Let's Play! 07.17.12

I showed up to the home of Dani and Kevin to find little Matthew gazing out his window...

I asked him..."Do you want to play?"

And surely he did!

I first tried to get a few portraits...

What an adorable baby boy!

But he was oh so tired.

Thankfully his grandparents were there helping and gave him a bottle.

During our quick break I focused on the other baby.

What a beauty!

Matthew finished his baba, got a few cuddles from Mama, and then....

It was outside and time to PLAY!

He got shoulder rides from Daddy...

And he just loved going upside down with Mommy...

Really, it didn't matter what he was doing. He was having so much fun!

Especially with his Uncle Frank, visiting all the way from NYC!

Happy dance!

Cozy Coupe! Matthew wasn't sure if he liked riding...

Or pushing.

Later he explored some more...


His beautiful mommy just watched and admired her darling little man.

And then they played some more -- this time in the water table.


Matthew had a blast and that made me smile.

Danielle & Kevin, thank you so much for allowing me to spend a morning at your home with your beautiful family, grandparents, Uncle Frank and your precious pup! I had so much fun and I hope you love the little sneak peek as much as I do! Hugs! ~Kristine

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Golden 07.11.12

I went to college with Sydney and Eric (go Hokies!), and although I didn't know them too well, we have a bunch of mutual friends...many of whom I can thank for referring me yet another beautiful family! When Sydney first emailed me, she mentioned that she loved the use of sunlight in photos, so I thought we should try to shoot at "Golden Hour".

I love the Golden Hour...that amazing time before sunset when everything is just glowing. Unfortunately it's also sometimes the witching hour for kids, because let's be honest, it's dinner time. Well, I have to say that Collin and Barrett did fantastic. We did 2 locations and 3 outfits, and though there were a few hunger cries at the end, it wasn't anything a few fruit snacks couldn't fix. :)

Golden hour, golden hearts...here are a few of my favorites of this sweet sweet family. Enjoy!

Meet adorable 5 year old Collin. He has the cutest laugh.

And the most amazing smile.

5 going on 25. He looks so grown up...like a little model.

Ahh, back to being a kiddo again. :)

What a gorgeous little boy. My camera just loved him...

And his little sister Barrett, who just turned 2. Precious!


Look at those eyes!

Barrett gave some kisses to Mommy.

But when Daddy held her she wanted to be spun around...

Ya think she liked it!?!

Part of the reason we started our shoot at their home was so that we could include their dog Cooper. Just perfect!

Cooper definitely earned his treats that day...

And Collin and Barrett earned theirs. So so cute.

While Barrett finished her lollipop...

Collin had fun running...

And riding his bike. Love that face!

Then after a quick outfit change, we were off to the park. We did a few portraits...

And candids...

And more candids.

Love the smiles!

And the interaction.

Handsome boys!

Collin loved tackling Daddy...

And Barrett finally gave him a kiss. So so sweet!

Barrett, you are a doll!

I have no other words.

Golden hour love.

What beauties!

I wasn't sure we were going to get another "posed yet unposed" family shot, but we did.

And this one was just the icing on the cake. Thank you Golden Hour. Thank you Sydney and Eric! You have the most beautiful family and it was so fun to see you after all these years. Hugs! ~Kris

Click on the play button below to see a musical slideshow of even more pictures from their session...and make sure your volume is turned up. :)

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Kingsley: Maternity + Newborn 07.01.12

The first time I photographed this beautiful family was the spring of 2011...

A year later, their family is growing!

William couldn't wait to meet his baby sister.

This was a combined maternity/family/2-year old session...

So first I focused on Beth and her adorable baby bump.


I love when women choose to document such an amazing time in their lives.

And it's so fun when there is an older sibling included!

Mommy's big boy...

William just turned 2 and he loves his baby...

His Mommy...

And his Daddy.

He had so much fun wandering around Maymont...

And playing and getting shoulder rides.

Could he be any more adorable?!

Love this face!

Checking out the fish.

And posing.

A few more of his gorgeous Mommy...

Some more fun...

And now it's time to meet the newest member of their family!

Meet Kingsley -- less than 2 weeks old and already waving at the camera!

Yep, William really does love her!

I'm so happy for Beth and Bill.

They have the most perfect new addition.

A total dollbaby.

Snug as a bug.

Three of my favorite things -- baby hands...


And yawns.

Contemplating. ;-)

We did some with Mommy and her little loves...

Daddy was upstairs working but William called him down with his walkie talkie.

Too cute.

Then we did some with Daddy.

And even some with Beth's mom (Granny) who was in town visiting and helping.

Now that I've "worked" with Beth 3 times, I feel like I've gained a new friend.

Beth and Bill, thank you for asking me to document this very special time in your lives. You have the most beautiful family and I am so lucky to be able to document your children as they grow. Hugs! ~Kris

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Backyardigans 06.20.12

You know you're a mom of preschoolers when you title your blog after a cartoon show! ;-) I love a backyard session -- and I adored these little backyardigans! Really though, a backyard session makes it especially easy on the kids, especially when one of them is only 3 months old. I'll be photographing this family again when Carter is 6, 9, and 12 months and I am really excited to capture his first year. Here are a few favorites of him along with big sister Hayes and his parents, Jill and Matt. Enjoy!

Meet 2-year old Hayes. Dollbaby!

And so is little Carter. Just precious!

A backyard session goes really well when you have a charming white garden shed in your yard. How convenient!

Hayes loved picking flowers for Mommy.

And posing. Love.

We made sure to get some pictures with Daddy before he had to leave for work. We got both portraits...

And sweet candids.

Carter loved going up in the air.

He was all giggles.

So of course Hayes got a turn too.

And we turned it into a fun family shot.

I could photograph that pretty little face all day!

You think she was having any fun?!

Carter lasted 2 hours without a nap, but he was definitely getting sleepy...

Could he be any cuter!?! Love it!

Still hoping to get a few more smiles...we resorted to the old standby. Up, up and away.

I love moments like these.

Time frozen with my camera.

This was the very last image we got, and with this I drove away with a big smile.

Jill and Matt, thanks for allowing me to spend a morning with your beautiful family and precious, sweet children! Hope you love the little preview as much as I do. Hugs! ~Kristine

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Warmth 06.07.12

The other day a client of mine said to me, "I love how you really capture the warmth between people". That meant a lot. Photos that show emotion and love are my favorites. So when I sat down to edit Kelly and Chris's three-generation shoot, the word "warmth" just kept coming to mind. There is so much warmth in this family, and between brothers Sam and Cole. Here are a few favorites as I'm finishing up their entire gallery. Enjoy!

Meet handsome 5-year old Sam...

And his darling 3-year old brother Cole.

Love those lashes!

These 2 are best buds.

And they totally adore their Grandma and Grandpa.

This was a 3-generations session...

So we made sure to capture a portrait of the whole group.

We had many outtakes...Sam and Cole kept running away. :)

So we made their running away into a portrait. LOVE it!

In between each successful portrait, there must be time for fun.

Because it's often during these fun times that favorite images are captured.

One with Grandma.

And with Grandpa. I've said it before, I like my clients to have natural looking portraits...

And also these more candid images that capture love, laughter, and...

...the real relationship. Pure warmth.

These are the kind of images that my clients are requesting more and more...

The kind that remind you that your child's laugh is the best sound in the world.

The kind that remind you just how much they love running into your arms...

And how you feel when they are there.

Kelly and Chris, and Grandma and Grandpa too, thank you all for letting me spend a morning and a picnic lunch with your beautiful family! This was so much fun and I hope you love the little preview as much as I do. Hugs ~Kristine

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Kristen + Rocky: Wedding Preview 05.28.12

I photograph really wonderful couples, and Kristen & Rocky were no exception. They were married on Saturday, March 31st at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, and it was my very first time doing a wedding there. As if that wasn't enough to make their wedding really memorable, what happened later in the evening was just SO incredibly special. But rather than spoil the surprise now, scroll down and keep on reading! Here are a few favorites and the story of their day as told through my lenses. Enjoy!

The day started off at the Loews Hotel...

Where the beautiful Kristen was getting her makeup done.

She was so calm...

She even helped her Mom finish her makeup.

Off to the Naval Academy. While waiting to do some portraits, I focused on some details...

This is one of my favorite ring shots ever!

Love laughter.

The gorgeous bride.

She was glowing...

Loved the flowers in Navy colors.

So I thought this would be a fun way to show them off.

These girls were adorable!

Then it was Rocky's turn...

He was ready to see his bride.

But first we did just a few pictures...

I think Rocky was surprised that it was even a little fun. ;-)

The boys.

An emotional walk down the aisle...

Giving away his little girl.

It was a beautiful ceremony

In an absolutely breathtaking chapel.

Sealed with a kiss

And they're married!

Classic. Love it.

It was cold that day...

But Kristen and Rocky braved it to get some great outdoor shots...

Because as she said, at least it wasn't raining.

We did these portraits in the Superintendent's Garden.

It was so colorful and pretty.

We even borrowed these little stakes for a picture or two. Fun!

Such a beautiful couple!

And then we were off to the reception at the Loews Annapolis Hotel...

First it was cocktail hour, and I focused on "details"...

Like place cards...

And food. Yum.

The first dance...

Was followed by some fantastic toasts.

First by Kristen's sister and Matron of Honor...

And then by the Best Man.

The most fabulous toast of all though was given by these TWO...or should I say THREE?!

Rocky told everyone there was a letter to read from a mystery wedding guest.

It was truly a masterpiece that they had written -- from the perspective of their unborn child.

As they told their parents that they were going to be grandparents, Kristen couldn't hold back the tears.

Kristen's parents opening the ultrasound photo...

There was even a card from 15-week old "Baby A".

Rocky's parents were just ecstatic.

And of course, so were the newlyweds and parents to be. In all of the weddings I've photographed, I don't think I've ever seen something THIS emotional.

The whole room gave them (and Baby A's letter) a standing ovation.

After that, Kristen's Dad got to dance with his little girl, now a wife and mother. I don't know how he made it through. ;-)

Then it was just one big party. A little Top Gun serenade.

Was followed by some cake cutting...

And a whole lotta dancing.

Kristen and Rocky, I am honored to have been your photographer and to have captured these precious memories for you. I am so happy for you and your little boy is very lucky to have you as parents. Congratulations! With love and appreciation ~Kristine

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Alek: Newborn 05.13.12

First of all, Happy 1st Mother's Day to Andrea, the glowing Mommy in this post! :-) I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating with that precious little man of yours.

Meet 12 day old Alek. He is just that. PRECIOUS.

From his perfect little fingers...

To his perfect little toes.

Andrea and Boyan are over the moon...

And they should be. Look at that face.

Love the adorable hat that Andrea found.


"The blurry parents shot". I like doing these with babies/kids of all different ages.

"The upside down shot". I've always wanted to take a picture like this.

In trying to get this picture, Alek kicked his Mommy in the face a few times and had us all laughing. ;-)

Andrea, you are beautiful.

Alek was a really good sleeper.

Baby bear's bed was just right.

Harvard class of 2034. Love it!

All this posing is making me sleepy again.

The weather was warm enough to go outside for a few...


Swaddled up newborns are just so cute.

Proud Daddy!

I have so many favorites from this session...

And they kept telling me it was a lot of fun.

Coming from two likely sleep-deprived first-time parents, that really made my day.

Andrea and Boyan, I am so happy for you.

Alek is absolutely gorgeous!

And I can't wait to do more pics for your family as he grows. Congratulations and Happy Mother's Day once again! Hugs! ~Kris

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Michael's First Year 05.02.12

Michael's first year. It all started with Katie and Derek's maternity session in the winter of 2011. It coincidentally snowed a LOT just 2 days before their shoot, but the roads were clear for me to make the trip to NOVA. I did, however, get stuck in their driveway and Derek had to push my car out. Embarrassing!!! ;-) That was the first time I had met them. No pun intended, but it definitely broke the ice, and from there the laughter just continued. Michael is such a giggly little man, and he and his family are just as adorable as can be. Here are a few favorites, mostly from Michael's most recent 12-month session, but also a few from their maternity, newborn and 6-month sessions too. Enjoy!

A maternity session in the snow -- one of my favorite shoots ever!

Katie and Derek -- so excited to meet little Michael! They have this one as a large wall portrait in their home. Love.

Michael was born in early April of 2011. He loved the camera from the very beginning.

In the fall of 2011, we did a 6-month session.

During that session, we included some very special family members -- even Great Grandma.

And of course, Michael's doggie Coco.

He LOVES his doggie!

During his 12-month session, we also included someone very special...

Michael's au pair, Henne, from Germany. She has been part of their family for the past year, and I know they will miss her terribly when she leaves. Such a doll -- both of them!

In the beginning of their most recent session, we did a few with Coco before Henne took her back home. So so sweet!

Cutest little dog walker ever!

Love it!

Thanks Coco - you are one photogenic little pup!

Later, we did a few portraits with Mommy...

And Michael just giggled away.

Then a few with Daddy.

Sometimes I have to work really hard to get babies to smile...

Not in this session.

Katie and Derek are raising one happy little boy.

A favorite.

My session fee includes my silly animal noises and singing.

Katie and Derek really wanted a shot like this. I'm so glad I could give it to them.

Next up -- a more casual outfit. Could he be any cuter!?!

We did some candid close-ups...

And some scenic landscapes...

And then we just played.

I wanted to make sure that Katie and Derek had some of Michael's first steps forever documented.

Katie and Derek, thank you for allowing me to capture the first year of Michael's life. It has been an absolute joy to work with you and to see him grow, and I hope we can continue to work together in the future. Hugs! ~Kristine

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Kate + Seth: Wedding Preview 04.19.12

On Saturday March 10th, my associate photographer Jessica and I photographed Kate and Seth's wedding at The Mill at Fine Creek in Powhatan, Virginia. It was my first time photographing a wedding at this venue, and it was just as awesome as I had been told. Basically it's on old mill that is on the National Register of Historic Places. It has serious character. But then again, so did the bride and groom, and their wedding party. Kate and Seth were a blast to work with, and they made the job of documenting their day an absolute joy. Here are a few of my favorites from that gorgeous day in March. Enjoy!

As usual, we started the day with some details...like Kate's stunning dress...

And then we found Kate getting ready.

The dress went on...

And then she was suddenly a bride.

Kate told us that she really wanted some pictures of her Dad walking her down the stairs. So I stayed at the top...

Capturing them from behind as they walked down...

And Jessica was at the bottom waiting. Love it!

Kate, you are beautiful.

And so is your little flower girl.

And your ring bearer. He just loves you and it shows in the pictures!

Roses and bling.

Can't ever go wrong with that!

A favorite of the girls.

Having a second photographer is so great for so many reasons...

When the girls looked at Jessica, it allowed me to get what I like to call "candid portraits" like this one.

The handsome groom...

Love it.

Seriously, could he be any cuter?!

Pictures with personality.

That is what Kate and Seth said they wanted...

And hopefully I was able to give them just that.

Images that are lively and fun.

And ones they will proudly display for years to come.

Ceremony time.


Kate and Seth were married right inside the old mill.

It was breathtaking.

And the moments really took their breath away.

Their expressions were priceless.

Tears, smiles, laughter, they covered it all.

Their embraces spoke volumes.

These two were so perfect together.

How do you get a wedding party to relax and laugh like this?

You have the best man bring a tray that looks like this! ;-)

Seriously, Kate and Seth's friends and family were so much fun...

That we had to find a great way to show them off. Viola! A favorite!

Then it was time for a few of just the newlyweds.

Kate and Seth brought a frame along...

Louis loved it!

The mill is so rustic and beautiful...

One at night...

Time for the reception...

And the first dance.

A little more dancing!?! ;-)

Was followed by some cake cutting...

And then singing the night away!

Kate and Seth, congratulations and thank you for asking me to document your wedding day! I am so happy for you and hope we get the chance to work together in the future. With appreciation ~Kristine

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America's Next Top Models... 04.09.12

Seriously...the mom from this recent session looks JUST like Salma Hayek. I mean wow, she is just stunning, and so are her daughters, Juanita and Lola. Their hair, their smiles, their eyes! So beautiful. America's next top models. I wasn't kidding.

Natalia contacted me and said that she and her daughters had done some modeling (Natalia has a gorgeous magazine cover), and they needed updated "headshots". But she wanted headshots with a modern, lifestyle twist. Pictures of her girls having fun and images that captured their personalities. Because really, isn't that what modeling agencies want to see anyway?!

I just adore these beauties, and I can't wait to see what's in store for them next. Here are just a few of my favorites. Enjoy!

Meet 4 year old Lola...

Her big sister, 12 year old Juanita...

And their gorgeous Mommy, Natalia.

They look like sisters...and yes, they get asked that all the time.


And such personality.

These girls were making this way too easy.

In mean, for real. Juanita is 12. What happened to the awkward adolescent phase?

She definitely skipped it.

Some images of little Lola. I captured some poses...

But I made sure to capture her just being a kid too.

Love it!

Then it was time for Juanita to shine again.

And wow did she ever.

She is so comfortable in front of the camera...

I started out kind of directing her and then realized I didn't even have to.


Last but not least, it was time to focus on mom.

She is the sweetest little thing ever!

Just so so pretty.

Lola did not want to change outfits...I love that pouty face! As a children's photographer and mom, it's one I'm fairly used to seeing...

But thankfully I usually can find just the right thing to say to get a reaction like this.

A favorite.

Loving the natural smiles.

And of course I could not resist those lashes.

Another favorite. Especially since we got her to change.

Juanita, thanks for all of your help that day. You are an amazing young woman and I know you are going to be so successful in life.

And Natalia, what can I say? This session was so fun. You and your daughters are beautiful inside and out, and I hope to see your faces on more magazine covers soon! XOXO ~Kris

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