For All Dog Lovers... 08.31.09

Bella is back! I have photographed Bella several times now, and I'm always amazed at how cooperative she is for the camera. With a little help from Mom & Dad (Sue & Ron), she sits and poses like the perfect little angel, and we can't help but giggle at how cute she is. These shoots are always so fun, and I always go home saying my stomach hurts from laughing. Bella just has a way of bringing a smile to my face.

Bella is an almost 2-year old Havanese, and she is BEAUTIFUL!

Sue has the cutest bandanas for her...

And the most amazing yard for photos.

Yes, there were some treats involved...

But honestly, it didn't take that many because Bella -- and her sister Bria -- are just THAT good.

Won't this make an adorable Happy Halloween card!?!?

And this one a darling Christmas card! Love it -- so glad we got this shot!

Sweet sweet sweet. I can't believe they actually looked at each other. I'd love to know what they're thinking!

Sue and Ron, thanks again for asking me to photograph your precious pups! It was so fun as always and can't wait to see you all again! Hugs! ~Kris

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A Wonderful Birthday 08.27.09

Today is my birthday, a day that reminded me how incredibly blessed and lucky I am for all the people I'm surrounded by. I have an amazing husband, who is doing laundry and cleaning up after dinner while I do this blog. He is excited to see a few new Elsa pictures, since it has literally been almost 2 months since I've taken any!

I have been working long hours to get caught up on editing, slideshows, and albums (plus photographing weddings & families, moving to Virginia, unpacking, and growing the baby!), so today I took a break and spent the entire day playing, relaxing, and reflecting on how good life is. I mean, besides my husband, I have a beautiful daughter and another one on the way, a family who puts my needs ahead of theirs 100% of the time (I really don't know what I'd do without them), and friends who go out of their way to do nice things. I had a mailbox full of cards today, and my Facebook Wall was full of "Happy Birthday" messages before I even got out of bed today. It really made me smile.

Speaking of Facebook, I recently created a business page that will allow me to communicate more directly with my "Fans" about upcoming marathon weekends and possibly special offers. You can become a fan and stay in the loop by clicking HERE and then clicking on "Become a Fan"

Now onto some pics...

Scott took this picture of Elsa and I this morning before he left for work. He went in late today, so I actually got to shower AND wash my hair! Such a treat! Oh, I am 25 weeks along now and getting bigger by the minute.

After Scott left, I snapped a few more of Elsa on our new front porch. She has the sweetest smiles. It's as if she knows she is supposed to smile at me when I'm holding the camera.

My good friend Chris and her son Alex took Elsa and I out to lunch today (thanks again Reynaldo!), so this is Elsa on the Charlottesville Downtown Mall. It's a pedestrian mall with a gazillion cool restaurants and shops.

"My snacks or yours??" Chris's son Alex is less than 2 months older than Elsa, so I know they will be great friends. I love this picture, although I wish you could see Alex's adorable little face. Not to worry though, because I'll soon be doing a family shoot for them, so he will be all over the blog.

This is Elsa immediately after waking up from her 2 hour nap today - she must have known it was Mommy's birthday, because a 2 hour nap never happens! She was happy happy!

So we went to the pool and played in our new yard. She LOVES her new swing!

And her new slide. These pictures crack me up. I'm so happy I took a little time out to do this. Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes and for making my day so great! Love, Kris

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Summer Swimming, Splashing, Sliding & Sunflowers 08.24.09

Last time I photographed Kate and Sara, it was right around Christmas time. I loved photographing the girls as they opened a few gifts and played under the lights of the tree. This time around though, it was all about SUMMER! The girls had a blast in their own backyard doing what they do on most warm summer nights, and I loved capturing them being themselves. It was such a great shoot!

Kate just turned ONE and she is so precious!
Charlottesville Children's Photography

I love photographing babies as they are learning to walk. It's the cutest thing ever!
Charlottesville Children's Photography

This is Kate's beautiful older sister Sara. She is a total sweetheart, just like Kate!
Charlottesville Child Photographer

Sara LOVES to swing around...
Charlottesville Child Photographer

And I'm pretty sure Kate is following in her older sister's footsteps. To say that she liked being thrown in the air would be a big understatement.
Charlottesville Lifestyle Photography

It's a good thing Eric and Kim are so athletic, because every time I come over they get a workout! ;-)
Charlottesville Lifestyle Photography

Of course we made time for some relaxed portraits is just one fave.

Kate likes to climb UP the slide, so I climbed up into the tree house to get this shot.

LOVE this shot of Sara in her sunflower dress smelling the sunflower.

Towards the end of the shoot, Kim asked me if she should get out the pool...I'm so glad she did because Kate is such a little water baby!

These images are some of my favorites ever.

They're so full of life and emotion and I know they will be cherished.

Kim and Eric - it is truly a pleasure to work with you and the girls! I had such a fun time doing this shoot and I'm looking forward to seeing you all again next summer for another one! Hugs! Kris

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Kyla's Senior Pictures 08.20.09

I recently had the chance to photograph another beautiful high school senior. Kyla is getting ready to start her senior year at Selinsgrove High School, and we had a blast doing her senior session on the campus of SU. It was just us - Mom decided to stay home - so I know that she is so excited to see what we came up with! Debi, I hope you and Kyla (and the rest of the family) like these as much as I do!

We started the shoot at Kyla's home so she could get some photos with her dog, Isis. So cute!
Charlottesville Senior Pictures

And then we headed to Susquehanna University to take advantage of all the scenery.
Charlottesville Senior Photography

I love Kyla's smile here - I think I busted out the pregnant running man and made her giggle! ;-)

Isn't she just so pretty!?!! She has the figure of a model - so tall and thin!

We had amazing light because we were shooting at the golden hour. Love it!

One of my favorites. Loved her white top, and I love the white columns!

So natural and relaxed...

I thought I would show just one in black & white, just so Kyla would have an idea of how good they'll look this way too!

Kyla plays for her high school tennis team, so we ended the shoot on the tennis courts.

I love these because they really show her personality.

Kyla, thanks so much for a great shoot! I wish you all the best in your senior year, and next year in college too! Hugs! ~Kris

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Giovanna: 4 Months Already! 08.18.09

Last time I photographed little Giovanna, she was just 8 days old. It was such a great newborn shoot, and Giovanna is a BEAUTIFUL baby girl, so when her parents contacted me about doing another session, of course I was thrilled. Giovanna slept through most of her newborn shoot (which is a great thing!), but it was really nice to see those big blue eyes this time around. Sleeping baby photos are always so cute though, so Giovanna took a little cat nap to make sure her Mommy and Daddy got some of those this time too! Enjoy!

Here is Giovanna at her last session...just 8 days old and so teeny tiny!
Charlottesville Baby Photographer

And here she is today at 4 months old. I wasn't kidding when I said big blue eyes! Isn't she just darling!?!
Charlottesville Baby Photographer

We did some relaxed portraits with Dad...

And some with Mom too, but I had to post this candid of the girls because it is way too cute!

Heading to a new location... What a little ham!

I guess the little walk made her tired though, because as soon as we got there, Giovanna decided it was time for a nap.

So we took advantage of the moment. There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby....

Except maybe a sleeping baby with her Mommy or Daddy cuddling on her! I thought the 3 of these would look great framed together, so I posted them all.

Giovanna wasn't too sure what to think when she woke up outside under the trees...

But that wasn't anything a yellow tutu couldn't fix! Too cute for words!

Love this one with those tiny hands.

Amy and Bobby, thank you yet AGAIN for a super fun shoot! It was so good to see you all again, and I'm looking forward to capturing Giovanna grow. She is an absolute doll! Hugs! ~Kris

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Newborn Miracles 08.14.09

A couple weeks before I moved to Virginia, I had the opportunity to shoot something very very special. It was so special that I didn't want to just throw up a few photos without explaining the story -- so please bear with me and read this.

On April 7th, triplets Leo Francis, Rory Marí and Danni Christine were welcomed into the world by their parents, Pete and Kyna. Everything was miraculous, as all 3 babies were born perfectly healthy at 32 weeks, and at amazing weights given their gestational age. They spent their early days in the NICU, but Pete and Kyna were comforted to know that all 3 babies were thriving, and they were being cared for in one of the best such units in the country.

Sadly, on April 18th, just 12 days after the triplets’ birth, little Leo passed away. He was born so healthy that everyone, including the doctors and nurses, was shocked by what happened. He fought a brave battle with a sudden and terrible intestinal infection, and Kyna and Pete held him in their arms and told him that they loved him as he died. Tears filled my eyes as they shared their story with me.

Danni and Rory joined their parents at home on May 18th after spending 42 days in the NICU, and about 2 months later, I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing them. We spent the morning at their beautiful home, shooting a bit, talking, and visiting with the twins. It was incredible -- this couple is so unassuming and genuine. Even with the devasting loss of their son Leo, Pete and Kyna have such a positive attitude about life and the world in general. After all, they have been blessed with 2 twin girls, who are healthy, thriving, and absolutely gorgeous.

Meet Danni. Bright eyed and beautiful, she had a good time posing for me.

Equally beautiful is her twin sister, Rory. In case you didn't realize, they are very identical, and I had to take notes in order to tell them apart.

As soon as the girls are old enough to understand, Pete and Kyna are going to tell them all about their wonderful brother Leo. He will never be forgotten.

The girls did so good for their individual photo shoots. Here Danni does the cutest newborn stretch...

And Rory just continued being the perfect little model.

When we got them together though, hunger set in. I adore this photo!
Charlottesville Newborn Photography

So it was Mama to the rescue. Kyna and Pete wanted their family photos to have a documentary feel to them, which I was super excited to hear. It doesn't get any more real than this. Just beautiful.
Charlottesville Newborn Photography

I was able to capture some great photos of both girls nursing, and I know that Pete and Kyna are going to treasure these. Isn't Rory's little face just precious here?!?!

A full belly usually leads to a sleepy baby. Danni looks like a little angel sleeping in this basket.

So so sweet!

A final family shot. Notice the blue blanket, proudly worn by Dad for Leo. Pete, Kyna, Danni and Rory -- thank you for allowing me to share a morning in your lives. It was a privilege to meet you and get to know you, and I hope nothing but the best for you. Stay in touch! ~Kristine

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Kathryn's Senior Pictures 08.12.09

I recently had the opportunity to do senior pictures for Kathryn, a rising senior at Montoursville High School. We did the shoot at her home, and I had so much fun getting to know her -- she is beautiful inside and out, and I know her parents are so proud of her. Kathryn is the only girl in the family, and she is also the baby, so I have a feeling her mom Donna may be shedding a tear or two when she sees these photos.

Did I mention that Kat was beautiful?!?!

She did 4 different outfits for her session, and her color choices were fantastic.

I love this one. Kathryn has an absolutely perfect smile.

And those eyes! Wow!

I loved this antique bench out front...

And we really couldn't have asked for better light that day. This is one of my faves.

Kathryn's family has an amazing yard for photos. I wonder if her Dad placed this tree stump out there for us, or if it was just randomly there. Either way, it came in really handy for some full length shots.

Another fave. Kat is so natural in front of the camera, but she comes from a "photographic family" who owns a photo supply store, so she is probably used to it.

And I really LOVE this close up.

I think they are going to have a hard time choosing, especially since they'll also have the images in black & white. It's a good thing they'll have them all on CD! Kathryn, I'm so glad I was able to do these special photos for you, and I hope you (and your family!) like the little preview as much as I do! Good luck in your senior year! Hugs! ~Kristine

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Sara and Tom's Engagement 08.10.09

Before I blog this awesome engagement shoot, I should give a little update. We moved to Charlottesville on Thursday, closed on our new house Friday, photographed a great wedding back in PA on Saturday, and got reconnected to the Internet today. It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks, but we are starting to get settled and we absolutely love it here. I will blog more about Cville soon, but first and foremost, I have a LOT of shoots and weddings to share, starting with Sara and Tom's engagement session from a couple of weeks ago.

When I first met with Sara and Tom at Starbucks over coffee, I knew I was going to love working with them. They are so incredibly nice and easy going, not to mention totally adorable together! Sara is an MD in her final year of her OB-GYN residency, and she worked all night long the night before her big photo shoot. Well, you would never know that she only get a few hours of sleep before taking these photos. Just see for yourself!

We started the shoot on the campus of Bucknell. Sara and Tom were looking really good, and deceivingly well-rested.

The buildings on campus made for a really cool background, but what really makes this photo is the light coming into the stone walkway and of course the adorable couple.
Charlottesville Engagement Photography

These 2 were so into each other that I could just stand back and capture the "in-between moments" like this...
Charlottesville Engagement Pictures

And this. I love when my direction ends up resulting in such emotional candids like these.

Some more exploring led us to this neat old tree...

And this clover-filled grass that I couldn't get enough of. I was so happy it wasn't freshly mowed! And even happier that Sara and Tom were willing to lay down in it.

Sara has a serious rock, so we had to do something fun to show it off.

After a quick outfit change, we headed into downtown Lewisburg and did some more. I love the whole series of them on the railroad tracks.

And I love the ones them running through the traffic even more. Sara has the best laugh ever!

Nothing says Lewisburg like the street lamps.

And nothing says Sara and Tom like this. Come next August, Sara will change her name to Dr. Guzick, and I cannot wait to be there to capture every minute of what I know will be an amazing day. Thanks Sara and Tom for such a fun shoot and can't wait to see you both again! Love, Kris

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Kaydins is 18 Months! 08.04.09

I have been taking pictures of Kaydins since she was a newborn, so it's really hard to believe that she is now 18 months old! Over the past year and a half, I have watched her grow from a tiny baby into a toddler, and it has been so much fun. I told her parents, Sherry and Bryson, that I think this is my favorite session yet, so I will stop typing and share the pics!

I found Kaydins playing in her sandbox when I arrived for her session.

And when her parents put her in the treehouse, we were all hoping she would do exactly this! So stinkin cute!!!

Kaydins yard had really bright sunlight when I was there, so we ventured across the street to Gram's house (thanks Gram!) to find that really good eye-popping light. I'd say we found it. Isn't Kaydins just gorgeous!?!!

I adore this expression. And that hat!

Next outfit. Kaydins doesn't mind being changed a bunch of times during a shoot. Actually, I think she likes showing off all her new clothes. We were able to do 4 different outfits during this session. I think Daddy's wallet is in trouble! ;-)

So angelic.

Kaydins loves pushing her baby dolls in their stroller...

And it was so adorable when she decided that she was going to sit in it and give her baby hugs and kisses. Precious!

If you were wondering where Kaydins gets her amazing long blond curls, there ya go! Her Mommy Sherry has gorgeous hair!

I'm really glad Sherry and Bryson decided to do a quick family shot again this time around because I absolutely love it! Thanks guys for being such wonderful clients and friends too. I will miss you bunches, but I look forward to another session in the future when I'm up here for a marathon photography weekend! Love, Kris

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