Baby Kaydins: 9 Months 09.29.08

Last week I went to visit Baby Kaydins for her 9-month session of her Baby's First Year plan. She is as adorable and happy as ever! She recently started imitating her parents, Sherry and Bryson, when they say "Uh oh" and it is the cutest thing. So of course we had to make sure we got one of those little faces!

Sherry and Bryson, I always have so much fun taking Kaydins' pictures! Somehow she keeps getting cuter and cuter every time I see her! I hope you like your little preview. See you around the holidays for her 1-year session! Much love, Kris

Look at that sweet little face...this photo was taken in Kaydins' bedroom and I love it in black and white.

But I had to show the color one too because her blue eyes are amazing!

Kaydins = Beautiful.

While Sherry was getting Kaydins' Halloween costume ready, we played with some of her toys in the living room.

Kaydins is going to be a butterfly for her first Halloween.

She is so precious.

Once we got back inside, we played with some blocks in an attempt to get Kaydins to say "Uh Oh"...

And when she dropped some of them, there came the face! :-)

I love this's so innocent and sweet.

And this one as she stares at the gourd.

But I think this is my favorite. What a dollbaby! See you in a few months Kaydins!

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Randi & Dan's Engagement 09.25.08

Last week we did an engagement session with Randi & Dan at Ravensburg State Park in Jersey Shore. They are planning an awesome wedding for May of 2009, and we're very excited to be a part of their big day.

To Randi & Dan, we had a lot of fun getting to know you both and we're very much looking forward to your wedding in the spring. Happy belated 1-year anniversary...we hope you like the sneak peek of your images! Talk soon! ~Kris & Scott

Randi & Dan met at Jersey Shore Hospital.

Every so often, we like to make our clients skip! ;-) We sometimes get weird looks when we suggest that, but it always ends up making for great images and great laughter. This is one of Scott's images...

And this is one of mine. Randi is such a cute little thing!

This is one of my favorites. It's like that tree was there just for us to use.

Though the stream was gorgeous too.

Natural and relaxed. Love it.

We had to do a picture in the park's most infamous spot.

If I had to pick one fave, I think this is it. They are so in the moment with each other - I think they forgot we were there.

It's been a long time since we've blurred a couple behind something, and I thought this one with the evergreen tree was really fun. Very Pennsylvania-esque.

And of course we couldn't leave without getting a reflection shot! Thanks again Randi & Dan - we will see you in the spring!

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Julie & Clint's Wedding 09.22.08

On September 6th, Scott and I photographed a totally 'ROCKIN' wedding - for Mr. and Mrs. Julie & Clint ROCKEY. The ceremony was held at Dreisbach United Church of Christ, and the reception was at Ard's Farm Market in Lewisburg. Even though we had a little rain from Tropical Storm Hanna in the morning, the day was absolutely flawless. The rain just gave us the opportunity for some cool umbrella shots, and we had amazing golden light just in time for the reception.

Julie & Clint, we are so incredibly happy for you. It is so evident to us, and I'm sure to everyone else, that you are perfect together and will have a wonderful marriage. I'm sure it's tough being back from Mexico, but hopefully this mini preview of images will be a good welcome home present! Much love and appreciation ~ Kris & Scott

How do I only blog 20 images when I want to blog about 200 of them?! I guess I'm fast forwarding to the ceremony...this shot was with our fisheye lens.

I love Julie's expression here as she put the ring on Clint's finger.

If anyone saw me laying on my stomach in the aisle arranging the rose petals, this was why. ;-)

I heart umbrella pictures! Their wedding party was so much fun!

We did a few out of the rain using the barn at Clint's family farm.

I love this one of the newlyweds.

Onto Ard's! Julie & Clint, and their entire wedding party rode up to the tented reception on a haywagon. Their wedding was a "Countrypolitan" masterpiece.

The flower girls and ring bearer were too cute playing in the hay.

The wedding details were gorgeous. Each place setting had a personalized menu card, and green ROCK candy.

Julie & Clint made their grand entrance to "LET'S GET ROCKED" by Def Leppard. It was the best way to start the party with nearly 250 people clapping and singing. Their head table was one of the prettiest I've ever seen.

This was at the very end of the song...

In ROCKEY t-shirt tradition fashion, Julie had shirts made for a few lucky guests. She ordered them after watching way too much of The Weather Channel the week of her wedding. ;)

Instead of clinking their glasses, guests had to come onto the dance floor and show the newlyweds how they wanted them to kiss. Here Julie's friend Jenna and her husband show off their impressive kissing and dancing abilities!

The first dance...

Did I mention we got some golden light?!

One of my fave dancing shots ever! Thanks girls!

Scott's end of the night image - he used a slow shutter speed to blur the flames of the bonfire.

Congratulations again Julie & Clint!

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The Football Player and The Cheerleader 09.19.08

The other night I got to photograph the cutest brother and sister, Ty, who is 2, and his sister, Gabrielle, who is 5. We did the shoot in Selinsgrove, using the University and also Kidsgrove playground, and I had so much fun!

To Gabrielle and Ty's parent's, Kara and Todd, after 2 rained out shoots, I'm so glad we finally got a nice day! They say the 3rd times a charm, and it must be true because I LOVE your pictures. It was definitely worth the wait. Thank you for the sweet email you sent just minutes after the shoot. I'm so glad to hear that Gabrielle wanted me to take her pictures again "tomorrow". Totally melts my heart! :) Hope you enjoy the little preview. Much love! Kris

Meet 5-year old Gabrielle - she was the cheerleader...

And 2-year old Ty was the football player.

Gabrielle is GORGEOUS! Look at those green eyes!

Not to be outdone by his sis, Ty decided to give me a few gorgeous smiles too!

As most parents know, sibling shots are tough. But every once in awhile, a totally candid and perfect moment happens...thank goodness I was ready for this one!

Here is Ty in his next adorable outfit. I was playing "Peek-a-Boo" around the tree with him to get this shot, and I love his smile.

Gabrielle might as well be a Gymboree model...

I was so excited to get this amazing shot of Gabrielle...

And here is what happened just seconds's too bad they didn't still have their football outfits on! ;)

Next we went to the playground. Ty liked the tire swing...

And they both loved running through the choo choo train.

I love Ty's smile here.

And Gabrielle's smile here on the swing - I could have blogged so many more, but I think this will give Kara and Todd a good sneak peek. Thanks so much again guys!

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Two Little Princesses 09.16.08

Last week I did another on-location shoot with the most adorable family -- Sarah, who is 2, her newborn baby sister Kate, who is 2 months, and their parents, Kim and Eric. We did the shoot in their backyard, which was an awesome setting for pictures -- lots of room to run, incredible light, beautiful trees, cornfields, a swingset -- and of course 2 gorgeous little princesses to photograph. I was one happy woman!

Kim and Eric, I had so much fun getting to know your family, and I'm so honored that I could be the one to capture these precious memories for you. I am so happy with the results, and I hope this little preview brings a smile to your face. Talk to you soon! ~ Kris

Meet adorable little Sarah. She was so full of life and smiles.

And here is 2-month old baby Kate -- so sweet and beautiful!

Since Kate was awake, I started with some portraits of her and her parents. I love this one of Kate with her gorgeous mom, Kim. Their yard had the best backlighting.

And I love this one with her dad, Eric. The eye-contact from Kate makes me happy!

Sarah was so cute playing with her dad. I can still hear her laughter as I'm typing this.

This is one of my favorites of the night.

But I also love this one of Kim, who had just "lost" a race to Sarah. Her expression is priceless!

Next we let Sarah play in her favorite tree, and luck was definitely on my side. The friendly stray cat decided he wanted to climb up there to get in some photos with Sarah. :-)

After a little cat nap (in all seriousness!), Kate was ready for some more pictures. She did so good with being held in the air...

But I think she preferred being on her back so she could gaze up at all the trees.

She is such a little sweetheart, so peaceful and content.

I still had some energy left, so I decided to let Sarah give me a run for my money! ;-) This is one of my favorites. The color is so vibrant.

And another favorite (I have too many!) -- here Sarah is "skinning the cat". I love everything about this picture!

Kim and Eric, thank you again for welcoming me into your home. You have a beautiful family!

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Julie & Clint's Rehearsal Dinner 09.13.08

Last Friday, Scott and I photographed Julie & Clint's rehearsal and rehearsal dinner in Lewisburg. The rehearsal took place at Dreisbach United Church of Christ, and the rehearsal dinner, affectionately known as the "Groom's Picnic", followed at Clint's family farm. I love rehearsal dinners -- I loved my own, and I've loved every one I've ever attended -- and now I can say photographed. :-) They're such a great way to start the wedding weekend, and Julie and Clint's did just that. They got to spend an evening with their wedding party, friends and family members -- eating, drinking, roasting, and toasting under the stars. It doesn't get much better than that!

Julie & Clint, thank you asking us to photograph this special event in your lives. Even though we had the cameras, you made us feel like honored guests, especially when you gave us a little toast. Thank you again for the "Rockey Pot" - we will cherish it forever. Love, Kris & Scott

You couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day - it was the calm before the Tropical Storm Hanna.

Julie was walked down the aisle by her mom and dad. I love her expression - I think it was finally becoming real for her.

They rehearsed their vows...

They exchanged cute glances...

And they kissed... I love the Reverend's face in this one.

Upon walking outside to head to the dinner, they burst out laughing at a little surprise their friends had made for them.

This was for the "Country" part of their "Countrypolitan" wedding weekend. They rode to the Groom's Picnic in the back of the truck, complete with a Pack-N-Play.

In honor of Clint and his favorite color, there was a lot of orange at the Groom's Picnic.

We did a couple portraits before it got dark. So cute.

And then everyone had a big Italian feast.

I love this one of Clint's grandmother with the flower girls.

Before it was time for gifts, Julie and Clint were serenaded by their friends and family (notice all the gifts wrapped in their wedding colors - Julie didn't miss a thing!)

They sang "Going to the Chapel" and it was really funny.

In typical fashion, the boys laughed...

And the girls cried as they read their heartfelt thank you cards from the bride-to-be.

At the end of the night, Julie and Clint gave toasts to their parents. Julie had a tearful moment as she thanked her mom and dad for making her into the woman she is today - the woman who Clint loves.

Then it was Clint's turn. You could tell his parents are so proud of him.

Julie & Clint, we hope you are having a wonderful time in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! For Julie and Clint's friends & family awaiting the wedding blog, I'll probably do it in a week after a few others - that way it'll be at the top when they return from their honeymoon.
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Julie's Bridal Portraits 09.08.08

About a month ago, I did a bridal session with Julie, but I haven't been able to blog them until now because that would have ruined the surprise for her husband-to-be, Clint. So I know Julie has been anxiously awaiting a sneak peek of her shoot, and I couldn't wait to share. Julie and Clint's wedding took place on Saturday, September 6th, and it was just perfect. That blog - and the blog of their rehearsal/rehearsal dinner - will be coming soon! :-)

But back to Julie's bridal portraits...we started the day at her bridesmaid Natalie's house. Natalie had the coolest bench, which she actually made herself! It was an awesome spot for a few portraits.

This one reminds me of a magazine ad. Julie pulled off the serious look really well.

After a few indoor shots, we headed to Nissley vineyards. I love the red backdrop here, especially with red berries in Julie's bouquet.

Probably my favorite close-up of the day.

We played around in the vineyard.

Julie is such a classic beauty.

We had gorgeous afternoon light.

I was loving the under-the-veil shots.

This is one of my faves! I loved all the buttons down the back of Julie's gown.

And the train was beautiful. I love sparkles!

To Julie, I had a such a great time doing your shoot, and I'm so happy you will have all these awesome images in your glamour gown! I hope you like them as much as I do - you are truly beautiful - inside and out. Love, Kris

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Baby Grayson is 7 Months Old 09.04.08

I have been photographing baby Grayson since he was in utero (I did maternity pictues of his Mom last winter), so it's hard for me to believe he is already 7 months I'm sure it is for Grayson's parents, our good friends, Aaron and Megan. We did Grayson's photoshoot at Susquehanna University, although you would never know it. I just wanted a some good light and some green leaves, and I knew we could find that at SU.

To Aaron and Megan, thank you for being such great friends and for giving me such a cute little baby to blog! :) I love your pictures and can't wait for you to see the rest. Much love! ~Kris (and Scott too)

I took this photo in February when Grayson was just 4 weeks old. I somehow didn't blog it then (I always end up with so many shoulda-blogged images after I've really had a chance to thoroughly go through them after a shoot), but I'm glad I'm getting a chance to show it off now. This is one of two 16x20s hanging in Grayson's nursery.

According to Megan, this is the cutest picture ever...he was such a little peanut last winter.

And here he is today at 7 months. His dark hair didn't fall out - it just came in blonde and he is already due for haircut number two...what a dollbaby!

It's easy to see where Grayson gets his good looks! Megan is gorgeous...sorry if I'm embarassing you Meg!

I love this picture of Aaron and Grayson. Hiding the toy - in this case 'Walter the Washcloth' - would take away from the real and fleeting moment. I'm so glad I could capture this memory for them and Walter. ;).

Grayson will be walking before they know it...

Could you ask for a better smile or pose!?!

"No Dad, I do not like the Heisman pose, but I'll look at that lady with the camera who sings 'The Itsy Bitsy Spider' with my Mom."

"I do think I could be the next Ben Roethlisberger though!"

This is one of my favorites! I love the father-son smiles!

Grayson just got back from the beach, and this was one of his cute vacation outfits.

Megan and Aaron, thank you for allowing me to document "Grayson's cuteness". You are a beautiful family and we're so happy to have your friendship.

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Rick & Beth's Wedding 09.01.08

On Saturday, August 30th, Scott and I photographed the intimate wedding of our friends, Rick and Beth. Scott has known Rick for almost 6 years now, and through them I have gotten to know Beth, who is the biggest sweetheart you could meet.

To Rick and Beth, it was really special to both of us to have the privilege of documenting your wedding day....especially with our baby girl in tow. :-) We hope you like the sneak peek of your pictures! Love, Kris & Scott ps - big thanks to everyone who helped us out with Elsa that day!

The day started with a small ceremony at Beth's Aunt's beautiful home in Hughesville.

Beth was looking as beautiful as I had ever seen her! I loved that she was dancing around and having fun for my camera!

Here Beth's Mom and two brothers anticipate Beth's walk down the staircase.

This was her first glimpse at her soon-to-be husband, Rick.

They were married by the Mayor of Williamsport.

After the ceremony, we had plenty of time for some of our modern portraits. This is one of my favorites.

They walked through the fields....and then....

Some crickets and grasshoppers decided to make a home in Beth's wedding dress. It was too funny, so I couldn't resist posting this "behind-the-scenes" image of Scott helping Rick get them out.

Since we got an engagement picture like this, we had to get a wedding day one too.

Love this one!

Their wedding cake was so cool! I stood on a chair to shoot it straight down, and I love how it turned out.

Rick got Beth pretty good, but it's okay because she saved some cupcakes and got him back later. ;)

A cute moment of laughter during their first dance.

And another great moment on the dance floor. I'm not sure what is going on, but I think it's adorable!!!

Beth and her Mom show off their moves...

A wonderful time was had by all. Congrats again Rick and Beth!

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