Happy 2nd Birthday to Our Daughter Elsa 05.29.10

Our older daughter Elsa turned 2 over the weekend, and we had the best time celebrating with her and our family and friends. Two years has flown by, and it has by far been the best (and busiest!) two years of our lives.

It's hard to believe in the blink of an eye we went from this...

To this. This photo was taken at Elsa's party in Pennsylvania 2 weeks ago.

Many thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Baker for making Elsa's day. All she wanted was her birthday cake and candles. :)

This photo was taken on Elsa's actual birthday, Saturday May 29th. I sometimes try to sit her down to capture some "relaxed portraits" of her...

But my favorites are always of Elsa being Elsa. She had the best time at her party.

She loved that she got more cake and candles...

And playing in the sprinkler was truly the icing on the cake.

She loved running around with her best friend, Alex.

And I could have taken her picture all day long. I don't know who had more fun - me or her??

Happy 2nd Birthday to our first born. You make us so happy and we are so proud to be your Mommy and Daddy! XOXO

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Happy Mother's Day Mom! 05.09.10

I am such a lucky Mom. God has blessed me with two healthy, happy, beautiful daughters, and I am completely in awe of them. Emme is 5 months...

...And Elsa will be 2 on May 29th. The moment I became a Mom was the happiest moment of my life, and I am trying to savor each and every day. This is just one of the many things I've learned from my Mom, the woman I owe the world but will never have to repay.

The woman who still comes over to take care of me when I'm sick, who brings my dirty laundry home so she doesn't "waste quality time" doing it while at my house, and who sends me home from a visit to her house with pre-cooked gourmet meals. My mom is the woman who can make her granddaughters laugh hysterically and who can so easily calm them when they're crying. She is also the woman who enjoys reading her daughter's blog, so I thought it would be nice to publicly thank her for being so amazing. Mom, thank you for always letting me know just how loved I am in only the ways that you know how. Thank you for never thinking of yourself first, for always having the time to help me with something, and for being the best Mom and Grammie ever! I love you, and so do Elsa and Emme! Happy Mother's Day!

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My Girls: Uncut 04.27.10

I didn't mean to get this picture of our daughters, and that's why I love it. Believe me, I'm not one to dress the girls up for photos, but I would normally dress them in something better than their worn out pajamas. Actually, I think all of Elsa's PJs were dirty, so who knows what she is wearing. All I know is that it doesn't match and that hat hasn't come off since we went to the Outer Banks in March.

My camera happened to be laying on the counter when the girls were especially happy, and I grabbed this shot without trying. One frame. This is the only one I took. I don't ask my girls (or my clients) to say cheese because that is the best way to get the worst smiles. Instead I click the shutter realllllly fast, just like I did the other morning.

I have a gazillion blogs to do, and more will be coming later this week, but for everyone who has asked to see an updated photo of the girls, here ya go! Emme is 4 months and Elsa will be 2 in May. There are so many more cute ones, and as soon as I'm done blogging all of my marathon weekend shoots, I will edit and post more. Promise!

I love these girls more than anything in the world!

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Please vote for your favorite 04.19.10

**Edited to add: Wow, I've received so many emails, blog comments, and Facebook posts/messages from friends and clients asking if they could purchase these. First of all, I'm beyond flattered, and second of all, yes you can, for a special "I'm a big softy price". Info on purchasing is now at the bottom of this post.** xoxo Kris

I love when I can support a good cause, but I need your help. I was recently asked to donate a few Pringle Photography landscapes to help raise funds for Concerns of Police Survivors, an organization that provides resources to assist in the rebuilding of the lives of surviving families of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. The donated images will be framed and bid on at a silent auction to be held in Richmond, Virginia.

Since I have no idea which image or images to donate, I'm counting on my blog readers for some help. Just leave a comment with the image number you like best, and thanks a million in advance for your feedback! Thanks also to my multi-talented husband Scott -- though a physical therapist by day, he has some mad photo skills too. He took about half of these...
















If you are interested in purchasing a print through our partner lab, Pictage, you can click HERE.

The direct link is http://www.pictage.com/825090

Thanks so much to everyone for your feedback and votes. I'll let you know the "winners" soon...
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OBX 03.22.10

I just returned from a fabulous long weekend in the Outer Banks with my favorite girls -- my mom and my daughters Elsa and Emme. I was down there doing a newborn shoot (more on that coming soon), and we totally lucked out because we had the most gorgeous weather. If I didn't already, I now officially have summer-fever. And since it was only a month ago that I was posting snow photos, I thought it would be fun to post these beach images.

I love the Outer Banks, and now that I live in Virginia, I'm really hoping to get down there more.

I took these images last time I was down there...as in pre-kids.

..and as much as I loved getting up at the crack of dawn to photograph a sunrise...

I now have a much better reason to get up that early. This was Emme's first trip to the beach.

And believe it or not, it was Elsa's first time too. Watching her was so magical.

She absolutely LOVED it, so I have a feeling we'll be making many more trips there. Stay tuned for one of my favoritest newborn sessions. xoxo ~K

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Our daughter Emme is 12 weeks 03.06.10

Baby Emme is 12 weeks old -- or at least she will be on Wednesday, and that is hard to believe. She is such a happy baby, and (knock on wood) so super easy. No, she isn't sleeping through the night yet, but she usually only wakes up twice and goes right back to sleep. During the day, she is all smiles, and as Elsa would say, she loves to coo. Our family has been so blessed and having Emme has definitely been the icing on the cake.

Elsa LOVES her baby sister. She helped Mommy get Emme all extra pretty for her pictures today.

Elsa has really blue eyes like Scott's, and so far Emme's are looking like a greenish-hazel color.

And there is that smile. It melts me in an instant.

Well, I'm off to work on wedding album designs, and then I hope to get outside to enjoy this beautiful day. I have my first lifestyle session of 2010 tomorrow, and many more are coming up after that, so if you want to get on my spring schedule, give me a shout. I'll be blogging about my "marathon weekend" dates soon.

Happy weekend everyone! ~Kris
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Oh Technology! 02.25.10

You've gotta love technology. I used to be the girl who was happy with my outdated cell phone, my film DSLR, my video camera that weighed more than I did, my 19-inch Sanyo TV & VCR, my mix-tape playing walkman & tunebelt, and yes -- my PC. But over the past few years and admittedly with the help of my husband, I finally got sucked in by the new technology and made some upgrades to my antiquated life.

First it was a digital camera. Then the tunebelt came off and we got an ipod. And a flatscreen TV. Next it was a Flip video. And now this! I am so in love.

I've been using a Macbook Pro for awhile now, but I can't even begin to explain how excited I am to have this new iMac desktop. For those who were wondering, this was the mystery Valentine's Day gift.

So...now that I have a machine that can keep up with my ambition, you can expect me to be back in full bloggin force. I have my first shoot of 2010 scheduled for next weekend, and I still have lots to blog before then, so check back soon!
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Snow: History Made 02.14.10

Well, we moved south and got more snow than we've ever seen. Charlottesville has gotten 55 inches of snow this winter, setting a record for the most EVER in one season. It's pretty cool to be a part of history, so Scott and I thought we'd document it with some images. Enjoy!

We've always loved this image that Scott took on one of his favorite trout streams. Back in Pennsylvania, it was pretty normal to see snow on the ground.

So of course we weren't expecting anything like this when we moved to Virginia. I took this image in our backyard late at night just after the snow had stopped.

And then Scott ventured out early last Sunday morning to take some more. This is the main road in our neighborhood.

He went to the grounds of UVA and captured some beautiful shots.

We love this one of the Rotunda.

Ever heard of shoveling out your bike?? ;-)

Later that afternoon, Scott tried to take Elsa to Barnes and Noble, but it was closed. I guess we should have called first, but at least he got another fun photo out of it.

And Elsa, she gave us our most fun photo of all.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day! We're off to get a very exciting gift...I'll post photos soon. xoxo ~Kris
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My Niece Viv: 3 Months 02.09.10

Last week when I was visiting my family, I had a few minutes to snap a couple photos of my beautiful niece, Vivienne, who is now 3.5 months old. It wasn't an "official shoot" by any means -- (I did these in about 10 minutes with the help of my Mom (aka Super Grammie)) -- but they were just too cute not to share on the blog. Plus, I know that friends and family will love seeing how gorgeous she is and how much she has grown since the newborn photos I did of her.

Viv has the most amazing blue eyes and the prettiest little lips.

My camera loves this little munchkin...

...and she loves it back. How lucky for me! Viv, thanks for making all of us smile.

Stay tuned for more blogs -- some awesome SNOW pictures, Emme and Elsa (of course), marathon weekend dates, and more -- all coming very soon!
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Emme Update: 5 Weeks Old 01.24.10

As you have probably noticed, I took a little break from blogging to spend time with our new baby girl, but I'm hoping to be back in full force soon because I have lots of fun things I want to blog about before I start shooting again in March. But first and foremost, I can't believe Emme is already over 5 weeks old. I've gotten several emails and blog comments asking for update pictures, so here are a few taken just this past week.

I could stare at her all day.

And her little smiles and funny expressions melt my heart. Love this!

She loves spending time in her little gym, just like her big sister Elsa did at this age.

And speaking of Elsa, she is doing so well adjusting to having a baby sister.

Check back for more soon! xoxo ~Kris
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