The Natural 09.27.12

The Natural. It seems so fitting for this family. Yes, mom is so naturally beautiful, but besides that, their photos -- even the "posed" ones -- are just so natural. Everyone looks relaxed and real, not stiff and staged, and that is exactly what I wanted to give them. Here are a few favorites as I'm finishing up their whole gallery. Enjoy!

Meet CJ. Does he not have some of the most beautiful blue eyes you've ever seen?

What a handsome little guy!

He was the perfect little model with the most natural smiles.

Eyelashes. I will never get tired of these shots.

Next we have baby brother Cade.


Those eyes, that curly hair, that smile! Could he be any more adorable?!

On the move! Most of our attempts to get the brothers together looked like this. Cade was a super fast crawler.


So so sweet!

We did some family walking pictures...

Those are always some of my faves.

And then some with Mom. Shannon is such a natural beauty!

Love. It's the one thing, more than anything else, that I want to shine through in my photos.


We did a mix of candids...

And portraits...

And what I usually call candid portraits.

I love them all.

Cade loved walking around with Dad's help.

And when he stopped to pause, look what he did. Such love!

Later we just played.

CJ really liked showing how fast he could run.

And peeking out from behind trees.

And Cade, he just kept on crawling. Gorgeous!

We ended our session by playing "This little piggy". Naturally.

Shannon and Ryan, I had so much fun doing these pictures for your beautiful family! Thank you so much!!! ~Kristine

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Amelia + Dana: Wedding Preview 09.25.12

I first met Amelia while photographing one of her friend's weddings in 2008, and I was thrilled when she tracked me down to photograph her summer wedding in Lancaster, PA! Amelia and Dana thought of everything. Their wedding day was just magical -- I mean, there were even giant hot pink balloons! Need I say more? Here is the story of their day, as told through my lens. Enjoy!

I entered the bridal chamber...

And found Amelia getting her makeup done.

I knew it was gonna be a good day when I saw these babies!

And her gorgeous dress.

Amelia's Dad...

Seeing his little girl for the first time.

What a moment.

I adore this family!

Soon I was off to the groom's suite.

I found some really cute kids.

And Dana. How romantic!

He couldn't wait to see his bride!

But first, we did some casual shots of the guys.

Mostly, they were just excited about their socks.

Haha! They were having a good time...

But the ladies took the cake with these balloons.

Just awesome!

A few of the stunning bride.

Her beautiful broach bouquet...

And a very special locket.

Drumore Estate is just lovely!

Ceremony time.

Here comes the bride!

Next it was time for first.

Then the wedding party...

And it's onto the reception...

A few details...

And food. Delish!

The new Mr. and Mrs.

And their first dance.

Amelia's sister Jana. Her toast made everyone cry.

Dana's brother. His toast made everyone cry -- from laughing so hard. :)

They really did think of everything.

A little cake.

And then some parent dances.

Later there was a little surprise for Dana.

A choreographed song & dance routine by Amelia and friends.

There was a photo booth...

Then it was just time to dance.

The last song of the night...

Everyone cheered...

And then sent the newly married couple off under an arch of sparklers.

Amelia & Dana, thank you for asking me to be a part of your wedding! It was perfection, and I know your life together will be just the same. Congratulations! With love and appreciation ~Kris


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Expressions 09.17.12

These photos are so much more than just pictures of what they look like. For Leli, Marc, and their 5-year old son Weston, they represent who they are. The expressions are priceless. They are so real, and they show such love! And such comfort in front of the camera. That makes my heart smile! Here are some of my favorites of this beautiful family. Enjoy!

Meet adorable 5-year old Weston.

And his parents, Leli and Marc.

We started with some "warm up" portraits.

Weston loved the camera!

And his beautiful Mommy!

I just watched and clicked away.

And away...

Just beautiful!

Next a few with Dad...

Love it!

And the whole family.

By this point we were getting more playful.

"Can you show me your scared face?"

"How about your scary face?"

"Surprised face?" :-)

"Where's your super cute face?"

So handsome!

Love the simplicity of this image.


Later we did some running.

To Mommy...

And to Daddy.

The expressions captured here are priceless.

The kind of expressions that bring tears to your eyes.

And bring you back to that very moment.

Such love.

All of that running wore Weston out!

So we layed around on the grass relaxing. This is one of my favorites of the favorites.

Leli, you look gorgeous!

Some upside down family shots!

They were having too much fun.

We even got a few of Mom and Dad.

Love it!

Leli and Marc, thank you for asking me to document your beautiful family! Editing these brought the biggest smile to my face and I hope seeing them brings the biggest smile to yours! Hugs! ~Kristine

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Maternity Faves 09.14.12

Updating my maternity are a few favorites from the past year or so! Enjoy!

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Baby Boat Shoes 09.12.12

I adore this family! I first photographed them last year before Christopher could walk -- and now here he is at 18 months!

Walking -- and running! -- everywhere.

Baby boat shoes...

By the boats. It doesn't get any cuter!

Adorable! I love capturing a few portraits...

And also those images that show personality.

Christopher definitely has that.

He knew exactly what he wanted to do...and it involved anything with the water. :-)

I knew we'd be heading to the playground...and the lake...but first we got some good family framers! Love!

A few with Mommy...

A fun one with Daddy...

And one for the wall!

Christopher had a little cold for our shoot, and Jenny and Matt didn't think I would be able to get any smiles.

I told them not to worry.

You'd never know he wasn't feeling 100%.

One for the playroom!

As Christopher ran in circles around us...

I got a few of Jenny and Matt alone.

Jenny, you are so pretty!

Love these!

As we were approaching the end, we got pretty close to the water...

And Christopher decided his baby boat shoes needed to go for a swim!

The look on his face in these says it all.

He is too too cute!

Jenny and Matt, thank you once again for asking me to photograph your beautiful family! I love working with you, and I hope you love the little preview. Hugs! ~Kristine

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Brand New 09.09.12

I love newborn sessions -- especially when there is a doting big brother like Timothy to include. As I was prompting him to interact with his beautiful new baby sister Elphaba, his parents said something like, "Wow, you are one talented photographer." That meant so much (thank you Sarah and Marc!)....because obviously they hadn't seen any of the pictures yet. To them, the talent wasn't about technical ability, but about "kid-ability". And I'm still smiling thinking about our antics that morning. Here are just a few favorites I wanted to share as I'm finishing the whole gallery. Enjoy!

Both kids looking! What a beautiful family!

First we did a few pictures outside.

Not so much for baby El...though I absolutely LOVE them!

The outdoor shots were more for Timothy.

So I could chase him around to capture those natural smiles. What a cutie!

Mommy's almost 2-year old. We did some portraits...

And lots of playful candids.

Back inside for a "break" -- Timothy wanted to play play play! I think he's going to be a really good soccer player.

Elphaba just slept through it all.

Laying on Mommy makes me smile. LOVE!

Candid family love.

And one relaxed portrait. Perfect.

Since Timothy had to go to school, and Marc had to go to work, I next focused on Timothy with his new baby sister.

He thought I was funny.

And he was just melting my heart interacting with Elphaba.


And now...10 more of El. Could she be any sweeter?!

I love baby hands...

And feet.

"Hmmm, what shall I do?"

"Ahhh, stretch!"

These last two are my favorites. What a precious little beauty!

Sarah and Marc, thank you for asking me to photograph your sweet family, and congratulations on your new addition! Elphaba is gorgeous! And Timothy is just adorable! I hope you love the sneak peek as much as I do. Hugs! ~Kristine

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