The Cutest Curls 09.29.09

Amy and Chris received a gift certificate for a lifestyle photography session and digital image CD from Amy's family, and we planned a family shoot for around Zoe's 4th birthday in August. Since I had already moved to Virginia by then, we were able to coordinate the shoot when I was back in PA to shoot a wedding. Knowing that I had a long drive home, Amy and Chris even drove from State College to Harrisburg to meet me - I have the nicest clients!

The nicest clients with the cutest kids! Does Zoe have the cutest curls or what?!?! Not to mention those amazing blue eyes!
Charlottesville Modern Children's Photography

She is so full of life.

And she is always smiling, whether she is with Mommy (you can see where she gets that gorgeous hair!)...

Or with Daddy.

What you'd never know is that Zoe has juvenile diabetes, so her parents have to prick her finger multiple times per day to check her blood sugar. Halfway into our shoot, it was time for one of these sugar checks, and Amy encouraged me to snap a few frames. I was honored. These images give new meaning to a "real moment captured".

Amy and Chris are actively involved in a variety of fundraisers dedicated to finding a cure, including the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Walk for a Cure, so I hope that these images can be used in some way to increase awareness.

If you're shedding a tear or two right now, Zoe's big smile will make you smile again.

We were at a park, and she knew it was time to play! That meant some time on the swings...

Some swinging around...

Some fun on the slides...

And even riding her bike! She was too cute honking her horn, and she kept asking her Mom if she needed to wear her helmet.

To Amy and Chris, thank you for allowing me to spend a morning in your lives. It was truly an honor. Hugs! ~Kris

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The Pink Ladies 09.24.09

I love the color pink. So when I met up with Kristy and her two adorable daughters and they were all wearing hot pink, it was helllllllo happy day. Pink really pops against a green background, and since we were shooting at a wooded park, I knew it was going to look great. Throw in a couple of gorgeous girls and some incredible natural light, and here is what we came up with.

Sydney is 6 and she is stunning!
Charlottesville Kid's Photography

Have you ever seen such amazing eyelashes on a first grader?? She will definitely be the envy of her friends later on.
Charlottesville Lifestyle Photography

She looks like a little model in the making...
Charlottesville Lifestyle Photography

And so does her beautiful little sister, Hailey, who is 4. Talk about delicious eye-popping light.
Charlottesville Photographers

Hailey loved picking the flowers...

It was so sweet when she gave them to her Mom.

And when she did this. Mom is probably wondering how her baby girls got so tall!

Speaking of Mom, isn't she beautiful!!?!

Gorgeous. I think the 2 of these images would look awesome framed on the same wall.

A little playfulness. I love this nanosecond later and the swing in the foreground would have been covering her face....but I got lucky and the placement here just shows the depth of field.

I'm posting this one for Sydney because I know she'll be excited to see it. She wanted to show me how she could jump off the swing, and she did a great job maintaining eye contact with the camera.

Little Hailey was content to just hang out...

Last but not least, a sweet shot of the girls together.

And one more...I look at this and get even more excited to be having a little sister for my own daughter. To Kristy, I had so much fun capturing these images for you. Thanks so much for a wonderful shoot ~Kristine

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Adorableness! 09.23.09

A couple weeks ago, I got to photograph 3 of the most adorable kids from Northern Virginia (thanks to my wonderful client Erin for the referral!). Ethan is 5, and his 2 older sisters, Elisa and Maddy, are 7 and 9, and they are so full of personality.

Meet darling 5 year old Ethan.

He has 2 beautiful older sisters, Elisa who is 7...

And Maddy who is 9. We had amazing backlight that morning.

It was really obvious how close these 3 are. It was so cute to watch.

After we got a bunch of pretty portraits done, the kids just played. The swings were a hit...

As was this little creek.

They loved doing "boat races" with leaves and sticks.

I think Elisa's boat won.

We spent a little time on the wooded trails...
Charlottesville Children's Photographer

And of course in the playground. I love this one of Ethan with his sisters in the background. He really couldn't get enough of the camera, which I was loving!
Charlottesville Children's Photographer

Total adorableness! To Susan, your kids are beautiful and so sweet! Thank you for asking me to document this little slice of life. I hope you like the preview as much as I do. Hugs! ~Kristine
Charlottesville Children's Photography
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Renee & Johnathan's Wedding 09.21.09

On Saturday August 8th, Scott and I photographed Renee and Johnathan's wedding. The ceremony took place at Holy Name of Jesus Church and a great reception followed at The Colonial Country Club. Renee and Johnathan have an adorable almost 2-year old son named Noah, and I'm so happy we were able to do some fun family pictures with him. I love weddings and lifestyle photography, so this day was the best of both worlds! Ok - enough rambling. Onto the preview of pics!

The dress...beautiful!

The shoes...gorgeous!

The bride...stunning!

And we can't forget the handsome groom.

Here is little Noah getting ready for Mommy and Daddy's special day. I love it -- the little black socks just get me!

One little peek at the ceremony....

And then it was time for portraits. We had beautiful light at the country club.

I love how this one with the clock turned out.

Johnathan works at the fire department, so of course we had to do some with the truck! So fun!

My favorites, though, are the ones we did with Noah. Doesn't get much sweeter.

Reception time. For the first dance, Renee and Johnathan started out by themselves...

And then Noah joined them and they finished their dance as a family. I was definitely tearing up behind my camera!

The little flower girl couldn't wait for her turn on the dance floor!

As I mentioned above, it was such a fun reception. There were some hilarious toasts...

And there was an anniversary dance, which is one of my favorite wedding traditions. It's such an awesome way to get beautiful candids of your grandparents or another couple who has been married for 50+ years.

There was some great bouquet tossing action...

And a Polka dance in which Johnathan (on the left in the white vest) had to break into a very difficult circle. I love that Renee is dancing with her Dad in this shot.

Gotta love this one! Everyone forgets the photographer is there late in the evening. ;-)

To Renee and Johnathan, thank you for asking us to document the beginning of your married life together, and for being so nice to work with. Noah is a lucky little boy to have you both for parents. Congratulations to you all! With love and appreciation ~Kristine & Scott

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Cousins 09.16.09

Just after I moved to Virginia, I had the opportunity to photograph 4 of the cutest and nicest kids -- cousins from NOVA and New York. We did the shoot right here in Charlottesville on the grounds of The University of Virginia, and I love the results. College campuses offer so much diversity for a photo shoot, and UVA was no exception.

The goal of the session was (of course) to get some modern (as in the unique angles my clients love) and natural (as in real smiles and posed yet looks unposed) portraits, and also to make sure we got some fun shots of all 4 kids together so that Grandma could choose one to use for her annual Christmas card. It was a definite success, and I can't wait to share!

I thought I would start with one of my favorites of all 4 of them. It's not your typical sitting on a bench portrait and that is what I love about it.
Charlottesville Children's Photography

Little Miss "M" is 5 years old, and she is precious beyond words. Just look at those big brown eyes and rosy cheeks!

She loved the camera, and she really loved climbing in this tree.

She was all smiles up there. I love this candid of her.

This is her older brother, "G", who is 7. Seriously, the kids I photograph look like models straight out of "Parents" magazine.

A favorite.

Meet "R", one of the gorgeous cousins from Long Island. He is 10 years old, and he loves to play golf and ride his bike.

We had beautiful light that morning around the Rotunda, so I definitely took advantage of it. Such a cutie!

And last but not least, we have "K", the oldest of the bunch at 13.

Is he going to be a heartbreaker or what?!?!

Couldn't resist posting one more of him... I snagged this shot without him knowing it (he was hanging out against a white column waiting for his cousins to get changed). Those eyes - wow! How I love natural light photography.

Then we did a few of "M" and "G" together in a more fall-ish outfit. I don't think I could have asked for any more natural for a portrait. I love it and think it would make an awesome holiday card.

So would some of the candids though...they'll just melt your heart!

A favorite of the brothers from New York...

And one more fave of all 4 of them. Wow, this is almost as long as a wedding blog post, but I guess that's what happens when you get to photograph 4 adorable kids! To "M" and "G"'s mom Jill, thank you so much for meeting me in Cville and for a wonderful shoot! Your children and your nephews are SO cute and so easy to photograph, and I had so much fun getting to know them and you too. I hope you like the little preview as much as I do! Thanks again and talk to you soon... ~Kristine

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Jenelle & Jer's Wedding 09.14.09

On Sunday August 2nd, Scott and I photographed Jenelle & Jer's wedding at the beautiful Riverdale Manor in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. You may remember Jenelle & Jer from their awesome engagement session that we did in the home that they are renovating. Well, these two have been so busy with that project that I'm amazed that they found the time to pull off such a fabulous wedding. And not just a fabulous wedding, but one in which they designed and made many of the little details THEMSELVES. The day was all about Apple Green -- the colors were Black & Apple Green -- and it was so completely classy and coherent.

I was in love with Jenelle's green Vaneli shoes!
Charlottesville Photographers

And her green and white bouquet, which she made herself! Jenelle, you are just gorgeous -- and you are my new crafty idol!
Charlottesville Photographers

I'm pretty sure they made Jer's green flower too...
Charlottesville Photographers

And they definitely made these awesome programs. I love photographing details, so I was in heaven.
Charlottesville Wedding Photographers

Ceremony time. It was August, so each chair had a green fan laying on it.
Charlottesville Wedding Photographers

Rather than show the typical straight-on standing at the altar shots, I thought I would show some different angles this time. What a beautiful spot for a ceremony!
Charlottesville Wedding Photographers

This is one of Scott's images, and I absolutely love it! Is Jenelle glowing or what?!?!

As if walking down the aisle with your new husband isn't an emotional enough experience, Jenelle's Mom suprised her with a jazz trio that played the Beatles song, "All You Need is Love".

And this was her reaction. To Jenelle's Mom, this image is for you. Nice work creating a really special memory for Jenelle and Jer!

After the ceremony, we did a bunch of portraits with their wedding party...

And of Jenelle and Jer alone. Love it!

Then it was time to party!

How bout them apples!

Jenelle's sister made the cake. She had never made a wedding cake before, so apparently craftiness runs in the family.

The table numbers were random numbers, but ones with significance to Jenelle and Jer, like the seating capacity at Beaver Stadium. So cool!

And just in case they hadn't made enough, they decided to make their own Green Apple Riesling and labels. I was so impressed!

The first dance. These two took dance lessons and had fun showing off their fancy footwork.

Love this shot of Jenelle and some of her girlfriends. I think we took a similar picture at Kelly's wedding (on the far left) last
December. Apparently this is a signature dance move. Too cute!

So sweet.

The dance floor was packed...

And Jenelle and Jer literally closed it down. This is one of my faves. What can we say guys? You are the best and we had so much fun photographing your wedding. The details and color choices were amazing, so much so that I'm designing our new guest bedrooom after your wedding! :-) Thanks for everything, and congratulations again! So happy for you both! With love ~Kris & Scott

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Hannah & Dan's Wedding 09.09.09

On Saturday August 1st, I photographed the beautiful wedding of Hannah and Dan. The ceremony was held at Rooke Chapel on the campus of Bucknell University and an awesome reception followed at The Lewisburg Hotel. We had perfect summer weather for outdoor pictures, but we also got some great indoor shots -- like in the Chapel and also in the campus GYM! As in the weight room. Enjoy!

Hannah was a gorgeous bride! She was extremely calm and ready to see her groom...
Charlottesville Wedding Photography

And Dan was definitely ready to see his bride. Hannah and Dan are the nicest and most fun couple, as you will see in the pictures to come.
Charlottesville Wedding Photography

A few details...what amazing flowers! Loved them!
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

Ceremony time. I love this image of Hannah's Dad walking her down the aisle.

Dan got a little emotional during his vows, and it was so sweet when Hannah touched his cheek and wiped away a tear.

A lighter moment. Dan struggles to get his ring on. Too funny!

And they're married! This image was totally impromptu after they signed the marriage license and it makes me smile. They're so perfect together.

Right after the ceremony, we did a group photo in front of Rooke Chapel. Could they have asked for a better day or bluer skies?

Then we did a few inside the Chapel. Here we're on the balcony.

And here we are again. Same window, just exposed for differently.

Hannah and Dan met while lifting weights in the gym at Bucknell. So obviously we had to go have some fun in there. I believe this is the machine Hannah was using, and apparently Dan went over to help her because she was lifting "way too much weight". So cute.

Such a fun wedding party!

Then it was time for some images of Hannah and Dan alone around campus. Beautiful!

Such a cute couple!

The reception was at The Lewisburg Hotel. This is another image that makes me smile - I love that Dan is holding the bouquet.

A few reception details. The cake was breathtaking, and the centerpieces were so classy and unique. Each table had a different glass teapot filled with fresh flowers.

Love this moment during their first dance.

And I love this one of the packed dance floor. I'm pretty sure this is "Shout".

Hannah and Dan were out there most of the night together, which made me a really happy photographer.

How could I not end with this one?!?! Hannah and Dan, thank you for asking me to document your wedding day and for being so easy and FUN to work with! I hope you and your families and friends like the little preview of images and I can't wait for you to see the rest! With love and appreciation ~Kristine

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Austin: 7 Months 09.07.09

Baby Austin was my very last photo shoot in Pennsylvania, well, at least as a resident of Pennsylvania, and it was a WONDERFUL shoot to end up with. I had (have) the NICEST clients in PA, and Austin's parents Chris and Jim were no exception. Knowing I had a really busy photography schedule right before moving, Chris and Jim were nice enough to travel from their hometown to Selinsgrove, and they have been patiently waiting for weeks to see their blog.

For my blog followers (it sounds crazy to say that, because I still can't believe I have so many people who read my blog and friends who are begging for an RSS feed!), this isn't the end of a blogging streak. I still have weddings from 8/1, 8/2, 8/8, and 8/21 coming, plus a bunch of new cutie kids from Virginia I've photographed recently....AND 4 more weddings for September and October. Business is busy, and for that I am extremely thankful!

Ok, onto cutie pie Austin!

Austin was full of smiles that Thursday afternoon. He is sooooooo cute!!!

And he has amazing blue eyes.

I did a few portraits of Austin and Mom....

And then some that were a little more emotional and candid.

Same thing with Dad. Portraits first...

And then those timeless black & whites that bring a tear to your eye. I would frame this big for impact.

Then Austin had some fun with his toys. I love this one.

Chris did a great job picking out his brightly-colored toys that would really pop in the photos.

Can't forget some family pictures. Something sweet...

And something a little more modern. Even with their parents behind them, babies and kids just naturally seem to look at me/my camera. Yeah, sometimes I'm making silly noises and singing, but still - I think I'm pretty lucky.

Same exact moment as above, but 2 seconds later gives an entirely different perspective. How could I resist those little feet and hands on the cement!?!!

A final family picture - you can't go wrong with something classic like this. Chris and Jim, thanks so much for traveling down to meet me at SU, and for a wonderful last shoot in PA. I hope you like the little preview as much as I do and that they were worth the wait. Have a great holiday and I will talk to you soon! ~Kris

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Fountain Fun with Morgan and Spencer 09.03.09

Morgan and Spencer's Mom Pam called me about doing photos of her children after attending a wedding we photographed recently (thanks Jen & Shane!), and I'm so glad she did! I'm always learning something new at every shoot, and this one in particular reminded me just how much we can learn from kids. You'll see what I mean when you look at the portraits and moments I captured one gorgeous Thursday morning a couple of weeks ago.

We started the day with a few portraits. This is beautiful 9-year old Morgan.
Charlottesville Children's Photographers

And this is her adorable 7-year old brother Spencer.
Charlottesville Children's Photographers

The portraits quickly turned to candids and I couldn't help but think about the life lessons that children can teach us. There is a great quote that says, "While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about." So so true!
Charlottesville Kid's Photographers

Lesson 1: Love your Mommy! I encouraged Pam to jump in for a quick shot and I LOVE how it turned out.
Charlottesville Kid's Photographers

Lesson 2: Walk around barefoot.
Charlottesville Lifestyle Photographers

Lesson 3: Hug your siblings often.
Charlottesville Lifestyle Photographers

Lesson 4: Laugh til your stomach hurts.

Lesson 5: Smile at something other than the camera.

Lesson 6: Be fabulous. What a gorgeous little girl!!!

Lesson 7: Spontaneity is a good thing. At the very end of the shoot, Spencer and Morgan decided to play in the fountain on the campus of SU, and these pictures are some of my favorites.

Lesson 8: Enjoy life's simple pleasures, and don't worry about how your hair looks. ;-)

To Pam, your kids rock, and so do you for letting them play in the fountain even though you had no change of clothes AND no towels to dry off! Thanks so much for asking me to document this little slice of life. I hope you like the preview as much as I do. Hugs~ Kristine

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