The Birth of Our Daughter, Emme Ann 12.29.09

Just after midnight on December 16, 2009, Scott and I welcomed our sweet Emme Ann into the world. She was born at 12:27 am, and she weighed 7 pounds 8 ounces and was 20 3/4 inches long.

After a 28-hour labor and vacuum-assisted delivery with our first daughter Elsa, I said many prayers for an easier time with our second. And my prayers were definitely answered. My labor from start to finish was about 7.5 hours. It was about 5 pm when my contractions started, and Scott was still at work. I called him immediately, because I couldn't believe how fast they were coming and how intense they were. He finished with his patients and we arrived at the hospital around 7 pm. I couldn't believe the progress I was making. Around 10 pm I got an epidural and thankfully was able to rest a little until I started pushing around midnight.

I delivered at Martha Jefferson Hospital here in Charlottesville, and I couldn't have hoped for a better experience. The nurses were beyond sweet, and Dr. Kelly Owens was the most professional and calming delivering physician. The entire process was so peaceful. I can still hear her saying, "Okay, just one more push and you'll have your baby." And just seconds later I did. She placed little Emme on my chest, and from that moment my life was forever changed...again.

Here is where it all started.

And here I am 7.5 hours later, crying big mascara-tears of joy.

Scott captured some amazing images of all the little details. Honey, you rock!

A few hours after the delivery, Emme went to the nursery for a bath. We decided to peek in the window and were so excited that she was sleeping right near the window. A great photo op!

An alert moment in her bassinet...I couldn't resist taking pictures of her and couldn't believe how she was looking right at me.

Scott went home for a few hours to spend time with Elsa, so I did a little more shooting...

I love this one in the hospital-stamped bed linens. I had fun passing the time taking photos, but of course I was so excited to get home. I couldn't wait for Elsa and Emme to meet. There is something so magical about watching your first fall in love with your second.

We were discharged from the hospital on Friday December 18th. Emme had developed some jaundice, so we were told to return for a follow-up appointment and bloodwork the following morning.

We all knew there was snow in the forecast, but no one imagined it would be the worst blizzard in Charlottesville's recent memory. We got over 2 feet! Scott had been battling the snow for 2+ hours in our all-wheel drive car when 3 young boys came to help him. As I sat at the window exposing Emme to sunlight, I watched Lance, Shane, and Ty give up their sledding time to help a stranger. I was so thankful, especially since we could tell by looking at Emme's color that her condition had worsened. The boys shoveled and pushed, and they were able to get our vehicle to a point where there were at least tire tracks in the road. Unfortunately our car didn't have the clearance to get through.

It was at this moment that I realized I was surrounded by angels. One of our neighbors, Dr. Chris Williams, offered to bring us to the hospital in his car – on his day off. After a little progress, we got stuck going up a big hill, and he and Scott worked for two hours trying to find anything they could – floor mats, tree branches, old towels – to gain some traction. They were freezing and soaked, and as I sat in the car with our sick baby, Chris would occasionally check in to ask if we were okay. If WE were warm enough. It brought tears to my eyes. I had no idea Scott was even missing for awhile, but the next thing I knew he showed up riding on a big tractor. He had flagged down a plow, and after being pulled out to our neighborhood entrance on a chain, we were able to make it the rest of the way to the hospital. For Chris’s extreme act of selflessness, we will be forever grateful.

This is what our street looked like.

I didn't know much about jaundice, but it can be a pretty scary thing if the bilirubin levels reach high levels like they did for Emme. After her lab results came back, we were re-admitted to the hospital, and she received phototherapy.

Thank God she responded well to the bililight treatment and we were back home again....

...just in time for Christmas. I couldn't imagine a greater gift.

This is one of the photos we are using on our Christmas card.

Our little angel.

I am so blessed. I have not just one beautiful daughter...

...but two.

And a husband who adores us all! I don't know how I got so lucky.

Thank you everyone for the prayers and congratulations! Scott and I wish you all a very happy and healthy 2010!

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My Pregnancy with Emme Ann 11.29.09

I can't believe my pregnancy is already coming to an end. I am 38 weeks today (I'm due on December 13th in exactly 2 weeks), so I decided I had to squeeze this blog in before I missed my chance. My pregnancy has been wonderful, and Scott and I are so excited to meet our new baby girl.

Her name will be Emme Ann, so we'll have Emme and Elsa, or "Em" and "El" as we sometimes have already nicknamed them. Everyone I know with 2 girls, including some of my clients, has told me that we are going to love it, and we really think that Elsa is going to be a great big sister. She is so loving, and she is really cute with her new little cousin, Vivienne (see blog below). She also calls all of her baby dolls Emme, and she points to things like little clothes and bouncy seats and tells me they are for Emme. Elsa is such a sweetheart, and I can only imagine the emotion I will feel the moment our 2 girls meet for the first time. We are so so blessed.

I posted this picture a couple weeks ago...

And as promised, here are some more. To everyone who said I looked tiny, remember, black is slimming. ;-)

I threw on a pink shirt to get some shots with Elsa in the woods, and I came home covered in poison ivy!

It was worth it though. This is what Elsa does when you ask her to smile for the camera. Ha!

She is excited to be a big sister, yes. But she will definitely miss her little shelf that she has gotten used to sitting on.

Our shoot got cut short because Elsa got tired -- for those who know her, that's a rarity, but it worked out so well for these images.

This one with her thumby is priceless. Thank you Scott for getting this moment!

Elsa is 18 months old today, and this is her most recent picture. Her hair is long enough for 2 little pigtails, but I think she looks totally adorable rockin her cute mullet.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Stay tuned for 4 more awesome blogs to come (hopefully!) before Emme arrives, and of course details/pictures from the big day that we meet our precious new addition. Lots of love! ~Kris (ps - many thanks to my friend Amanda for taking this family picture of us!)

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The Home Stretch! 11.06.09

Whew! I have a lot of blogging to do before I can even think about editing and posting some preggo pictures of myself -- but I've had some people asking to see belly pictures, and since we did take some a couple weeks ago, I thought I would post just one for now. I'm currently working on editing another NOVA marathon weekend blog, which is coming soon. Then more adorable families and another wedding to follow over the next week.

I am currently 35 weeks along, and Scott took this one (and a bunch more) when I was 33 weeks. I'm so lucky to have such a talented husband! I'm also really lucky to be feeling so good, and to have tons of energy to chase around our busy little Elsa and to burn the midnight oil to get through editing all these shoots and weddings before baby girl #2 arrives in December. That is the goal.

Stay tuned for lots more images, including some really sweet ones with Elsa, and the big name reveal in a few weeks...or sooner! Happy Weekend! ~Kris

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Happy Halloween! 10.31.09

Wishing everyone a very Happy Halloween! Love, Kris, Scott, and Elsa...our little "Bundle Bee". More treats for the eyes coming on the blog starting tomorrow.

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Introducing My Beautiful Niece, Vivienne Teresa 10.17.09

My brother Mark and his wife Jessica welcomed their precious daughter into the world on Wednesday, October 14th at 7:38 pm. Vivienne Teresa weighed 7 pounds 13 ounces and was 21 inches long. She is absolutely beautiful, and it is so amazing to see Mark and Jess as parents. They are so great with Elsa, so I knew that they were going to be naturals, but it really brought tears to my eyes to witness them in the hospital with their new baby girl.

Of all the pictures I got, I had to post this one for a few reasons...

First, after sleeping for hours, Viv decided to open her eyes -- she must have known her Auntie Kris was at the hospital to do her first photoshoot. ;-)

And second, even though you can't see Mark and Jess in this photo, I love how Viv is making perfect eye contact with Mommy and has her fingers tightly wrapped around Daddy's.

I couldn't imagine a more perfect moment (definitely new website material!). Congratulations Mark and Jessica! We are all so happy for you! Love you lots!!! ~ Aunt Kris

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New Number, New Website, & New Baby Niece! 10.14.09

Hey everyone! I have a new phone number as of yesterday. My old Pennsylvania phone number of 570.447.7182 is no longer in service.

My new Charlottesville number is 434.872.3706

I'm also getting a brand new website, which will debut in the near future. I am so excited, as this has been long overdue. It's so bright and clean and modern, with huge images and a bunch of slideshows. My amazingly talented web-designer brother Mark has been working late nights to get it done before baby Vivienne decided to make her appearance. His wife Jessica was due on Monday, October 12th, so we've all been waiting patiently for her to come.

Well, Mark pretty much finished the website last night, and this morning at 4:30 am, Jessica went into labor. My family is waiting at the hospital in Richmond, and I am getting ready to leave my house with Elsa to join them. I can't believe I'm about to become an Aunt!

Of course many many pictures of baby Viv will be coming soon, and a gazillion other blogs, including more weddings, a marathon weekend of shoots from NOVA, and more local Charlottesville shoots are on their way too. Oh, and some belly shots of yours truly. We are hoping to take some really soon as I am almost 32 weeks already.

Anyhoo, I'm off to Richmond to meet my baby niece, but since I can't blog without a picture, here is a sneak peek of the splash page for the new website. You will be able to choose weddings, lifestyle or the blog right from here. Happy Wednesday everyone! ~Kristine

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A Wonderful Birthday 08.27.09

Today is my birthday, a day that reminded me how incredibly blessed and lucky I am for all the people I'm surrounded by. I have an amazing husband, who is doing laundry and cleaning up after dinner while I do this blog. He is excited to see a few new Elsa pictures, since it has literally been almost 2 months since I've taken any!

I have been working long hours to get caught up on editing, slideshows, and albums (plus photographing weddings & families, moving to Virginia, unpacking, and growing the baby!), so today I took a break and spent the entire day playing, relaxing, and reflecting on how good life is. I mean, besides my husband, I have a beautiful daughter and another one on the way, a family who puts my needs ahead of theirs 100% of the time (I really don't know what I'd do without them), and friends who go out of their way to do nice things. I had a mailbox full of cards today, and my Facebook Wall was full of "Happy Birthday" messages before I even got out of bed today. It really made me smile.

Speaking of Facebook, I recently created a business page that will allow me to communicate more directly with my "Fans" about upcoming marathon weekends and possibly special offers. You can become a fan and stay in the loop by clicking HERE and then clicking on "Become a Fan"

Now onto some pics...

Scott took this picture of Elsa and I this morning before he left for work. He went in late today, so I actually got to shower AND wash my hair! Such a treat! Oh, I am 25 weeks along now and getting bigger by the minute.

After Scott left, I snapped a few more of Elsa on our new front porch. She has the sweetest smiles. It's as if she knows she is supposed to smile at me when I'm holding the camera.

My good friend Chris and her son Alex took Elsa and I out to lunch today (thanks again Reynaldo!), so this is Elsa on the Charlottesville Downtown Mall. It's a pedestrian mall with a gazillion cool restaurants and shops.

"My snacks or yours??" Chris's son Alex is less than 2 months older than Elsa, so I know they will be great friends. I love this picture, although I wish you could see Alex's adorable little face. Not to worry though, because I'll soon be doing a family shoot for them, so he will be all over the blog.

This is Elsa immediately after waking up from her 2 hour nap today - she must have known it was Mommy's birthday, because a 2 hour nap never happens! She was happy happy!

So we went to the pool and played in our new yard. She LOVES her new swing!

And her new slide. These pictures crack me up. I'm so happy I took a little time out to do this. Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes and for making my day so great! Love, Kris

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It's a GIRL! 07.27.09

This morning we had our 20-week ultrasound, and we found out the very exciting news that we are expecting another girl. How wonderful it will be for Elsa to have a sister so close in age. We are so unbelievably blessed, and we couldn't be happier.

The ultrasound was amazing. We found out that she weighs 13 ounces, and her heartbeat was 155 beats per minute. We saw her brain, heart, stomach, arms, legs, hands, and feet....and as soon as the ultrasound tech switched it to 4D, I started to cry. We could see her beautiful little face so clearly, and we immediately said, "Wow, she looks just like Elsa."

We have no name ideas yet, so for now I guess I have to introduce her as our precious little "Peanut". We love her so much, and we can't wait to meet her in December.

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We’re Moving to Charlottesville, Virginia 07.16.09

In case you hadn’t heard yet, Scott and I are moving to Charlottesville, Virginia – 3 weeks from today! I have been meaning to blog about this sooner, but I wanted to wait until I could find a few minutes to write something more than, “We’re movin! See ya!”

Why Charlottesville?? Well, I grew up in Richmond about an hour from there, so we will be moving close to family. And with Bambino #2 coming in December, it will definitely be nice to be closer to one set of Grandparents. Aside from that though, Scott received a great new job opportunity at a private orthopedic clinic, and I am really proud of him. He is an even better physical therapist than he is a photographer, and I know he will accomplish great things for his new company.

Charlottesville is also a pretty cool place to live. It’s a college town, home to the University of Virginia, and it was recently ranked as the #1 best city to live in the country. Situated in the Blue Ridge Mountains and near Shenandoah National Park, there are going to be endless gorgeous locations for photo shoots. It’s also home to one of my very best friends, who calls me with weekly installments of why we will LOVE living and raising kids in C’ville. Love ya Reynaldo!

So the Pringle house is currently full of moving boxes (we sold our house and bought a new one), and I am completely booked with shoots from now until we leave. I’ve also started booking shoots for late summer and early fall in the Charlottesville and Northern VA areas, and we will be traveling back to PA for August, September and October weddings. And then some more in 2010 too! In between blogging all of those beautiful babies and brides, I will also be posting pictures of our new house and town, and right around Christmas, of course I’ll be posting pictures of our newest little bundle of joy! We'll find out what we’re having a week from Monday, so stay tuned for the big reveal! We are so excited and curious!

I am bad at goodbyes, which is probably why I’ve been rambling on for 4 paragraphs already. But this isn’t goodbye. Because as I have told many of my clients already, I plan on coming back to the area, not only for the weddings we already have booked, but also for lifestyle shoots. Just as I have done "marathon photo shoot weekends" in the NOVA/DC area, I now plan on doing that in the Harrisburg area, hopefully twice a year. If you want to be kept informed of dates, just email me or leave a blog comment, and I’ll be sure to include you on the list.

To my amazing Pennsylvania clients, who have also become friends, I just have to say that my business would be nothing without you. I will never be able to adequately say thank you for all the fun times and great shoots, all the blog comments, letters, cards, and gifts, all the emails, and the countless referrals. In 2 short years, my business has grown in ways that I never thought it could, and my blog now averages over 3,000 visitors per month. It is truly mind blowing, especially because my entire business happened “by accident” anyway. I hope that everyone will still continue to follow my blog to see what I’m up to in Charlottesville, and I hope that we can keep in touch by email, and of course Facebook too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I miss you already. XOXO ~Kris (and Scott, Elsa, and Baby P too)

I can't blog without a picture, so here are some recent pictures of Elsa, taken on the 4th of July. She is 13 months now and running around everywhere! Her favorite things are being outside, going on the swings, and playing with her babies. She'll be such a great big sister!

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Happy 1st Birthday to Our Daughter Elsa 05.29.09

It's hard to believe that our baby girl is ONE year old today. Everyone said the time would fly, and they were right. It's so cliche, but it really does seem like she was born yesterday. Sometimes I look at her and I can't believe that there is practically a little girl standing before my eyes. Scott and I are so proud of her. She is so smart and sweet, a total camera ham (how lucky for us!), and of course we're biased, but we think she's pretty cute too. She has truly made our lives better than we could have ever imagined.

As I'm sure you could have guessed, we have taken a LOT of pictures over the past year, and I did my best to pick out a favorite from each of her first 12 months. I'm hoping to take some more pictures this weekend, so I'll post a slideshow once I have her first year pictures completed. I hope you all enjoy these!

Newborn -- This is Elsa just a few days after coming home from the hospital. She was so tiny...her little arm only as long as Scott's fingers.

1 month -- Actually this was at 5 weeks when she started smiling, but we'll count it anyway. It's one of my favorites.

2 months -- Elsa started sucking her thumb as soon as I took off those little mittens to prevent her from scratching her face. I think it's so precious.

3 months -- She was already giving us so many silly faces!

4 months -- Elsa's baptism. A very special day for our family.

5 months -- A Halloween costume gone wrong. ;-) I ordered it online in a hurry, and it wasn't nearly as cute as what they showed. Oh well - we have funny pictures now!

6 months -- Let the teething begin!

7 months -- Elsa's first Christmas. Go Steelers!

8 months -- How could I not blog this one again?!? Our little camera ham with our new 5D Mark II.

9 months -- Elsa's eyes keep getting bluer every day.

10 months -- Her first Easter. I have a gazillion favorites from this day.

11 months -- Elsa loves swings and she loves being thrown in the air. I think she's gonna like roller coasters!

12 months -- We think she'll be walking any day now.

We celebrated Elsa's birthday the past 2 weekends, and she had fun eating cake...

And opening all her presents!

Everything was a hat -- haha! So glad she got some cute bathing suits because...

She absolutely loved going swimming for the first time.

We love you babydoll!

You're our little princess and our Bundle Bee.

And no question the love of our lives. Happy 1st Birthday! Love, Mommy and Daddy

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