Jackson Hole 08.28.07

Yesterday was my birthday, and I'm so lucky that I was able to spend it in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I could get used to this!!! :) Jackson is such an amazing place. It's this artsy little mountain town, with tons of shops, galleries, restaurants, and bars - not to mention the most beautiful scenery and wildlife, and everyone is so nice. Scott and I spent the day floating down the Snake River, fly fishing, taking pictures, and relaxing. Our guide, Boots, was awesome, and he definitely knew his fishin. Boots, thank you for everything! For the great day and for the great restaurant recommendation. Rendezvous Bistro was perfect! I will send you pictures soon! Here are just a few for now...

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Vacation!!! 08.24.07

We are off to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone for a little R&R and of course photography!!! :) We will have some access to email until Tuesday 8/28, and then will be heading into the park, so we most likely won't have Internet access again until returning to Jackson on 8/31. We will be returning emails and voicemails then.
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2 Weeks Old Today 08.20.07

Tonight I had the chance to photograph 2-week-old, Nathan, and his awesome parents, Brad and Amy. Baby Nathan is their first child, well, aside from their adorable dog Ava, and they were incredibly blessed with a gorgeous baby boy who sleeps ALL the time. How lucky for me. :) Nathan, someday your parents will tell you how well you cooperated for your pictures. Brad and Amy, thank you for the opportunity to photograph this special time in your lives. Congratulations!!!

Here are a few of my favorites...

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Summer Fun at Fort Hunter 08.18.07

I recently had another chance to shoot at one of my favorite spots for lifestyle photography, Fort Hunter Park in Harrisburg. Addy used to play at Fort Hunter when she was a child, so this was truly a special spot for Addy and Mike to get photos with their two-year old son, Avery. What a beautiful child - those eyes, those curls, that smile! I truly had a blast chasing him around. :) These were a few of my favorites.

1-2-3 swing!!!

Avery blowing kisses at Mom. How adorable!

Every so often, I have a really hard time deciding whether I like a particular image in color or black and white. I love how the colors in the above image really "pop", but I also love this version. It's a choice I don't want to make, so I include both!

Avery was loving this time with Dad.

I just love this look. Avery was actually playing in the rocks, and I think Mike's little sister, Emily, said something to make him look up. Thank you Emily!

Such a sweet family moment.

I love everything about this photo - the way Addy is looking at her son, the eye-contact from Avery, the way his shirt blends with the background of the river and trees - and mostly that it was completely unplanned and real.

Boys will be boys huh? :) We knew it was time to stop when Avery was covered in mud! Too cute!

Addy and Mike - thank you - hope you enjoy the little preview!
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Nikki and Brendan - Engagement Session 08.13.07

In her sweet voice, Nikki asked me, “So Kris, how many hours a week do you work?” I responded, “Well, THIS isn’t work, so I can’t really answer that.” As we walked around Colonel Denning State Park talking about wedding plans and all things outdoors, “work” was the last thing on my mind. Actually, it felt more like time with friends, we just had the fancy cameras!

Nikki and Brendan, we are so happy to have met you, and we’re even happier to have the opportunity to photograph your wedding this November. Nikki- we promise not to make you get your wedding dress sandy and/or wet!!! Thank you both for being so fun and laid-back, and for not being afraid to “get your hair messy”, especially you Brendan!!! ;)

Hope you enjoy the sneak peek of your photos! These were a few of my favorites.

To see more of the images from Nikki and Brendan’s engagement session, click HERE for a slideshow.
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Sisters 08.06.07

Tonight I had a chance to photograph two adorable little girls, Hailey and her baby sister Mya. It was a hot one, but we took little breaks inside, and the girls didn't seem to mind at all. Here are a few of my early favorites...

I love the way they are looking at each other in this one. So sweet!

Hailey has a great serious look, but every so often I would catch her smiling at me. She is such a doll.

And then there is beautiful Mya with those amazing blue eyes!

Hailey was a little track star in training! I've never met such a fast 2 year old before! Her mom, Janee, is quite the runner, so I thought she would love this picture, since it looks like Hailey just took off the starting block!

Mya just watched her sister and smiled.

This might be my favorite picture of Hailey. She was watching some sheep on the other side of the fence, but I knew she would look at me eventually, and I was ready.

Baby Mya just sat near the fence and smiled, of course. She wasn't too interested in the sheep, and she made my job super easy!!!

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Jill and Todd - Engagement Session 08.01.07

Several weeks ago, we photographed Todd and Jill's super fun engagement session, although at that time, my blog was still under construction. So ever since then I have been anxiously anticipating the time that I could write about these two. All I can say is what an awesome couple. We met at The Milton Hershey School on a gorgeous Wednesday afternoon, and we knew we were going to have fun when they told us that one of their outfits consisted of rival football jerseys! Jill has the most adorable and contagious laugh, and Todd was happy to go along with anything we suggested - a combination that made our "jobs" extremely easy.

Jill and Todd, we absolutely cannot wait to photograph your wedding this December. We are truly grateful that you trusted us to capture your memories, especially because you hired us before we even had a website. Thank you thank you thank you!!! Here are a few of my favorites.

To see more of the images from Jill and Todd's engagement session, click
HERE for a slideshow.
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