Tara and Terrence's Wedding 06.07.10

On Saturday May 22nd, Scott and I headed up to the Pocono's to photograph the destination wedding of Tara and Terrence. The wedding was held in the church that Tara grew up going to, and the reception was at an amazing ski resort called Bear Creek. Their day was absolutely perfect and filled with so much emotion, so of course I can't wait to share a few favorites. Many more to come soon. Enjoy!

I started the morning with photos of Tara at the hair salon.
Charlottesville Wedding Photographers

There were so many great moments at the salon, but I really love this one because I can so relate. The moment the veil goes on, you immediately feel like a bride. So it hit Tara -- she was getting married -- and she shed a few tears.
Charlottesville Wedding Photographers

Her veil was gorgeous...and so were her eyelashes.
Charlottesville Wedding Photographers

And her shoes...
Charlottesville Wedding Photographers

And her flowers and dress.
Charlottesville Wedding Photographers

Yes, she definitely wore it well. She looks like a model. Beauty and brains -- Tara is in her last year of her OB/GYN residency.
Charlottesville Wedding Photographers

Terrence was looking good too...
Charlottesville Wedding Photographers

And I had to show this photo of his custom Irish cuff links that Tara gave him as a gift.
Charlottesville Wedding Photography

In keeping with their Irish heritage, they had a bagpiper playing outside of the church. Love that!
Charlottesville Wedding Photography

Onto the ceremony, I couldn't resist this photo of the little ring bearer walking down the aisle. He was all smiles...
Charlottesville Wedding Photography

And I couldn't resist this photo of Tara with her Dad. He was definitely getting choked up as he prepared to give his only daughter away.
Charlottesville Wedding Photography

This was Terrence's reaction as his teary-eyed bride approached him. I was focusing on Tara, so kudos to my husband Scott for grabbing this shot of Terrence.
Charlottesville Wedding Photography

I love when I can catch a cute moment of laughter during the ceremony.
Charlottesville Wedding Photography

And I love when couples do something to honor their families. These are Tara's parents. So so sweet!
Charlottesville Wedding Photographers

Such happiness as they recessed back down the aisle. Love it!
Charlottesville Wedding Photographers

Tara and Terrence's guests released butterflies after the ceremony, and the luck of the Irish was on their side when one landed right on Terrence's finger,
Charlottesville Wedding Photographers

Then it was time for portraits. I caught a few members of the wedding party in the elevator -- fun!
Charlottesville Wedding Photographers

And here is everyone. They were a blast!
Charlottesville Wedding Photographers

Time for T-N-T alone. Aren't they so cute together?!!
Charlottesville Wedding Photographers

It was raining just minutes before these photos, so I have to say that Tara rocks big time.
Charlottesville Wedding Photographers

The grass was soaked but I promised her that "frolicking in the fields" would be so worth it. I think she'll agree. By the way, isn't Bear Creek incredible?!?
Charlottesville Wedding Photographers

The first dance. I did my normal wide-angle shots to get the whole dance floor and wedding party in the background.
Charlottesville Wedding Photographers

And Scott got close-ups with a telephoto lens. Love the emotion in these.
Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photographers

One of my favorites. Terrence's hand in the air is what really makes this shot for me. So funny!
Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photographers

After a few formalities, we got a group portrait of Terrence's family. He is the youngest of 7 kids, and he is the last to get married. Needless to say, it was an extra special day for their entire family. This is the "original 7" with their parents and their newest family member, Tara.
Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photographers

Terrence and his mom are so adorable.
Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photographers

And speaking of adorable, I thought I would show Tara doing a special waltz with her grandfather. It brought tears to my eyes. It was so good!
Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photographers

T and T - you know what they say. A couple that laughs together stays together, and this photo is proof that you will have a long happy marriage filled with lots of love and laughter. We are so happy for you, and so thankful to have been a part of your big day. Thanks and congratulations! Hugs! ~Kristine & Scott
Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photographers
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Missy and Jake's Wedding 05.20.10

On Saturday May 1st, I photographed the amazing wedding of Missy and Jake. The ceremony was held at St. Paul's United Church of Christ, and the reception followed at Spyglass Ridge Winery. Ever since I first met with Missy and Jake over coffee at Starbucks, I couldn't wait for their wedding. They are a fun, smart, and beautiful couple, and so so perfect for each other! They just returned from what I'm sure was an awesome honeymoon in Fiji, and I'm so excited to welcome them home with this sneak peek of their wedding photos. Enjoy!

I started the day with the soon-to-be Mrs. McCabe in her hotel room as she was getting ready.
Charlottesville Wedding Photography

Missy had the most gorgeous wedding dress.
Charlottesville Wedding Photography

Love this shot of her mom helping her get into it.
Charlottesville Wedding Photography

Missy is so beautiful.
Charlottesville Wedding Photography

And so are her flowers. Those pearls on her wrist - that's what was in the box from Jake.
Charlottesville Wedding Photography

I then found the guys getting ready...
Charlottesville Wedding Photography

The handsome groom.
Charlottesville Wedding Photography

A little peek into the ceremony...
Charlottesville Wedding Photography

And then it was time to send them off in style. This is one of my favorite parting shots ever. Purple Terrible Towels. So fun!
Charlottesville Wedding Photography

We headed over to Keithan Gardens for some portraits. I heart this one. It's my favorite of the day.
Charlottesville Wedding Photography

The azaleas were in full bloom and it was a photographer's dream.
Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photography

What color! It doesn't get any prettier!
Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photography

Of course it helps when you're photographing a couple like Missy and Jake. :)
Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photography

I had a blast photographing their wedding party.
Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photography

And I'm pretty sure they had a blast too.
Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photography

But hey, everything is more fun when you're wearing purple socks, right!?!
Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photography

Time to go inside for the reception.
Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photography

The first dance.
Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photography

Missy's maid of honor gave a really funny toast.
Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photography

And so did the best man. Here he is asking Missy about Jake's infamous "pick up line". Her answer...While they were attending Penn State, Jake came up to her at a party and said, "Can I challenge you to a push-up contest?" The rest is history.
Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photography

The ladies getting their groove on...
Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photography

And of course the bride and groom. To Missy and Jake, it's so obvious that you are perfect for each other, and I couldn't be happier for you. Thank you for asking me to be a part of your wedding. I had so much fun working with you and your families and friends. Congratulations! Hugs! ~Kris
Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photography
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Please Pray for Julie 03.27.10

She admittedly stalks my blog.

And now I stalk hers.

Unfortunately the blog I now stalk is Julie's breast cancer blog.

Yes, Julie, one of my favorite brides and now friend, was recently diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer.

At the age of 30.

In talking with her, I said that I wished there was something I could do. And then together we realized that there was. Julie has said many times in her blog that she believes in the power of prayer, and she knows that her own faith and the prayers of others will guide her through this journey. She has also said that she is very open to sharing her story if it encourages another woman to have a mammogram.

So, I'm doing this blog for those exact reasons: 1) To ask people to pray for Julie as she prepares to fight this battle and win, 2) To promote breast cancer awareness and encourage other women to get checked, 3) To remind everyone of what an amazing person Julie is, and 4) To do something sweet for a friend.

I first met Julie in the fall of 2007 when Scott and I did engagement pictures for her and her fiance Clint. Clint surprised Julie with these hay bales that spelled out "We're Getting Married" and they used this image for a save-the-date.

Whether these two were running through the cornfields (don't ask - haha!)...

Or walking hand in hand by the river...

I knew that our next year of "working" together was going to be a blast.

And it was. My next shoot with Julie was a day out with all her favorite girls -- the Moms and the bridesmaids.

She has an incredible support system in her friends and family.

And those who know her can attest to her positive attitude. Julie is always smiling, even when the joke is on her as seen here (notice her zipper).

Then it was on to Julie's bridal shower. Another beautiful day...

Surrounded by all the women she loves. And who love her.

Every detail was perfect.

And it was that day I realized I had made a new friend. Julie and her friends made me feel like I had known them for years.

A week later I did a pre-bridal session for her.

Julie, you are completely stunning.

Then it was time for the ceremony rehearsal...

And the rehearsal dinner at Clint's family farm. You can just look at Julie and Clint and know how much they love each other.

There was some laughter...

And some tears...

And some laughter combined with tears. Here two of Julie's best friends are laughing and crying over the cards she wrote them. She is always taking the extra time to do something nice for the people she cares about. I strive to be more like her.

Julie and Clint's wedding was so beautiful and memorable.

They pledged to love and support one another in sickness and in health, and that is exactly what they are doing. The other night, Julie came home to yet another surprise from Clint -- he had shaved his head as a gesture of support, as Julie is preparing to start chemotherapy treatments the Monday after Easter. Clint, you are an amazing husband. That's all.

Julie and Clint saw a LOT of rain (a hurricane actually) on their wedding day...

But they and their guests survived it (love the t-shirts!)...

And in the end, Julie and Clint got their rainbow, just as I know she will now.

With the love and prayers of her husband, family, and friends, and those from complete strangers too, I know there is light at the end of the tunnel for her.

So Julie, you rock on with your bad self. Thank you for allowing me to share your story with others. You are an inspiration on so many levels, and I know that many, many people are praying for you tonight as they read this. And you better believe I will be at the "Booby Bash" to celebrate with you when this is all said and done. Love you! ~Kris

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Dedra & Paul's Wedding 11.23.09

On October 10th, I photographed the beautiful wedding of Dedra and Paul in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. It was my last wedding of 2009, and it was definitely a fabulous way to end what has been an amazing year. I always get to work with really cool couples, and Dedra and Paul were no exception.

Not only were they super sweet and fun, but they were also pretty easy on the eyes. Dedra was totally stunning!

And Paul couldn't stop smiling as he was about to see his beautiful bride.

A quick glimpse into the ceremony. I tip-toed around to get some straight-on shots...

And some off from the side.

Married! I love this shot of them recessing down the aisle...

And I really love this bubble shot of them exiting the church too.

Portrait time. There was a big tree "in my way" so I used it to my advantage, creating a sort of frame out of the yellow leaves.

Then we stumbled upon this random blue boat named Tootsie. Gorgeous!

And Paul thought it would be fun to drive it. We all laughed...

A lot. I adore this candid.

I think they're having fun!

Dedra really wanted a shot of their rings in a pink rose, so Dedra, this is for you!

And just in case weren't having enough wedding day good fortune, a little ladybug decided to land in Dedra's bouquet. Come to find out, she LOVES ladybugs, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture. Smart little ladybug even knew to land on a white rose so she would stand out. ;-)

Onto the reception. I really liked the limo shots in sepia.

This one of them entering the room pretty much sums up the night ahead. F-U-N!

Their first dance...

There was a beautiful modern cake.

And some really cute kids. I was having the hardest time picking a "kid pic" to blog, but I chose this one since it also had the groom in it.

There's that laughter again. Love it!

Dedra and Paul, thank you for asking me to document your wedding day in photos. I had an absolute blast and I hope you like this little sneak peek as much as I do. Congratulations again! With love and appreciation ~Kristine

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Janice & Bo's Wedding 10.20.09

On Saturday September 26th, I traveled back to central PA to photograph Janice and Bo's wedding. Janice and Bo are two of the sweetest people you could ever meet, and I was so honored that they asked me to document their wedding in photos. It was a beautiful day in every way.

A beautiful day with a beautiful bride. Janice is a knockout!

Her flowers weren't too shabby either.

We had so much fun doing her mini bridal shoot before the ceremony. It was really hard to choose which ones to show because I love them all!

By the time I got around to Bo, it was raining. So we found some cover with some amazing natural light.

Had to show his flower too. I heart green and brown.

Janice was escorted down the aisle by her Mom. It was actually her Mom's birthday, and she looks like she is having the best day ever. You could tell how proud she is of her baby girl.

Reciting the vows....the church was beautiful. So colorful in photos!

Though I really like the black & whites too.

Portrait time. I will stand in the rain for my couples...

But there is a good chance I'll make you stand in it too. Totally worth it for an image like this, right guys!?! I love how well you can see the raindrops.

We took a quick trip to Janice and Bo's house to get some photos with their adorable pup.

And yes, there were some treats involved...

Because being a model is hard work! Adorable!!!

Reception time. A sweet moment during the first dance...

And a funny moment during one of many great toasts.

I love the perspective and the blurred microphone in the foreground of this one. As I shoot more and more weddings on my own, I find myself moving around a lot more in order to get the shots that my wonderful physical therapist/photographer hubby would have normally gotten. It really gets me involved with my shooting and it keeps me in shape too! ;-)

Seriously, how fun is this picture!!? I will never forget this couple and how they boogied down to "The Humpty Dance". I love my job!

Janice and the girls did some gettin down too and gave me lots of great photo ops.

To Janice and Bo, the look in Janice's eyes in this image says it all. I wish you every happiness as you start your lives together as husband and wife. Thanks for asking me to be such a special part of your big day and congratulations again! Love, Kris
Charlottesville Wedding Photography
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Shannon & Jason's Wedding 10.09.09

On Saturday September 19th, Scott and I took a road trip to the Pocono's to photograph Shannon and Jason's beautiful outdoor wedding. It was a gorgeous weekend and the setting at Trout Lake Retreats was perfect. Shannon and Jason live in Towson, Maryland and she inquired about booking us via email after viewing our work on our website and blog. What sealed the deal for her though was when she found out I was a fellow Hokie! Yay for Virginia Tech. :-)

I started the day with some details like Shannon's dress and shoes. Gotta love when you can find limestone walls and sandy beaches to use as backdrops!
Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Blog

And her bouquet - totally to die for! It had little seashells mixed among the flowers.
Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Blog

I was going to frame this shot of Jason's boutonniere tighter, as to only show the detail in the boutonniere....but then I saw the reflection of the cabins, trees and sky in his sunglasses. Plus I love the sunglasses AND the hat.
Charlottesville Wedding Blog

Shannon and Jason decided to see each other before the ceremony, which I absolutely LOVE. The "first look" is always such a great moment between a couple about to get married.
Charlottesville Wedding Blog

The smiles are so genuine and the emotions are so real. We just stand back and shoot away.
Charlottesville Wedding Photography Blog

Doing a "first look" also means lots of time for portraits, because you're not rushing to the reception. Love the ferns here.
Charlottesville Wedding Photography Blog

This is typical Shannon and Jason. So so cute!
Charlottesville Wedding Photography

And so is this one. Classic.
Charlottesville Wedding Photography

Loved their wedding party. Do they look like a fun group of what?!?!

Ceremony time. I adore this image of Shannon and her Dad walking down the aisle. She is his "princess" so I know this one will mean a lot to both of them.

Such a great moment. These two are always laughing.

Another creative couple. The last wedding I blogged had a wine ceremony instead of a unity candle, and Shannon and Jason planted a tree. They will take it home and plant it in the yard of their new home, hoping that one day it will grow large enough for their children and grandchildren to climb in it's branches.

After the ceremony, we only spent about 5 minutes doing portraits. We had gotten so many great ones beforehand, but I wanted to get one like this with the sun setting behind them.

Shannon and Jason loved that they could attend their cocktail hour and enjoy all the fabulous food and wine.

And then it was reception time. Choosing a first dance image to blog is always hard, but I chose this one because it shows them having a great time with all their guests in the background.

Speaking of guests, we did a couple fun group shots. Some looking at the camera and some like this. These people were there to partay!

Dinner was served inside the boat house. The place settings and centerpieces were stunning.

And the dancing was held outside on the deck overlooking the lake. It was pretty chilly that night, so everyone huddled around the heaters.

The night ended with one of the best last dances I've seen. Guests surrounded the newlyweds with sparklers that lit up the dark skies. Awesome! Shannon and Jason, congratulations on your marriage. You are so perfect together and we're honored to have been there to document your big day. Thanks again for everything! ~Kristine & Scott

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Kylie & Bryan's Wedding 10.06.09

On September 12th, Scott and I photographed Kylie and Bryan's beautiful vineyard wedding and tented reception. It was an outdoor ceremony -- with the most incredible view -- and luckily it rained only long enough for us to get some amazing umbrella shots. They just added to the scenery and to the story of their day. Enjoy!

More and more brides are choosing to wear flip flops these days. As a flip flop girl myself, I'm loving it.
Charlottesville Wedding Photography

The totally stunning Kylie. It was dry for her pre-ceremony portraits...
Charlottesville Wedding Photography

But by the time we got to Bryan at the vineyard, the rain had started. As laid back as can be, he didn't mind being in it one bit.

And we were excited that we could get some shots of the grapes with water droplets all over them. I may have to use these in my dining room by the wine rack!

As I mentioned above, the rain also meant some amazing umbrella images. I love this one...

And I heart this one too. Look at that view!

The ceremony was beautiful...

And unique too! I know that brides-to-be read my blog to get ideas, so here's a great one. Instead of a unity candle, Kylie and Bryan mixed two different wines and shared a sip from the same glass. Perfect for a vineyard wedding!

Okay, so maybe it was more than a sip. Bryan made everyone laugh when he decided to finish the whole glass. Hehe. I'm so glad Scott was able to sneak around to get these great images from the front.

After the ceremony, it was portrait time. The rain had ended and left us with gorgeous moody light.

There were so many cool spots for landscape-style portraits at the vineyard, including the ceremony chairs themselves...

But we definitely did a bunch of close-ups too. Love this one I got shooting through the vines.

They had a super fun wedding party -- and this pregnant photographer was in good company since there were also a few pregnant bridesmaids. Girls, I wish you all the best with your little ones on the way! :-)

Kylie and Bryan had a horse-drawn wagon take the entire wedding party to the reception, and of all the images we got, I just love this one. Probably because it's a totally candid shot of them having a great time-- I took it through our windshield as we were following them in our car. That blurred stuff in the foreground is our dashboard.

They had a super sweet first dance.

And then an awesome wedding party dance. Instead of the typical slow song, the entire wedding party did the Cha-Cha Slide.

There was some loving cake-smashing...

A hilarious removal of the garter...

And lots of dancing. Kylie and Bryan, thanks so much for asking us to document your big day. We are so happy for you both. Congratulations again! Hugs! ~Kris & Scott

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Jaime & Jason's Wedding Celebration 10.01.09

I have been working with Jaime and Jason for awhile now -- since February actually. They have such a beautiful story, so I'm going to share it the best way I know how -- with pictures. Enjoy!

If you read my blog regularly, you may recognize Jaime & Jason.
Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photography

I photographed their beautiful and intimate wedding ceremony this past winter.
Charlottesville Wedding Photography

It was February, and it was COLD outside.
Charlottesville Wedding Photography

But that didn't stop them from glowing...
Charlottesville Photography

After all, they had just tied the knot -- AND they were blessed with the news that they were expecting a baby boy at the end of June.
Charlottesville Wedding Photographers

I photographed baby Grant when he was just 7 days old...

And he is so perfect in every way.

He is also the ultimate Steeler fan, which makes his parents really happy!

Fast forward 2 more months, and it was time for Jaime and Jason's wedding celebration. This time around, Jaime chose an awesome red dress and she looked amazing. I can't believe she had a baby just 2 months earlier.

They had rented a big party bus, so Scott and I rode around with their super fun wedding party and found some cool spots for photos...

Like this covered bridge. This is very Lancaster, so it was a perfect choice.

And as an added bonus, it was a great spot for some silhouettes.

Then we arrived at Riverdale for the reception. I have nothing else to say except this place is gorgeous!

The reception was held inside of the barn, and it looked amazing too.

During the cocktail hour, we did a few more photos of the wedding party. I love this one of the girls in front of the farm house...

And I love this one of the guys, ummm, "hugging". Just kidding guys, although I think I may have said, "Hug or huddle" and I'm so happy with how it turned out.

Jaime and Jason have the nicest parents, so I had to give them some blog love.

Reception time. J & J started with their first dance. Beautiful!

And then there were some hilarious toasts. What a priceless moment shared between friends.

Scott snagged this great image of Jason looking a little embarassed at the story his best man was telling...

And then I remembered what a cool head table they had, so I stepped back far away to get everyone in the frame, hoping they would give me EXACTLY this. Everyone smiling, glasses in the air, looking at the bride and groom. It almost looks staged. You rock wedding party!

This one pretty much sums it up. Jaime and Jason had fun on the dance floor.

And so did all of their guests. The evening was definitely a wonderful way to celebrate the beginning of their marriage. To Jaime and Jason, it has been so fun working together over the past 6 months. Thank you for everything, and congratulations on your marriage and on becoming parents to baby Grant. You are all very blessed! Lots of love! ~Kristine & Scott

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Renee & Johnathan's Wedding 09.21.09

On Saturday August 8th, Scott and I photographed Renee and Johnathan's wedding. The ceremony took place at Holy Name of Jesus Church and a great reception followed at The Colonial Country Club. Renee and Johnathan have an adorable almost 2-year old son named Noah, and I'm so happy we were able to do some fun family pictures with him. I love weddings and lifestyle photography, so this day was the best of both worlds! Ok - enough rambling. Onto the preview of pics!

The dress...beautiful!

The shoes...gorgeous!

The bride...stunning!

And we can't forget the handsome groom.

Here is little Noah getting ready for Mommy and Daddy's special day. I love it -- the little black socks just get me!

One little peek at the ceremony....

And then it was time for portraits. We had beautiful light at the country club.

I love how this one with the clock turned out.

Johnathan works at the fire department, so of course we had to do some with the truck! So fun!

My favorites, though, are the ones we did with Noah. Doesn't get much sweeter.

Reception time. For the first dance, Renee and Johnathan started out by themselves...

And then Noah joined them and they finished their dance as a family. I was definitely tearing up behind my camera!

The little flower girl couldn't wait for her turn on the dance floor!

As I mentioned above, it was such a fun reception. There were some hilarious toasts...

And there was an anniversary dance, which is one of my favorite wedding traditions. It's such an awesome way to get beautiful candids of your grandparents or another couple who has been married for 50+ years.

There was some great bouquet tossing action...

And a Polka dance in which Johnathan (on the left in the white vest) had to break into a very difficult circle. I love that Renee is dancing with her Dad in this shot.

Gotta love this one! Everyone forgets the photographer is there late in the evening. ;-)

To Renee and Johnathan, thank you for asking us to document the beginning of your married life together, and for being so nice to work with. Noah is a lucky little boy to have you both for parents. Congratulations to you all! With love and appreciation ~Kristine & Scott

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Jenelle & Jer's Wedding 09.14.09

On Sunday August 2nd, Scott and I photographed Jenelle & Jer's wedding at the beautiful Riverdale Manor in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. You may remember Jenelle & Jer from their awesome engagement session that we did in the home that they are renovating. Well, these two have been so busy with that project that I'm amazed that they found the time to pull off such a fabulous wedding. And not just a fabulous wedding, but one in which they designed and made many of the little details THEMSELVES. The day was all about Apple Green -- the colors were Black & Apple Green -- and it was so completely classy and coherent.

I was in love with Jenelle's green Vaneli shoes!
Charlottesville Photographers

And her green and white bouquet, which she made herself! Jenelle, you are just gorgeous -- and you are my new crafty idol!
Charlottesville Photographers

I'm pretty sure they made Jer's green flower too...
Charlottesville Photographers

And they definitely made these awesome programs. I love photographing details, so I was in heaven.
Charlottesville Wedding Photographers

Ceremony time. It was August, so each chair had a green fan laying on it.
Charlottesville Wedding Photographers

Rather than show the typical straight-on standing at the altar shots, I thought I would show some different angles this time. What a beautiful spot for a ceremony!
Charlottesville Wedding Photographers

This is one of Scott's images, and I absolutely love it! Is Jenelle glowing or what?!?!

As if walking down the aisle with your new husband isn't an emotional enough experience, Jenelle's Mom suprised her with a jazz trio that played the Beatles song, "All You Need is Love".

And this was her reaction. To Jenelle's Mom, this image is for you. Nice work creating a really special memory for Jenelle and Jer!

After the ceremony, we did a bunch of portraits with their wedding party...

And of Jenelle and Jer alone. Love it!

Then it was time to party!

How bout them apples!

Jenelle's sister made the cake. She had never made a wedding cake before, so apparently craftiness runs in the family.

The table numbers were random numbers, but ones with significance to Jenelle and Jer, like the seating capacity at Beaver Stadium. So cool!

And just in case they hadn't made enough, they decided to make their own Green Apple Riesling and labels. I was so impressed!

The first dance. These two took dance lessons and had fun showing off their fancy footwork.

Love this shot of Jenelle and some of her girlfriends. I think we took a similar picture at Kelly's wedding (on the far left) last
December. Apparently this is a signature dance move. Too cute!

So sweet.

The dance floor was packed...

And Jenelle and Jer literally closed it down. This is one of my faves. What can we say guys? You are the best and we had so much fun photographing your wedding. The details and color choices were amazing, so much so that I'm designing our new guest bedrooom after your wedding! :-) Thanks for everything, and congratulations again! So happy for you both! With love ~Kris & Scott

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