Tiffany & Ty's Engagement 07.03.08

On Friday night, we did an engagement shoot for Tiffany and Ty in my hometown of Richmond, Virginia. Since they live in Florida and have been planning a long distance wedding, they decided to do their engagement pictures the night before their big day - what troopers! Their rehearsal dinner was Thursday night, and they really wanted to get some good casual pictures together, so the timing worked out well. Scott and I had met Ty at my younger brother's college graduation many years ago, but despite emailing back and forth for almost a year, I had never met Tiffany. Upon meeting her, I was even more excited about their upcoming wedding- she was beautiful and sweet, and very excited about pictures. :-) How do we get so lucky over and over again?!? I heart our brides!

Tiffany and Ty, I know you won't have Internet access until you return from the Dominican next week, but I wanted to post your engagement pictures first - that way when you return, you will have both your engagement and wedding blogs to see!

I hope you enjoy the sneak peek - you two are adorable together!

And so natural in front of the cameras.

I love when our couples can "play" for the camera. This series on the playground is my favorite.

Love the "Real Laughter" shot.

And the color of these canoes is super fun.

This is another favorite. The evening light was perfect!

BLING! Good job Ty!

So romantic...stay tuned for their wedding blog preview!

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Rick & Beth's Engagement Session 04.17.08

On Saturday evening, Scott and I did engagement pictures for our friends, Rick and Beth, in their hometown of Hughesville, PA. Their intimate wedding will be held sometime in the next few months, and they are planning a BIG celebratory bash for August 30th. Congratulations guys - we are so happy and excited for you both!

We started the shoot at an awesome old barn - thanks Bill and Sylvia! I'm pretty sure Scott was crackin' jokes, which resulted in some great moments between the bride and groom-to-be.

The barn was pretty dark inside, but in certain spots the light was insanely gorgeous! Like here.

And here. Scott gets the credit for this one, because the 3 of them had to climb up into the second story to take advantage of the light coming in between the planks. Since I'm very prego, I just helped with some "poses that don't look posed" from down below.

Even though we have known them for several years, I could tell they were a little nervous about being in front of the cameras. But that's nothing that a little skipping can't fix! :)

Before we left the barn, I noticed all the tools, which made me think about the famous old painting with the pitchfork. Very fun, and very unexpected.

When we got home, Scott googled it for me - it's called
American Gothic and it was painted by Grant Wood in 1930.

Our next location was going to involve a little hike to the exact spot where Rick proposed to Beth. But first we saw this "No Outlet" sign - seemed like a symbol of some kind!

The hike through the woods was so peaceful and beautiful.

And then we arrived at some big rocks next to the fast moving stream - the spot where Rick asked Beth if she would marry him.

You guys are glowing - it seriously looks like that moment happened all over again.

Realizing that the sun was about to set, we walked out of the woods as fast we could and found this wide open cornfield with a setting sun. I'm pretty sure we were trespassing, but that's okay, we weren't there long. I love the sun directly behind their heads and coming through Beth's hair.

And our reason for chasing the light - a fabulous silhouette by Scott. Rick and Beth, we're so glad you asked us to do some pictures for you - we had so much fun and we hope you like the sneak peek! Much love! Kris & Scott

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Julie & Clint - Engagement Session 10.19.07

On Sunday, we did an engagement shoot with Julie and Clint, and their adorable yellow lab, Aspen. They are planning a fabulous wedding for September 6, 2008. We started at "The Family Farm", which was a perfect setting - both personal and unique! There were so many great spots for photos, and Clint even surprised Julie by spelling out WE'RE GETTING MARRIED with hay bales. How sweet! After the farm, we headed to the marina in Sunbury to catch the pre-sunset light that we LOVE to shoot in. I'm so glad we went there, because it gave the second round of photos a completely different look - something that an outfit change alone can't always accomplish.

Julie and Clint - we're so happy to have met you and we're very excited to be your photographers. We had so much fun on Sunday, and we're really looking forward to all of your upcoming shoots - the bridal session, the rehearsal dinner, and of course your wedding! Hope you enjoy the mini preview of images. :)

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Molly & Brian's Engagement 10.10.07

On Sunday, we did an engagement shoot with Molly and Brian at Brandon Park in Williamsport. It was a gorgeous sunny day, and we had a great time using all of the different areas of the park. We started off with a few portraits, but within minutes they were running, skipping, dancing and climbing trees. These two were definitely playful, which made for some great images!

Molly and Brian are planning an amazing wedding for June 21, 2008. The ceremony will be held at the beautiful Rooke Chapel on the campus of Bucknell, and the reception will follow at The Genetti in Williamsport. We are really looking forward to it!

Molly and Brian - thank you for being so much fun, and for letting us use your cell when we locked our keys in our car! ;) We'll be in touch when all of your images are online, but for now, here are a few early favorites. Hope you enjoy the mini preview!

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Nikki and Brendan - Engagement Session 08.13.07

In her sweet voice, Nikki asked me, “So Kris, how many hours a week do you work?” I responded, “Well, THIS isn’t work, so I can’t really answer that.” As we walked around Colonel Denning State Park talking about wedding plans and all things outdoors, “work” was the last thing on my mind. Actually, it felt more like time with friends, we just had the fancy cameras!

Nikki and Brendan, we are so happy to have met you, and we’re even happier to have the opportunity to photograph your wedding this November. Nikki- we promise not to make you get your wedding dress sandy and/or wet!!! Thank you both for being so fun and laid-back, and for not being afraid to “get your hair messy”, especially you Brendan!!! ;)

Hope you enjoy the sneak peek of your photos! These were a few of my favorites.

To see more of the images from Nikki and Brendan’s engagement session, click HERE for a slideshow.
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Jill and Todd - Engagement Session 08.01.07

Several weeks ago, we photographed Todd and Jill's super fun engagement session, although at that time, my blog was still under construction. So ever since then I have been anxiously anticipating the time that I could write about these two. All I can say is what an awesome couple. We met at The Milton Hershey School on a gorgeous Wednesday afternoon, and we knew we were going to have fun when they told us that one of their outfits consisted of rival football jerseys! Jill has the most adorable and contagious laugh, and Todd was happy to go along with anything we suggested - a combination that made our "jobs" extremely easy.

Jill and Todd, we absolutely cannot wait to photograph your wedding this December. We are truly grateful that you trusted us to capture your memories, especially because you hired us before we even had a website. Thank you thank you thank you!!! Here are a few of my favorites.

To see more of the images from Jill and Todd's engagement session, click
HERE for a slideshow.
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