Tara & Chad's Engagement 06.12.09

I recently photographed Tara and Chad's engagement session at Penn State, and it was definitely a happy day in Happy Valley. We are seriously blessed with the cutest, nicest, most photogenic couples ever -- I don't know how we get so lucky!

Tara was a Penn State cheerleader for 4 years, and she met Chad, who worked in radio, while doing an interview. She was only supposed to be there for 10 minutes, but Chad didn't let her sneak away so easily. How awesome that what was supposed to be 10 minutes will soon be a lifetime together!

Tara and Chad are planning a beautiful tented wedding for next June at the Priestley Savidge House in Northumberland. It will be our first time shooting there, and we are so excited!

You can't do a shoot at Penn State without sitting on the Lion.

We then found a good spot in front of the Nittany Lion Inn, so we did a few portraits there.

One of my favorites...yep, they are definitely photogenic.

And they definitely know how to laugh and have fun! It didn't take them long to warm up for the camera at all.

Heading back to the other side of campus, I thought Chad should carry Tara. We had awesome early morning light.

Tara spotted this cool tree, which none of us ever knew was there.

After a quick outfit change, we did a few pictures downtown...

And then we headed into the Alumni Gardens for a bunch more.

I was working the reflections on the water...

And Tara was just working the camera. I mean really, could she be any prettier?!?! I can't wait to photograph her in her wedding gown next June!

Love it! I was thinking of a way we could show off Tara's cool shoes...

Aren't they adorable!?! They, as in Tara and Chad, although her shoes are totally adorable too!

A final posed shot...(well, it was an engagement shoot, so I guess they're all somewhat posed, but I hope they look natural and unposed!)

And then some fun with Joe Pa! Tara and Chad, thank you for totally rocking this shoot, and for waking up at the crack of dawn for the good light! You are such an amazing couple, and Scott and I are so excited for your wedding next June! Hugs! Kristine

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Adrienne and Fred's Engagement 05.08.09

I recently had the opportunity to do an engagement shoot for Adrienne and Fred, who are getting married in the Outer Banks in just 2 weeks! Adrienne contacted me after seeing one of her coworkers on my blog (thanks Ryan & Meg, and yay for blogging), and she asked about having family pictures done. She and Fred are blending two families and combined have 5 kids (she has 3; he has 2) between the ages of 6 and 11. Well, after looking through my blog more, she and Fred decided to do an engagement shoot to get some special shots of just the two of them, and then we'll be doing a family shoot this fall. I can't wait!

So Adrienne and Fred drove up from Virginia and met me at Fort Hunter Park in Harrisburg. I was immediately greeted with big smiles and a hug from Adrienne, and I knew it was going to be a great shoot. We had so much fun, and even though I won't be photographing their OBX wedding, I'm so excited to work with them again and to meet all the little ones!

I think Fred was a little nervous when we first started taking pictures...

But you would never know it. These two couldn't stop smiling at each other.

And it sure helped that Fred is a really funny guy! Adrienne loves to laugh, so she is marrying the perfect man.

Love this one....because not everyone can pull off the looking away from the camera and still have it look good. ;-)

There's that laughter again. So so cute!

I'm sure their kids will like seeing this one!

After a quick outfit change, we did a bunch of shots on the porch of the old mansion. I have so many that I love, but this one is for Fred. I love the way Adrienne is looking at him here.

And Adrienne, well, I just have to say that I hope your wedding photographer knows how lucky he/she is. You are beautiful and I can't wait to see your pictures!

We had to show off the bride-to-be, and then we had to show off the bling! Fred did an amazing job picking out that ring!

Adrienne and Fred then had some fun dancing together...

So I had to take them down in front of the water to get a silhouette. We had quite a dramatic sky that day.

And the landscape was gorgeous too.

I could have kept shooting and shooting....and blogging and blogging.

But I'll stop here for now. Adrienne and Fred, I had a blast doing this shoot, and I hope you like the little preview. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, and have a wonderful honeymoon in Mexico! Hugs! ~Kristine

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Nicole & Kris's Engagement 05.05.09

Last weekend I did an engagement session for Nicole and Kris -- our very first destination wedding couple! They are getting married on June 20th in New York's Finger Lakes Wine Country at the beautiful Esperanza Mansion. We have been to the Finger Lakes several times, and I have seen Esperanza in person, and wow is that place amazing! We will also be photographing their rehearsal dinner, which will be a sunset cruise on Keuka Lake. It is all going to be fabulous and we can't wait!

But back to their engagement session.... We started the shoot at their home in Mansfield, and I couldn't resist the canoe they had sitting in their yard.

Super photogenic couple + gorgeous light = very happy photographer!

We then ventured into downtown Wellsboro, and it was like the sidewalks cleared just for them.

Although they didn't start dating until college in 2001, Nicole and Kris actually went to high school together -- so the movie title "17 Again" on the marquis sign of the theatre was too cute!

One of my faves -- I love a couple that can laugh together.

From downtown we headed to the park and had some fun with the seesaws...

And the swings.

The backlight was awesome...

So they hopped off for some portraits. Nicole is going to be a gorgeous bride! I can't wait to get her in front of my camera again!

Our last location was a little park where Kris asked Nicole to marry him. I let them peek at this one on the back of my camera to show them how photogenic they really are! So so natural!

I heart this one. I think the sun setting between them, the signature Wellsboro lamp post, and the tree give it a really interesting composition.

This is the exact spot in which Kris proposed to Nicole last August, so of course we had to get some shots there!

Congratulations again Nicole and Kris! It was so nice to finally meet you both, and if it wasn't already obvious, we can't wait til your wedding! See you next month! ~Kristine

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Jenelle & Jer's Engagement 04.27.09

I recently had the chance to do a really cool engagement session for Jenelle and Jer, who are getting married on August 2nd at the amazing Riverdale Manor in Lancaster. Scott and I can hardly wait for that, but first, I really don't know how I've waited a whole week to blog their engagement pics, because as I told Jenelle in an email, "I am in love with them!" :)

I had briefly met Jenelle and Jer at Kelly and Mike's wedding in December (thanks Kel for the referral!), so I knew they were awesome and we were going to have a lot of fun. We did the shoot at two very meaningful locations -- first in Dauphin at Jenelle's Grandfather's farm, and second in Camp Hill at the future home of the bride and groom-to-be. Obviously both locations hold a lot of sentimental value to these two, and the fact that both had such insane light was just the icing on the cake.

So here they are at Jenelle's Grandfather's farm. These two were up for anything which allowed me to be totally creative. Climb on giant woodpile!? Stand on broken glass?! Yeah, we were a perfect match.

The views of the Susquehanna River were breathtaking.

And inside one of the old barns, the light was a photographer's dream. Well, at least mine! Aren't they so adorable together!?!!

I haven't had that many opportunities to shoot in light like this...everything was dark except one spot where the light was shining in from the roof. And that sign was a total surprise too -- it's the initials of Jenelle's grandparents.

I could have stayed in that barn all day, especially with them giving me cute moments like this.

But outside the barn, there were some really great spots too. Love this one with the broken window.

And this one with the metal siding.

And this one in the big open field. Oh Jenelle, I'm so glad we opted for spring instead of winter!

Work it girlfriend. Jenelle is going to be a knockout bride!

Onto their future home in Camp Hill. Jenelle and Jer have completely gutted an old home -- we're talking down to the studs and moving walls -- and it is going to be so amazing when it's done in August (or sooner!).

This is how Jer looks most days. Jenelle got a little laugh at his expense.

The bling. Jer joked that he didn't know which one set him back more, the new kitchen or the ring! Gorgeous.

Jenelle and Jer, I had so much fun taking your engagement pics and getting to know you both better. I hope you like these pictures as much as I do, and I can't wait for you to see the rest! See you in August, and don't work too hard in the meantime! Hugs! Kris

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Cori & Tyler's Engagement Session 03.19.09

Last Saturday, Scott and I (and our daughter Elsa!) did an engagement shoot for our good friends Tyler and Cori at Penn State. Scott and Tyler have known each other for almost their entire lives, as they grew up in the same small town (go T-Vegas!), and Tyler's older brother Nate is Scott's best friend. So how incredibly special that they chose us as their photographers.

To Cori and Tyler, thank you for asking us to capture these memories for you. We had such a blast hanging out, taking pictures, and catching up. We hope you enjoy the sneak peek and the slideshow too. We are so excited for your wedding this May -- partly because we know it's going to be fabulous, but mostly because we can't wait to hang out again! Lots of love! Kris, Scott, and Elsa

Cori and Tyler first met as undergrads at Penn State 12 years ago. This is the EXACT spot where they met, and this was the very first frame I took. I told them they had to do the whole "Nice to meet you" thing, and they were too funny shaking hands.
State College Engagement Photography

And this is the exact sidewalk on which they shared their first walk....and their best-worst conversation of their lives...about the weather. :-)
State College Engagement Photography

Finally, 8 years later though, they re-met in Hermosa Beach, California and had the conversation they were meant to have. The rest is history!
Selinsgrove Engagement Photography

Cori is going to be a gorgeous bride! Their wedding will be in New Jersey at the amazing Stone House at Stirling Ridge
Selinsgrove Engagement Photography

I was pretty far away from them to get this shot of Old Main, so I think I gave my famous instruction, "Ok, now just hang out." I don't know if they're playing "Rock, Paper, Scissors" here or what, but it's way cute!
Lewisburg Engagement Photography

Who knew we would basically have the campus to ourselves that day. I love Spring Break!
Lewisburg Engagement Photography

We did a few playful shots on the lawn...
Harrisburg Engagement Photography

And then we headed into the HUB, which was just flooded with natural light.
Harrisburg Engagement Photography

That made it a good spot for reading.
PA Engagement Photography

And a fantastic spot for portraits. Hellllllllllo hot stuff!
PA Engagement Photography

One of my favorites! These two are always making each other laugh. Their smiles are contagious.

A little art...

And then we were off to see the Lion.

Even though campus was empty, we managed to find a little traffic in downtown State College.

But it was just empty enough to get this shot of Tyler and Cori all alone by The Corner Room. I still can't believe it. We couldn't have planned it better.

We finished up with some shots amongst the traffic.

And they were charged with PDA....(kidding, Mom.)

Cori and Tyler, we will see you in May! Love you guys!

To see a bunch more images from their session, click on the arrow below and make sure your volume is turned up...

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Heidi & Brian's Engagement 11.02.08

Two weeks ago, Scott and I met up with Heidi and Brian in downtown Harrisburg for their engagement session. It was an awesome October afternoon, and we all had a good time walking around City Island and Front Street near the Capital.

To Heidi and Brian, we are super excited for your wedding in just 13 days! And even more so after going through your pictures - you are both very photogenic - and Heidi, you are going to be a stunning bride! We hope you like the sneak peek of your images -- many many more to come! ~Kris & Scott

Heidi and Brian are getting married on November 15th, and their reception will be at the Holiday Inn Harrisburg-Hershey

Look at those gorgeous eyes and smiles -- see, you guys made it so easy for us!

Heidi is a teeny little thing, so we made Brian carry her around...

But her ring, not so teeny. It is BEAUTIFUL!

I loved that they brought hoodies for an outfit change.

And they were too cute in their baseball hats. Heidi and Brian live in Collegeville near Philly.

After doing some shooting on City Island, we walked down to State Street to shoot near the Capital at sunset.

All 4 of us thought this guy was real as we walked past, so we thought it would be funny to include him in a picture. :-)

One of my favorites of the day!

Thanks again Heidi and Brian! See you SOON!!!

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Natalie & Dave's Engagement 10.31.08

Scott and I recently did an engagement session for Natalie and Dave on Natalie's parent's gorgeous property in Catawissa. This shoot was all about fall color, which is exactly what Natalie and Dave wanted. They are planning an amazing wedding for June 5, 2009 at Spyglass Ridge Winery, so it's awesome that their engagement pictures will have a totally different look and feel...especially since we'll be doing their pre-ceremony wedding portraits in this exact same location. Good choice Natalie! You can't go wrong with 11 beautiful acres to work with!

To Natalie and Dave, we had a great time doing your pictures, talking, and getting to know you better. I remember thinking the second I met you last spring that you were going to be so fun to work with, and I was right. And Natalie, your family is just too sweet, too! We hope you (and they) like the little preview of images, and we can't wait for your wedding in June! Hugs ~Kris & Scott

Really. Could you ask for better fall color!?! Or a cuter couple!?! :-)

Natalie and Dave were total naturals in front of the camera.

Too cute. I LOVED Natalie's hat.

Had to throw in a few black & whites...although I will definitely be giving them the color versions as well.

I love this close-up. Natalie's eyes are piercing blue.

Sometimes kissing poses can look awkward, but not with these two!

I love this one of them not looking at the camera.

We had to get a few with the adorable family dog, Peggy. Even Peggy was a natural!

Peggy liked to hold her leash in her mouth while she walked and jumped.

I love the series of candid moments we got with Peggy.

Thanks again for everything Natalie and Dave! Happy Halloween!!!

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Randi & Dan's Engagement 09.25.08

Last week we did an engagement session with Randi & Dan at Ravensburg State Park in Jersey Shore. They are planning an awesome wedding for May of 2009, and we're very excited to be a part of their big day.

To Randi & Dan, we had a lot of fun getting to know you both and we're very much looking forward to your wedding in the spring. Happy belated 1-year anniversary...we hope you like the sneak peek of your images! Talk soon! ~Kris & Scott

Randi & Dan met at work...at Jersey Shore Hospital.

Every so often, we like to make our clients skip! ;-) We sometimes get weird looks when we suggest that, but it always ends up making for great images and great laughter. This is one of Scott's images...

And this is one of mine. Randi is such a cute little thing!

This is one of my favorites. It's like that tree was there just for us to use.

Though the stream was gorgeous too.

Natural and relaxed. Love it.

We had to do a picture in the park's most infamous spot.

If I had to pick one fave, I think this is it. They are so in the moment with each other - I think they forgot we were there.

It's been a long time since we've blurred a couple behind something, and I thought this one with the evergreen tree was really fun. Very Pennsylvania-esque.

And of course we couldn't leave without getting a reflection shot! Thanks again Randi & Dan - we will see you in the spring!

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Kelly & Mike's Engagement 08.28.08

Last week, Scott and I did an engagement session with Kelly and Mike at Fort Hunter Park in Harrisburg. I love Fort Hunter. There are so many great places to shoot there and the light is always gorgeous.

Kelly and Mike are planning a fabulous winter wedding for December 27, 2008. We actually photographed Kelly's brother's wedding last December, and we were super excited when Kelly called us with the news of her engagement. The reception will be at The Hershey Lodge - we can't wait!

To Kelly & Mike, we had an awesome time doing your engagement pics, and we hope you like them as much as we do. Thank you again for the wonderful gifts for Elsa. You are too sweet! Enjoy the preview! Much love~Kris & Scott

This is one of my favorites. I love the colors and of course their smiles.

This is a result of me saying, "Ignore Scott." ;)

Kelly's dress was the cutest thing ever!

We played around with some of that yummy light...

And then we got Kelly and Mike to play on the swings.

This is another fav. Everything about it is so natural and relaxed.

It's not always easy to kiss for a camera (or in our case, cameras!), but these two can definitely pull it off.

This was a first for us...we've never asked a couple to pose with their car. But we just loved Mike's BMW, and when I saw this image, I had to blog it.

I think this is my favorite portrait-type shot of the day.

Kelly is a trooper for doing piggy-back rides in her mini skirt. So fun!

Then it was time to play in the water. Who knew you could get such a perfect reflection in the Susquehanna river!?

Of course this amazing silhouette is Scott's image. No pun intended, but he totally blew mine out of the water! Kelly & Mike, we hope this makes you smile. See you in December!

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Stephanie & Tim's Engagement 07.17.08

On Saturday night, Scott and I did an engagement session with Stephanie and Tim....at HERSHEY PARK! It was the best time. It truly felt like a double date - we were just the paparazzi friends with the fancy cameras.

Steph and Tim, we had an absolute blast with you guys and we're super excited for your wedding on October 18th at The Civic Club in Harrisburg. Hope you enjoy the sneak peek! We'll talk to you soon. Big hugs ~ Kristine & Scott

So as most brides do, Steph was asking what to wear, and I told her "bright" colors. Well, their shirts couldn't have been more perfect for the amusement park setting. I actually had a really hard time converting images to black and white, because I didn't want to hide the awesome color. Anyway, I'm digressing. Here is a little of what Steph and Tim did on Saturday night.

They rode a few rides...like the Merry Go Round.

The Starship. This ride was FAST, and Scott got this great shot by panning to show the motion in the background.

And The Whip.

They ate some cotton candy.

And then posed for a few "don't look posed" portraits.

Tim carried Steph around...I absolutely LOVE this picture. See what I mean about the colors!

And they played some games. They even won a little stuffed dog for our daughter, Elsa.

They goofed around with each other...

And they were very patient with us while we perfected this shot using a very slow shutter speed to get the ferris wheel to look like a circle of light.

Then they danced - Tim said they were practicing for their wedding.

You two are adorable - thanks again for the great shoot!

To see more images from Steph & Tim's engagement shoot, click
HERE for a slideshow...and don't forget to turn up your volume!
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