Rachel and Peter's Wedding 04.21.11

On Saturday, April 2nd, I photographed my first wedding of the year in Charlotte, NC for a friend and sorority sister from college. What an amazing way to kick off wedding season! I only had this one wedding in April, but I have 3 in May and a ton more after that. So, if you love seeing weddings on the blog, there will be lots more coming!

Rachel and Peter's day was -- to use a term coined by one of the bridesmaids -- "Radunculus". AKA beautiful, incredible, amazing, all of the above. Love it! Rachel had the most gorgeous Ranunculus flowers in her bouquet, so that is where the term came from, but her bouquet was really just the start of all the beauty I was surrounded by that day. Here is their story, as told through my lens. Enjoy!

I started the day at the Ritz Carlton, where Rachel and all the girls were getting their hair and makeup done.

Love. Rachel is so stunning.

And so was her dress. I loved the view from the 15th floor.

I think I took about 20 pictures of her shoes...

And then her dress, and then her shoes again. I love photographing details...

And I really love when I can catch a great moment like this. Rachel's mom was really holding back the tears when she put on her veil.

When we got outside, we had some awesome breezes that made for some fun pics!

Perfection. I have no other word.

Rachel's bridesmaids were also gorgeous, and funny. I told them I wanted some attitude and this is what I got. Love my friend Amanda. So fun!

So pretty girls!

I literally wanted to photograph Rachel for like an hour...

But I still had to get some shots of the guys too...

Peter was looking so handsome - love the bow tie!

And his groomsmen kept coming up with more photo ideas. What a cool group of guys!

Time to get married! The church was so beautiful.

I was lucky to be right next to Rachel and her Dad as he prepared to walk his only daughter down the aisle...

Through the glass doors at the rear of the sanctuary. Love this!

I was only allowed to shoot from the balcony...

But I was able to throw on a telephoto lens to get some close ups.

Pure joy! They did it!

I love a wedding party that can jump like this!

Heading to the reception.

The limo driver said we had to RUN, so they did!

It was a fun ride over to Roof with a View.

I only got about 5 minutes with Rachel and Peter, but they totally rocked their 5-minute shoot! We got some shots that were traditional...

Some that were more modern and sweet...

And a few more of the beautiful bride. Rachel, really, I am floored by your beauty!

We also got some shots that were funny...

And some that were romantic. The wind did this -- love it!

Inside, every detail was perfect.

And Rachel and Peter were ready to party!

The first dance. There was lots of laughter...

And some tears too. Rachel's Dad gave an amazing toast.

When the sun went down, we got a few more portraits outside. Roof with a View really does have the most amazing view of the Charlotte skyline and Panthers stadium.

Inside everyone was tearing up the dance floor.

Then there were some more great toasts...

But I think the highlight of the night was when sweet little Rachel rapped "The Humpty Dance." She is radunculusly good at it!

Rachel and Peter closed down the dance floor...

And they were sent away in a sea of bubbles.

Rachel and Peter, I am so honored that you asked me to document your wedding day, and I hope you love these as much as I do. Here is a slideshow with a ton more images, set to your first dance song. Congratulations and much love! ~Kris PS - Have your tissues ready! ;-)

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Emily and Louis's UVA Wedding 01.13.11

On Saturday, December 18, 2010, I photographed my very first Charlottesville wedding since moving to Virginia from Pennsylvania about a year ago. I have more coming this spring, summer, and fall (including another UVA wedding in July), and for that I am so grateful, but my first one will always be special. So for that, I am doing an extra big blog post! Emily and Louis were married in UVA's Alumni Hall, and it was a fabulous day. Both the wedding ceremony and a dinner reception were held in the beautiful Jefferson Room, and it was quite the party. I'm so excited to share a bunch of my favorite images, and I hope you all love them as much as I do! XO

I started the day with Emily as she was getting her hair done at Bristle's Hair Design & Day Spa. Her stylist did an amazing job!

Then in typical fashion, it was onto some detail shots. The beautiful jewelry...

The gorgeous dress...

The adorable shoes...

The timeless and elegant flowers...

And of course, the amazing location.

Emily and Louis decided to see each other before the ceremony, which meant we had tons of time (and natural light!) to do ALL the photos beforehand. After the ceremony, they went straight to the party. So we got something traditional, yet with a modern twist...

Something playful and fun...

Something romantic and sexy.

Of course we did some individual shots...of the handsome groom....

And the stunning bride. Wow. Gorge.

We also did some with their fun wedding party. No one seemed to mind the cold.

Especially because they could go inside to warm up by the fireplace. Thank you, Mr. Jefferson.

Onto the ceremony. First they recited their vows...

Then they exchanged rings...

Their mothers lit the unity candle...

And it was sealed with a kiss. Love the emotion in this shot!

Reception time! Guests were treated to an amazing meal.

The first dance. I love the look in Emily's eyes.

And I love this wide-angle shot. The lighting in the Jefferson room was PERFECT, thanks to Blue Ridge Light Forms, Virginia's premier event lighting company where Louis is a manager. Seriously, everything had this amazing glow. More to come on that later.

Now I want to focus on what a party this was. There was a gorgeous cake...

Some hilarious toasts...

And some dinnertime silliness. This makes me smile. Okay, laugh out loud. ;-) I loved this table!

There were some mysterious men in mustaches - always makes for a good party right??

And of course, tons of dance floor fun!

I don't know who was having more fun - me or them? These were just 2 of many couples who knew how to have a good time! I was so entertained!

Dancing with the Stars had nothin on these people!

The best was when the bride's Aunt & Uncle got out there and wow could they move!

No matter what was moving around them though, Emily and Louis were in their own world on the dance floor. And I was a happy photographer to be getting these shots for them.

Such a great moment.

I had a hard time choosing.

One last detail shot caught during a slow dance...

And then it was time for Emily and Louis to close down the dance floor under the amazing lights that Louis worked so hard to perfect. Emily and Louis, congratulations and welcome home from the sunny Caribbean. Thank you so much for asking me to be a part of your amazing day! With love and appreciation ~Kristine

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Karen and Rob's Wedding 01.04.11

Karen and Rob were married on 12-11-10 (great date huh?) on the beautiful campus of William and Mary in Williamsburg. The ceremony was held in The Wren Chapel, and a gorgeous dinner reception followed at The Alumni House. Though cold outside, the day was warm in every way -- and I can't wait to share a little sneak peek of their photos. Enjoy!

I showed up to Karen's parents' home to find a beautiful and excited bride getting ready. I did a bunch of getting ready pictures, AND...

...a ton of "detail" shots that I love being able to capture. Karen's dress and shoes were amazing.

And what better place to capture them than with the tree lights in the background.

Seriously -- how fun is this picture? I am in love.

Karen, you are stunning.

The gorgeous flowers. This is probably how I'll transition from the "girl photos" to the "guy photos" in their wedding album.

The handsome groom.

A quick look into the ceremony. I wanted to show this wide-angle shot because The Wren Chapel is so unique and beautiful. Both on the inside....

...and out. They had 10 members in their wedding party, so it was PERFECT for the 5 arches. They were such troopers for doing some outdoor pics in the cold.

So I asked them to huddle together to keep warm. So fun! I love the smiles!

Karen and Rob did the same.

Love it. Such a beautiful couple.

Onto the reception!

The Alumni House has so much character.

Guests were treated to a variety of delicious food stations -- like a seafood station. Yum!

While everyone ate dinner, I got a few more detail type images. Wow BLING!

And then it was time for the band to start. For my photographer friends, this was taken with a 1/15 second shutter to show the motion.

The Collins Brothers were so so good!

The kids thought so too! These are Rob's sister's kids, and they were on the dance floor all night. Adorable!

This one makes me smile. "Excuse me, Mommy, you dropped your purse." This is Karen's sister's little girl and she is so precious!

The first dance. Karen and Rob showed off their new moves.

Then it was time for the cake cutting...

And toasts. This was taken with a fisheye lens on a tripod to show Karen and Rob with all of their guests laughing...

And this of course was taken with the camera in my hands. I love this laughter shot.

Karen and Rob, welcome home from Jamaica and congratulations again! I had a wonderful time photographing your beautiful wedding, and I hope you love the little sneak peek as much as I do. With love and appreciation, Kristine

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Kerrie and Ryan's Wedding 11.24.10

On Saturday October 30, 2010, I photographed the amazingly beautiful wedding of Kerrie and Ryan at The Cavalier Golf and Yacht Club in Virginia Beach. Everything was perfect. The bride was gorgeous, the weather was so awesome that I heard people asking if they had "ordered it", the food was so amazing that I had to remind myself that 20 pictures of the food would probably be enough, the catering manager/wedding coordinator was so super sweet, as was everyone in attendance, and the bridesmaids were, well, pretty smokin' hot -- and just as one more bonus, one of them included my
good friend Amy. Here are a few favorites as I'm editing the whole wedding. Enjoy!

I showed up to find a gorgeous gorgeous bride getting ready.

She had the most beautiful dress...

And she wore it so well! Stunning stunning stunning! No flowers in this shot, but there were hydrangeas everywhere you looked.

The colors were vibrant and so great for pictures.

A favorite -- I always do a shot of the bride holding the bouquet (which we did do) but I thought I'd change it up this time. Love the purple tie too.

The handsome groom -- ready to see his wife-to-be.

Onto the ceremony. It was outdoors -- on the water -- and it was amazing.

Some giggles.

Here are the parents of the bride. There was just enough room in front of the tent for me to sneak around the front, while being careful not to fall into the water! I love that I could do this because it gave me a perspective that I don't often get. I was able to capture the love and admiration in the parents' faces as they watched their children get married...

This is the mother of the groom -- love this! Her husband stood at the altar next to Ryan...because...

Ryan chose his Dad (far left) to be his best man. I think that says a lot about the family-oriented personalities of Kerrie and Ryan, so I blogged some family shots for that very reason.

I always do a traditional portrait because I think you just gotta have it. More modern ones to come later.

They had a BIG wedding party and I had so much fun working with them.

Love this candid in-between moment as I was asking Kerrie and Ryan to kiss and the ring bearers were covering their eyes.

I can't say the bridesmaids were hot and not post a picture. I have so many I love, but this one is just so super fun. By this point (after the ceremony) they were way comfortable with me and my camera.

Can't leave out the guys! Love this shot too!

Onto some more of the bride and groom. This is where the ceremony was held and would make such a cute thank you card.

Love!!! Kerrie and Ryan - you two are amazing!

I mean foreal -- look at that light!

Reception time.

The room was so picture perfect.

First it was the first dance.

And then, time for dinner.

Kerrie and Ryan had stations the food was almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

For dessert, of course there was traditional wedding cake...

But there was also a fabulous dessert table, complete with chocolate fountain. Yum!

Can't show a wedding without a little dance floor fun. Everyone had such a good time, and I feel like I just kept seeing hands everywhere.

See what I mean. A sure sign of a good time.

Another favorite. The bride and groom gettin' down in the circle.

And last but not least, the big exit. Kerrie and Ryan's guests threw lavender at them as they headed to their honeymoon. Kerrie and Ryan, thank you so much for asking me to be part of your wedding day and congratulations! It was a blast and I hope you love the little preview as much as I do! Hugs! ~Kris

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Tiffany and Matt's 10-10-10 Wedding 11.01.10

On Sunday 10-10-10, I photographed my cousin's wedding in Palm Springs. Tiffany is my husband Scott's first cousin, and since I first met her and Matt many years ago, I adored them. They are so so sweet. And beautiful. Just like their wedding day was. I have so much I want to share, so I'm just going to jump right in.

This is the gorgeous mansion in Palm Springs where the wedding was held.

Wow. I want to go back.

Every detail was perfect. From the bride's adorable sandals, to her BCBG gown and her flowers...

To the favors...

And the ring bearer who rode in on a skate board. Seriously?!! Way too cute.

The beautiful bride getting ready.

Tiffany is drop dead gorgeous. She looks like a model -- but that's because she is. Well, technically she's an actress, and she has done a lot of really cool things.

She has had roles on a few sitcoms, and she has also been in commercials for Coca-Cola, Discover Card, Walgreens, Time Warner, McDonald’s, Verizon, Wendy’s, Disneyworld, Sony, Honda, Kodak, IBM, Match.com, Zoosk, and a TON more. I took this little highlight reel from her website (www.tiffanyelle.com) because we are all so proud of her and her budding career.

Tiffany Elle's Reel from tiffany elle on Vimeo.

So who is the lucky guy that Tiffany married? His name is Matt and he is the love of her life. They have been together for 10 years already, and they are absolutely perfect together.

Since the wedding wasn't going to start until 7 pm and it would be dark then, we did a "first look". I love when couples decide to see each other before the ceremony. Here Tiffany is getting ready to tap on Matt's shoulder.

Love her smile here. This is the first moment they saw each other.



Then we did a bunch of portraits.

I loved the Palm Springs landscape. It was an amazing backdrop for photos.

Some images were playful...

Some were sexy. Love this.

Then it was 7 pm. Time for the wedding to start. My husband Scott showed up with 2 very sleepy girls. It was our first day there, so it still felt like 10 pm East coast time to them. I had to post this one because I wanted to thank my amazing husband for watching our 2 girls and missing your cousin's wedding so that I could take these photos for them. Scott, you are the best.

After dinner, guests sat in a circle in the courtyard of the mansion. It was a beautiful, intimate ceremony, and all the guests gave heartfelt toasts and speeches.

There were some tears...

And some laughter...

And a few more tears as Tiffany and Matt exchanged vows they had written themselves.


After the wedding, we did a few more portraits with different groupings of family...

And friends...they were having such a good time and cracking me up too.

Last but not least, at 10:10 pm on 10.10.10, they signed the marriage license. I can't think of any better reason for a fist pump! :-) Tiffany and Matt, I could write a book, and I have a tear in my eye as I say this -- I couldn't be happier for a more giving, beautiful, and AMAZING couple. To echo what so many said in their toasts that night, keep doing what you've been doing for the past 10 years because your love is so genuine. Love you both! Congratulations! Love, Kris (and Scott too)

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Jenni and Mike's Wedding 10.27.10

Jenni and Mike were married on Saturday October 2nd in beautiful Lake of the Woods near Fredericksburg. They had a gorgeous outdoor ceremony, right at the water's edge, and an amazing dinner and reception followed inside. They couldn't have picked a more perfect day for an outdoor ceremony -- it was literally one of those perfect 70-degree and not a cloud in the sky days that you wish for. That would make anyone smile, and on their much anticipated wedding day, Jenni and Mike were beaming! They decided to see each other before the ceremony so that we'd have minimal photos to take afterwards, which really helped the day run smoothly and allowed us to take lots of fun portraits. I am so excited to share a few favorites as I'm going through them all. Enjoy!

Jenni's dress was so stunning. And it looked so good hanging on the beautiful windows inside the Clubhouse at Lake of the Woods.

Loved her bouquet too! So colorful and perfect for fall.

Put the dress and the flowers with the beautiful bride and you've got this. Perfection. Jenni, you are gorgeous!

The handsome groom, Mike, just minutes before seeing his beautiful bride for the first time.

I stepped back and took all candids during their big reveal -- LOVE this!

Then we started with some portraits. First a little classic.

You two are adorable!

Love this one with the Clubhouse behind them.

And I really love this silhouette with the lake and the woods. :-)

Two of the nicest men you could ever meet. We also did all the family pictures before the ceremony, and I had to post this one of Mike with his Dad, Joe, because Joe is my Mom's boyfriend of many years and he is (1) The reason that Mike and Jenni found out about me and eventually hired me to do their wedding, and (2) The reason this blog is happening right now, as he is always helping my Mom out with babysitting for my 2 young daughters while I work. They ADORE him, as do I, and I just wanted to publicly thank him for all that he does for all of us. He is truly a wonderful person who we're all lucky to have in our lives.

A quick glimpse into the ceremony...it was breathtaking.

The first kiss...

And then it was onto the reception. This one makes me smile.

Laughing during the toasts...

They were hysterical, so I quickly turned around to get everyone's reaction.

The first dance. I love that I could get lens flare from the sun indoors! Such a great location to shoot a wedding!

And I love that all the guests were still crowded around from the toasts and not at their tables. Good planning guys!

Next it was open dance floor and this pretty much sums it up. Everyone had a blast.

Best garter removal ever. Mike, I don't know that I've ever seen another groom do this so well without using any hands! ;-)

Saying goodbye to the Grandparents. So so sweet.

The final dance to "Tonight's Gonna be a Good Night". Jenni and Mike, congratulations on your marriage. I am so happy for you! Thank you for including me (and my family!) in your special day and for making us all feel so welcome. You are both sweethearts and I know you will have a long happy life together. Hugs! ~Kris

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Sara and Tom's Wedding 08.23.10

On Saturday August 7th, Scott and I traveled to Delaware to photograph Sara and Tom's AWSOME (awesome) wedding. I love this couple. Last summer I did an engagement session for them, and Dr. Sara had to work all night (as in delivering babies!) the night before. Sara had just a few hours of sleep, but of course the photos turned out absolutely amazing. With Tom by her side, she glows. Her smile is even brighter, her laugh that much more contagious. Well, the same is true for their wedding photos. The love and emotion just jumps out of them, and I am so excited to share!

Tom and Sara just returned from a 12 day honeymoon in Hawaii, and this is my welcome home gift to them. I hope they love the little sneak peek as much as we loved being their photographers.

We started our day at the church, and I love the unique angle that Scott captured here.
Richmond Wedding Photographer

One of my favorite dress shots ever. We had a lot of time to do detail shots before the ceremony, which allowed us to get extra creative.
Richmond Wedding Photographer

We got so many fun shots...of the shoes...
Richmond Wedding Photographer

...the rings...
Richmond Wedding Photographer

...the flowers...
Richmond Wedding Photographer

and the programs. Those blue hydrangeas are for the bridesmaids' bouquets.
Richmond Wedding Photographer

They were so stunning! But enough detail shots...and onto what you really want to see!
Richmond Wedding Photographer

The beautiful, beautiful bride! A picture of perfection.
Richmond Wedding Photographer

Tom was such a handsome groom, and so so excited to see his wife-to-be.
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

Sara teared up walking down the aisle, and her Dad watched and admired his "little girl" the entire way.
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

One of Scott's wide-angle shots with our fisheye lens...
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

And one of my close-ups of them exchanging rings.
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

Of course we got many versions of the first kiss, but I LOVE this one of them about to kiss. Have you ever seen so much love and happiness in one photo!?!? Darling!
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

Portrait time. As I was getting this shot of the entire wedding party...
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

Scott was taking these. And no, we're really not that funny. Everyone was cracking up though because I, well, in all my efforts to get the perfect angle, I kicked over someone's freshly opened celebratory beer. Doh!
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

Some of the bride and groom alone. We started off a little classic.
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

And then we got total perfection. For anyone who knows Sara and Tom, this is them and I adore it.
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

And yes, this is Scott's silhouette. If he weren't my husband, I might be a bit jealous. ;-)
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

We were doing the photos by this incredible old mill. It had so much character!
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

One of my faves.
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

Onto the reception -- a shot during the first dance.
NOVA Wedding Photographer

And a shot during the "second first dance" after dinner. The DJ admittedly goofed and forgot the disc with their first dance song on it, so they danced to a kinda random song (in the shot above). Well, to Sara and Tom's surprise, he sent his assistant home to burn their actual song (Luckiest), and this is what we got. I think the whole room was crying.
NOVA Wedding Photographer

Sara's parents included. Love this.
NOVA Wedding Photographer

After some dinner and dances, it was time for an open dance floor, and the ladies tore it up!
NOVA Wedding Photographer

I could blog a gazillion more photos, but I had to share a few of the infamous photo booth.
NOVA Wedding Photographer

It was a HUGE hit. I pulled the curtain a few times and snuck a few photos of everyone having fun.
NOVA Wedding Photographer

Okay, back to the party.
Northern VA Wedding Photographer

Looks like fun eh?
Northern VA Wedding Photographer

To Sara and Tom, congratulations on your marriage, and thank you for asking us to be there to document these once in a lifetime memories. We LOVED "working" with you, and we hope we can get together for dinner sometime when we're visiting Scott's family in Northwestern PA. Lots of love! ~Kris and Scott
Northern VA Wedding Photographer
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Megan and Brent's Wedding 08.09.10

On Saturday July 24th, I traveled back to PA to photograph Megan and Brent's beautiful wedding. The ceremony was held at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Millersburg, and an evening reception followed at The Susquehanna Valley Country Club.

About one week before I moved to Virginia last summer, I did an engagement session for Megan and Brent, and ever since I couldn't wait to photograph their wedding. They are two of the sweetest people you could ever meet, and so much fun to photograph!

Their wedding day was so perfect, filled with laughter, tears, and a whole lotta dancing. I know they are back from St. Lucia and anxiously awaiting this blog, so here we go...

I started the day at the church...
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

This is where I found Megan's amazing dress and shoes.
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

And and a beautiful bride getting ready.
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

Seriously, they don't get any prettier!
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

Glowing glowing glowing!
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

I had to show one of Megan with her adorable niece and flower girl, Morghan, since she and her brother Braden are part of the reason I was asked to be there.
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

I did pictures of these little cuties a few times before moving to Virginia, and I couldn't believe how big they had gotten. Is this the most adorable thing ever or what?!?!
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

Can't forget the handsome groom! You'd never know it was 100 degrees either -- Brent was such a trooper.
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

A quick glimpse into the ceremony...I was shooting from the very back, and I love the depth of field in these.
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

The first kiss.
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

And then it was time for portraits. I loved their wedding party and the brown dresses were stunning!
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

One, Two, Three....
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

JUMP! So super fun! We did one take and they nailed it. Good thing I did too. ;-)
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

A few favorites of the newlyweds alone...
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

I had a hard time choosing because there are so many I love.
Charlottesville Wedding Photographers

These two made every shot look great!
Charlottesville Wedding Photographers

They are such rock stars...and more to come on that later.
Charlottesville Wedding Photographers

The country club looked so completely gorgeous.
Charlottesville Wedding Photographers

I was loving the centerpieces...and I was so flattered to see framed engagement photos that I had taken on each table. Thanks guys!
Charlottesville Wedding Photographers

First it was the first dance. Love it!
Charlottesville Wedding Photographers

Then they had a great slideshow...
Charlottesville Wedding Photographers

And I loved being able to capture everyones' faces as they watched.
Charlottesville Wedding Photographers

The parent dances were full of loving tears...
Charlottesville Wedding Photographers

And adoring smiles.
Charlottesville Wedding Photographers

And then the newlyweds surprised everyone with a second first dance -- this time a choreographed routine to "Nothin' But a Good Time" by Poison.
Charlottesville Wedding Photographers

I can't wait until they see the whole series of these!
Charlottesville Wedding Photographers

A little cake cutting action...
Richmond Wedding Photographers

And then it was back to the dance floor. I love this moment.
Richmond Wedding Photographers

And this one. Megan is too darn cute!
Richmond Wedding Photographers

To Megan and Brent, congratulations on your marriage. I'm so thankful to have been there to photograph your wedding day, and I hope you love the little preview as much as I loved taking them. With love and appreciation! ~Kris
Richmond Wedding Photographers
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Tiara and Don's Wedding 07.12.10

A few weeks ago, Scott and I traveled back to PA to photograph another beautiful wedding. Tiara and Don were married on June 19th in a church in Tiara's hometown of Troxelville, and a reception followed at The Carriage Corner Restaurant in Mifflinburg. We are on a lucky streak with sunny skies for our summer weddings, and Tiara and Don's was no different. It was a wonderful day in every way and we're honored to have been a part of it. Here are a few of my favorites as I'm editing the whole thing. Enjoy!

I started the day with Tiara getting ready. Loved the little sign she made up for the door.
Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photographers

There is something so pretty about a bride-to-be putting on her makeup.
Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photographers

The room she was getting ready in had awesome turquoise walls - a perfect background for Tee's gorgeous silver shoes.
Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photographers

She also had an amazing bouquet and dress.
Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photographers

And all the little details came together to make one absolutely beautiful bride. We photographed Tiara in an outdoor art studio and I was in love with the natural light in there.
Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photographers

Don was looking totally handsome too...
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

And the ring bearer and flower girl were two of the cutest I've ever seen. I think they were cousins and I just adored them!
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

Their walk down the aisle was perfection (look at those petals falling!)...
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

And Don's expression as he watched his bride walk towards him was pretty perfect too. What makes this shot even better is the tears in the eyes of his mom watching from the first pew.
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

Exchanging vows...
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

A moment of prayer....
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

And they're married!
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

Tee really wanted a ring in the flowers shot, so this is especially for her.
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

We started the portraits with the wedding party....
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

And then we did a bunch of the newlyweds alone.
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

This is one of my faves. Tee, you are stunning, and I love Don's smile and that he is holding your flowers.
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

So natural. So relaxed. So unforced.
Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

This might be my favorite of the day. The sun setting behind the tree gave us really dreamy light.
Richmond Wedding Photographer

The reception started with an emotional slideshow and we were able to capture Tiara and Don's faces as they watched it.
Richmond Wedding Photographer

Then there was a little cake smashing...
Richmond Wedding Photographer

But they kissed and made up during a sweet first dance.
Richmond Wedding Photographer

How could I resist posting one more of these two cuties?? Somehow they smuggled a metal bowl from the kitchen and it was a hit on the dance floor. Way too funny.
Richmond Wedding Photographer

A little Cha Cha Slide...how low can you go?
Richmond Wedding Photographer

To Tiara and Don, thank you so much for asking us to be your photographers. We are so happy for you! Much love and congratulations again! Hugs~Kris & Scott
Richmond Wedding Photographer
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Tara and Chad's Wedding 06.25.10

On Saturday June 12th, Scott and I headed back up to Pennsylvania for another fabulous wedding. Tara and Chad were married at the Priestly Savidge House in Northumberland, and it was such a perfect day -- perfect weather, perfect golden light, perfect venue, perfect couple.

This was the first time we had done a wedding at the Priestly Savidge House (it is a relatively new venue), and it definitely lived up to expectations. An outdoor ceremony and tented reception were both held on the grounds.
Charlottesville Wedding Photography

I started the day with a few detail shots -- like Tara's gorgeous shoes and dress.
Charlottesville Wedding Photography

And then I found the girls getting ready in the house. I was in love with Tara's veil.
Charlottesville Wedding Photography

She is the first bride I've ever photographed wearing a birdcage veil, and oh my goodness, what a first she was! She is breathtaking and belongs in a magazine!
Charlottesville Wedding Photography

Had to show a full-length shot too.
Charlottesville Wedding Photography

Scott and I then headed across the street to find the handsome groom and the guys in a recording studio.
Charlottesville Wedding Photography

Onto the ceremony. So so pretty!
Charlottesville Wedding Photography

I think Chad's ring was a little tight.
Charlottesville Wedding Photography

And it definitely made for some great candid moments.
Charlottesville Wedding Photography

Then it was portrait time. Another beautiful wedding party -- and such cute dresses!
Richmond Wedding Photography

We did a few landscapes to show the amazing grounds...
Richmond Wedding Photography

But I have to say that the close-ups are my favorites. Tara and Chad are so natural in front of the camera.
Richmond Wedding Photography

And they are so fun! They were willing to try anything, even if it meant a little teasing from Chad's buddies. ;-) Onto the reception!
Richmond Wedding Photography

Have you ever seen such a gorgeous tent!?! Scott did an amazing job with this panorama shot.
Richmond Wedding Photography

The toasts happened first, and they were definitely a hit.
Richmond Wedding Photography

And then it was time for the first dance. These 2 had some moves...and more to come on that later.
Richmond Wedding Photography

So I usually only show garter and bouquet photos if they have a lot of personality or something different about them.
Richmond Wedding Photography

Well, these garter shots definitely have personality. Have you ever seen such a good-looking group of men look so excited about catching the garter?? It's like, "Pick me, pick me!"
Richmond Wedding Photography

And here is another Pringle Photography first. I've never seen 2 guys tug so hard over the garter that it actually broke. Way. Too. Funny.
Virginia Wedding Photography

Tara and Chad have great friends, and we had a great time photographing them tearing up the dance floor.
Virginia Wedding Photography

It was seriously non-stop entertainment. First it was "Shout".
Virginia Wedding Photography

And then a conga line that went outside of the tent. I love the slow shutter speed motion in this shot.
Virginia Wedding Photography

Then it was an awesome Michael Jackson dance, compliments of the groom.
Virginia Wedding Photography

And this is what happened when he was done. Might be my favorite shot of the day.
Virginia Wedding Photography

Though with these two, it's really hard to pick. This is 100% candid, taken with a big zoom as they took a break from dancing toward the end of the night. You guys are just darling!
Virginia Wedding Photography

And we are so thrilled to have been a part of your big day!
Virginia Wedding Photography

Congratulations and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are so happy for you and we hope you love the little preview of your images! Hugs! Kristine & Scott
Virginia Wedding Photography
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