Our Daughter Elsa is 2 Months Old! 07.28.08

Everyone told my Mommy and Daddy that the time would fly, and they were right. Tomorrow I will be 2 months old already! My Mommy said that a lot of people had been emailing her and asking to see recent pictures of me, so she decided to post a blog so the whole world could see how cute I am! :-)

This is me, just a few days ago. I used to have to wear these mittens so that I wouldn't scratch my face, but as soon as my Mommy took them off, I found my thumb.

Look, I have it again. It helps me sleep longer at night. Sometimes I even go for 4-5 hour stretches now. My Mommy - she loves to carry me around. I'm still just a little peanut at 10 pounds.

Here I am with my Mommy's Mom, my Grammie, when I was just 2 weeks old. She lives in Virginia but comes to visit me often which I love.

And here I am with my Daddy and his Mom, my Grandma. This picture was 3 weeks ago, but I got to see her again this past weekend. My grandparents can't get enough of me! And I have my Daddy so wrapped around my finger.

This was my very first "playdate" when I was 4 weeks old. I slept through it.

When I was about 5 weeks old, I learned to smile. I do it lots now because it melts my Mommy and Daddy's hearts.

I love all my toys, especially my Baby Einstein gym.

Well, my Daddy promised my Mommy they would get some family pictures when I am 3 months old. We'll do a "real photo shoot" they said. So I'll see you then! Love, Elsa

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We're Members of the WPJA - Woohoo!!! 07.23.08

If you’ve visited our main website lately, you’ve probably noticed the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) banner. Yep – it’s official. We’re kind of a big deal. ;-) Pringle Photography was recently granted membership into the WPJA, a highly competitive professional organization composed of wedding photojournalists from around the world. According to the WPJA website, selected members represent the most discriminating technical, creative, and visual talent worldwide, and very few applicants are accepted. So needless to say, we were just thrilled with the news of our acceptance. Thanks to our wedding clients for providing us with fabulous real moments to capture. We couldn’t have done it without you!

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Baby Evie: 6 Months 07.20.08

Last week I had a chance to photograph 6-month old baby Evie and her parents, Kristi and Mark. I had done photos for Kristi's sister and her family several months ago, so ever since I had been looking forward to meeting her and her husband, and of course their beautiful baby girl. I just adored them, and the shoot couldn't have gone better.

Kristi and Mark - thank you so much for welcoming me into your home and for the opportunity to preserve these precious memories for you. I hope you love the images as much as I do. ~Kristine

The beautiful Evie and her very proud parents

Evie's blue eyes are stunning. I was able to make use of the great natural light in Kristi and Mark's home in order to really make them POP!

A little playtime...

And an unexpected shot with Mom while changing outfits. I love it.

Evie in her crib. She looks like a doll.

Love the smile.

This is one of my favorites, although I have way too many!

Evie was happy to get a little "naked time".

And then we were ready to venture outdoors for some pictures.

Their dog Jake stole a kiss.

Evie just loves her puppies! It was so cute.

I love this moment between Kristi and Evie.

Mark - hope you like the backlighting! And of course Evie's smile is priceless.

What a beautiful family. Looking forward to seeing you all for another shoot in a few months.

To see more images from their lifestyle photography session, click
HERE for a slideshow...and make sure your volume is turned up.
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Stephanie & Tim's Engagement 07.17.08

On Saturday night, Scott and I did an engagement session with Stephanie and Tim....at HERSHEY PARK! It was the best time. It truly felt like a double date - we were just the paparazzi friends with the fancy cameras.

Steph and Tim, we had an absolute blast with you guys and we're super excited for your wedding on October 18th at The Civic Club in Harrisburg. Hope you enjoy the sneak peek! We'll talk to you soon. Big hugs ~ Kristine & Scott

So as most brides do, Steph was asking what to wear, and I told her "bright" colors. Well, their shirts couldn't have been more perfect for the amusement park setting. I actually had a really hard time converting images to black and white, because I didn't want to hide the awesome color. Anyway, I'm digressing. Here is a little of what Steph and Tim did on Saturday night.

They rode a few rides...like the Merry Go Round.

The Starship. This ride was FAST, and Scott got this great shot by panning to show the motion in the background.

And The Whip.

They ate some cotton candy.

And then posed for a few "don't look posed" portraits.

Tim carried Steph around...I absolutely LOVE this picture. See what I mean about the colors!

And they played some games. They even won a little stuffed dog for our daughter, Elsa.

They goofed around with each other...

And they were very patient with us while we perfected this shot using a very slow shutter speed to get the ferris wheel to look like a circle of light.

Then they danced - Tim said they were practicing for their wedding.

You two are adorable - thanks again for the great shoot!

To see more images from Steph & Tim's engagement shoot, click
HERE for a slideshow...and don't forget to turn up your volume!
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Baby Lauren is 2!!! 07.13.08

Baby Lauren was my first official lifestyle client ever. I first took her pictures when she was just 4 weeks old, back in 2006. The fact that my clients come back to me year after year is so flattering, especially because some of them have been coming to me since, well, before I really knew what I was doing! But everyone has to start somewhere, and I guess my clients have always seen the heart behind my images. To Lauren's parents, Cari and Brock, thank you! Thank you for letting me document your baby girl as she grows and for letting me grow as a photographer too. I hope you like the little preview of images. Much love! ~ Kristine

Here is newborn Lauren in Daddy's hands...just 4 weeks old.

And here she is today. She just turned 2!

Bubbles are her favorite thing right now. It was hard to pick just one bubble shot for the blog.

Hello BLUE eyes!!! Lauren's eyes are gorgeous, and I was so glad to get her in this spot which had the best natural light to show them off!

This image is the epitome of cuteness - the crossed arms, the mini skirt, the crocs. She is just too much!

As most two year olds are, baby Lauren was very busy! Cari was worried that every picture would be of her looking away or down at the ground...but I told her not to worry. I have learned to be very quick on the shutter to get that eye contact.

Playing on the playground. Lauren was really brave going on all the big slides.

A cute shot inside the playground tunnels.

And last but not least, a shot in the water. I love this moment.

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Baby Kaydins: 6 Months 07.10.08

On July the 4th, I went to baby Kaydins' home for her 6-month photography session - the second shoot of her "Baby's First Year" package. During her 3-month session, she was very aware of the camera, but we had to work really really hard for smiles. Boy did that change this time around! I think I got one or two serious faces the whole shoot. Kaydins was all smiles - perhaps she wanted to show off her 2 new teeth!

To Sherry, thanks again for the opportunity to photograph your little angel as she grows. She is a beautiful, happy little girl, and I can't wait to see her in another 3 months. Hope you like the sneak peek. Lots of love ~ Kris

She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini...

And then she wore this adorable outfit. Sherry had 4 outfits for Kaydins, which I was a little worried about at first...(because as a new parent, I have learned how hard it can be to change clothes on a little one)...but Kaydins didn't mind at all. She just laughed and smiled constantly!

This is one of very few serious looks I got. And I just love it. I want to pinch those cheeks!

I'm not one for using "props", but it was the Fourth of July...so when Sherry said she had a flag, I was all about using it.

Especially because Kaydins had a special Fourth of July dress. Too cute.

I think this is the biggest smile I got - I love that you can see her 2 new bottom teeth that just came in.

And l saved a favorite for last. If I had to pick just one, this might be it. I love her little white dress, the beautiful background, and the smile on her face as she pulled the flower off the stem.

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Tiffany & Ty's Wedding 07.07.08

On Saturday, June 28th, we photographed Tiffany and Ty's wedding at http://www.theboathouseatsundaypark.com/the_gardens_catering/index.php in Midlothian, Virginia. I grew up in Midlothian, and Scott and I actually had our rehearsal dinner at "Sunday's" six years ago, so it was truly a special place for us to shoot a wedding. The fact that it is insanely gorgeous was an added bonus!

Tiffany and Ty, we're honored that you chose us to document your wedding day. The two of you, and your families and friends, were a blast and I think the pictures show how much fun everyone had at your wedding. We hope you had a fabulous time in the Dominican, and we hope you like the little preview of a few of our faves. Talk soon! ~ Kris & Scott

I started the day at the hair salon with the girls.

And then I shot some details. Tiffany's veil was beautiful and perfect with her dress.

There is something about red roses against a white gown.

Tiffany was gorgeous. Straight out of a magazine.

And her 5-year old little brother Josh was the cutest thing ever!

Can't forget the groom. Looking good Ty!

Scott got this great shot of Tiffany and her dad walking down the aisle. While I love the ones I got from the front of the aisle, I love this one more because it shows the beautiful waterfront scenery and guests.

A cute ceremony giggle.

And the first kiss. Actually there were several!

It was a HOT day, so the staff brought everyone cold beer to enjoy while taking portraits. I was impressed.

We loved Tiffany and Ty's wedding party. Such a fun group.

With a train like that, I had to blog a full length portrait.

Having a little fun with the rings.

The grand entrance into the pavilion.

And the first dance.

The wedding party cheering them on - what great friends. I love this picture!

Tiffany and her dad seemed very close, and their dance brought me to tears.

The mother-son dance was adorable. Ty even learned salsa dancing just for his mom!

Little brother Josh couldn't wait to cut in - he shared a special dance with big sis and stole the show!

Not to be outdone by Josh, Tiffany's younger sister Ashley gave an awesome toast. It was a tearjerker, with some hilarious moments as seen here.

Then there was a little cake smashing.

And then more dancing, following by a big exit where guests threw birdseed at the honeymoon-bound couple. T & T - congrats and thanks again!

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Tiffany & Ty's Engagement 07.03.08

On Friday night, we did an engagement shoot for Tiffany and Ty in my hometown of Richmond, Virginia. Since they live in Florida and have been planning a long distance wedding, they decided to do their engagement pictures the night before their big day - what troopers! Their rehearsal dinner was Thursday night, and they really wanted to get some good casual pictures together, so the timing worked out well. Scott and I had met Ty at my younger brother's college graduation many years ago, but despite emailing back and forth for almost a year, I had never met Tiffany. Upon meeting her, I was even more excited about their upcoming wedding- she was beautiful and sweet, and very excited about pictures. :-) How do we get so lucky over and over again?!? I heart our brides!

Tiffany and Ty, I know you won't have Internet access until you return from the Dominican next week, but I wanted to post your engagement pictures first - that way when you return, you will have both your engagement and wedding blogs to see!

I hope you enjoy the sneak peek - you two are adorable together!

And so natural in front of the cameras.

I love when our couples can "play" for the camera. This series on the playground is my favorite.

Love the "Real Laughter" shot.

And the color of these canoes is super fun.

This is another favorite. The evening light was perfect!

BLING! Good job Ty!

So romantic...stay tuned for their wedding blog preview!

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