Adrienne + Matt: Wedding Preview 08.29.12

As soon as I heard that Adrienne was having her wedding at her childhood home, my heart swooned. I couldn't help but think about "Father of the Bride" -- one of my favorite movies of all time. Upon meeting her and her family, my heart swooned again. Adrienne is one of 8 kids, and the first daughter to get married. Her entire family was just lovely. And so was Matt's. Their wedding day was filled with so much love and emotion -- not to mention perfect weather, a beautiful ceremony, and a fabulous necklace that Adrienne's mom found at an antique store. Here are just a few favorites from their day. Enjoy!

I showed up to find the beautiful Adrienne getting her makeup done...

Then I photographed a few details. Her dress...

Her shoes...

Her flowers.

I love a statement necklace with a wedding gown!

Just stunning.

I have no words.

She is just a beauty.

With the most beautiful heart.


Could these girls be any cuter?!!

This is Adrienne's youngest sister.

I adored her...and she obviously adored her big sister.


Cute kids everywhere!

How special to have these pictures with your siblings on your wedding day.

I don't normally blog a bunch of family portraits, but I so admire Adrienne's parents and they amazing job they have done raising 8 beautiful children!

Off to the church. Matt was beyond excited to see his bride.

The moment of anticipation.

And there she comes.

Here is a little glimpse of the ceremony.

It was beautiful.

And they're married!

While waiting for the wedding party to arrive, we did a few "traditional" portraits.

And then a few with the wedding party. Something classic.

Something fun.

Love it.

Then it was time for some more modern images of A & M.

I love that their style is so timeless.

Cheers! Time to party!

The gorgeous setting.

A few more details...

And it was time for dinner -- and dessert!

During dinner, there were some amazing toasts, and Adrienne's little sister even recited a poem by E.E. Cummings.

Adrienne watched in complete wonder.

And so did Matt.

It. was. awesome.

The first dance.

Was followed by the father-daughter dance.

As a mom of 2 little girls, I can't help but get choked up during these. Especially when the emotion is so powerful.

I think Adrienne's mom would agree.

It was a perfect moment.

The dance floor was packed the rest of the night.

Adrienne and Matt floated around dancing with siblings, family, and friends...

And of course, each other!

Adrienne and Matt, thank you for allowing me to forever document your wedding day, and for making me feel so welcome. Thanks also to your beautiful families and friends! I'm so happy I could give you these memories. Congratulations! ~Kristine

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Home is Where the Heart Is 08.27.12

Pictures at home are special. As the saying goes, it's where the heart is, so the pictures are always a little more personal and sentimental. It's also a really easy place for a photo shoot, especially with three little ones. Ryan and Daniel are parents to sweet little Emerson, and 7-month old TWINS -- Henry and Andrew. Here are a few favorites (okay....more like a lot, and there are still so many more where these came from!) from our morning together. Enjoy!

What a gorgeous family and what great summer colors!

A bunch of frames later and we finally got it! Love!

Even the "outtakes" are precious. :)

Mommy took the boys inside to I focused on Daddy and his girl for awhile.

We played.

We did the things she normally does at home in her backyard.

We ran races...

And she loved it all.

That's the best way to get those real smiles.

Make sure they're having fun!

Those curls, those eyelashes! Emerson is just stunning.

Twin time! So so handsome!

I haven't photographed that many twins...but I have to say that it was really obvious how close these two are.

It was the way they held on to each other and the way they looked at each other. So so sweet!

Ryan took my recent photography workshop so she could take even better pics of her beautiful kids. That means, though, that she'll probably be behind the camera EVEN more than she already is...

Mom to mom, I get it. To have a nice portrait with each of your kids is so special. This is Henry.

And this is Andrew. Ryan you are beautiful!

A few candids...

I had such a hard time choosing which to blog...

A good problem to have. :-)

We took a little break inside to cool off...Emerson loved jumping on her bed.

And her brothers were loving the playroom.

Ryan, your color choices couldn't be more perfect!

This is so real life.

And so is this. Hehe!

The boys and their nursery. Love.

Back outside, it was time to play again...

I wanted to make sure we got some of Daniel and the twins since we got so many with Emerson earlier.


Getting ready for his close up.

I could post and post and post.

They are all just that sweet!

What do you do when it's 98 degrees outside at 10 am? Put on your bathing suit!

And splash splash splash!

We had to make sure Henry and Andrew would be okay with the splashing...

And luckily, they loved every minute of it. Ryan and Daniel, thank you for allowing me to spend a morning at your beautiful home with your precious family! I hope you love the little sneak peek! Hugs, Kristine

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10 Years and 2 Beautiful Girls Later... 08.25.12

10 years and 2 beautiful daughters later...Sarah and Paul decided they wanted to do a lifestyle session at the University of Richmond where they were married. Such a great idea!

We first visited the Chapel to recreate their wedding portrait...only sweeter this time!

Such a beautiful family!

Madeline and Lauren -- and their Kelly's Kids dresses -- are just adorable.

And they obviously love each other so much.

Such a beauty.

Having fun in her twirling dress.

Precious girl!

My camera LOVED them.

They loved it back.

They had so much fun walking around campus picking spots.

I can still hear them, "Can we do one here Miss Kris?"

We got a few shots of mom and dad...and the girls were my silly helpers making them smile.

I knew they were ready to play. So we did.

Their faces in this series are just priceless.

They were truly having a blast.

Just priceless.

I could have done a whole blog of these.

They tell such a story...

Of love and admiration for their parents. My heart is melting.

A few more relaxed portraits of the girls...

No cheese face around here!

Just beautiful smiles all around.

These girls did fantastic...we did a little posing...

And a lot of playing...

And I'm so glad I had the chance to meet them!

Sarah and Paul, thank you so much! I had so much fun doing these pictures for you and I hope you love the little sneak peek. Hugs! ~Kristine

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Everything 08.23.12

She is their everything...and this session sums up everything I love about a lifestyle photography session. A few natural portraits, lots of real smiles, barefeet, eyelashes, playing at the park, laughter, love, a super cute dog, maybe a silhouette or two?! The list goes on. I really want to blog EVERY single I decided to make a slideshow at the end. To the song "Everything". It's one of my favorites and one that reminds me how we as parents feel about our kids. Enjoy!

Meet Nicole and John, their beautiful 4-year old daughter Ava, and their precious pup Brody.

Ava loves Brody.

And he loves her back.

Since this lake is pretty much their backyard...

A few silhouettes were a must!

Ava being a model.

Ava being a kid.

She is such a stunning little girl.

I told her we needed a few nice smiles...

And then we could go to the park.

She happily led the way.

These playful images are some of my favorites.

They'd be so perfect on a playroom wall...

And in a photobook.

It was definitely hard choosing favorites...

So there are so many more in the slideshow at the end.

I think she was having fun!

Gorgeous mommy! Love the portrait...

Love the candids...

Kisses for mommy...

Kisses for Ava.

Daddy's future sailing partner.


Love more! Could their matching Kelly's Kids outfits be more perfect!?!

Since Nicole is a Kelly's Kid rep herself, she chose a second favorite outfit for Ava.

I love this eyelash shot in black and white...

But for the rest, the color is just so vibrant and fun.

What a beauty!

So sweet and innocent.

Love her painted toes!

Our session couldn't have gone better.

Nicole and John, thank you for asking me to photograph your beautiful family! It was so good to see you after so many years since college and to meet your sweet girl and Brody too -- what a trooper he was! Hope you love the sneak peek as much as I do. Hugs! ~Kristine

Click on the play button below to see a musical slideshow with a bunch more images from their session...and make sure your volume is turned up. Nicole and John, thank you for EVERYTHING. :)

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Lindsay + Andy: Wedding Preview 08.21.12

Lindsay and Andy grew up just 100 yards from each other, but they didn't meet until high school. And now nearly 10 years later, they tied the knot. What an amazing couple, and what an amazing wedding! Here are a few favorites that sum up their beautiful story. Enjoy!

The photography began at Lindsay's parents home, where the gorgeous bride was getting her makeup done.

Some details...

LOVE the blue shoes!

After Lindsay's hair was finished...

It was time to get dressed...

And become a bride! So sweet!

Onto the ceremony.

Lindsay's Dad is so proud of his only daughter.

There is just a closeness in this family that would be obvious to even a stranger.

The rings.

The kiss.

And they're married!

And what a beautiful day it was to get married!

Next we were off to Merriweather Manor

Lindsay's wedding planner, Aimee, did a fantastic job. The place was stunning!

And so was the bride!

And so were the Holly Chapple Flowers

Andy was looking quite handsome as well.

A few shots of the wedding party...

The girls were just adorable!

And these guys...

They were cracking me up!

I'm pretty sure they had fun. :)

And their pictures have so much personality because of that. Hahaha!


A few portraits of the newlyweds...

Could they be any cuter?

Time to party!

We walked up to the party near the end of the cocktail hour....

And we found kids (and adults) playing cornhole.

I then snuck into the tent to photograph the awesomeness.

Details everywhere!

The favors...

Cutest caprese salad ever.

In true Hokie fashion, there was a football kind of entrance that started with the best man...

The excitement in the room gave me the chills.

I'm pretty sure the cheering echoed over the mountains.

As Lindsay and Andy went around giving high fives to their guests.

The first dance...

Was followed by some great toasts. The one given by Lindsay's Dad was so memorable. He had everyone crying.

He welcomed his new son into the family...

And then danced with his daughter to Jimmy Buffet's "Little Miss Magic".

Some cake cutting...

And then it was time to dance.

The couple married the longest amount of time...

And the one married the shortest....but with such a lifetime ahead of them!

Thumbs up!

And it was time for a sparkler exit.

Lindsay and Andy, thank you for asking me to document your perfect perfect wedding day. I smiled the entire time I typed this remembering all the fun and love. Congratulations! Hugs! ~Kristine

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All the "Kids" and Grandkids 08.15.12

I recently had the chance to do a shoot for 5 siblings and their families -- for a total of 16 people including 8 boys under the age of 6! This was "the shot" -- the one we worked hard for and the one that will be hanging proudly in Grandma & Grandpa's home. All the kids and grandkids. How truly special, and how truly amazing that 5 siblings were able to find a date that worked for EVERYONE. Here are a few of my other favorites from our session. These boys are seriously ADORABLE! Enjoy!

Meet Peyton...


And Reece...

They belong to Scott and Candice.

Then we have William...


And Jacob...

They make up Mark and Kristie's party of 5.

And last but not least we have Luke...

And Jonathan.

They are Jason and Kelly's boys.

I actually photographed them last fall and I think they might have remembered me. Either that, or they were just really in the mood to model for my camera. Precious!

Auntie Jill, surrounded by her 4 brothers and her 8 nephews. Love it! We had gotten so many fun portraits out of the way -- so now it was time to play.

I'm pretty sure this is what life with 3 boys looks like. A moment Candice will want to hold on to forever.

Speaking of holding on...Kristie was out of town for work and literally flew in for our shoot just in time and came straight from the airport.

Needless to say, her boys were so excited to see her and just couldn't let her go.

So so sweet.

Everywhere I looked, someone was smiling...

And having fun.

Especially when it was time for the slide.

Reece loved it!

For the most part they forgot I was even there...

And that is a great way to get those natural smiles! Love those sandy toes!

Luke and his younger brother...still posing for me!

I just adore these kids. All of them!

So much that I actually braved the bounce house with 5 boys.

I just sat in a corner and prayed I wouldn't get jumped on. ;-)

The cousins had fun seeing who could jump higher...

Yep, just another day at "work" for these kids.

I'm so glad I could capture these memories for them in one of their most favorite places.

And I couldn't resist making a storyboard as a thank you. Happiness comes from many things...but having grandchildren to love is definitely at the top of the list. To each of you, thank you for asking me to do these precious pictures for your entire family! Hugs! ~Kris

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Adrienne + Joe: Wedding Preview 08.14.12

It was my first time shooting a wedding at Stevenson Ridge...

And it was such a gorgeous venue.

Both the ceremony and the reception took place in The Lodge.

And I was loving all those old barn beams!

Next I found Adrienne's dress...

And I couldn't resist getting a picture from below with the blue sky we had that day.

I heart red shoes with a wedding dress.

And her bouquet. So so pretty!

I found Joe...getting those vows down...

And then I found Adrienne getting ready.

I adore these images with her parents. So sweet!

Adrienne and Joe did a "first look" so that we could do most of their pictures before the ceremony.

They truly have an amazing connection. Their love for each other just jumps out of these photos.

We did just a few portraits...

And we laughed. A lot. Adrienne has the most contagious laugh...

She is beautiful, inside and out.

A few more portraits...

And it's time to get married!

Are these flower girls precious or what?!

They walked down the aisle so perfectly...

And so did the little Ring Protection Agent. :)

Then it was Adrienne's turn.

Their ceremony was beautiful...

And their vows so personal.

Off to the reception...

The first dance.

These are the moments that Adrienne and Joe really wanted me to capture.

A glance...a touch...a kiss...

The emotional candids that really tell a story.

Adrienne and Joe had the most beautiful cupcake cake.

And there was a ribbon pull...

For all the moms in the room. It was such a nice gesture.

One more of the rings...

And then I found the kids decorating their getaway car.

They loved it!

Adrienne and Joe, I am so happy that you found each other. Thank you for asking me to be a part of your beautiful wedding day! With love and appreciation, Kristine

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Rewarding... 08.10.12

It's so rewarding to have the same families come back for updated photos year after year. I've been photographing this family since 2008...before their youngest was even born and though I have favorites from every other session, this is definitely my favorite yet. At the end of our session, Caroline even insisted that her parents buy me a mug from the gift shop because, in her words, "I was a really good photographer." I just told her I had really good subjects. Here are a few favorites from our day together. Enjoy!

We started our session with some portraits...

Could these 3 be any cuter?!

I adore them. They were so ready to before we got too wild...

We knocked out a few more portraits. Beautiful family!

Caroline is such a beauty...

And a total sweetheart.

You can just tell how much she loves life...

And her brothers. So sweet!

What's not to love though?

These boys are so handsome! Ethan, now 5, was a little more willing to pose for me...

Ryan, at 3, was more of a moving target.

And honestly, I LOVE that! It is just the most precious age!

While the boys got some play time...

And some laughter...

Caroline kept being my little model.

Brothers, best buds. Love.

Daddy's girl. Beautiful!

And his boys...

They had a great time.


Portrait time doesn't always mean look at the camera...

I love directing a little to get sweet candids like these.

I wasn't sure we'd get one with Ryan?? ;-)

But we did!

And then we found a wide open spot...

So these 3 could run.

They did fantastic!

Which is why this blog is so long!

I could post forever...

But I'll end with Mom and Dad. Cory and Megan, thank you once again for asking me to do pictures for your family. You are raising the sweetest kids and I'm so happy I could freeze this moment in time for you! Hugs! ~Kris

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Tiffany + Cameron: Wedding Preview 08.08.12

I photographed Tiffany's sister's wedding last year, and it was at that wedding that Tiffany and Cameron told me they had just gotten engaged and that they would love to have me as their photographer too! I was so flattered, and so excited to work with their entire family once again. Their Annapolis area wedding was absolutely perfect -- here are a few favorites from their day! Enjoy!

I started the day with the girls getting ready...

And all the details!

Tiffany's hair and makeup were stunning...

As was her dress...

And her beachy flip flops. Perfect!

I adore candid getting ready photos...


Could that tux be any sweeter?

This is Tiffany's niece and I totally adore her.

Love this moment.

And love her little brother too!

I get to take family pictures for these cuties at the beach soon. :)

Tiffany was all smiles as she arrived at the venue, Celebrations on the Bay.

The colors that day were so vibrant.

A beautiful bride...

And a handsome groom.

Soon it was ceremony time...the setting couldn't have been more perfect.

Tiffany walked down the aisle...

To her brother's music.

So sweet.

Amazing! The weather was perfect.

Their personalized vows were emotional and heartfelt.

And they're married!

Portrait time...I have a bunch of favorites...

Here are just a few.

Then it was reception time...every detail was perfect.

And the room was breathtaking.

The first dance...

Was later followed by some emotional toasts.

Layne, you did a wonderful job...setting the stage for the next highly emotional event...

The moment Tiffany danced with her mom.

Tiffany's sister Layne danced with her mom a year earlier at her wedding...

So even though I knew what to expect, I couldn't help crying behind my camera once again!

These images just speak volumes about their relationship...

What an amazing Mom!

The perfect cake for a wedding on the bay. The 'sand' was brown sugar. Yum!

The sun was setting...

So we snuck outdoors for a few more pics...

And we got this! Oh happy day just got happier!

Back inside for some dance floor fun.

Tiffany and Cameron closed it down surrounded by all their family and friends.

It was the perfect ending to a perfect day. Tiffany and Cameron, thank you for including me in your wedding day. I had so much fun "working" with you over the past year, and I wish you all the happiness in the world. Hugs! ~Kris

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2 Twin Sisters...Blessed 4 Times Over 08.01.12

Grammie and Pop with their twin daughters (my beautiful friends Amy & Heather) and their families. This was "the shot" that we did this shoot for...everything else was just a bonus...and there are a LOT of bonuses. Here are a few more favorites as I'm finishing their entire gallery. Enjoy!

Meet Heather and Randy's oldest son, Zachary. He is soooo handsome and I just love his toothless smile!

This is his little brother Evan. Look at those curls - what a doll!

If you read my blog, then you may remember this photogenic little guy from last fall. This is Amy and Terry's oldest son, Dylan. Adorable!

His little brother Owen didn't want to smile for least not at the beginning. He just wanted to wear his superman cape.

No worries though, I worked a little magic and then we got this. Such a cutie.

Grammie and Pop, you raised 2 beautiful, smart, kindhearted women...

Who are now raising beautiful families of their own. First Heather and Randy's crew...

And then Amy and Terry's. I have a feeling these pictures might go in the same room with Amy and Heather's wedding pictures.

Like any shoot, we did a bunch of portraits. But we also did a ton of candids. These melt my heart.

And more and more, these are the ones that people are choosing to canvas for their walls.

They're just so fun...

And they showcase personalities...

And real life.

Heather: "Boys, stop making silly faces at Miss Kris."
Boys: "Mom, she told us to!"


Daddy's big boy!

Daddy's little boy.

Could it get any sweeter?

These are the kind of images that you look at 10 years from now...

And it takes you back to that very moment.


Beautiful Mommy!

Evan was having a great time...


At the end of our session, the 4 cousins went on Grammie and Pop's swingset...

One for the playroom and/or the boys' bedrooms. I absolutely LOVE it!

Amy & Heather, thank you for asking me to do these special pictures for your entire family. I still have memories of sitting together at our middle school lunch table, and now here I am capturing memories for your sweet sweet families. It doesn't get much awesomer! Hope you love the little preview. Lots more still to come. xoxo Kris

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