Over the River & Through the Woods... 07.31.09

To Grandma's House We Go!

I recently met up with 3-year old Grant at his Grandparent's home to do a shoot of him and his super nice parents, Kirsten and Greg. What an amazing spot for photos -- we had acres of woods with Clark's Creek running through them as our backdrop. Grant is such an adorable, sweet, and happy little boy, and I think his personality really shines through in these pictures. I love my "job"! Happy Weekend!

Grant has the most beautiful blue eyes, and his smile is contagious!

Does this look like a happy kid or what?!!!

This is one of just a few serious faces I got in almost 2 hours. Love it, and those eyes, wow wow wow! Kirsten said they get so many compliments on them, and I can definitely see why.

Grant loves playing with his matchbox cars and trucks...

And he LOVES his Mommy!

Despite his busy 3-year old schedule (ya know, matchbox cars, throwing rocks in the creek, etc.), he even made some time to walk in the woods with her.

Sigh. My heart is melting.

It was a very happy day when Daddy got home from work.

I love this family shot!

And this one too. There are those eyes again! Kirsten and Greg, thank you for the honor of taking your first professional family photos since Grant was just a baby. I had so much fun, and I drove home feeling amazingly lucky to do what I love while working with such awesome people! Grant is an absolute doll, and I hope you like these as much as I do. Hugs! ~Kristine

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Megan and Brent's Engagement 07.29.09

I have been doing a lot of engagement sessions on college campuses lately, and this time it was for Megan and Brent at Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove, just blocks from my doorstep. SU is one of my favorite places to shoot at, and it's somewhere I will really miss when we move to Virginia next week.

Megan said she started following my blog after I took pictures of her adorable niece and nephew, so of course I was super excited when she asked me to do her engagement pictures. Megan and Brent met while attending SU, and Brent now works there, so it was the perfect spot for their shoot. I know that they've been waiting patiently to see this little sneak peek, and I have been so anxious to share. Enjoy!

I was loving the colors they chose for their first outfit. They were very Tiffany's-esque.

I think every girl should have a little black dress, and Megan definitely wears it well! Beautiful!!!

Since SU is so special to them, Megan and Brent wanted to make sure we incorporated the buildings into their photos. I heart this one.

And we couldn't leave out the pillars by the entrance.

Do I get to photograph some gorgeous couples or what!!! Hands down a future main website photo. They look like models!

Next it was time for shorts and t-shirts, so we could do some different things with the pictures....like laying in the grass...

And this! It's something I had never asked a couple to do before, and I'm so glad we tried it. So so so fun!!!

We had great backlight by the railroad tracks...

And AWESOME natural light in front of Seibert Hall.

I was loving the columns there. So sweet!

At the very end of the shoot, Megan and Brent put on their SU sweatshirts in 90 degree weather, and we did just a few shots in the stadium. What troopers! Megan and Brent, I had such a great time getting to know you both. It was such a fun shoot, and I hope you like these pictures as much as I do! Hugs! ~Kris

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Playground Fun with Nate 07.28.09

I recently photographed the cutest family from Connecticut -- parents Leslie and Matt, and their adorable 13-month old son, Nate. Leslie is the sister of our good friends and clients Aaron & Megan, and I had been so excited to do pictures for her ever since she booked a shoot with me last winter. She knew she was going to be in town for a family reunion earlier this month, so we met up the following Monday morning before their road trip back home and had some fun at the local playground. I think little Nate had a blast, as did I!

What a cutie patootie! Nate has the most beautiful green eyes.

I love this candid with Mommy. You can tell that Leslie is so in love with her little man, and how perfect that Nate looked over at the camera.

And this one with Daddy and the ball is a favorite of mine too. The light, the colors, the moment -- makes me happy!

I had some fun with the shadows...

And Nate had some fun on the swing!

And in the sandbox...

And with the big pine trees. I think this is my favorite smiling shot. Those eyes with the green pine needles - wow!

This is one of my favorite serious-faces. Nate loved crawling into all kinds of little hiding spaces, but I knew if I was quick I would catch him peeking at my camera. Just gorgeous!

And here is another fave! Love his backlit hair against the dark background -- which is actually a dark green tunnel slide that he's inside of.

I have to end with a family shot that I know Leslie and Matt will love. They were so excited that we got a family picture on the train, since Nate and one of his Grandpa's both love trains.

It's really great cropped this way too, and in black and white. Leslie and Matt, thank you so much for hiring me all the way from Connecticut! You have a beautiful family, and I am thrilled that I was able to document these memories for you! Hugs! ~Kris

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It's a GIRL! 07.27.09

This morning we had our 20-week ultrasound, and we found out the very exciting news that we are expecting another girl. How wonderful it will be for Elsa to have a sister so close in age. We are so unbelievably blessed, and we couldn't be happier.

The ultrasound was amazing. We found out that she weighs 13 ounces, and her heartbeat was 155 beats per minute. We saw her brain, heart, stomach, arms, legs, hands, and feet....and as soon as the ultrasound tech switched it to 4D, I started to cry. We could see her beautiful little face so clearly, and we immediately said, "Wow, she looks just like Elsa."

We have no name ideas yet, so for now I guess I have to introduce her as our precious little "Peanut". We love her so much, and we can't wait to meet her in December.

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Jamie and Anthony's Engagement 07.24.09

My second engagement shoot of my double header PSU-weekend was for Jamie and Anthony. Jamie lives and works in Harrisburg, and Anthony is in his final year at Penn State, so they currently spend a lot of time on Route 322. They are planning their wedding for next June, and even though I am already booked on their wedding date, I am so flattered that they contacted me to do their engagement pictures before our move to Virginia. I will miss them, but hopefully I can do family pictures for them someday in the future!

Aren't they SOOOO cute together! Jamie and Anthony were really really natural in front of the camera, and they were super laid back. We just walked around campus and stopped in a bunch of places with good light.

In fact, the library had really good window light, so we had some fun in there for a few minutes.

Anthony MUST have some good pick-up lines! ;-)

Then went spent some time in the Alumni Gardens. LOVE it! I kept telling them they picked awesome shirt colors, which I think they'll realize even more after seeing this picture.

They did a little playing on the lawn in front of Old Main...

Then a little kissing by the green zodiac globe sculpture.

And once Anthony broke out the Penn State football jerseys...

The fun really began! I mentioned that Anthony should throw Jamie over his shoulder, and they totally ran with the idea resulting in a priceless series of images.

Another outfit change. Jamie, you are a knockout! And speaking of good light, wow. The sun was hitting a big white building behind my back, acting as an incredible natural reflector.

I mean, seriously, did these 2 practice beforehand or what?!?! I wasn't kidding when I said relaxed and natural. Holy hotness!

We got so many images, but I had to show a classic portrait since I do like to do those too!

And one for Old State. Jamie and Anthony, you guys are such rock stars! Thank you so much for asking me to do these special pictures for you guys -- I love how they turned out and can't wait for you to see the rest! Hugs! ~Kris

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Missy and Jake's Engagement 07.23.09

I recently did 2 back-to-back engagement sessions at Penn State, and I had such an awesome time doing both! Today I'm going to blog the first session, and tomorrow I'll be blogging the second one. This blogging every day thing is pretty fun! Next week I have 5 more blogs in store too, including the big reveal of whether we're having a boy or girl coming on Monday (I am counting down the minutes!), followed by more engagement and lifestyle sessions. :-)

Ok, onto the engagement shoot...

Missy and Jake met at Penn State, and they now live in New Jersey. Actually, they are getting ready to close on their new home, so they are living out of suitcases and surrounded by moving boxes, just like me! They are planning a beautiful wedding in Selinsgrove for next May, and I am so excited to travel back up here for it. But first, I'm super excited to share a sneak peek of their fun engagement pictures.

We started bright and early (as in 8 am early) at the lion.

Missy and Jake then hopped off the lion and we did some shooting by the nearby trees. I think this was the 2nd frame I snapped, after which I realized this shoot was going to be really easy!

I love a good close up. What an adorable couple!

Penn State is an incredibly gorgeous campus, and nothing says Penn State like this tree-lined sidewalk.

Well, other than Old Main. It was so good that we started early, because we had the entire lawn to ourselves...

And that meant lots of room to run around and play. Oh, I should mention that Missy and Jake are doing green and purple as their wedding colors, hence the shirts. Such great colors!

I love this one in the ginormous tree...

Though I think I like this one even more. This is the EXACT balcony where Missy and Jake met. It was after a Penn State football game, and they were at a party there held by mutual friends.

I love when we can incorporate something really special like this into a shoot.

We finished our shoot downtown in the crowds of Arts Fest. Such a fun image!

And of course we had to do a Corner Room shot. We had a lot of onlookers for these pictures...

But really, how could you not look at this gorgeous couple! This is a definite favorite. The colors of Arts Fest are amazing in the background. Missy and Jake - thanks so much for waking up so early for your shoot. I had a blast, and I'm happy to know that you did too! Can't wait for your wedding in May! Hugs! ~Kris

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Nicole and Kris's Wedding 07.22.09

On Saturday June 20th, Scott and I photographed an amazing destination wedding -- for Nicole and Kris in New York's beautiful Finger Lakes region. Both the ceremony and reception took place at Esperanza Mansion overlooking Keuka Lake, and everything was truly breathtaking.

As I mentioned in the previous blog post of their rehearsal dinner, Nicole and Kris just returned from a 3-week honeymoon in Australia, so I waited until they were home to do their blogs. I have been so excited to share these images, and I know that everyone (especially the newlyweds!) has been so excited to see them. So without further adieu, here is a little taste of what we captured on that awesome day last month...

I started my day with Nicole as she was getting ready in the bridal suite at the mansion. I was loving the mirrors they had in there. They allowed me to get some creative angles like this one...

And to shoot unobtrusively when it really mattered, like here.

Nicole was soooooooo stunning!

As were all the ladies! I LOVED the color of their dresses.

One of my favorite shots of the guys...just hanging out at the bar. It was another really well placed mirror on Esperanza's part. :-)

Onto the ceremony. Scott stood outside in the rain to get these shots...

And he let me stay dry inside the tent. Nicole and Kris recited their vows...

They exchanged rings...

And then everyone applauded as they were introduced for the first time as husband and wife.

After the ceremony, it was time for portraits. What do you do when it's raining and you want outdoor pictures? Find cover! Thanks to Scott and all the groomsmen for moving patio furniture so we could get this shot.

We took a quick drive to Keuka College, Nicole's alma mater, and they were such troopers for walking through the rain with no umbrella! 'Anything for good pictures' is just one reason why I love our couples.

Upon returning to the mansion, we did a few more portraits high above the lake.

Gorgeous! The couple, and the view!

Reception time. For the first dance, I used a wide-angle lens to get the entire room...

And Scott worked his magic with a telephoto lens. If you look at the previous image again, you will see that this one is the EXACT same moment. Gotta love when a bride and groom kiss on the dance floor!

Nicole and Kris had one of the most beautiful wedding cakes I'd ever seen. It was perfect for a wine country wedding, and the colors were amazing!

Another one to show off the cake, with the happy couple blurred in the background. Fun!

Then it was time to get down! Literally! I love a bride who can tear up the dance floor on her wedding day. Yep, Nicole pretty much rocks!

Everyone had such a great time, and it definitely shows in these pictures.

Couldn't leave out a sweet moment. I love this image of Nicole's parents with Nicole and Kris in the background.

And to include a funny moment, Kris made everyone laugh when he put on his "Night Blaster" to take off Nicole's garter.

Nicole and Kris, how do we begin to thank you for making us feel like old friends, and for sending us such a sweet thank you card before you even left for your honeymoon!?!?!! We had a fabulous time spending the weekend with you and your families and friends, and we wish you every happiness as you start your lives together as husband and wife. Congratulations again! With love and appreciation ~Kristine and Scott

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Nicole and Kris's Rehearsal Dinner Cruise 07.20.09

It has been 4 whole weeks since Scott and I photographed our first destination rehearsal dinner and wedding in the beautiful Finger Lakes, but I postponed blogging for good reason. Nicole and Kris honeymooned in Australia for almost a month (now that's a honeymoon!), and they emailed me to let me know they returned home on Friday. I wanted their blogs to be at the top of the page when they returned to the states, but I know everyone has been anxiously awaiting a sneak peek of the pictures. So at last -- here they are! I will be doing the rehearsal dinner blog today, and the wedding will follow in a day or two.

Nicole and Kris's rehearsal dinner took place on the Esperanza Rose, a fabulous dinner boat that cruises around Keuka Lake in Finger Lakes Wine Country. Love the reflection in this shot!

The ship set sail at 6:30 pm, so we had optimal outdoor light for photography combined with the incredible views of the water, vineyards, and mountains.

It was such a fun atmosphere. We loved capturing candids as everyone came on board and grabbed a cocktail. Here Kris laughs with some of his groomsmen...

And Nicole laughs with one of her bridesmaids. It's so priceless when we can catch a moment like this between a bride and one of her best friends.

Same moment, different photographer, different lens, different perspective. I love how Scott focused on Nicole here. Does this look like a happy woman about to get married or what!!! She has the most gorgeous smile!

After a lot of mingling, Kris's Dad gave a great welcome speech and toast.

And the images of the crowd's reaction are some of my favorites from the entire evening.

Now Nicole and Kris have great candid memories with not only their best friends, but also with each other.

Kris's Dad did a great job, and here Nicole's Dad jokes with him about having to keep working on his wedding speech for the following night.

Sweet. I had to squeeze this one in -- I just loved Nicole's grandma.

After dinner, we spent some time doing some portraits. This is Nicole's immediately family -- her parents Debbie and Ed, and her 2 beautiful sisters.

And this is Kris's immediate family. During portrait time with 2 photographers, I always get the straight on, more traditional looking at the camera shots, and Scott shoots from the side to get portraits like this. I call them "candid portraits", and I love how they turn out.

Of course I have to share just a few more of the bride and groom-to-be. While I was getting this shot of them at the front of the boat...

Scott captured some through the captain's window.

And we were all really excited when the captain said they could drive! Nicole and Kris, thank you for asking us to attend and photograph your rehearsal dinner. It was so much fun, and we are so happy that we could document this important part of your entire weekend. We hope you like these as much as we do, and we can't wait for you to see the wedding pics tomorrow or Wednesday! Hugs! ~Kristine and Scott

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Abby: An Afternoon at City Island 07.17.09

This is the 5th time I have photographed little Abby, who recently turned 4 years old. I worked with Abby's Mom Lyndell before I became a full-time photographer, and I first photographed her when she was just a year old. Wow, a lot has changed since then! So as I sit here at my desk staring at all of the moving boxes surrounding me, I can't help but reflect.

At her first session, I lugged my big black backdrop into their living room and tried to photograph a 1-year old indoors -- using flash. I did manage to get some photos that Lyndell loved, and a year later when Abby turned 2, she asked me to do photos for her again. Thankfully by this time, I had ditched the backdrop and was using primarily natural light, and I have to admit I was excited to see the improvement in my work from the year prior.

Fast forward 2 years and a couple more sessions, and we now my favorite Abby shoot of all time. I know that Lyndell has been checking the blog for almost 2 weeks waiting for these pictures, so I’m really excited to finally share these modern and natural portraits of her beautiful little Abby. Oh, I almost forgot, in preparation for our move to Virginia, blogged images have a brand new look! I'm still playing around with logos, so if anyone has any ideas, send them my way! Also hoping to have a major website update completed sometime this winter. Okay, onto the pics! Enjoy!

You might recognize Abby's sweet little face from previous blog posts, and my main website too. Isn't she just stunning!!!!

Everything was in our favor that day. We had perfect afternoon light, cool temperatures, and even a breeze for Abby's long blonde hair! I really felt like I was shooting for a children's modeling agency. To get these natural smiles out of her, I was just making normal conversation -- and of course pressing my shutter really quickly.

At one point when I asked her a question (I think it was something about last year's shoot), she said, "Hmmm, I'm going to have to use my brain." It was the cutest thing ever!

Abby has so much personality, so I know I can always count on her for a few silly faces...

But I'm pretty sure her Mom hires me because she knows I can get a classic portrait like this...

And something more modern with an interesting angle, like this. I laid down on the grass to get a different shot, and a second later Abby laid down right next to me. I am in love with this picture!

After I got a bunch of portraits, we went to the playground to get some more, but ones that would have more of a candid feel to them. Here Abby is waving at her Mom and Mamaw. She had so much fun playing there!

And what a lucky coincidence that Abby's dress matched the red and blue buildings PERFECTLY! Another picture that I just can't get over. She seriously belongs in a magazine.

I was coming up with anything to keep her near the red and blue colors. I can hear us now...
Abby: "Kristine, come into this pink one. It's my house."
Kristine: "Okay, but now come back over here; this one is the candy store and they have chocolate and licorice!"

These poses are all Abby -- as in 100% natural and candid. Here she was smiling at another kid playing, yet it is so good it almost looks like I posed her.

Walking the plank into the big pirate ship...she really wanted me to come in there with her...which I did...

After "just one more picture" -- her face is so priceless! It's like she is saying, "I'm waiting..."

I had to end with another favorite, well these are all favorites, but I love this close up with the blue skies reflecting in her eyes, the serious look, and the slightly windblown hair.

And it's really great in black & white too. Lyndell, I can't tell you what a joy it has been to watch Abby grow in front of my camera. It was so great to see both of you, as always (and your Mom too), and I'm looking forward to our shoot next year during one of my marathon weekends to PA. Love and hugs! ~Kristine

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We’re Moving to Charlottesville, Virginia 07.16.09

In case you hadn’t heard yet, Scott and I are moving to Charlottesville, Virginia – 3 weeks from today! I have been meaning to blog about this sooner, but I wanted to wait until I could find a few minutes to write something more than, “We’re movin! See ya!”

Why Charlottesville?? Well, I grew up in Richmond about an hour from there, so we will be moving close to family. And with Bambino #2 coming in December, it will definitely be nice to be closer to one set of Grandparents. Aside from that though, Scott received a great new job opportunity at a private orthopedic clinic, and I am really proud of him. He is an even better physical therapist than he is a photographer, and I know he will accomplish great things for his new company.

Charlottesville is also a pretty cool place to live. It’s a college town, home to the University of Virginia, and it was recently ranked as the #1 best city to live in the country. Situated in the Blue Ridge Mountains and near Shenandoah National Park, there are going to be endless gorgeous locations for photo shoots. It’s also home to one of my very best friends, who calls me with weekly installments of why we will LOVE living and raising kids in C’ville. Love ya Reynaldo!

So the Pringle house is currently full of moving boxes (we sold our house and bought a new one), and I am completely booked with shoots from now until we leave. I’ve also started booking shoots for late summer and early fall in the Charlottesville and Northern VA areas, and we will be traveling back to PA for August, September and October weddings. And then some more in 2010 too! In between blogging all of those beautiful babies and brides, I will also be posting pictures of our new house and town, and right around Christmas, of course I’ll be posting pictures of our newest little bundle of joy! We'll find out what we’re having a week from Monday, so stay tuned for the big reveal! We are so excited and curious!

I am bad at goodbyes, which is probably why I’ve been rambling on for 4 paragraphs already. But this isn’t goodbye. Because as I have told many of my clients already, I plan on coming back to the area, not only for the weddings we already have booked, but also for lifestyle shoots. Just as I have done "marathon photo shoot weekends" in the NOVA/DC area, I now plan on doing that in the Harrisburg area, hopefully twice a year. If you want to be kept informed of dates, just email me or leave a blog comment, and I’ll be sure to include you on the list.

To my amazing Pennsylvania clients, who have also become friends, I just have to say that my business would be nothing without you. I will never be able to adequately say thank you for all the fun times and great shoots, all the blog comments, letters, cards, and gifts, all the emails, and the countless referrals. In 2 short years, my business has grown in ways that I never thought it could, and my blog now averages over 3,000 visitors per month. It is truly mind blowing, especially because my entire business happened “by accident” anyway. I hope that everyone will still continue to follow my blog to see what I’m up to in Charlottesville, and I hope that we can keep in touch by email, and of course Facebook too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I miss you already. XOXO ~Kris (and Scott, Elsa, and Baby P too)

I can't blog without a picture, so here are some recent pictures of Elsa, taken on the 4th of July. She is 13 months now and running around everywhere! Her favorite things are being outside, going on the swings, and playing with her babies. She'll be such a great big sister!

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