Ben & Shawna's Wedding - Part I 09.28.07

On Saturday 9/22, we photographed a VERY special wedding - for Scott's brother, Ben and our new sister-in-law, Shawna. We also happened to be their best man and maid of honor. I was a little nervous about pulling that off, but I think we managed - and we definitely made time for fun, too!

The wedding was at an amazing bed and breakfast in between Lewisburg and Danville called The Haven at CenterHill and the day couldn't have been more perfect. It was an outdoor ceremony, followed by a tented dinner, and lots of dancing in the barn. We had a blast, and we're so honored to have been such a big part of their day! Here are a few early favorites...

Shawna's incredible dress - from The Bride's Bouquet in Selinsgrove.

I had to post this "behind the scenes" shot - Scott took this one of me while I was shooting the back of Shawna's dress.

My resulting image!

Shawna was 100% stunning

The girls

My new sis-in-law :)

Ben was definitely a hottie too

The boys

Shawna and I can take all the credit for those awesome suits!

Cute brothers

To be continued in Part II....
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Ben & Shawna's Wedding - Part II 09.27.07

My Dad snagged this cute moment during the ceremony - Dad, want another job? ;)

And our awesome helper, Jamie, captured this fun shot of the whole wedding party.

Mary from The Haven got this one - thanks Mary - this is my fav behind-the-scenes shot ever, since usually they just contain one of us.

Flare baby! We were getting some SWEET light that day!

Love this shot by the old barn

Heading over to the reception

There was a gorgeous sunset after dinner - the grounds there are breathtaking

The first dance

The barn was such a cool reception spot

Everyone had so much fun! The dance floor was PACKED the entire night, and no one wanted to leave!

Well you two, I could post images forever - because there are so many more that I love, including emotional shots and you know I'm a huge fan of those! But I'm at my limit! So, Ben & Shawna - congratulations again! We love you both so much! To our families and friends - sorry we couldn't visit as much as we would have liked to that day, but we'll make it up to you - promise! And to all the people who helped us take pictures that day - Jamie, my Dad, my brother Mark (aka - my amazing website/blog designer!!), and Mary from The Haven - thank you so much! We couldn't have done it without you! :)
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Katherine & Brian's Wedding - Part I 09.20.07

Sunday we kicked off our fall wedding spree with Katherine & Brian at The Cameron Estate Inn in Lancaster County. Can't think of a better way to start! I knew we were going to have a blast when I first met with this couple - they're so much fun! And they are the sweetest and most genuine people. Those qualities really showed in their children, Shawna & Jonathan (Katherine's) and Misty & Bryant (Brian's) too. Today was truly a joining of two families, and we are so honored to have been a part of that.

I started with the girls, while they were getting beautified at Fusion Salon

While Scott was at the Inn getting some stuff with the boys

And some shots of the gorgeous location of course

Lovin this fun shot of the beautiful bride

Gotta love a telephoto lens! Scott snagged this ceremony shot from off in the distance

Another sweet moment - success - candles are lit

I think this is my favorite under-the-veil portrait - ever. I love the expressions

And I love the way their blue eyes pop in this one

To be continued in Part II
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Katherine & Brian's Wedding - Part II 09.19.07

The first dance

Their awesome wedding cake

And the best man's toast

DJ Bob Newman from 94.9 rockin it!

Brian's cute daughter, Misty - she was taking pictures of us all night!

Katherine's adorable son, Jonathan

And her daughter, Shawna, tearing up the dance floor

Off to the Caribbean!

Katherine and Brian - congratulations and thank you. We had so much fun documenting your wedding day, and we hope you are having a wonderful and relaxing time on your honeymoon. It was truly an honor to photograph your wedding, and we can't wait for you to see the rest and to design your album. Thank you for welcoming us into your lives, and for treating us like old friends. Your day was absolutely beautiful. ~K&S
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Party of Five 09.10.07

Yesterday, Scott & I had the chance to photograph an adorable family at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Northern VA. To our wonderful clients, Mike & Marie, and their children, Michelle, Michael, & Melissa, thank you for a great day! Here are just a few to hold you over, but there are so many that it was really difficult to choose which to post as a sneak peek. Can't wait for you to see the rest!

The girls

The boys

The "rents" - such a CUTE couple!

The whole fam

They were very close

Cute siblings - seriously 3 of the most polite "kids" I've ever met!

Love this moment- tickle tickle!

We got so many cool candid walking pictures. This one was "planned".

These next 2 were 100% real. Maybe Mom told them to do that before hand? ;)

So fun!

We took a bunch of individual portraits, but I wanted to post one of Michelle because she left for Navy boot camp today, and I'm sure everyone is really missing her!

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A Growing Family 09.10.07

Yesterday, Scott & I also had the chance to photograph the sweetest first-time parents, and their beautiful new baby girl, Olivia. Just two-months old, she was already trying to crawl for her pictures. Rose & Mike - you may have a little all-star in training! It was so nice to meet both of you, and we look forward to another family shoot in the future. :) Here are just a few early favs! Big hugs! ~Kristine

Baby #1 (big baby Kobe) and baby #2 (little baby Olivia)

Naptime anyone? Little Melissa was my "helper" for this shoot (see previous blog post titled "Party of Five"). She loved her little cousin Olivia.Thanks Melissa!!!

Rose and their first "child" Kobe.

Some of my absolute favorite images happen during "breaks". Three generations, and I don't think they had any idea I was taking this! :)

Daddy's girl

Who me??

The beautiful Rose and Olivia.

My FAVORITE picture - I love the emotion! :)

Proud Papa!

And one more family shot...

Rose and Mike- thank you again and congratulations on the birth of your precious new daughter, Olivia.
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Taylor's Senior Pictures 09.03.07

The night before we left for our vacation, Scott and I did senior pictures for a GORGEOUS rising senior at East Juniata High School. We started the shoot on the campus of Bucknell University with some casual and fun portraits. As the day went on and we moved to downtown Lewisburg, we got a little more funky, using doors, alleys, store windows - whatever we could find! Oh, and of course we had to get a shot of Taylor stopping traffic, which she was unintentionally doing the entire night anyway! :) To Taylor and her awesome Mom, Michelle, thank you both! We had so much fun last Thursday, and it was a great way to start our vacation. We can't wait for you to see the rest....including some of these in black and white. I seriously could have posted images all day long!!!

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Yellowstone 09.02.07

It's 5 am, and we're getting ready to head to the airport, so I'm going to edit this post later. In the meantime, here is a little of what we saw in Yellowstone. Yay for the Hokies! :)

*Edited to Add*
Whew, after one emergency landing and a couple plane power failures, we're back home safe in Pennsylvania. I'm glad to be home, but I had the best time in Yellowstone (and of course Jackson - I love that place!)

This is our lodge at Yellowstone Lake.

I had no idea Yellowstone would be so colorful. The geology of the place was incredible. Just one big active volcano.

Everywhere we looked, there was steam rising from the ground.

Old Faithful at sunrise.

Cute hubby.

The buffalo were EVERYWHERE we looked too. I experienced my own version of "Running of the Bulls" trying to snag some good images. I kept my distance after that!

Pano of the Tetons.

Driving back to Jackson, one of the things I was most excited about (other than some fine dining that didn't include cliff bars) was being able to watch VA Tech play football on Saturday - the first game since those horrible shootings occurred in April. I did my undergraduate work at Tech, and following this car reminded me that Hokie Pride is as strong and pervasive as ever. Congrats to the Hokies!!

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