Real Moments: Real Dance Moves 03.17.08

I've had a lot of people tell me how much they love it when I post "Real Moments" blogs. Well, since it has been about a month since I've done one, AND since I now have more space to write within each blog (no more 2-part blogs- YAY!), I thought I would celebrate by posting a Real Moments blog with LOTS of pictures.

I love to dance! I was the girl who stayed up til 3 am with my roommates in college making up dance routines to the Grease Soundtrack. So when Scott and I are photographing a wedding, I really look forward to the dancing. It's one of the reasons we stay until the very end of the reception. Some of the best moments happen late in the night, after the formalities are over and it's time to just let loose.

Of course we always have our eye on the bride and groom. They are having so much fun.

These two were amazing dancers! They actually met in a dance class and it showed.

I love this sweet moment during a fast dance.

And this one of the Father of the Bride dancing with his two daughters. It's going in the album.

Even though this isn't a "dance move", I love this picture because it's the bride's grandparents' reaction after they realized they had won the Anniversary Dance.

Ta-Dah! This must be a popular dance move. This shot and the next one were taken at two different weddings. Too cute!

This flower girl was adorable.

And so was this one. Just beautiful.

Here is the groom's brother and best man dancing with his daughter. What a great memory for them to have to look back on someday when she has a wedding day of her own.

Of course pictures of the entire dance floor are a great way to tell a story about your reception.

This band, Cruise Control, was awesome!

I love how much fun everyone is having. If you look really closely, you will see my big camera flash sticking up in the middle of everyone. I guess I was discretely floating around the dance floor, and then I got sandwiched. :)

I love this one. I love that the bride was crying tears of joy just seconds before and still has the tissue in her hand. And I love the crowd of men watching the girls have fun.

Gotta love the Pretzel!

Here it is again.

I think this is the Cha-Cha Slide - ya know - how low can you go?

And of course The Hokie Pokie is a must at a Hokie wedding. :)

This is one of my favorite Conga Line shots.

I don't know what dance this is, but I love it!

Same with this one.

Just goes to show that girls really do just wanna have fun!
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Real Moments: Love & Kisses (Happy V-Day!) 02.14.08

This post wasn't planned, but as I was in the midst of selecting more images to update our website, I heard this song. I first thought about doing a normal "Real Moments" blog, but I quickly realized I had too many pictures I wanted to post of cute, happy couples. So I decided to throw together a little slideshow.

Part of what makes what we do so fun is constantly being surrounded by people who are in love. People celebrating one of the happiest days of their lives. So I just wanted to take the time to wish our super sweet clients a wonderful Valentine's Day! :-)

To see the 2 minute slideshow, click HERE Enjoy!!!
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Real Moments: Tears 02.04.08

A few weeks ago, I decided to post a series of my favorite real moments in an effort to choose some fresh new images for our website, and also to keep blogging about weddings during the off-season. Laughter was first (click HERE to view that blog), now it's tears, and many more will be coming over the next few weeks.

I am a huge sap, and I've often been asked, "Do you always cry at weddings?". Yeah, I usually do. Even though I'm "working", I find myself getting caught up in the moments and also reflecting on my own wedding day nearly 6 years ago. I'm always glad to have my husband Scott shooting with me, because I know that if I miss a moment when I'm wiping my own eyes, that he has my back. Actually, many of these emotional candids were taken by him. :-)

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Real Moments: Laughter 01.21.08

During the wedding off-season, one of the things I am working on is selecting new images for our website. It should be updated by early spring, but in the meantime, I thought I would share some little sneak peeks on the blog.

As you may know, Scott and I LOVE capturing moments as they happen. Well -- we love the portraits and the detail shots too -- but our passion is telling the story of your day through real photojournalistic moments.

Over the next few weeks, I will be blogging a bunch of real moments - the happiness, the tears, the crazy dance moves - but I thought I would start with one of my favorites. Here's to laughing often!

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Jill & Todd's Wedding - Part I 12.02.07

On Saturday, December 1st, we photographed our last wedding of the year - what a way to end it! We had a blast doing Jill and Todd's engagement shoot over the summer (click HERE for a musical slideshow of that), and their wedding was no different. The ceremony was at the Holy Name of Jesus Church in Harrisburg, and a gala of a reception followed at The Sheraton Harrisburg Hershey.

Jill & Todd, we are so happy we had the opportunity to photograph your wedding. We immediately felt welcome by your wonderful families and friends, and every detail of the day was just perfect. We hope you are having an awesome, relaxing time in Curacao (it's snowing here!), and hopefully you have Internet access so you can see these before you return! Talk to you soon! Kris & Scott

I knew it was going to be a great day when I saw these babies!!!

Jill's bridesmaids kept commenting on how she looked like she belonged in a Bride magazine. I completely agree!

A couple ceremony shots

And then we were off to The State Capitol for pictures

Their wedding party was so fun. I love the girls' dresses!

Luckily for us, the very top of the tree was decorated - the rest was still a work in progress and completely covered in scaffolding.

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Jill & Todd's Wedding - Part II 12.01.07

This one's for you Jill. :)

LOVE it - you guys are such rock stars!

We walked outside to an awesome sunset - this is Scott's image.

And this is mine. We're still debating which one we like better. Haha!

After the sun went behind the mountain, we did a few quick portraits.

This is one of my favorites. They were walking back to the bus, and it was unplanned and unposed.

The reception details were gorgeous!

The first dance

And the hotel staff preparing the peach cobbler flambe. It was quite a show.

After dinner and dessert, guests danced the night away to the awesome sounds of
Cruise Control.

I love this one of Jill's dad and aunt - they were so much fun!

And so were Erin & Eric - we get to photograph their wedding next September! :)

Dancing with the Stars anyone? Jill's sister & maid of honor and Todd's brother & best man were too cute.

And I absolutely love this one of the newlyweds gettin down! Congrats again guys!

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Nikki & Brendan's Wedding - Part I 11.11.07

On Saturday, November 3rd, we photographed the wedding of Nikki & Brendan, something we had really been looking forward to since their engagement shoot this past summer (click HERE for a slideshow). Their afternoon ceremony was at the beautiful St. Patrick's Shrine Church in Carlisle, and an awesome reception followed at The Holiday Inn West on the Carlisle Pike.

Nikki & Brendan, you are such genuine, caring, nice people, and we are so lucky to have been there to capture your wedding day. Thank you for welcoming us into your lives and for treating us like family. We hope you had an amazing time in Riviera Maya - you deserve it - and we hope you enjoy the sneak peek. :)

It was a beautiful November day

And the detail on Nikki's gown was incredible

She definitely wore it well - stunning!

Brendan was all smiles watching his bride walk down the aisle

A sweet glance

Saying their vows, these two were so calm and in the moment

Lighting the unity candle - the altar is so beautiful and ornate

Brendan with his brother & best man

Nikki with her brother, who is also her best friend and man of honor
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Nikki & Brendan's Wedding - Part II 11.10.07

The whole wedding party - the flower girl and ring bearer were adorable - thanks for doing such a good job for us you two! :)

Can anyone say BLING! This is one of my favorites for sure!

A couple cute portraits...

Love the smile!!!

Nikki said she really wanted to have some portraits taken by the water, but not IN THE WATER like their engagement shoot. Haha!

The first dance. This one makes me get teary - I love it! Scott got some great close ups.

And I focused on Nikki & Brendan with their guests in the background.

Cake cutting time - they were very sweet about it

And then the kids warmed up the dance floor. I couldn't resist this little one with her dirty tights. Is that not the cutest little break dancer you've ever seen?? ;)

The adults got the hint real quick

The bride and groom, and their friends and family, had so much fun. Definitely a night to remember for all.

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Sara & Brook's Wedding - Part I 10.25.07

On Saturday, we had a great day photographing the wedding of Sara and Brook. We met them for the first time several months ago when we did their engagement shoot (click HERE for a slideshow), and after that, we knew that photographing their wedding was not only going to fun, it was also going to be a breeze! Brook is a professional photographer in Maryland, so needless to say, he and his beautiful bride Sara were very comfortable with the cameras. Surrounded by 200 of their family members and friends, they pledged their love to one another in a beautiful ceremony at First United Methodist Church in Williamsport - and then they danced the night away at The Valley Inn.

Sara & Brook - thank you thank you! For being so much fun to photograph, and for making our jobs so incredibly easy! :) We wish you lots of happiness in your new home in Santa Fe. Here are a few images that jumped out at us - can't wait for you to see the rest. Stay in touch!

Yet another amazing and colorful fall bouquet!

Sara was so beautiful - she was making everyone cry.

It was a windy day, which created some really cool veil shots

Scott took this shot of the church interior with our fisheye lens

And I was able to discretely capture some candid close-ups

I love the happiness of this moment

And the sincerity of this one. It was apparent to everyone that these two had a powerful spiritual connection.

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Sara & Brook's Wedding - Part II 10.24.07

After the ceremony, we headed to Brandon Park to get some shots of the wedding party and the bride and groom. How fun is this!!

And this is where it got really easy. I think I said something like, "Just do what you did during your engagement shoot". They were naturals!

I think this is my favorite - again, completely unposed.

A funky ring shot!

And an adorable behind-the-scenes - nice eye Scott!

I think it really hit Sara during the first dance that she was now a wife - I love her expression!

Brook just adores his wife

A packed dance floor is the BEST kind for sure!


Not wanting to get rid of the garter tradition, Sara and Brook did something REALLY cool. Instead of making the single men cower onto the dance floor, they asked all married men to go out there, and they came in droves. The lucky man who caught it - 2nd from the right - then got to put it on the leg of his wife of 29 years. Such a great idea!

Dancing - and singing - the night away

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