Peace, Love, Gap 08.29.11

Reason number 1 that I adore this family. They remind me of "Peace, Love, Gap" -- ya know, the catchy ad campaign that airs around the holidays. More coming on that later.

Reason number 2. Seven-year old Matthew broke his arm shortly before our session, but rather than worry about how his orange cast would look in the photos, his mom said to me, "I figure these pictures will capture us as we are right now." I couldn't agree more.

Reason number 3. This was one of the very first pictures we took. Love. I was like, "Alright Heather and Glenn, I normally wouldn't ask you to hike down into a ditch of rocks for a "warm up" picture, but the light is changing and if we don't do it now we won't be able to use this spot..."

Reason number 4 - could their kids get any cuter??

Meet 7-year old Matthew. So so handsome!

And 4-year old Brad. So so adorable!

So not only did I ask them to hike down into a ditch, but I asked them to jump a fence so we could put their boys on a carousel that wasn't yet open (we were shooting at 8 am). Wow. Normally I am a follow-by-the-rules kind of person, but I'll do almost anything for good pics.

I'm so glad my clients trust me. According to mom and dad, Brad LOVES horses so this was pretty special. So happy I could capture that.

Not sure if big brother Matthew loves horses, but if not he played along really well. Cute cute cute!

Then, after all of that, we started out with the normal portraits...

We got the most perfect smiles.

And then it was onto candids. Such love!



Gap. I kept thinking of this...and clearly Brad is wearing Polo and not Gap but either way I think these kids look like children's Gap models. They are sooooo cute!

They lovvvved this bridge.

A few more playful candids...

Someday when they're all grown up they will appreciate these even more. And so will their parents.

But for now, let them be little.

Had to end with a couple of fun family shots. One posed. Gotta have that.

And one of your family just enjoying life. Gotta have that too. Heather and Glenn, thanks for being so wonderful and for asking me to capture this little slice of your family history. Hope you love the little preview as much as I do. Hugs! ~Kris

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A Very Memorable Birthday 08.28.11

Just last week it was my husband's birthday, and the weather was BEAUTIFUL. Finally a break from the 100 degree temperatures we'd been having. While he was at work, and in my last-minute frenzy of trying to figure out what to get him, I gave my girls a sugary snack and took them outside to take some pictures of them. When he got home, we watched a slideshow, and the girls were so proud of their gift to Daddy.

Somehow though, he managed to do even better (yeah, Scott is way talented). I often take silhouette pictures for my clients, and I have always wanted one of my own kids. Love this. This was the night before the storm...

On my birthday, we got an unwanted visitor named Irene. We had originally planned to go to Busch Gardens with my entire family, but Mother Nature had something else in mind for us. My birthday was yesterday, Saturday the 27th, and it was pouring rain starting early in the morning.

I knew I wasn't going to wish away the rain and wind, so we really made the most of our indoor family bonding time. We played dress up.

And we made various homemade birthday hats. Notice Elsa is wearing a "flip flops" dress. That's because we also spent some time packing for the beach, and Elsa was trying on clothes (which she does non-stop anyway).

We are heading to the Outer Banks in a few days, and we are so fortunate that our house is in Kill Devil Hills (and not one of the flooded cities) so we can actually get there. Side note - my mom and I spent a good 2 hours trying on outfits because we are going to do some family pictures while we are down there. It's not often that I'm on the other side of the camera and oh my goodness, picking out clothes is definitely the hardest part. Now I know what my clients go through! :)

Emme wasn't too into dressing up. She'd rather feed her retro cabbage patch kids.

Later we played with crafts and stickers...

Sister liked putting them on her legs.

So of course Elsa thought it was a great idea too. Monkey see, monkey do.

Eventually though, we made more birthday crowns and used the stickers to decorate them.

Elsa thought she should put on a little "lipstick" for Mommy's party. It was brown marker, thankfully washable.

Around 3 pm, we lost power....we were at my Mom's house in Richmond. That's okay though, the girls gave us the latest storm updates from their macs. ;-)

My mom is an amazing cook, but thanks to no power we resorted to industrial sized cans of tuna. Ha! No really, she made an amazing salad with tuna on top. With wine and candles. It was perfect.

After dinner, we continued our "indoor camping" by reading stories by brother and his family were there with us too...and the girls loved seeing their cousin Viv.

We used flashlights to make shadow puppets and animals on the walls.

The highlight of my night though, was this. Birthdays are so special. They are the anniversary of LIFE, and the older I get, the more I want to celebrate them better and better. Thanks to my entire family for making this birthday one I will never forget. And thanks to everyone who left the sweetest notes on my Facebook wall.

Today was a beautiful day, so with that I just want to say goodbye, Irene. You were not invited to my party, but you ended up making my birthday VERY memorable, in ways I didn't even expect. I just hope I don't have to hear the words "batten down" or "hunker" for a very long time. XOXO ~Kris

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Ashley & Tim's Engagement 08.26.11

Last month I had the chance to do an engagement session for the sweetest couple, and can I just say that I'm so excited that they will have the chance to look through these images TOGETHER, before Tim leaves for flight school in just a few days. They will spend a brief time apart, but I know these images will make the distance between them feel closer.

So...I have a LOT of favorites. Actually, I always pick favorites to blog, and then as I'm editing the rest of the session (or wedding) I realize how many other favorites I should have blogged. Earlier today I posted the images that you see below on Facebook, and Ashley immediately wrote me the nicest email about how much she loved them. That's just how she is -- even emailing me to check on how my kids are doing.

Anyway, because Tim is getting ready to leave for flight school, because I have so many favorites that probably would have never been blogged, because Ashley and Tim are so just awesome, and because I realized I never had a sample engagement slideshow on my main website, I'm surprising them with a slideshow at the end of this post. Enjoy!

Ashley and Tim are planning a gorgeous wedding for next July in Annapolis.

I can't wait - they are going to be so much fun to work with!

Speaking of fun, that is definitely what we had that Thursday afternoon we spent together.

I hadn't met them before, but that is one of the best reasons for an engagement session...

Besides getting great pictures with your love, it's a great chance to get to know your photographer so you feel really comfortable in front of the camera on your wedding day.

Oh, and it's also a chance to nail some fun "poses". Check!

In my usual style, we did some natural, "unposed" portraits...

And some that were more candid.

Love this. I thought I'd show it 3 color...

Black & white...

And sepia. Can't choose.

Tim showed off a little. Haha!

And then we found that amazing wheat field again.

Love. This might be my favoritest. :)

Flare baby!

And bling bling!

These 2 seriously had the walking-kissing thing down pat.

Ashley and Tim, thank you for asking me to document your love. You are so obviously happy together and it really shines through in your pictures. Can't wait for your wedding! Hugs~ Kristine

To see a musical slideshow with a bunch more images from Ashley and Tim's engagement session, click on the arrow below, and don't forget to turn up your volume.

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Cuteness Overload 08.25.11

Me (upon meeting 7-year old Kyle when he opened the car door): "Hi Kyle, aren't you SO cute!"

Kyle: "Umm thanks, but wait 'til you meet my baby sister!"

Now that is cuteness overload! I photograph REALLY cute kids, and Kyle and his 2-year old little sister Keelin were definitely no exception. Their parents, Alyce and Pat, were referred to me by their neighbors who are also my clients, and I just adored their sweet family! Here are a few favorites as I'm editing their whole session. Enjoy the preview!

Meet Kyle. He is so so handsome, and so so polite.

And those blue eyes...

I hope Mom has some tactics planned for all those girls who will be knocking at their door.

This is Kyle's baby sister Keelin.

She is just does a 2-year old get hair and eyelashes like that??

She also has the most darling personality, and I guess she thought I was pretty funny.

Dear Children's Modeling Agencies: This kid should be in a magazine. Sincerely, Kristine Pringle

A cute family portrait.

We did all the different combinations...some were relaxed portraits like this...

Some were a little more directed candid like this.

Then we made Keelin very happy.

She wanted to RUN - just look at that sweet face! Priceless!

After lots of running, they did some cuddling...

I could tear up looking at these, because as a Mom myself, I just think, "Please don't grow up too fast."

"Stay little forever."

Eyelash shots. More and more parents are specifically requesting these during sessions. LOVE.

I could post forever, but I thought I'd end with just a few of Kyle and Keelin playing together.

Adorable! What a great big brother!

All I can say is sweet sweet sweet! Definitely cuteness overload.

Alyce and Pat, thank you so much for asking me to document your sweet family! Your kids are GORGEOUS and I had so much fun running around and singing "Go Diego Go!" Can't wait to share the rest soon! ~Kris

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Tiffany and Cameron's Engagement Session 08.23.11

Last month during a trip to NOVA, I had the opportunity to do an engagement session for Tiffany and Cameron at Great Falls National Park. I have been to the NOVA/DC area a gazillion times, so I can't believe I had never been there. Tiffany and Cameron said they visit there often (and now I can see why!), so an engagement session there would have special meaning to them. To digress for a second, Tiffany is the sister of another lovely bride of mine, and I am so excited that she and Cameron asked me if I would photograph their wedding next April. For now though, here are a few favorites from our afternoon together at Great Falls. Enjoy!

What scenery!

Tiffany and Cameron, you finally have a picture with the falls behind you! Adorable! :)

The falls overlooks were crowded, so after we got a few with the falls we hiked to a few spots that were a little more secluded. Love their expressions!

So pretty...I heart this portrait.

And this one too. I was loving all the color and that picket fence.


We found this neat staircase in the woods.

One of my favorites.

Love the leaning tree and the leaning kiss.

Later it was just time to cuddle...

And laugh. Cute cute cute.

The bling.

At the very end of the session, we went in the water. The light was beautiful.

And so was the couple. Tiffany and Cameron, thanks for making this session so much fun. I can't wait for your wedding in April! Hugs! ~Kris

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Family Play Time 08.20.11

Can I just say that I ADORE this family! Jacelyn and Allen are so super nice, and their kids are so sweet and just love each other so much. I've photographed them a couple of times before, and over the past few years I have definitely gained new friends.

This time around, Jacelyn and Allen decided to include Jacelyn's parents. I am doing more and more sessions with the "Grands" lately, and in my opinion, there is nothing like a 3-generations photo. Love it! Here are a few favorites from their "family play time" together. Enjoy!

Last time I photographed Cash and Lily (and their sweet dog Ty), Lily was a tiny newborn. That was last September...

Now here we are 10 months later and look at them now! Such cuties!

And they really do love each other so much. Precious!

Cash - he has the most amazing eyes.

And so does his baby sister Lily, or Tee Tee as he likes to call her.

In typical photo shoot fashion, we got some portraits done first. I heart this one with Jacelyn's parents.

Grandparent heaven.

Later, we just played.

Cash liked picking clover...

And getting shoulder rides from Daddy.

But I think his favorite thing was showing me his silly faces. Adorable!

Lily's favorite thing was going up and up and up...I love this one that is what I call a "natural portrait"...

But these candids are just so full of emotion and love.

These kinds of images are why Jacelyn and Allen ask me to come back over and over. :-)

A couple more portraits with the Grandparents.

Grandma's boy. Love it.

And a few more with Daddy...

And Mommy. Jacelyn, you are so pretty.

I could keep posting and posting. We covered a lot that morning.

We even got some cute ones of Mom and Dad.

Jacelyn and Allen (and to Jacelyn's parents too), thank you once again for asking me to photograph your beautiful family. This session was so much fun and I hope you love the preview. Hugs! ~Kris

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Melissa and Matt's UVA Wedding 08.17.11

On Saturday July 9th, my intern Jocelyn and I photographed Melissa and Matt's beautiful UVA wedding. The ceremony was at The UVA Chapel, and a fabulous reception followed at The Colonnade Club, just steps from the Rotunda. Here is the story of their day, as told through our lenses. Enjoy!

Our morning began at The Colonnade Club, where everyone was getting ready.

There we found Melissa's gorgeous dress...

And an even more gorgeous bride.

Who was getting her makeup done.

She looked amazing!

While the girls finished up getting ready, we turned our attention to Matt and the guys.

He couldn't wait to see his sweetheart (high school sweetheart in fact!) of 9 years.

A couple of group by me.

Ane one by Jocelyn. Love it!

Then it was time for the girl portraits. Melissa, you are soooo stunning!

Just so so pretty.

And so were your bridesmaids! One of my shots.

And one of Jocelyn's. Cute!

My angle.

Jocelyn's angle. I heart my intern.

Sassy and fun.

Going to the chapel.


It was a beautiful...

And a very emotional ceremony.

Sealed with a kiss...

And they're married! Thank you bright spotlights for that cool lens flare!

I adored their use of chalkboards throughout the day - such a great idea!

While guests were at the cocktail hour, we did some portraits on the steps of The Rotunda. You might wonder why the guys have their jackets off...

And why all the pictures are sitting...

Well, Matt wasn't feeling too good. Rumor has it that he hadn't eaten all, it was pretty hot. (Oh, and I'm pretty sure he was totally captivated by his bride's beauty.) So what did Melissa do -- she said, "Matt's not feeling well. Let's just do a couple pictures. And if he wants to sit, I'll sit too."

What a beautiful love story.

Heading to the reception.

The Colonnade Club is an awesome venue.

A few details...

I love their sense of humor!

Melissa and Matt had an amazing band, Night Vision out of Richmond.

The first dance.

Not only was Matt able to dance...

But he said it was what made him feel better -- it was seriously one of the best and happiest first dances I've seen.

There were also some of the best toasts I've seen.

Even the staff at the Colonnade Club was commenting on how great they were.

Then it was time to party!

Night Vision: "We'll Rock You"...

"And Swing Grandma Too".

The tag line on their business card couldn't be more true.

Melissa and Matt closed down the dance floor...

And they were off to their honeymoon.

M&M - thank you for being so wonderful, and for all the "lessons" you taught each of us on your special day. It was truly an honor to be a part of it. Congratulations! With love and appreciation ~Kristine & Jocelyn

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Ascher: 1 Month Old 08.15.11

Love newborns! Especially when they give you the sweetest "sleep smiles" like baby Ascher did during this recent session. He is just precious, and I'm so excited that I get to photograph him (and his family) again at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months.

I have to preface a few of Ascher's pictures with pictures of his GORGEOUS mommy, Sharon. Her husband Todd convinced her to have a few pregnancy photos taken, and as I said in that blog, I think Todd is a really smart guy. :-)


There was such anticipation for this little one, and when Sharon and Todd asked me if I would capture him over the next year, I was so honored.

Meet Ascher. He is perfect. I love this image in color...

Though I also love it in black & white so I wanted to show both. Sharon and Todd will have all of these images in color and black & white so they won't have to choose!

One of my favorites. Love love love the "sleep smile"!

Since Ascher really liked sleeping in his basket, I made sure to capture all his sweet little features. Tiny feet.

Tiny dimpled hands.

And of course, the "swirl" that disappears all too quickly.

Ascher's room is beautiful, as is their entire home. His parents have really good taste.

I think he likes it too!

Perfection! What a gorgeous baby boy!

Getting sleepy again.

And there's another sleep smile. I was melting!

Such an adorable little face.

You know a baby is really sound asleep when you can move them to a different location. Happy day!

Sharon and Todd, thank you so much for asking me to photograph your handsome little man! Can't wait to see you all again for 3-month photos soon! ~Kristine

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3 Generations -- AND Twins!!! 08.11.11

THREE generations and TWICE the cuteness!! Oh how I adore this recent Richmond-area session!

As someone who is very close to her parents, I just have to say that I love it when I get the chance to do sessions that include 3 generations. That is exactly what this one was -- Shannon and Joey, Shannon's parents, aka Grandma and Grandpa, and the TWINS. Yes, twins! I haven't photographed many twins, and Shannon and Joey's 15-month old twin girls were like little models!

I can hardly wait to share a few favorites (actually I'm posting over 20 images but it's still just a small preview of everything we captured that day), so here we go! Enjoy!

Meet Shannon and Joey and their BEAUTIFUL twin daughters.

Brown eyed Peyton...

And blue-eyed Cameron.

These 2 are so obviously best friends...

Even at 15 months, they couldn't stop holding hands...

And giving each other kisses. It was the sweetest thing!

What was also the sweetest thing was the fun 3-generations pictures we captured that day. LOVE.

Grandma's little sweethearts.

Grandpa recently had 2 knee replacements. When he used his walking stick, so did his granddaughters. Precious!

Such love!

A future gymnast!?! Peyton loved hanging from the monkey bars...

And Cameron loved the swing!

A couple more of these little beauties.

They really look like baby models. Gorgeous!

Look at those lashes!

I have been taking sunset pictures on this lake for years -- since before I was a professional photographer -- and posting this one today makes me feel nostalgic and happy. I am so glad we kept attempting this until we got one with the girls in the air at the exact same height. Shannon and Joey - you rock!

Daughter in the water...does it get any more fun!?!

Look at that sweet face!

At the very end of the session, Shannon and Joey decided to let the girls splash in the lake because they are "water babies" and wanted to soooo bad. :)

I can still hear their laughter. Priceless!

To Shannon and Joey, and Shannon's parents, thank you for being so wonderful to "work" with. I had the best time taking these photos for you and I hope you love the little preview as much as I do. Hugs~ Kris

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Sweet Baby Hudson & His Beautiful Family 08.08.11

Heather is one of my best friends. I met her when I was 18 when we joined the same sorority in college. Not to date us, but that means I've known her nearly half of my life. She was my roommate in college and the Maid of Honor in my wedding, and she has always been someone I've admired more than words could express. I first admired her as a friend, daughter, and sister, and more recently as an entrepreneur, wife to Tib, and mother of THREE. She is truly an amazing person, and definitely an amazing mom, and I am so blessed to document her beautiful and growing family!

Here are a few favorites from her maternity session in the spring, and sweet baby Hudson's newborn session that we just did at the end of June.

Meet Heather. Her smile makes me happy.

She didn't have maternity pictures done with her first two, and I know she is so glad she did it for her third...supposedly her last?? ;-)

Her and Tib's oldest son Jackson is 4 and he LOVES his baby brother.

Their daughter Charlotte will be 3 later this month, and just wait til you see her with baby Hudson. My heart was melting!

According to Heather, I'm one of the few people that can get these great natural smiles from Jackson. Love it!

These kids are so precious.

I just love them!

Mommy's girl.

Jackson is such a little lovebug!

A couple of Mom and Dad...

So sweet!

And one of their beautiful family....THEN...

And NOW. Love. Look a those smiles!!!

And look at that sweet little bundle! Hudson is a doll!

I could look at that sweet little face all day.

Kisses for Mommy...

Kisses for baby brother...

Then, more flips on Daddy. So cute!

Sessions are always relaxed and and playful and fun -- because that is how you get kids to do pictures like the ones we got that day.

First we got this...

And then we got THIS - what love! I hope they make this one big!

Heather and Tib, could you be any cuter?!?! No wonder you make such beautiful babies!

Love. That's all.

Heather, you are such a glowing Mommy.

And Tib, such a proud Daddy.

A few more of Hudson and that perfect little face.

I am in love with newborn yawns...

And feet...

And back wrinkles. I can't get enough of them because they go away so quickly.

Once Hudson was really sound asleep, we got a little more adventurous. This basket hangs on their dining room wall, and soon, I bet this photo will too!

Heather and Tib, Jackson and Charlotte, congratulations on the newest addition to your family! I love you guys, and Heather, can't wait to see you again this weekend!!! XOXOXO ~Kris

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