Baby Love! 01.10.12

I think we'd all agree...the words "baby" and "love" just go together. There is so much to love about babies. Especially these 2 girls -- man are they cute! Between Abby's curls and Olivia biting her toes, my heart definitely skipped a beat. I first photographed these 2 sisters during Olivia's newborn session. Olivia was 10 days old and Abby had just turned 2. Fast forward 6 months, and we have this most recent session. I'm so glad that Sarah and Jason asked me to come back to capture their precious girls as they grow. Here are a few favorites as I'm editing. Enjoy!

This was taken over the summer. Olivia at 10 days old. PRECIOUS!!!

And here she is now at 6 months. Even more precious!

This is Olivia's beautiful big sister Abby. I am in love with her curls!

At the beginning of the session, I focused on the girls...

I was able to capture a bunch of shots of them this!

I got their sweet profiles...

But I had yet to get a good shot of them TOGETHER. Then I eyed my small basket.

How do you get a 2-year old to sit so closely to her 6-month old baby sister AND kiss her?? You put them in the small basket TOGETHER and then reward her with a lollipop. :)

Beautiful family! I adore this portrait and think all my clients should have one like this. Meaning with everyone looking at the camera.

Though I also want my clients to have one like this -- meaning just caught in a moment.

I love capturing the way you can make her giggle when you turn her upside down.

Or the way she can make you giggle when she tries to kiss your nose. Every day "ordinary" moments are often my favorite.

Once inside, I focused on Olivia for a little bit. It was "unofficially" her 6-month session, so I made sure to capture some images that really show her personality.

And if these next 2 don't capture it I don't know what does.

One of my favorite baby images ever. Eyelashes, toes and chub in one shot -- LOVE it.

Who is (was) excited for Christmas?

Abby! Look at that smile!

At the end we did some pictures in their Christmas dresses. Olivia's first Christmas = so special.

Does it get any sweeter?

Sarah and Jason, thanks for asking me to come back for updated pictures as your girls grow. It is so much fun to "work" with your awesome Hokie family! Hugs! ~Kris

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Maren: Newborn 01.05.12

New year, new parents, new baby -- I like new! Especially when new includes an old friend from college. I went to Virginia Tech with both Lisa and Scott, and though I didn't know them too well, they saw photos I had done for some other mutual friends on my Facebook page, and voila! They booked me to do a newborn photo session for their precious new baby girl, Maren. I was really glad to reconnect with these two -- they are just awesome and so fun to be around. I am so happy for them, and I'm so excited to share a few favorites from our afternoon together at their beautiful home. Enjoy!

Meet 7-day old Maren. She is just gorgeous.

But it's easy to see where she gets it -- look at her beautiful Mommy...

And her handsome Daddy!

One with her adorable "big sister". LOVE!

In the beginning, I focused on getting some images of Maren by herself.

We did some with "sassy pants"...

Some in hats...

And some in nothing at all. Lisa and I agreed that newborns are best photographed "as is". The result is so angelic.

A different angle. I love newborn baby wrinkles.

And feet.

Next we moved on to some images with Mommy and Daddy.

Lisa, you look so peaceful and natural. Just beautiful.

Totally adore this one of Daddy and his sweet baby girl.

And this one of Maren's yawn.

And this one of her nursery! Gorgeous! I want to borrow this color scheme for my own girls!

At the very end of the session, we took a few pictures in their foyer. I loved the light coming in their front doors. And I just love how small Maren looks in these!

One of the whole family. Scott and Lisa, congratulations on your precious little Maren! I am so happy for you and so glad I could document these fleeting newborn moments. XOXO ~Kris

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Giuliana: Newborn 12.31.11

Isabel and Jerry are the most adorable new parents, and their sweet baby girl Giuliana, well, can I just say DOLLBABY?!?! What a little angel! I first met Isabel and Jerry when I did some maternity pictures for them, and no pun intended, but we just clicked immediately. Isabel commented on how "easy and relaxed" the session was, and that made me smile. I assured her that the newborn session would be even more relaxed -- basically one big snugglefest -- and it was just that. There is nothing better than wrapping up a year with the BEST present ever. Here are a few favorites. Enjoy!

Last fall during their maternity session. Before....

And after. So so sweet.

So much anticipation...

So much joy!

There is a whole series of these Mommy-Daughter shots and I totally adore them!

Gotta love Etsy hats! And what a perfect little model!

She has her Mommy's gorgeous hair.

Lucky little girl!

A favorite.

"Yes, I escaped the swaddle!" ;-)

Proud Daddy.

Love this!

Such a beautiful family!

Another favorite.

It was a warm November day, so we went outside for a few minutes.

I wasn't kidding when I said dollbaby. She is just stunning!

Tiny hands.

That's a wrap folks! It's hard work looking so cute!

Isabel and Jerry, I am so happy for you both! Congratulations and Happy New Year! ~Kristine

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Madelyn: Newborn 12.29.11

Last month I had the chance to do three newborn sessions for three PRECIOUS little girls. The first was for my beautiful friend Jenne. She and I went to high school together, and we were roommates our freshman year at Virginia Tech. A year together in a dorm room bonds you for life, this I know. After all these years, Jenne and I are now both living back "home", in the same town we went to high school in, and I am thrilled about that. Playdates are on the agenda, but first, I got to be her photographer. It's always an honor when a friend trusts you with her most precious memories, and I am so excited to share a few favorites of Jenne and John's perfect little miracle, Madelyn. Enjoy!

I thought I'd start with a favorite or two from Jenne's maternity session.

Dylan was sooooooo excited to meet his baby sister.

Madelyn. Just gorgeous.

Dylan did so great for the maternity photos, so I was really hoping we'd have a repeat performance for this newborn shoot. :)

Well, can I just say "out of the ballpark??" He is the sweetest little boy, and he is so obviously in love with Madelyn.

I still can't get over these shots.

I mean, for real. Happiness defined.

Jenne, you are stunning as always. A true glowing mommy.

Daddy's little princess.

Beautiful, sweet family!

Just adore them.

What a beauty!

They have everything they need this holiday season.

And I am so happy for them.

While Madelyn took a break to eat, I got a few shots of her beautiful nursery. Love it!

And since things were going so well, we tried to get one last shot in their stocking hats. So so cute!

Wow. So much love.

Jenne, John and big brother Dylan -- congratulations! Thank you for the privilege of doing these photos. I hope you love them as much as I do! With love, Kris

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Full Circle 12.20.11

Five years ago I photographed her wedding. You know that gorgeous bride that you see when you click on my main website -- it's hard to believe that was 2006.

Fast forward to 2011, and I got to photograph their beautiful family! My business has come full circle, and I owe so much of that to them.

Their little girl, who is almost 3, is a total dollbaby.

Mom is a photographer, and this child definitely knows how to work the camera!

I had never met her before, but let me say that I just LOVE her!

I love how when she gets thrown in the air she does this little twist thing.

It is so cute.


Perfect. And how I loved their outfit choices!

Mommy said she was excited to see how I would capture her little one.

I can't choose a favorite of her - they all melt my heart!

Though I really do love this one.

Daddy's girl.

Five years of marriage. You two are so blessed.

Outfit number 2.

My favorite portrait of Mommy and her girl. When she saw these yesterday, she told me this was the best gift ever.

That makes me so happy.

It's a huge reason why I love what I do.

Capturing families just being themselves is so rewarding.

Reminder, she is 2. LOVE!

She had a good time climbing on the boats.

And sitting on them.


I wanted to get some more candids...and I knew this was a good way to do it.

A favorite.

Such love!

One for the playroom!

I could post and post and post...

But I'll stop and just say thank you. I am so grateful for the many opportunities that this family has brought my way. XOXOXO

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Silhouettes and Smiles 12.11.11

Amy and I were friends in MIDDLE school. That was a long time ago, but I am so excited that we now we both live in the Richmond area, where we first met. Even more excited that Facebook reconnected us and that she asked me to do pictures for her beautiful family. Even though Amy and I did go to the same college (yay Hokies!), Tech is a BIG school and I'm fairly certain that our last real conversation occurred at age 13 and probably had something to do with big bangs and/or hairspray. ;-) So you can imagine how nice it was to see her after all these years, and to meet her husband, Terry, and their 2 boys. Their session went really well, and I can't wait to share a few favorites as I'm editing the rest. Enjoy!

Meet ADORABLE 6-year old Dylan and 2-year old Owen. It was a really chilly morning, but these boys did soooooo great!

We started off with some sibling shots, and they just kept getting cuter and cuter!


Next we moved on to some pictures of the whole family. Beautiful!

We walked to a new location...

And then I got a few shots of the boys alone. Love that smile!

And I adore that serious face! Soooo cute!

Silhouette time! We got a few different versions and I love them all. I thought I would show one in black and white...

One in color...

And one in sepia. Gorgeous!

As if our session wasn't already going great, then we got this! One of my favorite "posed" family shots ever! Such a beautiful family, and seriously Amy, other than the big bangs we all had, you haven't changed a day since middle school! :)

We did some more portraits, but I made sure to capture those in between moments.

The more candid images that just freeze a moment.

And then the boys just played! Love this!

And this.

Their smiles were priceless.

And as they looked down at the leaves, I was able to capture their sweet little features and their beautiful eyelashes.

What a handsome little man!

One last sibling shot...

And then we were off to the park.

These boys definitely earned it! I love this for a playroom!

Amy and Terry, thank you so much for asking me to document this little slice of your family history. Amy, soooooo great to see you and catch up a little! Hugs! ~Kris

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Light, Laughter and Lollipops 12.08.11

It is SOOOOO fun when you get to photograph an old (and I only mean "old" in the best way imaginable!) friend from high school and his BEAUTIFUL wife and kids. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

So I went to high school with Kevin, and I actually went to college with both Kevin and Emily (we're all praying for VT today), but I hadn't seen them in forever. Until Facebook that is. Last Christmas Kevin contacted me and purchased a gift certificate for his wife, and this fall they used it for a family photography session. We had amazing light, lots of smiles and laughter from the kids, and since it was right around Halloween -- lollipops! I am so excited to share a few favorites of this gorgeous family. Enjoy!

Meet super handsome 5-year old Ethan.

And his stunning little sister, 2-year old Lila.

Kevin and Emily said they wanted just "like one" family picture. To me that means "a couple". First we got this one and I just love it. Of course, so did the kids!

Another thing we accomplished first....upon entering their home, I saw a beautiful wall portrait of their son Ethan, taken at age 2. He was sitting on a step, smiling but looking away, and they told me they'd love to get one of Lila to "match" it. Look what she did for them! Soooooo cute!

She really is a beauty.

Love her serious face.

A few favorites of Ethan.

He has the best laugh.

And he is so well-mannered...

What a little catalog model!

Stunning family!

Love how the kids looked at each other.

I encouraged Kevin and Emily to get a picture individually with each of their kids...

And then I made sure to capture those moments when they were least suspecting it. Love it.

What do you do when a session is going really well?? Lollipops of course!

Oh my goodness it doesn't get much cuter!

Ethan will always protect her. I could tell this after spending 2 hours with them.

Back outside, Lila had fun running around...

And Ethan had fun jumping.

We still needed a really good shot of the 2 of them together though...this was the spot I wanted.

Got it! Love it! These kids are soooo precious.

Kevin and Emily, thank you so much! It was so wonderful to see you after all this time and to meet your adorable kids. Hope to see you all again really soon! Love, Krissy :)

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Captured -- Literally! :-) 12.06.11

Meredith is an up and coming professional photographer, and I am so flattered that she chooses me to photograph her beautiful family. (Thanks Mer!) I called this blog "Captured" because Meredith, being on both sides of the lens, can truly appreciate all that goes into getting a great photo that looks effortless. Sometimes it's about capturing a moment, and other times it's about capturing the child! Literally. ;-) More times than not it's a combination of both. ;-) Here are just a few favorites from our awesome session. Enjoy!

Gorgeous sweet family! I think this should be canvased in their home!

This is Meredith and Jeff's oldest daughter, Kaitlyn. What a beauty!

This is her little sister Ally. She looks like a model.

And this is their adorable baby brother Luke, who just turned one. Love!

In an effort to "capture" a good shot of all 3 kids, I started off with the girls first. I love this, and I hoped that Luke would soon join them on his own.

Yay! He did! Most of the frames look like this...still cute and all...but then...

SUCCESS!! One of my favorite sibling shots ever.

So we repeated again for a walking shot. Girls first.

Kaitlyn tried to capture Luke...

And a few minutes later we had the perfect photo again. I was a happy girl.

Then we just played.

Luke had earned it!

We got so many sweet candids...

A lot of them were of Luke running...

But every time he paused, in a split second, I was ready to capture it.

Daddy's girl...

Mommy's girl...

A few more of the kids in black & white.

How does a preschooler get hair like that??


Meredith and Jeff, this was so fun! Thank you for choosing me to photograph your sweet family yet again. With love and appreciation ~Kris

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My Grown Up Christmas Wish 12.05.11

Just for a moment, I feel like Santa. I mean, really, my name IS Kris Pringle! ;-) And yes, I hear all kinds of jokes at this time of year.

In all seriousness, I just love that I can give these precious memories to a sweet friend. Annie is one of my sorority sisters from VT, and she and her family are just beautiful. Inside and out. Next to seeing her boys faces on Christmas morning, I know that these photos are going to be her favorite gift. Time frozen, moments captured. Moms everywhere have told me that this is their grown up Christmas wish, and that makes me feel like Santa. Enjoy!

Annie and Jamie have three gorgeous boys...Jack is the oldest...

Will is the middle brother...

And Evan is the baby.

We started off with some relaxed portraits. So pretty!

We did some with Daddy...

And some with Mommy. Many of them were the "looking at the camera" type pictures...

And many were more candid.

Because I think my clients should have both.

"I love my daddy!" Soooo sweet!

We accomplished this family photo is 6 frames. That is kind of unheard of...

So we moved to another spot and got yet another one. LOVE!

I think what made it so easy is how much these boys love each other. It was so obvious...

Literally, it didn't matter what they were here I was focusing on baby Evan...

And Jack would just run up and start hugging and kissing him. I didn't ask him to. He just did it. And that is beautiful.

You've done a great job Annie and Jamie.

Your boys are so so sweet.

I mean for real! Could they be any cuter?!?!

Me: "Boys, do you have pockets?"

Why yes, we do! Adorable!

Chubby cheeks and eyelashes.

A different angle for an eyelash shot. Love it!


Annie and Jamie, thank you for the wonderful, fun session and lots of love to your beautiful family! Enjoy the preview ~Kris Pringle ;-)

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Sparkle 12.04.11

In keeping with the holiday theme, "Sparkle" just seemed to fit this family's pictures. Their eyes, their smiles, their SHOES -- they all sparkled!

Sam is a good friend of my brother's, so I have actually known him and his wife Beth for many years and I just adore them! We've never lived in the same town though -- until recently. I am thrilled to be back home in Richmond, and I'm so thankful that Beth and Sam asked me to do pictures for their beautiful family. Here are just a few favorites. Enjoy!

Meet beautiful 5-year old Caroline.

And her 2-year old little sister Anna. Dollbaby!

We started off with "the hard ones" -- the portraits with everyone looking and smiling. But these girls didn't make it hard at all!

Every one was just cuter than the next.


Three beautiful girls!

One of my photographer friends once said that real men elicit emotion from their daughters without direction. I couldn't agree more! Love this.

We continued with more portraits....

And a few more directed the ankle crossing!

And then we just had fun.

Their faces are priceless!

Sparkling smiles...

Sparking eyes...

AND sparkly shoes. So fun!

These girls had a great time on the playground, going down slides...

And playing on the see-saw.

It was here that I could really capture their darling personalities. Love the laughter!

And love the expression!

This one is just priceless. So so cute!

Beth and Sam, thank you for this fun session! It was so great to see you and spend a few hours together. Looking forward to seeing you all again now that we live so close by! Hugs! ~Kris

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