Bye Bye Bad Hair Day 08.16.08

After putting it off WAY TOO LONG, I finally got my hair cut and colored! I was one of those super cautious pregos -- I didn't get my hair colored or highlighted my entire pregnancy, and although I did get it cut, it grew like a weed from the prenatal vitamins. It was long and blah, complete with roots, and Scott kept begging me to do something with it. To take some time for myself. Somehow though, it always managed to go to the bottom of my to-do list.

But finally, on Thursday, I went to the Dustin Kline salon on Market Street in Selinsgrove (big thanks to Aja for the recommendation!). This guy is "Shear Genius"! Seriously, the whole time I was there, I felt like I was in NYC or LA. I told him I wanted "professional, but fun...definitely not a mommy-cut" and he got me. He put in all different shades of color but still made it look natural, and he even cut my hair while I stood up with my head nearly upside down.

Here I am before, with the initial chunk of hair he cut off before coloring. I got about 6 inches off by the time he was done.

And here is the new and improved version. To Dustin, I can't thank you enough! I am so happy with my hair, and Scott says thanks for making his wife into a "hot mama!" ;-)

Today we are off to shoot a fabulous wedding, and then tomorrow we're off to DC to celebrate Scott's birthday and see Eddie Vedder. Happy (early) Birthday Sweetheart, and thanks for making me get my hair did. I love you!
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Our Daughter Elsa is 2 Months Old! 07.28.08

Everyone told my Mommy and Daddy that the time would fly, and they were right. Tomorrow I will be 2 months old already! My Mommy said that a lot of people had been emailing her and asking to see recent pictures of me, so she decided to post a blog so the whole world could see how cute I am! :-)

This is me, just a few days ago. I used to have to wear these mittens so that I wouldn't scratch my face, but as soon as my Mommy took them off, I found my thumb.

Look, I have it again. It helps me sleep longer at night. Sometimes I even go for 4-5 hour stretches now. My Mommy - she loves to carry me around. I'm still just a little peanut at 10 pounds.

Here I am with my Mommy's Mom, my Grammie, when I was just 2 weeks old. She lives in Virginia but comes to visit me often which I love.

And here I am with my Daddy and his Mom, my Grandma. This picture was 3 weeks ago, but I got to see her again this past weekend. My grandparents can't get enough of me! And I have my Daddy so wrapped around my finger.

This was my very first "playdate" when I was 4 weeks old. I slept through it.

When I was about 5 weeks old, I learned to smile. I do it lots now because it melts my Mommy and Daddy's hearts.

I love all my toys, especially my Baby Einstein gym.

Well, my Daddy promised my Mommy they would get some family pictures when I am 3 months old. We'll do a "real photo shoot" they said. So I'll see you then! Love, Elsa

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We're Members of the WPJA - Woohoo!!! 07.23.08

If you’ve visited our main website lately, you’ve probably noticed the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) banner. Yep – it’s official. We’re kind of a big deal. ;-) Pringle Photography was recently granted membership into the WPJA, a highly competitive professional organization composed of wedding photojournalists from around the world. According to the WPJA website, selected members represent the most discriminating technical, creative, and visual talent worldwide, and very few applicants are accepted. So needless to say, we were just thrilled with the news of our acceptance. Thanks to our wedding clients for providing us with fabulous real moments to capture. We couldn’t have done it without you!

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An Ode to Dads: Happy Father's Day! 06.15.08

Dads usually have no idea what to expect of an on-location photography session -- almost all of my lifestyle shoots are booked by Mom -- but after realizing that the shoot isn't going to be a "say cheese" session, they quickly relax and genuinely have fun. It shows in the images, and that makes my heart happy.

Whether it's a playful moment like this

Or this...

Or a fun portrait like this

Or this...

Or an emotional close-up like this

Or this...there is something I love about photographing a father with his child. Happy Father's Day to all of our wonderful clients, past and future.

To my Dad, you have always been there for me. And even though I'm now a parent myself, I will always be your little princess and I will always need my dad. Seeing the love in your eyes when you held Elsa for the first time was magical - thank you for being there when she was born. I am very lucky to have such a loving and giving father, and Elsa is lucky to have a granddad who loves her so much. I love you.

To Scott's Dad, my father-in-law, thank you for raising such a great son, and for everything you do for us. Scott and I - and Elsa (and Zoey!) - love you and hope you have a great Father's Day.

And to my husband and best friend, and father of my child - you are nothing short of amazing. As I sit here typing this, you are with Elsa, changing diapers and reading stories. I never have to ask you to do anything. You somehow just know. Being a dad came so natural to you, and on your very first Father's Day, I just want you to know how much you are loved and appreciated.

Thank you for giving us the family we have wanted for so long.

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Elsa's First Photo Shoot 06.09.08

It's hard to believe that our baby girl is already 11 days old. The time since we've been home from the hospital has flown by, and we are enjoying every precious minute. Life as a family is so wonderful, and I knew it would be, I just could have never imagined how much. Unfortunately Scott had to go back to work today, and I know he is really missing his little sweetie pie. So as much as I'm posting these for everyone to see...honey, these are for you. Elsa and her Mommy love you!

So onto a few of our favorite pics! We actually started Elsa's newborn shoot on June 3rd when she was 5 days old, but that was a little too ambitious, so we finished it yesterday when she was 10 days old. We still haven't done any family pictures, but I'm sure we can manage to get to them this week. It really is true that showering is a luxury when you have a newborn!

Our little snookie, freshly bathed and ready for her closeup.

I love her little yawns.

This is our favorite awake picture...we're very curious to see what eye color she'll end up with.

I couldn't resist putting her in her dresser drawer.

Little hands...

And little feet.

My favorite hat.

And last but not least, I had put the camera away when I walked into the living room and saw Elsa asleep on Daddy's chest. I love how her little arm is only as long as Scott's fingers.

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Our Sweet Baby Elsa Has Arrived - 05.29.08 06.01.08

On Thursday, May 29th, Scott and I welcomed our daughter, Elsa Kate Pringle, into the world. She was born at exactly 6:00 am on her exact due date, after about 28 hours of labor. She weighed 7 pounds 12 ounces and was 19 inches long.

I started having contractions before bed on Tuesday, May 27th, and then at around 2 am on the 28th, they woke me up. I tried walking, showering - all the things they say to do - and they just kept getting closer together. Finally at 6 am, they were about 4 minutes apart, so we headed to the hospital.

I was able to manage the pain for awhile, but by the time I was dilated to 5 cm, I wanted the epidural. It had already been a long day, and I was only halfway there. Wow what a difference that made. I felt much better, but unfortunately my contractions weakened and they had to use pitocin to start them up again. At that point, I had been in labor about 22 hours, and it was now my due date.

Around 4:30 am, I had finally dilated to 10 cm and was able to start pushing. I was making good progress, but towards the very end, the stress of the labor became too much for Elsa. Her heart rate dropped to 50 bpm, and they had to get her out quick. It was the scariest couple of minutes, as what started as one nurse and one midwife in the delivery room turned into many more, including the physician on-call. Luckily she was very close, so within 3 contractions and with the help of a vacuum extractor, we were face to face with our daughter.

Words could never explain how we felt the moment we saw her - it was truly love at first sight, and by far the most amazing day of our lives. God has blessed us with a perfect baby, and we are so incredibly thankful.

Here is where it all began – the grandparents-to-be took over the waiting room just down the hall and literally slept there all night waiting for Elsa to be born.

Even after the stressful delivery, she came out very pink with a good cry, so we were able to hold her right away.

Getting weighed...

Our new family.

A little something special from Scott.

One of the nurses giving Elsa a sponge bath. We were so impressed by everyone at Evangelical Community Hospital.

Elsa in her alert state, getting ready to get swaddled.

So peaceful in her bassinet.

Pretty in pink.

Heading home with our little miracle.

A big thank you to our families, friends, coworkers, and clients for their love and support during this incredibly special time in our lives. We love you all, and we will be posting more pictures soon - after we do Elsa's official newborn photo shoot at home. An extra big thank you goes out to all the staff at Evangelical Community Hospital! Love, Kris & Scott
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Celebrating Moms: Happy Mother's Day! 05.09.08

I love photographing moms with their children, especially now since I'm about to become a mom myself. As I looked through some of our "mom" photos yesterday, these were some that jumped out at me. I love story telling, emotional photography, and when I looked at these images we had taken over the past year or so, I could immediately feel the love between these mothers and their children.

Whether it's a mom holding her "baby" on his wedding day...

Or just after he is born, I am so privileged to capture some of life's most important moments.

Sometimes it's a mom wanting pictures because her little girl is about to leave home and head off to college...

Or a mom hoping the time until that day comes goes by as slowly as possible.

Maybe it's a candid moment between a mother and her son...

Glowing as she watches her child play and discover the world.

Whether it's a highly emotional image between a mother and her daughter...

Showing the magical kind of love a mother has for her child...

Or a classic mother-daughter portrait, I am so honored to document these fleeting moments. To our amazing clients, thank you and Happy Mother's Day!

To our own moms, words could never express our gratefulness for the unconditional love you give to us every day. You make it seem effortless. I wish we could be together this weekend, but I have a feeling we'll be seeing each other very soon! :-)

Mom, I love this picture Scott took of us...we both love you so much!

And I love these pictures I took of Scott and his Mom at his brother's wedding in September. Mom B - we love you and hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day.

I had to end with this picture, which Scott took about 1 year ago when we went to visit our friends Bill and Sylvia in the hospital, just after Sylvia gave birth to their son. I love this moment, and I am overwhelmed with excitement knowing that any day now, these roles will be reversed. She'll be coming to the hospital to visit us and baby Elsa! Sylvia, thank you for being one of my best clients and friends. xoxo

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Behind the Scenes 04.30.08

When I met Scott in grad school, I knew I was going to marry him, but I never dreamed that he would someday also be my business partner. After all, Pringle Photography started by "accident" shortly after we casually photographed a friend's wedding in 2004. How did I get so lucky? I get to work with my husband, photographing the most memorable moments of peoples' lives. Life is so good!

Because we shoot together, Scott and I sometimes photograph each other while we're shooting. These images bring back so many memories of the time spent with our wonderful clients. Some of them are also pretty funny! So I decided it would be fun to post a few of these "behind the scenes" shots, along with the image that resulted.

I am 5'2" on a good day, so I can often be found climbing on things - plus I love shooting from different angles.

Here is what resulted. I'm glad the groom trusted me when I said, "Squat down" - because this image went in their wedding album.

Scott is even more of a climber than I am - especially since I've been pregnant. Here he is in the 3rd story of a barn.

That was the only way to get an aerial shot of Julie and Clint with their "We're Getting Married" hay bales. This image was used as their save-the-date. :) Our clients are so creative!

This one of me with Molly and Brian cracks me up - I am definitely guilty of letting our clients look at some of their images on the back of the camera.

Here is one of Scott with Molly and Brian - we wanted them to dance in the bandshell, so Scott and Brian had to help Molly up because the stage was really high.

Here is one of my favorite resulting images - their upcoming wedding in Lewisburg is going to be so fun!

I will never forget our engagement session with Nikki and Brendan last summer at Colonel Denning State Park.

I think we all figured that since they were already SO SANDY, why not get even sandier!? ;) This was their third and final outfit and the very end of the shoot.

They are so cute!

Here I am with Mallory and Scott at their gorgeous home in Danville. Those yellow leaves to the right were amazing in photos!

Love the leaves - love the moment.

Scott can usually be found with two around his neck - or on the tripod - and one is his hands.

It's the best way for him to get both wide-angle and telephoto perspectives. He took these two images at Katherine and Brian's wedding just seconds apart.

Here I am last August at a senior shoot. We used a few different locations, one of them being an awesome playground in Lewisburg.

Isn't Taylor gorgeous?! I love the color in these images.

Last but not least - someday when Elsa is older, I'll be able to show her how much she helped her mommy, even before she was born! This is undoubtedly my favorite.

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Blessed 04.23.08

If you have visited my blog in the past, you probably know that I'm pregnant with my first child - a sweet baby girl whose name will be Elsa. I have just one month to go, although everyone who looks at me seems to think I'll deliver early. So I figured I needed to post some nursery and pregnancy pictures or I may miss my chance. There is also a slideshow link at the bottom of this post.

After months of preparation, baby Elsa's nursery is finally finished, and we are so excited about how it turned out. It's directly across from our room, and every time I walk past it I smile. I'll often catch Scott just sitting in there, and it totally melts my heart.

I'm sure her closet will never be this neat again, so I had to take some pictures. Scott jokes that it looks like a department store with all of her new clothes.

My friend Amanda wasn't kidding when she decided Elsa needed a shoe fund! These were all gifts, and I can't wait to take pictures of her wearing each and every pair.

Of course since I'm married to a fabulous photographer, I had to get some "maternity photos". I was a little apprehensive about posting these, but Scott convinced me to.

This one was taken on the sidewalk next to our house. I love the light.

And I love that they have that natural unposed feel we strive for.

These are my favorites. Scott is becoming quite the master of light these days.

Scott definitely did an amazing job, but I couldn't let him get away without at least a few of us together. Using the tripod and the timer wasn't exactly our style, but I'm glad we did it. I will cherish these pictures forever.

My pregnancy has been the most amazing time of my life, and Scott and I are so excited to meet our little miracle. Thanks to our wonderful families, friends, and clients for all the love and support along the way. As you may know, I love to write, but sometimes I can say what I'm feeling even better with pictures. That said, ever since purchasing the software I use to make all of our musical slideshows for our clients, I have wanted to make one for us. And this was definitely the perfect opportunity. We are so blessed.

To watch the slideshow, click HERE, and make sure your volume is turned up.
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Our Couples Baby Shower - The Third and Last 04.10.08

On Saturday April 5th, we had our third and final baby shower. It was a "Couples Shower" hosted by my family, and it was at our house in Selinsgrove, which made it really convenient and relaxed. I am so lucky to have had three baby showers. Our families and friends are so scattered that one shower wouldn't have been possible. So having 3 smaller ones was great - it was like having Christmas three different times in a month - plus I was able to visit and talk with everyone more.

Here we are - complete with our gold mom and dad-to-be medals. :-) I am 33 weeks, so only about 6 more to go!

And here is the whole gang. We had friends and family up from Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey and different parts of Pennsylvania, and we had a big slumber party on Saturday night.

This is my mom - she has already packed her bag so she can come up from VA as soon as she gets that phone call.

This is my dad - no matter how old I get, I will always be his "little princess". Soon he will have another one.

And this is my younger brother, Mark, and his awesome girlfriend Jessica. They also made the trip up from Richmond, VA, and they have totally spoiled baby Elsa already. Thanks for the car seat guys!

Since it was a "couples shower" there weren't any traditional games - but even the guys liked this little clothes line decoration.

Loved the was very symbolic of the amazing gift we are about to receive.

Baby Elsa is definitely set - she got so many more great things, like this high chair.

Her Virginia Tech pacifier and clip - I love the little things - always have.

And her B.O.B. Jogging Stroller from my family - Scott and I are in awe over how cool this thing is! The infant car seat snaps right in and you can literally fold it with one hand. Mom & Joe, Dad & Becky - thank you so much. We love you! ~Kris & Scott

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