretty blue eyes.

Here is Gabriella in her pink hat in her pink bedroom. I love the color, although I think this image is really great in black and white too.

Such a cute moment, and such a happy baby - she smiled for us the whole time!

After a bunch of indoor shots, we headed outside to take advantage of the nice weather. Jera had so much fun with her bubbles.

I love these kind of images - the kind when the kids forget we're even there.

I love the emotion in these next 2 images.

So sweet!

Gerrisa and Rob, you have a beautiful family, and we hope you enjoy the little preview of your images. Thank you so much for the great session, and for the adorable gift for baby Elsa. Talk to you soon!

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Our Couples Baby Shower - The Third and Last 04.10.08

On Saturday April 5th, we had our third and final baby shower. It was a "Couples Shower" hosted by my family, and it was at our house in Selinsgrove, which made it really convenient and relaxed. I am so lucky to have had three baby showers. Our families and friends are so scattered that one shower wouldn't have been possible. So having 3 smaller ones was great - it was like having Christmas three different times in a month - plus I was able to visit and talk with everyone more.

Here we are - complete with our gold mom and dad-to-be medals. :-) I am 33 weeks, so only about 6 more to go!

And here is the whole gang. We had friends and family up from Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey and different parts of Pennsylvania, and we had a big slumber party on Saturday night.

This is my mom - she has already packed her bag so she can come up from VA as soon as she gets that phone call.

This is my dad - no matter how old I get, I will always be his "little princess". Soon he will have another one.

And this is my younger brother, Mark, and his awesome girlfriend Jessica. They also made the trip up from Richmond, VA, and they have totally spoiled baby Elsa already. Thanks for the car seat guys!

Since it was a "couples shower" there weren't any traditional games - but even the guys liked this little clothes line decoration.

Loved the was very symbolic of the amazing gift we are about to receive.

Baby Elsa is definitely set - she got so many more great things, like this high chair.

Her Virginia Tech pacifier and clip - I love the little things - always have.

And her B.O.B. Jogging Stroller from my family - Scott and I are in awe over how cool this thing is! The infant car seat snaps right in and you can literally fold it with one hand. Mom & Joe, Dad & Becky - thank you so much. We love you! ~Kris & Scott

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Morghan and Baby Brother Braden: A Sneak Peek 04.07.08

Yesterday, Scott and I photographed the cutest family- Morghan who is 4 & Braden who is 6 months, and their parents, Kelly & Aaron - at the Ned Smith Center in Millersburg. I usually do lifestyle shoots on my own, but at 8 months pregnant and shooting in the woods, it was so nice to have Scott along with me. And of course he got some great shots.

Morghan was a little shy for the first 2 minutes, so I asked her to "warm up" by walking across the bridge. I love the teddy bear in her hand.

After that, she was a pro. Her little Ugg boots are way fancy - right Morghan?

Baby brother Braden wasn't sure what to think of the cameras. Nuk and all, I love this shot of him with his hood on and the natural light hitting those BIG blue eyes.

Kelly eventually had to take his shoes off because they were way more interesting than some silly pregnant lady attempting to sing and make funny faces.

Since Morghan was all about the camera, we did some fun portraits with Mom and Dad. These 2 are Scott's images - love them.

We had to work a little to find the right light, but this spot was just perfect.

One of the cutest moments of the day was when I asked Morghan if she was ready to "kiss Daddy" and she squealed with excitement and blurted out "YES!"

Then it was Braden's turn again. He loved being thrown in the air by his Mom and Dad.

He couldn't get enough!

After that, he was all smiles.

Of course we couldn't let Morghan miss out on the fun. I think I need to reupdate the families gallery on our main website just so I can include some of these images!

It makes me so happy to see that Morghan genuinely had a great time at her photo session. She was a fast one!

And the two siblings were just darling together. You could just feel how much they love each other.

Kelly and Aaron - thank you! Your kids are adorable and I could seriously post sneak peek pictures all night. I can't wait for you to see the rest. ~K

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Baby Shower #2 04.03.08

This past Saturday, my mother-in-law hosted another baby shower for Baby Elsa at her home in Northwestern PA.

From the adorable invitations, to the little "Elsa" flower pots, to the pink and green sandwiches, Mom B. definitely went all out. She said it's because she has waited 6 years to become a grandma!

Scott and I are very lucky to have such a great mom and friend, and I know she will be a wonderful grandma too.

Here I am with 2 more women I sister-in-law Shawna and my stepmom-in-law Yvette. I definitely made out in the family department when I married Scott. :-)

And here I am with the grandmas, great grandma, great aunts, great-great aunts, cousins, and friends. Being that we live almost 4 hours apart, I don't get to see these women very often, so it was extra special to me that they could all be there.

There were some really cute games, and the awesome prizes made everyone pretty competitive.

Opening all the gifts was so fun. Amy - thank you so much for taking these pictures, and thanks especially for driving up from Pittsburgh.

Scott and I somehow managed to fit all of this in our car for the ride home. I promise to blog a picture of Elsa's closet soon (and of course the nursery). She has more clothes than me! ;-) Thanks again everyone! I will remember this day forever.

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