Shawna: Just Because 05.17.08

Yesterday I said to Scott, "So, what do you think I should blog about next?" And his immediate response was, "Elsa!" Of course I can't wait until the day comes when I can blog pictures of our newborn baby girl, but since Elsa apparently likes it inside of her Mommy, I knew I was going to have to come up with something else in the meantime. Being just days away from my due date, I haven't been shooting for a few weeks, so that has made blogging a little more challenging.

Then last night, I got an email from my sister-in-law, Shawna (she is married to Scott's brother, Ben), saying that she needed a headshot for her new job. She is a physical therapist and is getting ready to start working for a new company. I was excited to get behind the lens again, but until we started shooting this morning, I didn't realize how much I missed it. What started as "I need a headshot" morphed into..."Well, let's just get some good pictures of you, just because!" And as I showed her a few on the back of the camera, she said, "Oooh, I'm going to frame that one for Ben's office."

Shawna, thank you for letting me play for a few minutes this morning. I'm so happy I could give you (and Ben) these pictures, especially after everything you do for us. Thank you for slaving over your guest room today so that all the grandparents will have a place to stay when Elsa decides to make her debut! I hope you like the little sneak peek, and here's to hoping that my next blog really WILL be pictures of our little miracle. ~Love, K

This is one of the "headshots".

And once we got those out of the way, we just had fun. Shawna is a natural in front of the camera.

I think this is my favorite. Her eyes are gorgeous!

I'm sure Ben is saying, "Wow my wife is beautiful!"

One more...I love this image in sepia - reminds me of a perfume ad or something.

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Celebrating Moms: Happy Mother's Day! 05.09.08

I love photographing moms with their children, especially now since I'm about to become a mom myself. As I looked through some of our "mom" photos yesterday, these were some that jumped out at me. I love story telling, emotional photography, and when I looked at these images we had taken over the past year or so, I could immediately feel the love between these mothers and their children.

Whether it's a mom holding her "baby" on his wedding day...

Or just after he is born, I am so privileged to capture some of life's most important moments.

Sometimes it's a mom wanting pictures because her little girl is about to leave home and head off to college...

Or a mom hoping the time until that day comes goes by as slowly as possible.

Maybe it's a candid moment between a mother and her son...

Glowing as she watches her child play and discover the world.

Whether it's a highly emotional image between a mother and her daughter...

Showing the magical kind of love a mother has for her child...

Or a classic mother-daughter portrait, I am so honored to document these fleeting moments. To our amazing clients, thank you and Happy Mother's Day!

To our own moms, words could never express our gratefulness for the unconditional love you give to us every day. You make it seem effortless. I wish we could be together this weekend, but I have a feeling we'll be seeing each other very soon! :-)

Mom, I love this picture Scott took of us...we both love you so much!

And I love these pictures I took of Scott and his Mom at his brother's wedding in September. Mom B - we love you and hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day.

I had to end with this picture, which Scott took about 1 year ago when we went to visit our friends Bill and Sylvia in the hospital, just after Sylvia gave birth to their son. I love this moment, and I am overwhelmed with excitement knowing that any day now, these roles will be reversed. She'll be coming to the hospital to visit us and baby Elsa! Sylvia, thank you for being one of my best clients and friends. xoxo

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Albums 05.04.08

There is something about a wedding album. Even though ours is a little "old fashioned" - matted images, circular crops, etc. - it is so special to us and we look at it often. It is a Pringle family heirloom. So when Scott and I started Pringle Photography, we decided we wanted to include an album with our all-inclusive package.

After your wedding is over, the photographs and the album (and maybe the dress in a box) are usually the only tangible memories of your most important day. That said, we knew we couldn't offer just any album - it had to be awesome! :-) What makes them so cool? Have a look.

Our albums are genuine leather coffee table style albums featuring a virtually seamless center that lets us design creative cross-page layouts and two-page panoramic spreads.

All images are flush-mounted to hardback pages, giving the album a clean and modern, yet classic look. I am a huge fan of clean lines - no clutter.

Our albums are super chic, yet designed to stand the test of time. When you look through on your 25th wedding anniversary, it should not look dated.

We accomplish this using BIG flush-mounted images...

Simple keyline borders...

And beautiful “less is more” graphic design.

And just like a magazine spread, each page should tell a story.

I love designing albums- it is something I'm really looking forward to when our wedding season starts at the end of June.

To see more, take a look at our main website. We finally have an "Albums" page that contains album images like those shown above and a slideshow of one design in its entirety. We're trying to get a lot done in the way of site updates before Baby Elsa arrives, so stayed tuned for more. ~K
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