Ashley & Tim's Engagement 08.26.11

Last month I had the chance to do an engagement session for the sweetest couple, and can I just say that I'm so excited that they will have the chance to look through these images TOGETHER, before Tim leaves for flight school in just a few days. They will spend a brief time apart, but I know these images will make the distance between them feel closer.

So...I have a LOT of favorites. Actually, I always pick favorites to blog, and then as I'm editing the rest of the session (or wedding) I realize how many other favorites I should have blogged. Earlier today I posted the images that you see below on Facebook, and Ashley immediately wrote me the nicest email about how much she loved them. That's just how she is -- even emailing me to check on how my kids are doing.

Anyway, because Tim is getting ready to leave for flight school, because I have so many favorites that probably would have never been blogged, because Ashley and Tim are so just awesome, and because I realized I never had a sample engagement slideshow on my main website, I'm surprising them with a slideshow at the end of this post. Enjoy!

Ashley and Tim are planning a gorgeous wedding for next July in Annapolis.

I can't wait - they are going to be so much fun to work with!

Speaking of fun, that is definitely what we had that Thursday afternoon we spent together.

I hadn't met them before, but that is one of the best reasons for an engagement session...

Besides getting great pictures with your love, it's a great chance to get to know your photographer so you feel really comfortable in front of the camera on your wedding day.

Oh, and it's also a chance to nail some fun "poses". Check!

In my usual style, we did some natural, "unposed" portraits...

And some that were more candid.

Love this. I thought I'd show it 3 color...

Black & white...

And sepia. Can't choose.

Tim showed off a little. Haha!

And then we found that amazing wheat field again.

Love. This might be my favoritest. :)

Flare baby!

And bling bling!

These 2 seriously had the walking-kissing thing down pat.

Ashley and Tim, thank you for asking me to document your love. You are so obviously happy together and it really shines through in your pictures. Can't wait for your wedding! Hugs~ Kristine

To see a musical slideshow with a bunch more images from Ashley and Tim's engagement session, click on the arrow below, and don't forget to turn up your volume.

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Tiffany and Cameron's Engagement Session 08.23.11

Last month during a trip to NOVA, I had the opportunity to do an engagement session for Tiffany and Cameron at Great Falls National Park. I have been to the NOVA/DC area a gazillion times, so I can't believe I had never been there. Tiffany and Cameron said they visit there often (and now I can see why!), so an engagement session there would have special meaning to them. To digress for a second, Tiffany is the sister of another lovely bride of mine, and I am so excited that she and Cameron asked me if I would photograph their wedding next April. For now though, here are a few favorites from our afternoon together at Great Falls. Enjoy!

What scenery!

Tiffany and Cameron, you finally have a picture with the falls behind you! Adorable! :)

The falls overlooks were crowded, so after we got a few with the falls we hiked to a few spots that were a little more secluded. Love their expressions!

So pretty...I heart this portrait.

And this one too. I was loving all the color and that picket fence.


We found this neat staircase in the woods.

One of my favorites.

Love the leaning tree and the leaning kiss.

Later it was just time to cuddle...

And laugh. Cute cute cute.

The bling.

At the very end of the session, we went in the water. The light was beautiful.

And so was the couple. Tiffany and Cameron, thanks for making this session so much fun. I can't wait for your wedding in April! Hugs! ~Kris

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Kathy and Thad's Engagement 06.01.11

I love doing engagement sessions, especially with a couple like Kathy and Thad. Do you ever just have that feeling that 2 people are so right together, just by the way they look at each other or how they laugh together?? That is what I kept thinking as I was taking their pictures a few weeks ago.

They will be getting married this October at the amazing Hotel Monaco in Old Town Alexandria, and my camera and I are so excited! But for now, here are a few favorites from their engagement session, which we did in Washington DC at the Old Post Office Pavilion. Enjoy!

The Old Post Office building is where Kathy and Thad had their first date.

Knowing that this is a place they will always hold close to their hearts, I made sure to capture some cool shots of the building before they got there.

Inside, they stopped traffic a couple of times.

Riding the escalator -- I love the double reflections going on here!

Kathy and Thad are super adorable together. And I know their wedding photos are going to be that much more awesome because they are really comfortable in front of the camera now.

I love that I can capture people being themselves. Because really, those are the kind of images people really treasure.

So side story...I have photographed Thad's niece and nephew a bunch of times. Love that family. They had just returned from Disney and they told Aunt Kathy and Uncle Thad that they had to get some photos taken with their special gifts -- the Minnie/Mickey Bride & Groom hats. Hehe!

Kathy, you are going to be a gorgeous bride -- just rock that same smile in your real veil. ;-)

I love when couples are willing to do whatever for good pictures. Run in DC traffic?? No problem!

I loved the colors in the city...from the double decker tour buses...

To all the flags on the Old Post Office building.

Though I really have a soft spot for a candid black & white.

This might be my favorite. Looks like a woman in love to me!

We also did a few relaxed portraits.

Kathy, you are so so pretty.

And I am so thrilled to be working together for your rehearsal dinner and wedding this fall.

Until then, keep laughing! Thank you both for an amazingly fun session! Hugs! ~Kris

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Layne and Brad's Engagement 04.11.11

People often ask me, "Which do you like photographing more? Kids or weddings??" And the truth is, I can never give an answer. I love it all. Really, I have said so many times that I love being around people, and I'm lucky that I get to work with people on the happiest of occasions -- births, engagements, weddings, anniversaries. My job is so rewarding.

Layne was referred to me by her sister-in-law Rachel, and when she told me she wanted an engagement session that would also include her and Brad's two children, I was thrilled. It was like chocolate ice cream, with two scoops instead of one. What a privilege to document not only Layne and Brad as a couple, but also them as parents with their 2 beautiful children. Not to sound all Whitney Houston, but in my opinion as a Mom myself, that really is the greatest love of all. ;-) Enjoy!

Oh, PS- Layne and Brad are tying the knot on May 7th so stay tuned for their wedding blog soon!

Meet Layne. She is going to be a beautiful bride.

And she is already a beautiful Mom.

She and husband-to-be Brad are amazing and involved parents, and that is exactly why they wanted to include their children in their engagement photos.

Their love for each other is so strong.

But it doesn't even compare to their love as a family.

These are the first professional photos they have of their kids. What an honor for me. I had a hard time choosing what to blog, as usual, but here are a few faves. Emily who is 19 months started out with the serious faces...

And her younger brother Andy who is 7 months followed her lead.

With a little trickery though, we got great smiles!

Precious boy!

After we had some great shots of the kids, we focused on Mom and Dad for a little bit. Thanks to Layne's sister and her fiance for babysitting!

The park we were shooting at had the best scenery...and even though Layne and Brad were kinda dressed up we did some sitting shots...

And even some laying on the ground shots. I heart my clients. I really do. Layne and Brad, you rock for doing anything, including getting grass stains (hehe!) for good pics.

We all loved this rope bridge.

And to me, an engagement shoot isn't complete without a shot of the bling. Well done Brad.

One of my favorites of the day. So fun, and I especially love their shadows on the ground.

Layne and Brad, thanks so much for asking me to do these for you and can't wait for you to see the rest. You guys are awesome and I know from Rachel and Peter's wedding that you will be tearing up the dance floor at your own wedding next month. Can't wait!! Lots of love! ~Kris

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Alex and Tommy's Engagement 12.14.10

Last month I got to photograph an awesome engagement session for Alex and Tommy, and I can't wait to share a few (okay a lot) of my favorite photos. But first I have to give a few details.

First, Alex and Tommy will be getting married November 5, 2011 and it is going to be amazing!

Second, Alex and Tommy are high school sweethearts and have been together for 7+ years. They are beyond adorable.

Third, Alex was a Tri Delt at Virginia Tech like I was -- she graduated way after I did, but through Facebook (super cool!) and mutual friends, I am now their wedding photographer. Actually, it was Tommy's sister Christine (thanks sista!) who had seen my work and told them about me, and now here we are.

Their shoot was SO. MUCH. FUN. Seriously, we were shooting exactly one year before their wedding and it was a perfect fall day in a vineyard with lots of laughter, leaves, and love -- oh, and football! Enjoy!

We were shooting at Willowcroft Farm Vineyard and the views were incredible.

Of course, so were Alex and Tommy. They were like models. I was so confident in them that like 10 minutes into our shoot I said...

Look at this tree. I know you guys can pull off a dip right? It'll be good practice for your wedding. And look what they did! Sweet!!

Outfit #2. I'm trying to show a good selection of portraits so I can email them some to use for Christmas gifts. I know they're going to make their families so happy.

But I'm so glad they have a mix of both -- meaning the "modern portraits" and the "real moments" like this. Love it!

Love it more!

We had perfect silhouette conditions so I couldn't resist.

And the leaves were really amazing too. This is a framer.

I knew that if I could get them onto the ground that the real fun would begin.

And it did. I so wish I had pictures like this with my husband. Alex and Tommy, I'm so happy I could give you these memories.

Couldn't "pose this" if you tried. It's just a perfect moment.

So after a little romance, Tommy did throw some leaves at his wife-to-be.

But that's okay, she got him back. ;-)

For their third outfit, they told me they brought their VT hoodies...and a football.

I was so excited. Love this one!

You can't bring a football to an engagement shoot and not expect to play.

So that is what they did.

Alex and Tommy, thank you for being so much FUN to work with and for being SO easy to photograph. You make me look so good! I can't wait til your wedding, and I hope you and your families love these as much as I do! Hugs and Delta Love! ~Kristine

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Rachel and Peter's Winery Engagement Session 08.30.10

Last weekend I met up with a sorority sister from college and her fiance for an awesome engagement session at a winery. Rachel and Peter have been together for 5 years now, and they are getting ready to tie the knot in April in Charlotte, North Carolina. I will also be photographing their wedding day (it's going to be ahhh-mazing!!!), but in anticipation of that, they scheduled an engagement shoot so that they could have "good pictures wearing normal clothes". :-) They are also planning to use these for their save-the-dates, and I can't wait to see what they come up with!

This was a really special shoot, one because it was for a friend, and two, because it occurred at the exact location that Rachel and Peter got engaged -- Round Peak Winery. Peter was looking for a really good place to propose, and when he came across Round Peak, he knew it would be perfect. It's on their way to Blacksburg, so they can always stop in on their way to a Hokie football game (and for the record, Peter is a Carolina fan, but he also cheers for the Hokies along with his wife-to-be, right Peter?), AND....the initials of the winery are RP. Even the corks say RP -- as much for Round Peak as for Rachel and Peter! Too cool. Good job Peter.

Anyway, I could go on and on about how much fun we had, and how the weather was perfect and we had great light, but I will let the photos speak for themselves. Enjoy!

Before Rach and Peter arrived, I started with a few photos of the winery itself. Ken and his wife (the owners) were so sweet and helpful, and they let us roam around where ever we wanted to get the perfect shots.

Rachel and Peter arrived looking reallllly good, so we went to the exact spot where Peter proposed marriage - the gazebo overlooking the vineyard.

It's not very often that I do an engagement session at the EXACT spot in which a couple got engaged (this is only the 2nd time I think?), so of course we had to re-enact it a little.

I shot from far away as they relived that moment when Peter asked....

And Rachel said YES. So so sweet.

Love this. Rachel has some serious bling.

The cute couple.

Behind every good man is a good woman. Rach, you are beautiful!

Next, a quick break for an outfit change and another winery detail shot. I love these kind of images - they really complete a story in an album and provide a sort of narration without needing words.
Charlottesville Engagement Photographer

One of my favorites of the day. Indoors among all the wine barrels.
Charlottesville Engagement Photographer

Then it was out to the vineyard. I told Rachel and Peter I was getting some artistic shots of grapes and other details so they could hang them in their kitchen and/or dining room. Fun!
Charlottesville Engagement Photography

But back to Rachel and Peter. We started in the vineyard with some smiles...
Charlottesville Engagement Pictures

...and some kisses...
Charlottesville Engagement Pictures

And then I was looking for the perfect light and the perfect bokeh so that they could have some of my signature "blurry background pics". You know where we found it?? In the doggie pen. I LOVE that the winery allows dogs, but seriously. See that blurry thing behind Rachel. That is the fence. These two were willing to do anything for great shots.
Charlottesville Engagement Pictures

They made each other laugh...
Charlottesville, VA Engagement Pictures

They gave each other "noogies"...
Charlottesville, VA Engagement Pictures

They toasted...
Charlottesville Engagement Photography

They played...
Richmond Engagement Pictures

They loved.
Richmond Engagement Pictures

And, they celebrated a successful shoot with a picnic.
Richmond Engagement Pictures

To Rachel and Peter, cheers to you! I am SOOOOO happy for you, and so happy that I get to "work" with you for your upcoming wedding. I hope you like the sneak peek of your engagement pictures -- many many more to come soon! XOXO ~Kris
Richmond Engagement Pictures
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Sara and Tom's Engagement 08.10.09

Before I blog this awesome engagement shoot, I should give a little update. We moved to Charlottesville on Thursday, closed on our new house Friday, photographed a great wedding back in PA on Saturday, and got reconnected to the Internet today. It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks, but we are starting to get settled and we absolutely love it here. I will blog more about Cville soon, but first and foremost, I have a LOT of shoots and weddings to share, starting with Sara and Tom's engagement session from a couple of weeks ago.

When I first met with Sara and Tom at Starbucks over coffee, I knew I was going to love working with them. They are so incredibly nice and easy going, not to mention totally adorable together! Sara is an MD in her final year of her OB-GYN residency, and she worked all night long the night before her big photo shoot. Well, you would never know that she only get a few hours of sleep before taking these photos. Just see for yourself!

We started the shoot on the campus of Bucknell. Sara and Tom were looking really good, and deceivingly well-rested.

The buildings on campus made for a really cool background, but what really makes this photo is the light coming into the stone walkway and of course the adorable couple.
Charlottesville Engagement Photography

These 2 were so into each other that I could just stand back and capture the "in-between moments" like this...
Charlottesville Engagement Pictures

And this. I love when my direction ends up resulting in such emotional candids like these.

Some more exploring led us to this neat old tree...

And this clover-filled grass that I couldn't get enough of. I was so happy it wasn't freshly mowed! And even happier that Sara and Tom were willing to lay down in it.

Sara has a serious rock, so we had to do something fun to show it off.

After a quick outfit change, we headed into downtown Lewisburg and did some more. I love the whole series of them on the railroad tracks.

And I love the ones them running through the traffic even more. Sara has the best laugh ever!

Nothing says Lewisburg like the street lamps.

And nothing says Sara and Tom like this. Come next August, Sara will change her name to Dr. Guzick, and I cannot wait to be there to capture every minute of what I know will be an amazing day. Thanks Sara and Tom for such a fun shoot and can't wait to see you both again! Love, Kris

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Megan and Brent's Engagement 07.29.09

I have been doing a lot of engagement sessions on college campuses lately, and this time it was for Megan and Brent at Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove, just blocks from my doorstep. SU is one of my favorite places to shoot at, and it's somewhere I will really miss when we move to Virginia next week.

Megan said she started following my blog after I took pictures of her adorable niece and nephew, so of course I was super excited when she asked me to do her engagement pictures. Megan and Brent met while attending SU, and Brent now works there, so it was the perfect spot for their shoot. I know that they've been waiting patiently to see this little sneak peek, and I have been so anxious to share. Enjoy!

I was loving the colors they chose for their first outfit. They were very Tiffany's-esque.

I think every girl should have a little black dress, and Megan definitely wears it well! Beautiful!!!

Since SU is so special to them, Megan and Brent wanted to make sure we incorporated the buildings into their photos. I heart this one.

And we couldn't leave out the pillars by the entrance.

Do I get to photograph some gorgeous couples or what!!! Hands down a future main website photo. They look like models!

Next it was time for shorts and t-shirts, so we could do some different things with the laying in the grass...

And this! It's something I had never asked a couple to do before, and I'm so glad we tried it. So so so fun!!!

We had great backlight by the railroad tracks...

And AWESOME natural light in front of Seibert Hall.

I was loving the columns there. So sweet!

At the very end of the shoot, Megan and Brent put on their SU sweatshirts in 90 degree weather, and we did just a few shots in the stadium. What troopers! Megan and Brent, I had such a great time getting to know you both. It was such a fun shoot, and I hope you like these pictures as much as I do! Hugs! ~Kris

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Jamie and Anthony's Engagement 07.24.09

My second engagement shoot of my double header PSU-weekend was for Jamie and Anthony. Jamie lives and works in Harrisburg, and Anthony is in his final year at Penn State, so they currently spend a lot of time on Route 322. They are planning their wedding for next June, and even though I am already booked on their wedding date, I am so flattered that they contacted me to do their engagement pictures before our move to Virginia. I will miss them, but hopefully I can do family pictures for them someday in the future!

Aren't they SOOOO cute together! Jamie and Anthony were really really natural in front of the camera, and they were super laid back. We just walked around campus and stopped in a bunch of places with good light.

In fact, the library had really good window light, so we had some fun in there for a few minutes.

Anthony MUST have some good pick-up lines! ;-)

Then went spent some time in the Alumni Gardens. LOVE it! I kept telling them they picked awesome shirt colors, which I think they'll realize even more after seeing this picture.

They did a little playing on the lawn in front of Old Main...

Then a little kissing by the green zodiac globe sculpture.

And once Anthony broke out the Penn State football jerseys...

The fun really began! I mentioned that Anthony should throw Jamie over his shoulder, and they totally ran with the idea resulting in a priceless series of images.

Another outfit change. Jamie, you are a knockout! And speaking of good light, wow. The sun was hitting a big white building behind my back, acting as an incredible natural reflector.

I mean, seriously, did these 2 practice beforehand or what?!?! I wasn't kidding when I said relaxed and natural. Holy hotness!

We got so many images, but I had to show a classic portrait since I do like to do those too!

And one for Old State. Jamie and Anthony, you guys are such rock stars! Thank you so much for asking me to do these special pictures for you guys -- I love how they turned out and can't wait for you to see the rest! Hugs! ~Kris

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Missy and Jake's Engagement 07.23.09

I recently did 2 back-to-back engagement sessions at Penn State, and I had such an awesome time doing both! Today I'm going to blog the first session, and tomorrow I'll be blogging the second one. This blogging every day thing is pretty fun! Next week I have 5 more blogs in store too, including the big reveal of whether we're having a boy or girl coming on Monday (I am counting down the minutes!), followed by more engagement and lifestyle sessions. :-)

Ok, onto the engagement shoot...

Missy and Jake met at Penn State, and they now live in New Jersey. Actually, they are getting ready to close on their new home, so they are living out of suitcases and surrounded by moving boxes, just like me! They are planning a beautiful wedding in Selinsgrove for next May, and I am so excited to travel back up here for it. But first, I'm super excited to share a sneak peek of their fun engagement pictures.

We started bright and early (as in 8 am early) at the lion.

Missy and Jake then hopped off the lion and we did some shooting by the nearby trees. I think this was the 2nd frame I snapped, after which I realized this shoot was going to be really easy!

I love a good close up. What an adorable couple!

Penn State is an incredibly gorgeous campus, and nothing says Penn State like this tree-lined sidewalk.

Well, other than Old Main. It was so good that we started early, because we had the entire lawn to ourselves...

And that meant lots of room to run around and play. Oh, I should mention that Missy and Jake are doing green and purple as their wedding colors, hence the shirts. Such great colors!

I love this one in the ginormous tree...

Though I think I like this one even more. This is the EXACT balcony where Missy and Jake met. It was after a Penn State football game, and they were at a party there held by mutual friends.

I love when we can incorporate something really special like this into a shoot.

We finished our shoot downtown in the crowds of Arts Fest. Such a fun image!

And of course we had to do a Corner Room shot. We had a lot of onlookers for these pictures...

But really, how could you not look at this gorgeous couple! This is a definite favorite. The colors of Arts Fest are amazing in the background. Missy and Jake - thanks so much for waking up so early for your shoot. I had a blast, and I'm happy to know that you did too! Can't wait for your wedding in May! Hugs! ~Kris

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