Kelly & Mike's Engagement 08.28.08

Last week, Scott and I did an engagement session with Kelly and Mike at Fort Hunter Park in Harrisburg. I love Fort Hunter. There are so many great places to shoot there and the light is always gorgeous.

Kelly and Mike are planning a fabulous winter wedding for December 27, 2008. We actually photographed Kelly's brother's wedding last December, and we were super excited when Kelly called us with the news of her engagement. The reception will be at The Hershey Lodge - we can't wait!

To Kelly & Mike, we had an awesome time doing your engagement pics, and we hope you like them as much as we do. Thank you again for the wonderful gifts for Elsa. You are too sweet! Enjoy the preview! Much love~Kris & Scott

This is one of my favorites. I love the colors and of course their smiles.

This is a result of me saying, "Ignore Scott." ;)

Kelly's dress was the cutest thing ever!

We played around with some of that yummy light...

And then we got Kelly and Mike to play on the swings.

This is another fav. Everything about it is so natural and relaxed.

It's not always easy to kiss for a camera (or in our case, cameras!), but these two can definitely pull it off.

This was a first for us...we've never asked a couple to pose with their car. But we just loved Mike's BMW, and when I saw this image, I had to blog it.

I think this is my favorite portrait-type shot of the day.

Kelly is a trooper for doing piggy-back rides in her mini skirt. So fun!

Then it was time to play in the water. Who knew you could get such a perfect reflection in the Susquehanna river!?

Of course this amazing silhouette is Scott's image. No pun intended, but he totally blew mine out of the water! Kelly & Mike, we hope this makes you smile. See you in December!

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Jenna's Senior Pictures 08.25.08

Last week I did a senior session with Jenna, a rising senior at Hughesville High School. We started in downtown Lewisburg, using the different store fronts, the street scene, the flowers, and the railroad tracks...and then we headed over to Bucknell.

One of the cutest things Jenna said to me was, "I like being a senior already. You get to get pictures!" She was definitely a natural in front of the camera. I kept saying to her, "You're making this so easy!"

To Jenna, I'm so glad you had so much fun during your senior shoot, and I hope you (and your family) like the mini preview of images. There are so many more that I LOVE!!! I wish you the best as the school year begins, and I'm looking forward to seeing you again in June for your sister's wedding! Hugs! ~Kristine

This was the first picture I took...I knew the night was going to go well after that. :-)

Jenna has a great smile.

She stopped traffic a few times.

Purple sweater, purple flowers, and awesome backlighting coming through Jenna's hair - makes me happy.

Jenna always wanted a railroad tracks picture. So now she will have LOTS of them.

Cars really do make a cool background.

Just loungin on the lawn at Bucknell.

Jenna's coral top was beautiful in photos. I love this image in color...

And I love it in black and white too. It's a good thing all senior images are presented in both color and black & white.

This is a really cool rock at Bucknell. See what I mean about being a natural!?!

Jenna's last outfit was an adorable turquoise and white dress. I love this image. We had great light to work with.

Best of luck with your senior year Jenna, and thanks so much for a great shoot!

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Avery & Justin's Wedding 08.20.08

On Saturday August 16th, Scott and I had the incredible honor of photographing Avery and Justin's wedding at Wynding Brook Golf Club in Milton. It was such a perfect day - we couldn't have asked for better weather for an outdoor wedding, and we had tons of time for pictures because Avery and Justin decided to see each other before the ceremony. The pictures from that moment are my favorite from the whole day!

Avery & Justin, thank you for the opportunity to document your wedding day. You have hearts of gold, and after meeting your wonderful families, it is easy to see where you get that from. We wish you all the happiness in the world as you start this next chapter as husband and wife. Congratulations and enjoy the little preview of images! We love you! Kris & Scott

We started the day with the guys at Avery & Justin's house. Justin was looking very GQ.

And his bride, Avery...I have one word. STUNNER.

For Avery & Justin's "first look", we put Justin down a wooded path, and we then had Avery walk up to him and tap him on the shoulder. Scott focused on Justin...

And I focused on Avery. It was such an emotional moment, and we got so many awesome images.

Then Avery and Justin exchanged gifts - even the bag was perfect for photos!

Everyone liked getting all of the pictures done before the ceremony. What a bunch of hotties!

After the family and wedding party pictures, we spent some time with Avery and Justin alone.

Despite having to walk down the aisle in just a few minutes, they were so relaxed.

The ceremony took place on the golf course. What a setting!

This is Scott getting's always so fun to look at each other's work once we get home.

Instead of a Unity Candle, Avery and Justin took some flowers from the altar arrangements and presented them to their families. Here Avery is giving flowers to Justin's Grandma.

And here Justin is giving flowers to Avery's Mom, who was also the Matron of Honor. This is one of my favorite pictures - I love the moment.

The first kiss...

We had to get a golf cart portrait...this was the only posed picture we did post-ceremony. Then it was time to party!

The first dance.

Yet another amazing moment of the day. Justin surprised Avery by singing to her, and here she is singing back to him.

I love this one because the woman smiling on the right is Justin's Mom.

Scott got some awesome "zoomer shots" as we call them. He zoomed as he took the photos to get the lights to look like that.

So fun!

Congrats again Avery & Justin!

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Avery & Justin's Wedding: Amazing How Life Works 08.19.08

It's amazing how life works...that is the subject of the email I first received from Avery, just 5 days after giving birth to our daughter. Avery was one of the nurses who helped take care of us after Elsa arrived on May 29th, but at the time, I had no idea she was planning a wedding and she had no idea we were photographers.

Tomorrow I am going to do a massive blog post with tons of pictures of Avery and Justin's wedding from start to finish, but first I had to share this story. Because as I am working on their photos today, I can't help but think about how we met. Below is a paraphrased version of the email I first received from Avery...

"So, the other day I am sitting at work (Evangelical Labor & Delivery), when I notice all the nurses surrounding a computer looking at the most gorgeous pictures in the world. I go over to check it out, and I see my favorite couple Scott & Kristine...I'm sure by this point you are wondering who I am... :) I am the student that walked you down to your car. I absolutely fell in love with your photograph style and attention to detail. I have been on your site several times just to look through all the pictures! Your style is exactly what I am looking for! I am sure you two are enjoying every moment with Elsa, so I didn't know if you were taking a break from photography, but I would be overjoyed if you would be our photographers for our wedding. If you would be available on August 16, 2008, and interested in shooting our wedding, please contact me when you get the chance. I love how God brings people together! Nothing is by chance! I hope Elsa is doing well. I am sure the family is spoiling her every chance they get! God bless!"

Scott and I had decided we weren't going to book any more weddings for 2008, because we had 10 coming up and wanted to enjoy the time with our new baby girl. But of course upon reading that email, we immediately made an exception. Avery is right about God bringing people together. She was a part of the best day of our lives, as we welcomed Elsa into the world -- and now we were a part of hers, as she married her soul mate, Justin.

To Avery and Justin, you two are absolutely perfect together, and we are so honored to have been your wedding photographers. We can't wait for you to see your real blog post tomorrow! For now, we hope you like the mini sneak peek. Much love, Kristine and Scott

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Bye Bye Bad Hair Day 08.16.08

After putting it off WAY TOO LONG, I finally got my hair cut and colored! I was one of those super cautious pregos -- I didn't get my hair colored or highlighted my entire pregnancy, and although I did get it cut, it grew like a weed from the prenatal vitamins. It was long and blah, complete with roots, and Scott kept begging me to do something with it. To take some time for myself. Somehow though, it always managed to go to the bottom of my to-do list.

But finally, on Thursday, I went to the Dustin Kline salon on Market Street in Selinsgrove (big thanks to Aja for the recommendation!). This guy is "Shear Genius"! Seriously, the whole time I was there, I felt like I was in NYC or LA. I told him I wanted "professional, but fun...definitely not a mommy-cut" and he got me. He put in all different shades of color but still made it look natural, and he even cut my hair while I stood up with my head nearly upside down.

Here I am before, with the initial chunk of hair he cut off before coloring. I got about 6 inches off by the time he was done.

And here is the new and improved version. To Dustin, I can't thank you enough! I am so happy with my hair, and Scott says thanks for making his wife into a "hot mama!" ;-)

Today we are off to shoot a fabulous wedding, and then tomorrow we're off to DC to celebrate Scott's birthday and see Eddie Vedder. Happy (early) Birthday Sweetheart, and thanks for making me get my hair did. I love you!
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Julie's Bridal Session - A Teeny Tiny Sneak Peek 08.14.08

This past weekend I did a bridal session with Julie, whose wedding is coming up on September 6, 2008! First we met at her friend Natalie's house for a few indoor pictures (thanks again Natalie!), and then we headed down to Nissley Vineyards for the outdoor ones. It was an amazing setting and I can't wait to share more pictures after the wedding takes place.

To Julie, I had at absolute blast with you and your Mom, and I'm so glad that you had a great time too. You are an absolutely stunning bride, and Scott & I can't wait to shoot your rehearsal dinner and of course your wedding in just a few weeks.

To Julie's future husband, Clint, get ready! If Julie looked this beautiful for her pre-bridal session, I can only imagine how gorgeous she is going to look on your wedding day, when she is surrounded by family and friends, and of course the man of her dreams! See you soon! ~Kris

So....since I can't give away Julie's wedding day look, I just chose two pictures that would give a MINI sneak peek. I'll be blogging a bunch more after the wedding. Julie's makeup was done by her friend Amelia, who is an awesome make-up artist. All I can say is WOW lashes!

I love Julie's bouquet...I cropped this image tightly so I wouldn't show too much of her jaw-dropper gown. You'll have to wait another few weeks for that! ;)

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Baby Blue Eyes 08.11.08

Lately I've photographed a lot of BEAUTIFUL blue-eyed babies, but they have all been little girls....and then came 6-month old Michael. This little man, with his big blue-green eyes and gorgeous smile, stole my heart. He is the cutest thing!

To Michael's mom, Becci, I'm so glad you got in touch with me! Thank you for the opportunity to photograph the new little man in your life. He is adorable and I'm pretty sure the camera loves him. ;-) I hope you like the sneak peek!

Meet Mikey. This is why I love on-location photography. It's the challenge of finding the perfect natural "backdrop" and of course the light. In this case I got extra lucky to find green leaves that were glowing from the low-lying sun. Oh, and of course babies are happiest in their own environment.

This wasn't planned, but I thought it was so cute how Mikey's stuffed dinosaur matched his outfit perfectly.

I love this "behind-the-scenes" image of big brother Matt showing Mikey the toy. Matt was a great helper, and this was one of those moments I knew Becci would want to remember.

See, I was right about the eyes! Just beautiful.

Time to head inside for more!

First I did some pictures of Michael in his crib.

I think he was showing off for the camera - he was waving at me and everything.

I love all the color in these images, and of course Mikey's smiles.

Then Mikey got to play in his Exersaucer. I got so many adorable pictures of him playing, but I love this one because he is looking up at his Mom who was standing just over my shoulder.

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Julie's Bridal Shower 08.04.08

On Saturday, August 2nd, I photographed Julie's "Countrypolitan" Bridal Shower at Natural Acres Bed & Breakfast in Millersburg. It was PERFECT in every way! I can hardly wait to share some images, so I will narrate as I go.

The B & B was located on a 550 acre farm, so the setting was incredibly serene.

The whole day was a surprise for Julie. This is her with her matron of honor, Val, the moment she stepped out of the car.

She was even more surprised to see her future hubby Clint there. He helped Val and the bridesmaids prepare for the shower all day long. I love this moment between the soon-to-be newlyweds....Julie was thanking Clint for being so wonderful as he was about to leave.

The spread of food was amazing, and everyone got these cute ball jar mugs accented with Julie's signature green color ribbon.

The shower took place outside under the trees, and these were the table centerpieces.

Julie's new last name will be Rockey, so this is her "getting rocked"!

Her bridesmaids had "Rock On" t-shirts made. What awesome friends! The back of them said "Julie & Clint" and the date. The big day is September 6th.

Here is the whole gang. Julie is very lucky to have so many amazing women in her life who love her.

Since there were so many people at the shower and not everyone knew each other, each girl took her turn introducing herself to the group and explained how she knew Julie.

It was a really special touch and it made for some heartfelt toasts.

These little beauties are the flower girls.

After everyone had eaten, it was time for gifts. This picture makes me smile - the sun shining down on a tent filled with white paper lanterns, flowers, and PRESENTS - lots of them!

Julie registered at Pampered Chef and got lots of fun things for cooking & entertaining.

This is one of my favorite moments. I love Julie's expression as Wendy and Karen look on.

Val had prepared the "How well does Julie know Clint" game, and it was hilarious.

Not sure if this laughter was related to the "Orange night-thingy from Walmart", but I love Sherry's smile here.

The flower girls were so cute playing together while gifts were being opened, and the Mom in me couldn't resist getting a few pictures.

One of Julie's favorite gifts was a scrapbook that everyone made for her. That comes as no surprise to me, since I know first hand how much she loves pictures!

Julie, I always say that my connection to my clients runs so much deeper than snapping pictures. I love it when a bride becomes a friend, and you have definitely become one to me. I am so happy for you! Love, Kris

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A New Addition: Baby Maggie's 3 Month Session 08.01.08

Last summer I photographed the most adorable family - parents Addy and Mike, and their too-cute-for-words son, Avery. And now they have a new addition - a beautiful baby girl named Maggie. She is just 3 months old, and this was the first of four sessions that I will do over the next year as part of her "Baby's First Year" plan. I am very excited - she definitely takes after her brother in the cuteness department!

Addy and Mike, thank you, thank you, thank you! For welcoming me into your home (and feeding me pizza!), and for hiring me yet again to document your growing family. Maggie is such a little dollbaby, and I'm really looking forward to capturing her first year. ~Kris

Here is the adorable family last summer...

And here is their new little princess, Maggie. I love the colors in this image in her play gym, and I love her expression - she was very curious about the camera.

Here she is in her crib. She has the most perfect little features.

I had to break out the fisheye lens to get a shot of Maggie's beautiful nursery. Addy and I thought it would be fun to put her on the floor to show how small she is.

I love this shot of Mommy and daughter.

And this one of Maggie sucking her thumb. It is one of my favorites.

While Maggie took a feeding break, I got to play with big brother Avery on his swingset. His blond curls are even cuter and curlier than last year.

And I told Addy I think he was quicker than last year too! ;) He was having so much fun.

Here he was looking through his telescope and waving at his neighbor.

Then Maggie was ready to play again. I love this shot of Mike talking to her and making her smile.

That little face just melts my heart.

And this one makes me smile. It's like Maggie is saying, "What are you silly people doing? I'm ready for my close up!" Addy and Mike, and big brother Avery too, congratulations on your precious new addition. I look forward to seeing you in 3 months.

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