Monica + Chris Wedding Preview 01.21.12

On Saturday December 17th, my associate photographer Jessica and I photographed Monica and Chris's wedding. I love a Christmas time wedding. Their details -- in shades of red and gold -- were just perfect for the season, and everything was just so personalized and classy.

So excited to share some favorites as I finish up the editing. Here is the story of their day as told through our lenses. Enjoy!

We showed up to find the beautiful Monica getting her make-up done.

And dresses hung on personalized hangers.


You know it's going to be a great last wedding of the year when you are greeted by Jimmy Choos...

Flowers by the talented Holly Chapple...

And a totally stunning bride!

I loved her long veil and her black bolero.

The handsome groom.

Monica and Chris did a "first look"...Chris could not wait to see her.

Such anticipation...

Such joy.

Love this.

Monica gave Chris one of his favorite things -- ketchup. :)

But not just any ketchup -- one that was personalized for their wedding day.

We did a few relaxed portraits...

It was cold...

So these 2 hugged tight. Timeless with a modern twist...uncluttered with a candid feel.

These are my favorite type of portraits.

Couldn't get enough of the flowers...

So of course I thought we needed a ring shot in them.

Ceremony time.

For Monica's mom Annie...

Who was smiling down from Heaven.

It was a beautiful, heartfelt ceremony.

Sealed with a kiss!

Seeing double?! That's because Monica is an identical twin. I so adore them both!

Seeing double again?! That's because Chris is also an identical twin. How cool!

Monica knew she wanted a second photographer because of the different angles she would get. I coached Jessica to do this (meaning shooting from the side when I was straight on) and she totally nailed it.

Proof that a simple, 'posed' shot of your wedding party can be such a treasure.

My angle.

Jessica's angle.

Still can't get over how cute this is!

The kids were rewarded with mac and cheese sliders. Yes, Monica and Chris thought of everything.

The Bethesda Country Club...cold outside.

Warm inside.

A few details...

Everyone at your wedding is family -- what an awesome idea!

The grand entrance, basketball style.

A few of the first dance...

They took dance lessons and totally rocked it. I think Monica was proud - so cute!

Jessica gave a sweet toast...

And there was a cupcake cake.

Seriously loved the details. I had to collage a few.


The night ended with LOTS of dancing.

Father of the groom -- love it! So much fun was had by all!

Monica and Chris, we are so grateful to have been able to document your wedding day. Thank you (and your twinnies!) for being so much fun and for making us feel so welcome. We hope you love the little preview -- tons more coming soon! Hugs! ~Kristine and Jessica

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Alex & Tommy's Wedding 12.23.11

On Saturday November 5th, I photographed Alex & Tommy's wedding at the gorgeous Whitehall Manor in Northern Virginia, just west of Leesburg. This was an AMAZING wedding. First of all, the bride and groom (and their families and friends) are two of the nicest and most down to earth people you could ever meet. It may have been COLD outside, but inside it felt WARM all around.

Second, they are high school sweethearts who have been together nearly a decade, and upon meeting them for their engagement pictures in the fall of 2010, I totally adored them. Then I found out they are both HOKIES, and not only that, but Alex was a Tri Delt and Tommy was a Sigma Chi. For those who don't know, my bachelor's is from VT, and I was also a Tri Delt. It's crazy how a sorority can bond complete strangers, but it does. As Alex and I communicated via email or Facebook about the big day, we signed our emails, "DL" for Delta Love.

Alex & Tommy's wedding day may have come and gone, but I'm certain that I have new friends, and I'm honored to have been able to document this most happiest day for them. Here are a few favorites as I finish editing their entire set of images. Enjoy!

I showed up at Alex's parents' home to find the beautiful bride getting ready.

Her stunning gown.

And the girls helping her get into it.

The moment her Dad first saw her was really sweet.

It had everyone crying, then laughing.

Gorgeous. Just perfect.

Alex's bouquet.

The stem had photos of special family members who Alex keeps close to her heart.

The handsome groom.

Time to get married!

As I was photographing the programs, I saw a ladybug. It doesn't get much luckier!

Love this.

So much anticipation.

Alex shed a few tears as she walked down the aisle.

I made sure to capture Tommy's expressions too.

As the mother of 2 little girls myself, I can only imagine what this moment feels like.

And there she goes.

The wedding ceremony was beautiful.

The rings.

Peace. I totally adore the groom's family too - I got to know them when I photographed Tommy's sister's wedding in July.


Portrait time. Are these ladies lovely or what!?!

So cute.

The boys.

LOVED the "BM" patches inside their jackets.

From the movie "You, Me and Dupree"

Classic. Their wedding party was so awesome.

I mean, they got inside a barn.

Need I say more??

A & T

We wandered around the property finding neat places for photos...

We practiced this during their engagement session - LOVE!

Reception time. A few details.

What a great idea!

This will make a great coffee table centerpiece.

This is part of their grand entrance.

The first dance.

While guests ate dinner...

I froze to get this shot at night. Worth it - always!

There were wonderful toasts.

Followed by the cake cutting - yes, those are Hokie Birds!

THREE beautiful Kristine Pringle brides. Alicia + Jeremy = July 2011, Alex + Tommy = November 2011, and Lindsay + Andy = June 2012. This is the perfect example of why I don't advertise and instead rely on word of mouth (plus blogging and Facebook).

You know it's a great wedding when you get dance floor photos like this!

Sometimes I "zoom" my lens while taking the photo to get a motion effect.

There's that dip again!

And a sparkler exit.

A & T, thank you & congratulations! I wish you so much happiness as you start this next chapter as husband & wife! DL ~K

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Kathy & Thad's Wedding (and Rehearsal Dinner too) 11.29.11

On Saturday October 15th, I photographed Kathy & Thad's wedding in Old Town Alexandria, VA at The Hotel Monaco. What an ahhhhmazing day!! There was a bride with a smile (and laugh) that could light up any room, a groom who, as coined by one of his groomsmen, smiles with a sheepish grin of complete adoration when he looks at her, family and friends who were just plain awesome and made me feel more like a guest than the photog, and details details details. Oh, and another perfect day for an outdoor ceremony. My blog is out of control, so before I write any more, here are a few (okay, a LOT) of favorites. Enjoy!

The uber swanky Hotel Monaco in Old Town. LOVE.

You know it's gonna be a great day when it starts with purple Coach shoes.

And flowers that look like this.

And a gorgeous dress...

And champagne.

The beautiful bride in the beautiful lobby.

Love the laugh!

Loved these girls!

Especially that little flower girl, Alexa. Her parents are some of my best clients, and wonderful friends too.

Girl flowers, boy flowers...

And it was time to find the handsome groom.

Such a great group of guys.

Ceremony time - the programs were darling!

Kathy was walked down the aisle by her 2 brothers.

I love when I can get a shot of the groom's face with the bride in the foreground.

Kathy's brother sang and played guitar during the ceremony.

Love the moment.

Love the setting.

Such happiness.

I got the real kiss too but couldn't resist this one because it's a "smile kiss"!


The receiving line and congratulations...

What perfect fall flowers.

A completely unplanned shot of Thad running inside to say "It's picture time!" Love it!

One of my favorite wedding party shots ever. Thanks Kathy and Thad for the great looking group and thanks Restoration Hardware for the great looking furniture!

So sweet and so modern.

Then it was time for portraits of the newlyweds alone.

We walked around the streets of Old Town.

But mostly we just used the hotel because it had so many great spots. Love this.

And this.

Serious bling!

Loved their color scheme and their placecards.

And menus...

And cake...

Reception time!

Getting ready for their first dance.

It was really really good!

Then there were some the best man, Thad's brother Scott.

And maid of honor.

I loved capturing their reactions...the speeches were obviously hilarious...

The kids just wanted to dance!

A look, a glance, a smile...this is the type of image that defines joy on your wedding day.

There was a whole lotta dancing going on.

There were flying curls...

And kids in sneakers and diapers. Hehe!

The newlyweds breakin it down!

Gotta love an impromptu photo on the dance floor.

Thanks Kat and Scott for referring me to your sweet family!

And thanks Kathy and Thad for the opportunity to document the happiest day of your lives. It was an absolute blast!

Wait, the blog isn't over yet...I still have editing to do so I'm only posting a few for now...on Friday night, I photographed Kathy and Thad's rehearsal dinner at Landini Brothers in Alexandria.

What incredible atmosphere.

And food.

The entire room was just warm, filled with family and friend wearing glow necklaces. LOVE.

There's that laugh again!

There was lots of laughing going on...

And even a few tears after Thad's mom gave a heartfelt speech.


I couldn't be happier for these two.

Kathy and Thad, again, congratulations! Much love and appreciation! ~Kris

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Elaine & Alex's Wedding 11.19.11

On Saturday 9-10-11 (cool date huh!), my intern Jocelyn and I photographed Elaine and Alex's beautiful wedding in Charlottesville, VA. Both the ceremony and reception were held at the DoubleTree Hotel, and everything was just perfect, including the weather. It couldn't have been a nicer day for an outdoor ceremony. Jocelyn and I had so much fun capturing the big day for this amazing couple -- here are a few favorites. Enjoy!

Blue skies. Gorgeous early fall temperatures. It was gonna be a good day.

Add a little bling...

Some really fun makeup...

And a beautiful, sweet, and funny bride...

And it was going to be an excellent day.

The dress.

Some of Elaine's "somethings".

The flowers. Amazingness!

The bridesmaids bouquets were super cool.

Love Jocelyn's shot.

Elaine's finishing touches...


Alex couldn't wait to see his bride.

Those are my hands putting on his flower - I've gotten quite good at that over the years!

LOVE the color!

Ceremony time. Watching and waiting.

The setting at DoubleTree is really really pretty.

More amazing flowers. They actually had candles inside of them.

Family members then lit candles for loved ones who couldn't be there. This is Elaine's Grandmother. It was really special.

Such happiness. I love when I can capture a smile like that.

Couldn't get enough of those flowers.

A prayer.

Vows -- which they wrote themselves.

Exchanging rings...

And they're married. My angle.

Jocelyn's angle. She knows exactly where to be. Love her!

We did a few different wedding party shots and I thought these were so fun.

Their laughter is priceless.

One portrait that's a little traditional...

And one that has a more photojournalistic feel.

Love this.

And this.

Some of my favorites were using the brick columns in front of the hotel.

This might be my fave.

Modern and fresh.

Reception time.

The detail on the cake was so pretty.

And of course so was the whole cake.

The first dance.

These two were so cute.

There are so many adorable shots.

There were some great toasts...

Love Elaine's laugh.

Such a great moment.

One of the most unique and special things about their day was a bouquet presentation. Elaine gave flowers to her Mom, Mother-in-Law and Grandmother...

Elaine's Grandmother sat and watched and had no idea she was going to be given a bouquet.

Elaine had the nicest things to say about her Grandmother, and as she teared up, so did the rest of the room.

So sweet.

The dance floor stayed packed...

And the newlyweds closed it down. Elaine and Alex, thank you so much for the privilege of documenting your wedding. I am so happy you found each other! With love and appreciation ~Kristine & Jocelyn

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Alicia & Jeremy's Wedding 09.08.11

On Saturday July 30th, I photographed Alicia and Jeremy's Wintergreen wedding. What a perfect, perfect day. Seriously. Beautiful couple - check. Awesome family and friends - check. Who love to dance - check. Amazing venue - check. Details everywhere - check. Gorgeous weather, complete with a 15 minute shower for good luck - check. I could go on and on. Cute kids, modern flowers, yummy food, emotional toasts, a cupcake cake, the Hokie Pokie. Oh, and blue shoes. Because everything is just that much better when you're wearing blue shoes. :-) Here are just a few favorites. Enjoy!

First, some details. Alicia's gorgeous dress...

And flowers - LOVE them!

And ring.

The flower gir's pomander. What til you see it later at the reception. ;)

The beautiful bride.

Alicia, you are so pretty.

And there they are. The blue shoes. Love em!

The guys didn't want to feel left out. Haha!

Won't these details make a fabulous spread in their wedding album!?! Girl shoes, boy shoes. Girl flowers...

Boy flowers...

Bridesmaids. Love these ladies.

Groomsmen. They were pretty cool too. ;-)

Jeremy, the handsome groom.

Onto the ceremony.

The programs were super cute with the little dresses and suits on them.

The altar flowers were beautiful.

Here comes the bride...

I'm a big fan of one wide-angle shot to show everyone in attendance.

Though I quickly put on my telephoto lens so I can capture the moment...


Married. Showing the first kiss...

...because I love what happened a split second later. Look at those expressions. Such happiness. This is why I never stop clicking my shutter.

They had a BIG wedding party. Love the shots we got outside of The Mountain Inn at Wintergreen.

So fun.

Then it was time for some of Alicia and Jeremy alone.

The view from the overlook was incredible.

Really everywhere we turned was a great spot for a picture.

Love it.

One last one before it was time to go inside for dinner and dancing.

Some more details. The menu cards.

The centerpieces.

The food.

The cupcake cake. Amazing! The cute lego topper was made by their ring bearer...

No pun intended but it doesn't get any sweeter!

The first dance.

After dinner there were 3 of the best toasts I've heard. You know they're good when you get reactions like this...

And this.

One of the toasts was by Alicia's dad. And as if the room wasn't already in tears, then it was time for their father-daughter dance.

Alicia's mom stood watching with Alicia's sister and soon-to-be sister in law -- whose wedding I'll be photographing in November. Can't wait to "work" with this wonderful family again in 2 months.

Then it was time for "Girls just wanna have fun", compliments of flower girl Sally. Remember the pomander -- what a great memory.

I love when I can stay til the end of a reception for all the fun dancing shots.

Because sometimes a candid with your mom on the dance floor is even better than a portrait.

Love a good bouquet toss.

And I love a wedding with a packed dance floor.

The Hokie Pokie -- there were a lot of Hokies at this wedding. And a lot of Tri Delts too. Love.

The newlyweds closed down the dance floor surrounded by their family and friends.

Alicia and Jeremy, congratulations and thank you for asking me to be a part of your perfect day. So happy for you and looking forward to seeing you and your family again soon! Hugs! ~Kristine

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Melissa and Matt's UVA Wedding 08.17.11

On Saturday July 9th, my intern Jocelyn and I photographed Melissa and Matt's beautiful UVA wedding. The ceremony was at The UVA Chapel, and a fabulous reception followed at The Colonnade Club, just steps from the Rotunda. Here is the story of their day, as told through our lenses. Enjoy!

Our morning began at The Colonnade Club, where everyone was getting ready.

There we found Melissa's gorgeous dress...

And an even more gorgeous bride.

Who was getting her makeup done.

She looked amazing!

While the girls finished up getting ready, we turned our attention to Matt and the guys.

He couldn't wait to see his sweetheart (high school sweetheart in fact!) of 9 years.

A couple of group by me.

Ane one by Jocelyn. Love it!

Then it was time for the girl portraits. Melissa, you are soooo stunning!

Just so so pretty.

And so were your bridesmaids! One of my shots.

And one of Jocelyn's. Cute!

My angle.

Jocelyn's angle. I heart my intern.

Sassy and fun.

Going to the chapel.


It was a beautiful...

And a very emotional ceremony.

Sealed with a kiss...

And they're married! Thank you bright spotlights for that cool lens flare!

I adored their use of chalkboards throughout the day - such a great idea!

While guests were at the cocktail hour, we did some portraits on the steps of The Rotunda. You might wonder why the guys have their jackets off...

And why all the pictures are sitting...

Well, Matt wasn't feeling too good. Rumor has it that he hadn't eaten all, it was pretty hot. (Oh, and I'm pretty sure he was totally captivated by his bride's beauty.) So what did Melissa do -- she said, "Matt's not feeling well. Let's just do a couple pictures. And if he wants to sit, I'll sit too."

What a beautiful love story.

Heading to the reception.

The Colonnade Club is an awesome venue.

A few details...

I love their sense of humor!

Melissa and Matt had an amazing band, Night Vision out of Richmond.

The first dance.

Not only was Matt able to dance...

But he said it was what made him feel better -- it was seriously one of the best and happiest first dances I've seen.

There were also some of the best toasts I've seen.

Even the staff at the Colonnade Club was commenting on how great they were.

Then it was time to party!

Night Vision: "We'll Rock You"...

"And Swing Grandma Too".

The tag line on their business card couldn't be more true.

Melissa and Matt closed down the dance floor...

And they were off to their honeymoon.

M&M - thank you for being so wonderful, and for all the "lessons" you taught each of us on your special day. It was truly an honor to be a part of it. Congratulations! With love and appreciation ~Kristine & Jocelyn

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Elizabeth and Chad's Wedding 07.25.11

What kind of bride calls you at 11 pm on her own wedding night to tell you that you left your tripod behind - and then mails it to you within 3 days?!? THIS kind of bride; my kind of bride.

I first met Elizabeth & Chad last July when I was photographing Megan & Brent's wedding, and Elizabeth was a bridesmaid. They weren't even engaged yet (though it came soon after), and Elizabeth said something to me like, "You've got to photograph my wedding when the time comes." And, she hadn't even seen their pictures yet! That was just based on the fun experience she had as a bridesmaid in her friend's wedding. Now that just makes me melt.

Anyway, after Elizabeth got engaged, and after she saw Megan's pictures, she told her parents that she "had to have Kristine" (as her Dad told me) take her wedding photos. And now, here we are. Last month I traveled to my old hometown of central PA to photograph her and Chad's gorgeous wedding.

This couple is seriously movie-star beautiful, but after knowing them now for a year, I can honestly say that they are more beautiful on the inside and I know their family and friends will agree. To use the color from their wedding, they have hearts of GOLD. I can't wait to share a bunch of early favorites as I'm editing their entire wedding. Enjoy!

I showed up to find Elizabeth's stunning dress...

And all the girls helping her get into it.

Soon after it was time for some girl pics. Loved her flowers...

And the girl holding them -- all I can say is jaw-dropping beautiful!

A full length shot...

And then it was time for some fun shots with the bridesmaids.

Could they be any more adorable?!!

A couple more of the bride...

Belongs in a magazine.

So knowing that Elizabeth could "pull off" the serious look, I asked Chad if he could try it too. Yep, he totally nailed it.

We got some modern shots of the guys...

And I seriously couldn't choose faves so this is my best attempt.

Who ever said family portraits weren't fun? That is Chad's mom and one of his 3 brothers.

Gotta show a smiling shot of the handsome groom, who couldn't wait to see his bride!

The ceremony was held inside the State Capitol building.

Here comes the bride...

One of my favorite moments of the ceremony was when Elizabeth and Chad's parents came up front to read them their own words they had written.

It brought everyone to tears...

Especially Elizabeth and Chad.

Exchanging vows...

A prayer...

And they're married! Such joy!

Portrait time again. Love it!

Their wedding party seriously rocked!

Then it was time for some of the newlyweds -- (ok actually a bunch due to extra time built in by Elizabeth and Chad).

We did a few inside...

But soon we were off to City Island in Harrisburg to do a bunch more.

Here are a few more...

Ummm, could you be any prettier Elizabeth!?! :)

Reception time!

All the details inside the National Civil War Museum were amazing.

Just look at those centerpieces!

The first dance.

Love this one and the camera flash going off in the background.

A couple of shots that make their wedding unique. There was a sweet speech from the bride and groom.

Then, individual tables serenaded them during dinner. Cute!

At the "golden hour" we snuck outside for a few more pictures with the mountains.

These are definitely some of my favorites.

We took just a couple in about 3 minutes flat but I know these will be plastering the walls of their new home.

Happiness defined.

Back inside. Gotta love dancing bridesmaids.

They always help get everyone out there. I had so much fun focusing on all the couples -- of course Elizabeth and Chad...

...but also Elizabeth's grandparents who "won" the anniversary dance, married 59 years. Could it be any sweeter?? This is priceless!

And last but not least, Megan & Brent, whose wedding I photographed last year when Elizabeth was a bridesmaid. Thanks Megan for referring me your sweet friend!

Everyone had the best time...

And Elizabeth and Chad closed down the dance floor surrounded by their family and friends.

What can I say you two, except that I loved every minute of being your photographer and I will always remember you as the couple who: (1) called me on their wedding night to tell me I forgot my tripod; (2) walked on a scary floating dock over the Susquehanna in the name of good photos; and (3) were supermodel beautiful with even more beautiful hearts. Thanks for being such rock stars! Hugs, Kristine

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King Family Vineyard Wedding: Beth & Chris 07.05.11

On Saturday May 21st, I photographed Beth and Chris's beautiful King Family Vineyard wedding. It was the first wedding I had ever done there, and wowee was it awesome. The setting, surrounded by all the mountains, is so amazing it almost looks fake. And Beth and Chris, well, they were just the icing on my photographer cake. They are so fun, so sweet, and sooooo easy to photograph. I just adore them!

Along with me for this wedding was my adorable intern Jocelyn. This was the FIRST wedding she had ever photographed, and I am so proud of the images she captured. So, in addition to my own images, I am blogging some of hers in this post to show not only what a fantastic job she did, but also to show how much her angles and perspective add to the whole collection.

Choosing images to blog is always hard, but here are a few favorites (okay, more like 50!) that I wanted to share as I'm editing their whole day. Enjoy!

We showed up at the winery and were greeted by sunny skies and perfect spring temperatures -- it was going to be a good day!

Ummm, yeah. I wasn't kidding about the setting. It rocks!

Beth's gorgeous dress.

And shoes.

And bouquet.

And Mrs. Gorgeous herself. Beth, you (and your wedding!) belong in a magazine. I'm working on that part. ;-)

Hello lashes.

Love this shot that Jocelyn captured of Beth's veil.

Lovely ladies! I love my job, and I love that I'm able to make the experience of having wedding photos taken one of the many fun moments of the entire day.

Chris, the handsome groom.

The programs doubled as fans for the guests. This is one of my program shots...

And this is one of Jocelyn's. My girl's got it!

Another program shot. I think I took about 20 as we were waiting for the ceremony to start.

Couldn't ask for a better view!

If anyone saw me laying on the ground, this was why. I loved blurring the rose petals in the aisle.

My version of the first kiss...

And Jocelyn's version. She got some amazing shots from the side.


Love this! Such happiness!

Beth and Chris's friends were awesome.

Seriously, they had so. much. fun.

Not sure if Jocelyn meant to get me in a photo, but I love that I have one behind-the-scenes shot. Thanks Jocelyn!

After family and wedding party shots, it was time for some of the newlyweds alone. They gave us lots of time to be creative...

I have a feeling there are going to be some big prints going on their walls.

This was Beth's idea -- smart girl!

This is what I'd call a "relaxed portrait". Beautiful!

I can't choose favorites!

Diamonds and wine -- what's not to love?!?!

Time to party!

The carriage house at the vineyard looked so pretty.

And I absolutely adored their entry into the room -- priceless!

The first dance...

...that opened the dance floor for lots more dancing.

Gotta love a shot of the bride's parents like this -- so sweet!

The cake. Simple and elegant.

My angle...

Jocelyn's angle. I love that Beth and Chris will have both perspectives.

Love a good bouquet and garter toss.

It always makes for great photos.

I have to give Jocelyn kudos for this shot...because having a second photographer isn't JUST about different angles. See that head on the bottom left with the bride -- that's me. Not sure what I was doing, maybe just helping Beth get up or something, but while I was doing that, Jocelyn was doing what any GREAT photographer would do. She kept her eye on the action and kept on shooting.

Beth and Chris had a photo booth -- I had the best time sneaking in there when least expected. Hilarious!

Then it was time for the big exit -- to sparklers.

It was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

Beth and Chris, congratulations and thank you for asking me to be a part of your wedding day. I had so much fun getting to know you and I hope you love the little preview as much as I do. Hugs! ~Kristine

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Elizabeth and David's Wedding 06.28.11

On May 14th, I traveled to central Pennsylvania to photograph Elizabeth and David's wedding in Harrisburg. What a beautiful day -- and couple. The ceremony was held at St. Lawrence Chapel -- the same church that Elizabeth's parents and grandparents were married in (pretty cool!) -- and the reception was at the gorgeous Colonial Golf & Tennis Club. The rain held off and we had this amazing dewey light, and the details were a photographer's dream. So excited to share a few favorites as I'm editing the entire wedding, so here they are!

The day started off with photos at the Hilton where everyone was getting ready. Elizabeth has REALLY good taste. I loved her dress...

Her shoes...

Her purse. Everything was classy and just lovely.

Especially the bride. She looked ahhhhmazing!

Like a model. Beautiful!

Then it was off to the church.

There I found David, anxiously awaiting his bride...

And some more details, like their programs...

And Elizabeth's bouquet. LOVE.

A peek into the ceremony.

I had fun swapping lenses to get different perspectives and angles.

Exchanging rings...

And they're married! I love how David is already playing with his ring. ;-)

Then it was time for portraits. First of the wedding party with the Capitol behind them...

And then of the newlyweds! Love this one.

And this one under Elizabeth's veil.

Time to head into the reception...

It was definitely a party.

A few more details. The room was breathtaking...

Especially with all the custom pink lighting.

The cake was so pretty.

And so are their rings.

The first dance.

I have such a hard time choosing favorites sometimes...

Probably because I work with the world's most adorable couples!

After a really sweet toast by David's best man...

It was time for dinner and dancing.

As usual, the kids got on the dance floor first -- I had so much fun capturing all of their cuteness!

And I was playing right along with them...this is affectionately known as a "zoomer" shot. Not a technical term, just something that my husband came up with that adds a cool sense of motion to a picture.

Soon enough, the adults were out there having a blast too.

You might be wondering why Elizabeth is dancing with her bouquet here...

Well, it's because it was the "anniversary dance" and she gave it away to the couple married the longest. I heart this image. Her face is priceless.

Elizabeth and David, thank you for being so sweet and kind. I am so honored to have been a part of your big day and to document the beginning of your married life together. Congratulations and hugs! ~Kristine

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Layne and Brad's Wedding 06.17.11

On Saturday May 7th, I photographed Layne and Brad's perfect wedding day. I first met Layne and Brad in April when I did an engagement session for them and their 2 beautiful children, Emily and Andrew. We clicked immediately. Then, I got to photograph them some more the next day, since they were both in the wedding party for the wedding of their brother and sister-in-law, Rachel and Peter. I remember hugging them goodbye and saying, "See you soon. Next time you'll be a bride." It's really cool when you get to "work" with people over and over, and I am happy to say that this won't be the last time you see Layne and Brad on my blog. I think we'll be doing more family pictures in the future, and if that wasn't enough, I will also be photographing Layne's sister Tiffany's wedding next April. I love my job. I love that I get to document the happiest moments of peoples' lives and surprise them with a sneak peek of photos on my blog. Surprises are good. And so are wedding days like this. Perfection. Enjoy!

We started the day at the hotel where Layne and her bridesmaids were getting ready.

And in normal fashion, I did some "detail" shots first. Like Layne's gorgeous veil and dress.

And her shoes.

It doesn't get any cuter!!

Mommy and daughter's shoes. Love it.

As Layne was getting into her wedding dress...

Her son Andrew was so adorable sitting in front of it. Such a handsome little guy!

But really, look at his mama! Layne, you are stunning.

Just really really beautiful.

Though I have to say that I think you are even more gorgeous with your little princess by your side.

Someday Emily can show these at her own wedding. Sigh.

Layne had the most awesomest bouquet. Sooooo pretty.

Brad, looking his best and ready to see his best friend.

Daddy's boy. I am so glad we took some extra time to make sure we got really great shots with the little loves of their lives.

Going to the chapel.

And it's time to get married.

The church was so cute so we used in a bunch of photos.

I think these next 2 are my favorite wedding party shots.


I think Layne and Brad were really comfortable with the camera...

And it shows in their expressions. You rockstars!

The reception venue was amazing.

Drinks in hand. Ready to party.

Can I just say how much I loved their guest book, made with their engagement photos from the month prior? :)

The first dance. I shoot quickly, trying to get moments like this...

And this.

During the cake cutting, little Emily stole the show.

Precious! It was a favorite moment.

And so was this. Layne and her mom shared a special dance and had the whole room in tears.

As the sun was setting, we went outside for a few more pictures. This is my favorite of the day. What a beautiful family!

It really was a perfect day, and I am honored to have been part of it.

Layne and Brad, thank you and congratulations! I adore you and your kids, and can't wait to see you all again soon! Hugs! ~Kris

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