Blessed...Again! 05.14.09

Scott and I are thrilled to announce that we are expecting our second child! Surprised?!?! Yes, we were too, but talk about the best surprise ever. It took us so long to get pregnant with our daughter Elsa, so this news is such a blessing from God. I am about 10 weeks along and due on December 13th. We couldn't have asked for better timing, since I'll be on maternity leave during the winter, which is my slow time for photography anyway.

We had our first ultrasound a couple of weeks ago, and of course it was love it first sight. We will definitely be finding out what we're having in a few months, so stay tuned to the blog for updates.

I absolutely love being pregnant, although I'm not sure I'm looking forward to looking like a planet again at 39 weeks...(Wow, I can't believe I actually blogged this! Scott will be proud of me!)

But obviously the reward makes it all worth it. Becoming a Mom is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I know I haven't posted pictures of Elsa recently, but not to worry. She is turning ONE on May 29th and I will be doing a big blog of her first year, and a slideshow too! I know she is going to be a great big sister.

To see a slideshow of my first pregnancy, click HERE and make sure your volume is turned up. Thanks to everyone who has already offered their congratulations and support. Love, Kris, Scott, and Elsa
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9 Months Already! 03.02.09

Our daughter Elsa is so much fun. She is such a happy, playful baby, and she never ceases to amaze us with what she'll do next. We are so blessed! Yesterday was her 9-month "birthday", so I thought I would share some recent pictures. I can't believe how fast time goes by. Before we know it she will be a year old. I'll definitely do a big blog for that, hopefully with a slideshow to go with it. :) In the meantime, hope you enjoy these!

This one was taken on Valentine's Day 2 weeks ago, and the rest were taken just a few days ago. I have become a very fast crawler.

And I pull to standing on everything I can grab.

Look, I'm even starting to get a little more hair.

But my Mommy insists on making me wear these hats. I think they make me look like a Teletubby. Oh, notice my hand - I love to point at everything.

My Mommy has always wanted to take a picture like this, so I cooperated really well for her. I like the camera.

And I love my jumperoo that I got for Christmas. There's that pointing finger again.

My favorite thing is being outside. I can't wait til spring.

Then I'll really be able to get into all kinds of new things. Like these pine needles. They were fun.

But the best part about being outside is when I get to go on walks with our dog Zoey. She leads the way and I smile the entire time. See you next time! Love, Elsa

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Behind the Scenes 02.19.09

Scott and I take a LOT of pictures when we're shooting, and some of them always end up being "behind the scenes" images of each other getting a shot. There are times when I know I'm looking so unbelievably cool when taking a picture, and I know Scott is standing behind me to capture that memory. ;-) In all seriousness, I love having these pictures and they will definitely end up in a personal photo album someday. Hope you enjoy!

Last time I posted a "Behind the Scenes" blog I looked like this! Our daughter Elsa was due in just a few weeks.

I love this one of me holding Elsa at Rick & Beth's wedding last summer. We photographed their wedding with a lot of help from friends who volunteered to hold her, but at the end of the night, she just wanted her thumb and her Mommy. And her pretty pink dress had seen better days then too!

I don't have one of Scott holding Elsa at a wedding, but my cute hubby holding a bunch of roses might be the next best thing. Too bad they weren't for me! Babe, you are too cute here, even if you remind me of "The Bachelor" show. Will you accept this rose?

Okay, time for some "before and afters". I got this one of Scott as he prepared to work his silhouette magic.

And here is what resulted...

I had this groom out in front of his groomsmen for this series of the guys...

It's something I do often because I LOVE how it looks.

Same wedding...I stood back and let Scott capture a few moments of the bride's parents giving her away. He had the telephoto lens on, so I knew he'd get the better shots.
Pringle Photography

Great shot honey!
Pringle Photography

Love it!
Pringle Photography

As a wedding photographer, I have become quite skilled at walking backwards...

It's an absolute necessity for fun shots like this.

This is the infamous Kristine Pringle squat down. You will be asked to do this at your wedding...

It produces great portraits, especially because I am shorter than our grooms, and most of our brides too.
Selinsgrove Photography

In this instance, I told Scott I wanted to test the light inside the church foyer, and he automatically did the squat down. Haha! Really though, it was raining outside, so we were finding a good spot to shoot portraits of our gorgeous bride.
Selinsgrove Photography

I'd say it worked beautifully. I just shot a little more wide open to blur the checkered floor more.
Lewisburg Photography

I can just hear myself now, "I'm going to cross this stream real quick, so just hang out."
Lewisburg Photography

Beautiful! Randi and Dan, we can't wait for your wedding in May!
Lewisburg Photography

I had to end with this one of my friend Sylvia and I, which was taken when she was pregnant with Baby #1 (her adorable son Russell) two years ago.
Central PA Maternity Photography

Now she is pregnant with #2 and due in April.
Central PA Maternity Photography

And I will be doing another maternity session for her in about 2 weeks. So stayed tuned...
Central PA Maternity Photography
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Mommy & Daddy's New Canon 5D Mark II 01.20.09

Mommy and Daddy's new Canon 5D Mark II is here!

Ooh-ooh! It has 21 megapixels, full HD 1080 video, and ISO up to 6400!

Now they'll really be able to capture every ounce of my cuteness!

Stay tuned for some very TASTY images! Love, Elsa (PS -- I'm almost 8 months old now and crawling everywhere -- can you believe it!?!)

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Our Best Christmas Gift Ever 12.24.08

Last Christmas, I stood by our tree with a bow wrapped around my pregnant belly. I was 19 weeks along, and I dreamt of the day I would be able to share Christmas with our new baby.

This Christmas, my prayers have been answered. I have the perfect little angel to love. Elsa is my best Christmas gift ever, and I count my blessings everyday.

She has Scott completely wrapped around her finger, especially when she wears her Steeler's outfits. Last night she started making the "D" sound, so maybe she'll say "Dada" for Christmas.

Getting ready for the holidays has been extra fun this year. We took Elsa to see Santa, and this was her reaction upon seeing all the kids in line. I love her smiles.

She did really good on Santa's lap, which surprised me a little since she doesn't like when "Mama" leaves her. I stood behind the lady taking the pictures and snapped a few of my own.

She also had her first experience with snow. I thought it would be so cute to put her in her snowsuit and get pictures, but Elsa didn't think it was cute at all.

When we got back inside, she gave me the funniest little face -- like, "Mom, I am cold and done taking pictures."

Just kidding. It doesn't take long to make her laugh. She is a very happy little girl.

Especially when she has her thumb or her toes in her mouth.

Last Christmas, we stood by our tree anticipating the miracle that was growing inside of me.

This Christmas, we have a family. We can hardly wait until tomorrow morning, to see Christmas through her eyes.

And neither can Zoey! She always gets lots of tasty treats for Christmas.

Merry Christmas to our families, friends, and clients -- and THANK YOU for a wonderful 2008. We are really looking forward to our weddings and shoots coming up in the next week and all of those that will follow in the New Year.
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Shooting Just Because... 12.17.08

My lifestyle shoot for yesterday got rescheduled due to the weather, so as I edited pictures and watched the snow fall last night, I had some time to think. I started thinking about all the things I want to accomplish in the New Year. The list is long, but two of my goals for 2009 are: 1) To become a better photographer, and 2) To make time to "shoot just because". Then I thought to myself -- that would be a great thing to blog about, since shooting for ourselves is one of the things that taught us so much about photography.

I thought it would be cool to show some of the scenic shots we've taken over the years, followed by a recent shot from either a wedding, engagement, or lifestyle session that illustrates the same concept. I've always been a book person, but photography has taught me that I can learn a lot by doing! Enjoy! :-)

We've learned to use a really slow shutter speed to blur things.

Came in handy to blur the ferris wheel during an engagement shoot last summer.

Sunrises and sunsets are always fun to photograph.

Especially if you can catch one during a father-daughter dance.

This reflection is one of my favorites -- Scott is proud of me for this one!

And I am proud of him for this one.

Sometimes we use our fisheye lens to capture the whole scene.

It's a great way to show everyone in attendance during a wedding ceremony.

I love shooting from "interesting" angles, like here shooting up at the sky.

It works really well with a bride and groom too. I've had lots of couples tell me this is a favorite shot of theirs.

I'm a huge fan of backlighting and black & whites.

When used together, the result is beautiful!

Sometimes it's all about color.

Like here -- our brides have had the most beautiful and colorful bouquets.

And sometimes it's a close-up that shows every little detail.

Or in this case, every BIG detail. Rings are one of my favorite close-up images to capture during a wedding.

I love being able to shoot in that yummy pre-sunset golden light. This was in Yellowstone, and they definitely get that kind of light more often out West.

But see, we do get it on the East Coast too!

Scott is a pro at silhouettes...

We try to do them at weddings whenever we have the right light.

I left out some of our absolute favorite landscapes, so I will have to do another blog sometime....but I thought I would end with one that I took of Scott flyfishing last summer. In this case, I was "shooting just because" my husband made me get up at 6am to get the fog coming off the water. ;-)

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Elsa Said Her First Word -- Mama! 12.10.08

I know I've been a bad blogger -- I can't believe it's been a whole week. This time of year is so busy with fulfilling print orders, getting caught up on editing, designing wedding albums, and mailing CDs off to clients. Oh, and of course getting ready for Elsa's first Christmas! :-)

I've had a little break from shooting, but we have a lot coming up. Next week I get to do a lifestyle session at Fort Hunter Park in Harrisburg, and then we have 2 more fabulous weddings at the end of this month...

December 27th - Kelly & Mike in Hershey
December 31st - Michele & Jeff in Hazleton

Then at the beginning of January, I get to visit Baby Evie and Baby Kaydins for their big 1-year old sessions, and Baby Kate for her 6-month session. So there will be lots of fun pictures to blog in the near future.

For now though, I had to tell a little story, as yesterday was one of the best days of my life. Our friend Sarah Beth was over helping out with Elsa while I did more editing (Sarah Beth, I don't know what I would do without you, thank you so much!), and Elsa started to get a little fussy. She tends to do that when she gets tired. So Sarah Beth carried Elsa through the kitchen and was headed into our office, and as soon as Elsa saw me, she blurted out "MAMA!" It was so clear and so intentional. I, of course, started crying. Then I called Scott and my Mom.

Elsa is so much fun. She is just over 6-months old, and she sits, she giggles and squeals, and she has 2 bottom teeth coming in. But most importantly, she says Mama! I'm sure Dada will be coming any day now. :-)

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Happy Thanksgiving from The Pringles 11.27.08

Last year on Thanksgiving, I posted an ultrasound photo announcing my pregnancy. I was just 11 weeks pregnant, but already completely in love with our baby-to-be. Now I can hardly remember life before her. Elsa is already 6 months old, and she is the best thing that has ever happened to us. We are so thankful....for Elsa and each other (and our sweet doggie Zoey), for our wonderful families and friends, for our health, for our photography business, and for the fact that we have the coolest and nicest clients in the world! Thank you thank you!

Happy Thanksgiving with much love from The Pringles -- Scott, Kristine, and Elsa. Special thanks to our great photographer friend Val for taking this picture of us a couple weeks ago.

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My Friend Alanna's Baby Shower 11.09.08

I normally don't blog on the weekends, but today I'm making an exception for a couple of reasons. First, in order to stay on top of my recent shoots, I literally need to blog every day. And second, yesterday I went down to Northern VA for my friend Alanna's baby shower, who is expecting a very special Christmas gift this year. :-) Of course I took my camera (I don't go many places without it), but I definitely didn't intend to blog these. Well, last night as I was looking through them and showing a few to Scott, he said, "Wow, are you going to blog some of those?" I was like, "Hmmm, maybe I should." I mean, why not show off my beautiful pregnant friend.

To my girlfriends, it was so wonderful to see all of you yesterday, even though it was too short. I'm looking forward to more visits soon! To the shower hostesses, Lisa, Heather, Mullen, and Katrina - you rock! The shower was so well planned and as expected, over the top with crafty details and yummy food. Lisa, thank you so much for having all of us at your home, and tell Dan thanks for moving all of your furniture.

To Alanna, I know you didn't expect this, but I hope that these pictures will add to the joy of this amazing time in your life. You are glowing, and baby Deal is a very lucky girl to be coming into a family filled with so much love. Congratulations again. Much love ~Kris

Alanna and I were sorority sisters and roommates during our senior year at Virginia Tech.

The shower details were beautiful. The tables were lined with pink cloths and brown runners, votives, fall leaves, and these gorgeous centerpieces. And the cake was so sweet with the ultrasound photo.

Alanna got so many cool gifts. Her last name is "Deal" so she got these personalized "iDEAL" baby onsies.

How funny is this?!

I love you girls!

This one cracks me up - it almost looks staged or something. And Trish, it reminds me of our simultaneous conversation dilemma. ;)

So after most people had left, I was like, "Hey Alanna, want me to take a few prego pics of you?" Boy am I glad she said yes!

Alanna is so modest, but she is one of the most beautiful girls I know, inside and out. But here we'll focus on the out -- hehe. Alanna, are you kidding me?! We should seriously send this to the boutique that designed your dress. You are glowing.

Congratulations Alanna and Jeff! You are going to be amazing parents, and we are so happy for you! Can't wait to meet your little princess.

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Our Daughter Elsa: A Mini Update 11.05.08

Elsa is already over 5 months old, so this post is LONG overdue! I haven't posted pictures of her since she was 2 months old - whoa - I don't know where the time goes. I am planning to do a big blog post of Elsa once things slow down a little, but I had to sneak just a few pictures in today because a lot of friends and clients have been asking. Last night I did a shoot and my client said, "I just wanted to remind you that there haven't been any recent Elsa pictures on the blog." How cute is that?! :-)

Anyway, the bigger blog post with all kinds of pictures from months 2 - 5 will be coming soon....but for now, here is our little princess last weekend on a little family vacation. She LOVES being outside!

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