One, Two, Three 09.30.10

I first photographed this beautiful family last summer when parents Erika and Rob were expecting their 3rd child. Shortly after posting their blog, they welcomed their sweet daughter Kassidy into the world, and I hoped that someday I would have the chance to meet her. So when Erika contacted me a few months ago to ask about photographing their now family of 5, I was thrilled. I am so lucky to work with the same families over and over again, and it's such a compliment because I guess they liked what I did the first time around. :-)

Erika said she really wanted a family walking shot, so that was the first thing we did. How adorable are they!?! Erika and Rob make having a 1, 2, and 3 year old look easy. I admire them so much.

We got several different this one of them walking away.

Then I focused on their BEAUTIFUL kids, and their amazing eyes! This is 1-year old Kassidy...

This is 2-year old Arden...

And this is 3-year old Tyler. My camera loves them!

We got some sweet candid moments full of emotion.

There is no doubt that these three are going to grow up being best friends.

One, two, three in their 1, 2, 3 shirts. Erika and Rob worked for this shot...doing "Ring Around the Rosie" behind my back.

We were shooting just before nap time, so toward the end of the shoot it was a good time to change Kassidy into her hopes of getting this shot. PERFECTION! It is going to be a big wall print above Erika and Rob's bed, along with these next 2 of Tyler and Arden I took last year...

I love that these 3 sleepy sweethearts are the last thing they see before bed.

It doesn't get any more real, and I have to give major mommy and daddy props to Erika and Rob for a fantastic idea. I'm so glad I could help.

Erika and Rob, thank you so much for asking me to do another session for your family. It was so great to see you all, and to meet your beautiful new addition, Kassidy. Hope to see you again next year! Thanks again! ~Kris

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Cuties with Curls: Avery and Maggie 09.28.10

I have been photographing Avery and Maggie for 3 years, since Avery was 2 and before Maggie was even born. Now Avery is 5 and Maggie is 2, and when I traveled to PA recently, I was super excited to get them in front of my camera again. Last time I photographed them was last spring before I moved to VA, and I couldn't believe how big they had gotten and how they were even more adorable than last time. I really didn't think that was possible?!?! Every time I see these cuties with their curls, I feel like I'm shooting for a high-end children's catalog, or a modeling agency.

Yes, they are THAT cute. If you've read my blog (or seen my website) then you probably remember Avery. I adore him...

And his beautiful little sister Maggie. She is the infamous "bath baby" on my website. Gorgeous!!!

They really love each other and it shows in the pictures. As a mom, I was melting. As a photographer, I was secretly squealing with excitement.

This morning when I was returning Facebook messages, I realized it is Mike's birthday today, so I had to post this fun candid. Happy Birthday Mike!!!

You and Addy are so blessed.

A few other fave family shots...

Christmas card??? :-)

We have this same shot with just Avery when he was now it was Maggie's turn.

While Maggie was getting changed into her second outfit, I got this one of Avery. Such a handsome little guy.

Maggie picking wildflowers. Love the innocence of this shot.

One more of Avery alone...

And I had to end with this one of them together. It doesn't get any cuter! Addy and Mike, thank you again for asking me to document your family as Avery and Maggie grow. Hugs! Kris

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Baby Emma: 8 Days Old 09.24.10

I have been documenting the life and love of Jill and Todd since 2007. First was their engagement session, then their wedding day, and now their first session as a family. Jill contacted me many months ago to tell me that she and Todd were expecting their first child in September, and she said that she couldn't imagine anyone else doing his or her first photos. What a compliment. My business has really come full circle, as some of my very first wedding clients (they hired me to do their wedding before I even had a website!) are now parents.

Jill and Todd welcomed their sweet baby girl Emma into the world on September 8th, and we spent an afternoon together capturing some images of this next chapter of their life. The best one yet.

As I was preparing this blog, I couldn't help but think of the song..."First Comes Love..." (LOVE this engagement photo from June of 2007).

"Then Comes Marriage"...(adore this one too!)

"Then Comes Emma in the Baby Carriage". :-) How sweet is she!?!

I think this needs to be a huge wall canvas. What a gorgeous baby girl.

One of my favorite moments of the day. Jill is a natural, and Emma's yawn is priceless. These days are so fleeting.

While Jill and Todd were changing Emma's diaper, I did some photos of her adorable nursery.

She was wide awake for awhile, so we were able to capture some great awake photos. Look at that eye contact, and those beautiful blue eyes!

Then it was fast asleep in Mommy's arms. Jill is glowing....

And to say that Todd is so in love would be an understatement. He even told me he "wasn't that into the Steeler's game." What what? ;-)

I captured all of Emma's tiny little features, like her feet...

And her hands...

And her beautiful head full of hair.

She really is perfect.

Jill and Todd, congratulations on becoming parents. I am so happy for you, and I hope that we can continue to "work" together over the years as Emma grows. It was so great to see you, and to meet Emma, and I love that I could give you these memories. Thanks for everything! Love, Kris

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The 3 Grandbabies 09.22.10

It has been awhile since I've posted any photos of my two daughters, Elsa and Emme, and their cousin Vivienne, so I thought I would post just this one before I got to blogging all of those marathon shoots I just did. Over the next 2-3 weeks, I have 9 families to blog, another shoot I'm doing today, and then in October I have 3 weddings, including one in Palm Springs. Yay! I also have a ton more family and engagement sessions, and a very special maternity session coming up next month and continuing into mid-November -- it is definitely busy season, and I am so blessed to be growing my business.

I am also so blessed to have these 3 little bundles in my life. This photo was taken in the Outer Banks over Labor Day weekend, and it is the first "good" picture we have of all 3 of them together. My 2 daughters Elsa and Emme are on the right and their little cousin Viv is on the left. Elsa is almost 2 1/2, Emme is 9 months, and Viv is 11 months. I can't even tell you how thrilled my Mom is that she finally has something she can frame of all 3 of her grandbabies together. Putting them in that rocking chair was key, because then no one could crawl or run away! Enjoy! :-)

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A Birthday Gift for Their Mom 09.21.10

I have to start this post by saying -- Happy Birthday to my former colleague and friend Colleen! You have the most wonderful daughters in the world, and someday when my own daughters are their age, I hope they will do something this thoughtful for me.

So much planning went into here is how this shoot came to be...

I used to work with Christina and Katie's Mom Colleen, and several years ago I also did senior pictures for Katie (as in before I had a blog). I talk to Colleen every so often, but it had been awhile -- probably since Katie's senior pictures -- since I had talked to her daughters. So when they contacted me a few weeks ago and said they wanted to do some pictures as a surprise for their Mom's birthday, I was so excited, and I really couldn't believe the timing!

I was back in Harrisburg, PA last Thursday and Friday doing a bunch of shoots, and I was able to squeeze them in for a mini-session on Thursday evening. That was the only time I had available, and we were planning to meet at City Island...that is, until it started pouring down rain. Christina and I chatted on the phone, and I told her I was confident that we could still do them, but we would have to shoot downtown using the covered areas near the Hilton where I was staying.

Thank goodness my plan worked and we came up with gorgeous images that I know will be treasured for many years to come. I really couldn't imagine a more perfect gift for Colleen. Her daughters mean the world to her, and obviously she means the world to them. So...surprise, and Happy Birthday Colleen! Christina and Katie asked me to do a sneak peek of the photos on my blog for your birthday, and I'll be mailing them a CD with all of them soon so that you can choose a favorite (or favorites) to have prints made for your home (and the bill is on them!). Colleen, you are an amazing mom, and the saying "Like Mother, Like Daughter" epitomizes you and your girls. All three of you are beautiful, inside and out. I wish you the best birthday ever and a wonderful year too! Enjoy your day, and the photos! Love, Kristine

Ummm, I'm really glad it rained and we had to shoot downtown. I think I like these way more than I would have liked City Island pics. What beautiful sisters!

I did a few individual shots of each of them...first Katie. Could she get any prettier?!?

And then Christina. She looks like a model. Of course I got smiling versions too, but there aren't many people who can pull off the serious look like this so I had to post it. Stunner!!!

A definite framer. Christina and Katie, thanks for asking me to do these for you (and for your Mom!). I know she is going to LOVE them! Happy Birthday C!

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Saturday in the Park 09.19.10

I feel like it's "repeat-client" week on the blog. Actually more like "repeat-client" 3 weeks coming up. I just did a ton of shoots (literally 10 shoots in 6 days so be prepared for lots of blogs!), all for clients who I have done sessions for in the past. I LOVE working with families I have worked with before, mostly because the kids know me, which translates into more relaxed images and smiles that are totally unforced.

The first of my sessions was last Saturday (in the park) for an adorable brother and sister I first photographed last summer after moving to VA. They were referred to me by another favorite client of mine who I'll be doing a session for in October, and I feel so lucky to have met their sweet family. Here are a few favorites.

This first shot is from last year's session at UVA in Cville. This is the image they used on the front on their Christmas card last year, and it's also on my website. LOVE it! But it really goes to show that blogging favorites is challenging because I didn't even blog this one last year. I missed it when quickly going through them for the blog. Anyway, I really can't believe how much these two have grown in the past year. I always think of small babies changing so quickly, but I guess at 6 and 8 (or 5 and 7 as seen here), children are still changing so fast. Sigh - I guess I better not blink.

Here they are today, just 1 year later. Even more grown up, and even more adorable.

We got some great shots of them alone.

Love this little sweetheart.

So I know I've posted a few silhouettes lately, but I figured I'd end with a really great one since I think this is it for awhile. We were shooting early in the morning, and the sun was rising behind this fence. This would be fun in a playroom.

Though so would these. This one on one side...

This one on the other side...

And this one in the middle.

Could they get any cuter??

These are some of my favorites of the favorites.

I basically made them stand in a muddy creek to get that light in their eyes. So worth it! (and they didn't seem to mind). :)

Thanks to Mom and Dad for asking me to photograph your little (yet getting so big!) cuties again. I hope you love them even more than last year. ~Kristine

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Beach Baby Harbor: 6 Months 09.15.10

When I was in the OBX over Labor Day weekend, I did one other family session -- this time for one of my very best friends from college. Amanda is the kind of friend who would do anything for you and does. She sends me cards in the mail. She buys little gifts for my daughters. She leaves me random voicemails to tell me she misses me. She even taught my 90-year old Nana to "get this party started" at my wedding. I can always count on her to make me smile (or laugh hysterically!), and to listen to me ramble on about anything and everything. I love that we have been friends so long and now we have girls really close in age. I know they will love each other. Actually, they already do. It is the best. Okay, enough Elmendorf. On to the sneak peek! This is the third session I have done for Amanda and Johnny, and they just keep getting better.

First was the maternity session. Yep, I have been photographing baby Harbor since she was in utero. This was taken last November in Cville near my house. LOVE.

Next was the newborn session. I was lucky enough to meet Harbor when she was just 3 weeks old last March.

And now the 6-month session. Harbor is sooooooo pretty with those big blue eyes.

Love this family shot because it is so them. They live within walking distance of the beach and spend a lot of time there.

I posted this single shot earlier today when the post said coming soon. Amanda, you define hot mama.

These 3 have so much fun together. Harbor's expression = so adorable...

But this one wins hands down. Too stinkin cute!!!

Next we went over to the sound. Is that not the cutest outfit ever?!!

I adore this close-up because it really shows Harbor's beautiful and unique eyes. Obviously they are really blue, but her right eye has a streak of brown. She is beautiful.

What an amazing setting. I wished it wouldn't getting dark...

Though for this one, I'm glad it did. We were shooting during the sunset. A -- do I see another canvas in your future? :) Love it!

And of course this one too. Johnny, you look even more handsome with your two loves in your arms. You all are so blessed to have each other and Harbor. Love you! ~Krissy

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Leighton at the Beach 09.12.10

Last weekend when I was on vacation with my family in the Outer Banks (I hope to do a personal blog but we'll see -- so busy!), I got to try my hand at beach photography, and I LOVED it! Natalie was referred to me by one of my best friends, Amanda, and I was super excited to have the opportunity to do a lifestyle session for her family. She and her husband Chris have the most beautiful 2-year old daughter named Leighton, and she was so much fun to photograph. They live in the OBX year round, so of course we had to do some of their photos where they spend a lot of their time -- at the beach. These are the first professional photos they have had done of Leighton, and I hope they are as thrilled with the results as I am. Here are a few of my favorites from our morning together.

Meet gorgeous little Leighton. She looks like a baby Gap model. After a few shots in the dunes...
Pringle Photography was time to go out on the beach to play.
Pringle Photography

Does this look like a little girl having fun or what?!?!
Kristine Pringle Photography

She loved exploring and finding things in the sand...
Pringle Photography

...which allowed me to capture so many cute candid moments like this...
Kristine Pringle Photography

...and little details like her sandy toes...
Pringle Photography

...and her amazing eyelashes. I didn't know 2-year olds could have eyelashes that long!!! I have several eyelash shots and I love them all. Gorgeous.
Kristine Pringle Photography

One of my favorite family shots. Definitely needs to go on a wall.
Avalon Pier Beach Photography

And one of my favorite Leighton shots. The beach was pretty windy, so we moved on to a nearby country club.
Avalon Pier Beach Photography

We could roam around there a lot more too, since at the beach we had to use the shade created by the pier.
Avalon Pier Beach Photography

Love the backlighting here, and it is just such a sweet moment.
Avalon Pier Beach Photography

And so is this. Love it.
Avalon Pier Beach Photography

I could post forever, but I thought I would end with a final family shot -- notice it's the third outfit -- and everyone is still smiling. Natalie and Chris, thank you for trusting me with these memories. It was an absolute blast "working" with you and your little beauty! Hope to see you all again in the future! Hugs! ~Kris
OBX Lifestyle Photography
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Adorableness 09.07.10

I recently had the chance to photograph one of my favorite families from Northern Virginia. This was the third time I have worked with them, and I love that I have been able to document the kids over the years. Last time I photographed them, Mary-Beth and Trent had just welcomed their third child Seth into the world. Sigh. He was just 3 weeks old. Now he is almost two, Cora is four, and Lilly is six, and they are ADORABLE! I have no other word to describe them. Here are some of my favorites as I'm editing the whole shoot. Enjoy!

Lilly, Cora, and Seth were so excited that they walked together holding hands for the camera. Seriously, it was one of the cutest things I'd ever seen when they hugged their parents and said, "We did it, we did it!"
Northern VA Children's Photographer

So since they did so good on their own, we tried it with all 5 of them. Awesome!
Northern VA Children's Photographer

The nice thing about shooting really fast is that you can catch moments you never expected to. Those smiles are priceless.
Northern VA Children's Photographer

Of course I had to show one of Lilly alone - she has the most gorgeous green eyes.
Northern VA Children's Photographer

And her younger sister Cora has the most beautiful blue eyes. I got other portraits of her looking right at me, but there is something about this candid that I really love. What beautiful girls Mary-Beth and Trent have.
Northern VA Children's Photographer

They also have a handsome little guy named Seth. I want to pinch those cheeks!
Northern VA Children's Photographer

Sisters. Nothing like it.
Northern VA Children's Photographer

Whether they are laughing with each other...
Northern VA Children's Photographer

Or at each other (too cute!)...
Northern VA Children's Photographer

It's pretty obvious that they are already great friends and that they will cherish these memories that their parents have given them.
Northern VA Children's Photographer

The love birds. And two of the nicest people you could meet.
Northern VA Children's Photographer

A few more natural portraits. Daddy's little girls...
Northern VA Children's Photographer

...Mommy's little boy.
Northern VA Children's Photographer

And one last shot of the whole gang. Mary-Beth and Trent, thank you for another fantastic photo shoot. It was so great to see you and the kids again - they are beautiful, and so sweet just like Mom and Dad. Hugs! ~Kris
Northern VA Children's Photographer
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Riverview Park with Kaden 09.03.10

Back on July 4th when I photographed the Newsplex celebration at McIntire Park, I gave away a free lifestyle photography session...and the winner was almost 2-year old Kaden and his parents, Toni and Darrell. When I emailed Toni to tell her that I drew her name, she was so excited, and we planned together to make sure we'd get amazing images of her little man. When I found out he was almost two, I suggested we go to Riverview Park. I had recently been there with my own 2-year old, and I kept thinking what a great spot it would be for a session with a toddler. I posted one preview picture earlier today, and Toni already left a comment saying she couldn't wait for the rest, so I should stop typing and share. Enjoy!

Meet Kaden. My goodness he is going to be a total heartbreaker. What gorgeous features he has! I adore this serious photo...but if you want to get a 2-year old to smile, what do you do??
Charlottesville Family Photographer

You take him to the playground of course! Sweet sweet sweet!
Charlottesville Family Photographer

First we tried the swings. He has the cutest laugh!
Charlottesville Family Photographer

Charlottesville Children's Photographer

Then we headed to the river. I was so glad that Toni and Darrell were up for my idea of playing in the water...
Charlottesville Children's Photographer

Because I was able to get a ton of those candid images that Toni told me she loves so much.
Charlottesville Children's Photographer

Next Kaden got to play with his toy trucks.
Charlottesville Children's Photographer

I'm so glad they brought them along....because every time he'd look down, I was getting amazing eyelash shots.
Charlottesville Children's Photographer

No worries though, all it took was a little singing and I got this. One of my very favorites from the shoot.
Charlottesville Children's Photographer

And of course this fun family shot! Toni and Darrell, thanks for letting me spend a morning with you and your handsome little guy. It was fun getting to know you all, and I hope you love these as much as I do. Hugs! ~Kristine
Charlottesville Children's Photographer
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