Holy Spirit's Annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner 04.28.11

On Thursday April 14th, for the THIRD year in a row, I photographed Holy Spirit Hospital's annual volunteer recognition evening. Even though I moved to Virginia almost two years ago, I still make the trip back to Pennsylvania for this event, and while there I also photograph a bunch of adorable families and visit with friends. I love my job! The purpose of the volunteer recognition evening is just that -- to thank and to recognize each of the volunteers who selflessly provide thousands of hours of service to Holy Spirit. As always, I was honored to be there to capture the moments of the night.

The event was held at the West Shore Country Club in Camp Hill and it was a beautiful spring day.

When I arrived, Kristi and Darlene had just finished setting up the room, with favors and programs for each attendee.

Go time - 4:59 pm. ;-) How I adore this girl!

The night began with hospital staff and volunteers mingling over hors d'oeuvres and drinks.

And as usual, I just floated around the ballroom hoping to capture great candid shots like this.

The food is always incredible!

Especially the desserts.

The bite size portions for sampling are genius!

These ladies caught me sneaking a shot...

But not before I got this! Love it!

Actually, so many of the staff and volunteers remembered me and said hello, and I think they were less "camera shy" because of that.

Still though, I love when I can be across the room and capture a sweet moment like this...

Or this. Sister Romaine Niemeyer is the President and CEO of Holy Spirit, and you can tell she loves what she does.

Time for Bill Shartle to start the presentation of awards.

There was lots of applause...

And as each volunteer came forward, their friends cheered them on.

I stood behind Kristi and Darlene so that I could get the volunteers' faces.

And their smiles. It doesn't get any better.

I still can't get over the fact that one person has volunteered 28,500 hours of his time. Wow!

Definitely deserving of a standing ovation.

Robert Owen has been volunteering at Holy Spirit since 1983. Amazing.

I think that says so much about not only his character, but also that of Holy Spirit. I left there thinking to myself, "Wow, what a great place. What great people."

And literally, a few minutes later, this is what I saw out my car window. I was at a red light, so I grabbed my camera and quickly took a shot of this billboard because I knew it would be the perfect way to end the blog. Holy Spirit IS simply the best, and I'm so thankful that Kristi, Darlene, Bill and all the others asked me to be there for this special night once again. With love and appreciation ~Kristine

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From 7 Pounds to 7 Months 04.25.11

Last time I photographed Emma, she was a tiny 7 pound newborn. Now she is a beautiful, giggly, expressive 7-month old. How 7 pounds goes to 7 months in the blink of an eye is beyond me. Actually, when I think about how long I have been "working" with Emma's parents -- since their engagement session and then wedding in 2007 -- I literally have to pause and go hug my own little ones because time really does fly. Every day I'm thankful that I can "freeze time" with my camera, and I'm so glad I could do that once again for Jill and Todd, and their gorgeous baby girl Emma.

Last September, Emma was a 7-pound newborn...

And today, she is a gorgeous, bright-eyed, 7-month old baby. I love photographing babies at this age -- and not just what they "look like". I mean, sure, you definitely want to have images to remember those amazing eyes and that sweet smile....

But even more than that, Jill and Todd are going to want to remember how when they hold her close, all she wants to do is give kisses....

And this is how she gives them! Precious!

I think that is why more and more people are choosing to do lifestyle photography sessions now. Moments like this are so fleeting.

Years from now, Jill and Todd will look back at these pictures of Emma chewing on her toes and they will smile.

They'll still be able to hear that perfect little giggle.

And they'll remember her wiggly little crawl and just how determined she was and no doubt still will be.

"Mommy and Daddy, look at me go!"

Emma loves her toys, especially her bouncer...

But her favorite thing of all is her new Pottery Barn Kids chair. Put her in it and she smiles away...

Or, laughs hysterically while doing yoga poses. Love it! I could look at this all day!

I hope these images will remind Jill and Todd that today is their favorite day...

But that tomorrow will be even better. Thanks guys for welcoming me into your beautiful home once again to photograph your beautiful baby and family! It was so great to see you all! Hugs! ~Kris

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Happy Easter 04.24.11

Happy Easter from our family to yours! We are so blessed!

Blogs from my recent Pennsylvania trip starting tomorrow (Monday) so check back soon.

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Rachel and Peter's Wedding 04.21.11

On Saturday, April 2nd, I photographed my first wedding of the year in Charlotte, NC for a friend and sorority sister from college. What an amazing way to kick off wedding season! I only had this one wedding in April, but I have 3 in May and a ton more after that. So, if you love seeing weddings on the blog, there will be lots more coming!

Rachel and Peter's day was -- to use a term coined by one of the bridesmaids -- "Radunculus". AKA beautiful, incredible, amazing, all of the above. Love it! Rachel had the most gorgeous Ranunculus flowers in her bouquet, so that is where the term came from, but her bouquet was really just the start of all the beauty I was surrounded by that day. Here is their story, as told through my lens. Enjoy!

I started the day at the Ritz Carlton, where Rachel and all the girls were getting their hair and makeup done.

Love. Rachel is so stunning.

And so was her dress. I loved the view from the 15th floor.

I think I took about 20 pictures of her shoes...

And then her dress, and then her shoes again. I love photographing details...

And I really love when I can catch a great moment like this. Rachel's mom was really holding back the tears when she put on her veil.

When we got outside, we had some awesome breezes that made for some fun pics!

Perfection. I have no other word.

Rachel's bridesmaids were also gorgeous, and funny. I told them I wanted some attitude and this is what I got. Love my friend Amanda. So fun!

So pretty girls!

I literally wanted to photograph Rachel for like an hour...

But I still had to get some shots of the guys too...

Peter was looking so handsome - love the bow tie!

And his groomsmen kept coming up with more photo ideas. What a cool group of guys!

Time to get married! The church was so beautiful.

I was lucky to be right next to Rachel and her Dad as he prepared to walk his only daughter down the aisle...

Through the glass doors at the rear of the sanctuary. Love this!

I was only allowed to shoot from the balcony...

But I was able to throw on a telephoto lens to get some close ups.

Pure joy! They did it!

I love a wedding party that can jump like this!

Heading to the reception.

The limo driver said we had to RUN, so they did!

It was a fun ride over to Roof with a View.

I only got about 5 minutes with Rachel and Peter, but they totally rocked their 5-minute shoot! We got some shots that were traditional...

Some that were more modern and sweet...

And a few more of the beautiful bride. Rachel, really, I am floored by your beauty!

We also got some shots that were funny...

And some that were romantic. The wind did this -- love it!

Inside, every detail was perfect.

And Rachel and Peter were ready to party!

The first dance. There was lots of laughter...

And some tears too. Rachel's Dad gave an amazing toast.

When the sun went down, we got a few more portraits outside. Roof with a View really does have the most amazing view of the Charlotte skyline and Panthers stadium.

Inside everyone was tearing up the dance floor.

Then there were some more great toasts...

But I think the highlight of the night was when sweet little Rachel rapped "The Humpty Dance." She is radunculusly good at it!

Rachel and Peter closed down the dance floor...

And they were sent away in a sea of bubbles.

Rachel and Peter, I am so honored that you asked me to document your wedding day, and I hope you love these as much as I do. Here is a slideshow with a ton more images, set to your first dance song. Congratulations and much love! ~Kris PS - Have your tissues ready! ;-)

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For Their Mommy's Birthday 04.18.11

Last weekend I got to photograph the most adorable family at Jefferson Vineyard's here in C'ville -- parents Chris and Laura, and their 3 super cute boys Christopher, Hayden, and Ford. Last time they had family photos taken, Ford was just a newborn and now he is about to turn 4. The years just fly by when you have kids, and knowing this, Laura decided she wanted updated family photos for her birthday present. The boys knew that this photo shoot was "For Their Mommy's Birthday" and wow, they literally gave her the BEST present ever. Here are a few favorites as I'm editing the whole session. Happy reading!

Christopher, the oldest of the 3 brothers, just turned nine. He is so handsome and so polite. He was definitely my helper that day.

Hayden, the middle brother, is six. He has the most beautiful hair and eyes, and that toothless smile is just PRECIOUS!

And oh yeah, just look at those lashes.
Charlottesville Photographer

Ford is their baby. He is about to turn 4 and wow is he adorable.
Charlottesville Photographer

These boys love their Mommy -- it was so awesome to capture that with my camera.
Charlottesville Photographer

In keeping with my normal style, we started with some natural portraits first...
Charlottesville Family Photographer

Anything I show in half-sepia or black & white is also given in color, but I like showing both.
Charlottesville Family Photographer

We got some great portraits with Mom...
Charlottesville Lifestyle Photographer

And with Dad...
Charlottesville Lifestyle Photographer

And then we got some great moments, like this...

And this. I had to include my favorite shot taken by my intern Jocelyn because I am so proud of her. Since working together over the past few months, she is now shooting Manual and learning more about editing. Go Jocelyn!

These brothers may pick on each other like all brothers do...

But I think these next 2 pictures tell the real story.

They really are best friends, and someday when they're all grown up and it's no longer cool to hold your brother's hand, they will love having these.

For their Mommy's birthday, the boys picked her bouquets of dandelions.

And literally, they just gave me shot after shot after shot. Even Ford, the one who Laura "worried" wouldn't cooperate for the camera. I remember her saying she'd be happy with just one great shot of him, so I'm blogging another one to show her just how cooperative he was. He was an absolute angel!

They all were! Love this!

I think Laura is going to be thrilled with her birthday present. Happy birthday beautiful!

Laura and Chris, thanks for asking me to photograph your beautiful family! I had a blast and I think the boys did too. Hugs, Kris

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Layne and Brad's Engagement 04.11.11

People often ask me, "Which do you like photographing more? Kids or weddings??" And the truth is, I can never give an answer. I love it all. Really, I have said so many times that I love being around people, and I'm lucky that I get to work with people on the happiest of occasions -- births, engagements, weddings, anniversaries. My job is so rewarding.

Layne was referred to me by her sister-in-law Rachel, and when she told me she wanted an engagement session that would also include her and Brad's two children, I was thrilled. It was like chocolate ice cream, with two scoops instead of one. What a privilege to document not only Layne and Brad as a couple, but also them as parents with their 2 beautiful children. Not to sound all Whitney Houston, but in my opinion as a Mom myself, that really is the greatest love of all. ;-) Enjoy!

Oh, PS- Layne and Brad are tying the knot on May 7th so stay tuned for their wedding blog soon!

Meet Layne. She is going to be a beautiful bride.

And she is already a beautiful Mom.

She and husband-to-be Brad are amazing and involved parents, and that is exactly why they wanted to include their children in their engagement photos.

Their love for each other is so strong.

But it doesn't even compare to their love as a family.

These are the first professional photos they have of their kids. What an honor for me. I had a hard time choosing what to blog, as usual, but here are a few faves. Emily who is 19 months started out with the serious faces...

And her younger brother Andy who is 7 months followed her lead.

With a little trickery though, we got great smiles!

Precious boy!

After we had some great shots of the kids, we focused on Mom and Dad for a little bit. Thanks to Layne's sister and her fiance for babysitting!

The park we were shooting at had the best scenery...and even though Layne and Brad were kinda dressed up we did some sitting shots...

And even some laying on the ground shots. I heart my clients. I really do. Layne and Brad, you rock for doing anything, including getting grass stains (hehe!) for good pics.

We all loved this rope bridge.

And to me, an engagement shoot isn't complete without a shot of the bling. Well done Brad.

One of my favorites of the day. So fun, and I especially love their shadows on the ground.

Layne and Brad, thanks so much for asking me to do these for you and can't wait for you to see the rest. You guys are awesome and I know from Rachel and Peter's wedding that you will be tearing up the dance floor at your own wedding next month. Can't wait!! Lots of love! ~Kris

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Love my Pennsylvania Clients 04.05.11

Before I get to blogging some other fun sessions (engagement, family, wedding), I wanted to give a shout out to my Pennsylvania clients. I love them. They are the reason my business is what it is today. They helped me get started, and even though I moved to Virginia almost 2 years ago, I still make sure I get back to PA about twice a year to photograph some of my favorite children and families. I will be going there in just over a week for 3 solid days of sessions, and I am so excited. Every single family I'm photographing I have photographed before, and I'm so honored to be asked to come back over and over.

I don't ever "advertise" (meaning blog about) for these trips, so all I'm going to say is that my April trip is beyond full, but if you're interested, I'll be there again on some weekdays early this fall.

My April trip got planned because I am going to be photographing Holy Spirit Hospital's Annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner for the 3rd year in a row. Can't wait!

Then I get to photograph some kids and families I have photographed countless times. Like beautiful little Abby. I have done her photos every year since she was ONE, and now she is almost SIX. This was last year at age five.

Same with sweet little Evie. I have been photographing her since she was 6 months old. We've done 4 or 5 sessions together and it is always a blast. I can't believe she is almost 3 1/2 now. A kid who takes "Creative Movement Dance" -- oh how cute -- you know I'm going to get her to show me some moves!

While there, I'm going to photograph some young babies, like gorgeous little Emma. This was the last time I photographed her when she was a newborn, and now she is 7 months, one of my favorite ages for photos. Even though it's only the 2nd time I've photographed her, I have worked with her parents Jill and Todd for years since their engagement session and wedding. I can't wait to see them!

Speaking of weddings, Avery and Justin (one of my 2008 weddings) now have an almost one-year old beautiful baby boy named Porter, and I am so excited to do their first session as a family. I've seen photos of Porter on Facebook and let me just say that he is as beautiful as his parents.

Kelly and Mike also have an almost one-year old boy named Antonio. Kelly emailed me and said this: "I have been all over Lancaster, York, and Harrisburg and can not find anyone who takes pictures like you and Scott." (My talented hubby Scott did their wedding with me). Wow, what an incredible compliment. I was blown away.

While in PA, I'm also going to photograph some families who have new additions. Last time I photographed Gerrisa and her husband Rob, they had 2 precious daughters. Now they have a beautiful baby boy and I can't wait to photograph their party of five.

Same with Denise and Bernie. Last time I photographed their family, Jillian was going to be a big sister. Now, they have adorable little Gabriel. Very excited to meet him!

And last but not least, I get to see Sara and Kate for the umpteenth time. I really do have the best job. Happy spring everyone! Stay tuned for a very busy blog, starting with an engagement and family session coming later this week. XO ~Kris

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