Too Much Fun 11.10.11

Too much fun. That's what this session was. For me, but also for little Bristol. Towards the end, she could hardly stay awake. It was the cutest. thing. ever. We did this shoot at Maymont Park in Richmond -- one of my favorite spots -- and I absolutely adore the mix of portraits and candids that resulted. Here are just a few favorites. Enjoy!

Gorgeous family. I love this swinging shot! See those fences...

I knew I would love shooting next to them with my lens wide open. Beauty!!!

Once Bristol discovered there were animals inside, she could have stayed there all day.

"Bristol, what does a cow say??"

"Mooooooooo". Precious!

"Yeah, I'm way cute."

We did several "look at the camera" portraits...

And then a bunch of more directed candids. LOVE.

It's so rewarding to sit back and shoot...

To witness and document such real family interaction is just awesome.

We let Bristol run the pun intended.

She had the best time just exploring.

And anytime she paused, I was ready.


A favorite of the favorites.

Me: "Oh my goodness, that is so cute. She sucks her thumb when she gets tired?"

Her parents: "Yes, and wait til she starts pulling on her ear!" We took that as the cue that she was done with her session, and I am so glad I was able to capture that.

Hillary and Ryan, thanks for asking me to document this absolutely precious time! It was so fun meeting you --- too much fun! :) Kristine

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Walking in a Rural Wonderland 11.09.11

For those of you who may not know, I lived in Pennsylvania for 9 years and that is where my photography business "accident". Best accident ever. While living there, I had the opportunity to photograph Becky, K.C., and their 1-year old son Tyce. That was nearly 3 years ago, and now Becky and K.C. have a second son named Everett. Knowing that I couldn't make it up to PA this fall, Becky and K.C. decided to take a trip to Virginia, and they planned a little vacation from the mountains to the beach, and it all began with a photo shoot. Did I ever mention how I work with the most awesome clients!?!

Since their first session was done right around Tyce's first birthday, it was really special that they could have these photos done right around Everett's first. Becky and K.C. have an amazing log home in central PA, and their only requirement for this session was "rural". Because then the photos would look even more fabulous on their walls. Well, I think Charlottesville delivered for them. I love that we were able to incorporate mountains, pastures with funky grass, rustic fences, stone walls, old doors, you name it. The boys did so great and I'm so excited to share a few favorites of this beautiful family. Enjoy!

Rustic fences. Adorable little Tyce thought they looked good for climbing...

Turns out they also worked really well as a photography prop. Could Everett be any cuter? I heart this picture!

I got several smiling versions of Tyce by the fence, but I couldn't resist his serious "model" face. Love it!

Everett thought the pastures of funky grass were a good spot for picking flowers...

Turns out they also went really well with our "rural" theme.

It was early in the morning and the grass was really wet from morning dew...

But these boys didn't mind one bit!

Beautiful family.

I love that I was able to give them images that have such a natural and unposed feel to them. As if I wasn't even there.


Love that old door. Especially with a handsome little man standing in front of it.

Look at that smile, and those eyes!

And those eyelashes! Gorgeous!

Everett loved playing in this planter...

And then we found this neat old stone chimney. This will go so well in their home.

Becky and K.C., I am so grateful that you took a little road trip from PA for this session.

I adore your family, and I hope you love the little preview as much as I do. Hugs! ~Kristine

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Ascher: 3 Months Old 11.03.11

I have been working with this family since I did Sharon's maternity session in May, so it's hard to believe that I'm already blogging little Ascher's 3-month session. During his newborn session, he kept doing "sleep smiles" for my camera, and his smiley-ness has definitely continued. What an adorable, happy baby boy! For this session, Ascher was still the star, but we did do some images with his whole family and his big brothers, and I'm so excited to share a few favorites. Enjoy!

This was Ascher as a tiny newborn...

And here he is at 3 months. Just gorgeous!

His 2 big brothers are really handsome too...

And they just love baby Ascher.

The boys! What cuties! I'm sure this will be going on the wall.

Beautiful family!

Love it.

We did just a few portraits and candids with Mommy...

And a few with Daddy...

And then Ascher showed off his smile a little more.

He also showed off grabbing his toes -- adorable!

Tummy time wasn't a favorite of his, but we still got a few cute shots. I just love that little onsie. It makes him look so "baby".

Could he be any more delicious!?!

Why yes, he could! First baby of the season in a Santa hat. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Sharon and Todd, hope you love the preview. Enjoy the holidays and I look forward to seeing you for Ascher's 6-month session soon! ~Kristine

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Jenne: Maternity 10.31.11

Jenne and I went to high school together. AND -- she was my freshman roommate at Virginia Tech. So needless to say, some of the best memories of my life -- (late nights studying, my first Hokie football game, joining sororities) include her. After college, Jenne lived in places like Europe and New York City and I in Pennsylvania and we lost touch for awhile. But now, we are both back living in the town we grew up in. Yay for Facebook for reconnecting us.

As we walked around chatting during our session, we both kept saying how it felt so good to be "home". I love that we picked up right where we left off...only better. I can't wait to get our kids together to play. But before that, I can't wait to meet (and photograph!) the newest addition to her and John's beautiful family. In less than 24 hours, these amazing parents will welcome their sweet baby girl into the world, and I couldn't be happier for them. It has certainly been a long and emotional road for their family to get to this point. An entire newborn blog will follow later, but first, this blog is about capturing the magical time of Jenne's pregnancy. Dylan is going to be a fantastic big brother -- and their family, well, the love is just undeniable. It's just oozing out of these photos and I'm so excited to share a few favorites. Enjoy!

What a beautiful sweet family.

And what a darling big brother!

Such love!

Dylan loved listening to his baby sister...

And singing to her - it was so cute!

Camera ham!

John had to leave for work halfway through our session, so we made sure to get a few pictures with him toward the beginning. I can't wait for them to see the rest of this series - they are priceless!

Jenne, you are gorgeous! And other than the belly of course, you haven't changed a day since high school!


I've always wanted to take a maternity photo like's one of my fave pics of all time.

Playing around with some new post-processing stuff is always fun.

Speaking of fun, you think Dylan was having any!?! ;-)

I can't choose favorites...

But that's what makes this so rewarding. To love them all!

Jenne and John -- an amazing couple and parents.

One last fun image with Daddy...

And the rest of these will be a surprise to him.

What a handsome little guy!

Seriously, I just adore him! I am so glad that Jenne decided to do this session in addition to newborn photos.

These images will be treasured forever.

And I'm so grateful that I could capture this special time for them.

Jenne and John, congratulations and best wishes tomorrow!

Dylan, I can't wait to photograph you with your baby sister really soon. Hugs! ~Kris

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Future Hokies 10.27.11

I have photographed these children 5 times -- since Shane was 5 MONTHS old. Now he is 5 YEARS old. And in Kindergarten. Sigh. I have watched him grow up, and become a big brother two times, to Avery and Trent. And now, when I knock on their front door for pictures, all three children greet me with smiles and hugs. It is the best.

Super-mommy Kim is one of my sorority sisters from Virginia Tech - love her! Her husband Mark went there as well, and let me tell you, they are one adorable Hokie family. As we took a few pictures of Kim and Mark's future Hokies in their Hokie outfits, Kim said, "I'm including these with their college admissions essays." Love love love. Here are a few favorites from their "at-home" session. Enjoy!

Meet handsome 5-year old Shane...

His beautiful 3-year old sister Avery...

And their adorable 1-year old baby brother Trent. Smiley boy!

I did those front porch shots quick while everyone was finishing up getting ready and then the first shot we did was their family of 5. Everyone looking and smiling - mission accomplished. What a gorgeous family!

The next "must-have" shot on the list was the 3 kids in the wagon. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

I think Kim should frame these 2 side by side. The top one was taken two years ago before Trent was born.

We made sure to capture some images of the kids individually with their parents. Some were portraits like this...

And some were more candid like this...

And this. Roasting marshmallows and making smores is a favorite activity at their house.

Then I made sure to focus on the that Kim and Mark could add to their ever-growing photo gallery in their home. Shane was willing to make some signature silly faces for me...

And Trent, he really liked kicking the soccer ball.

Avery, she preferred modeling. This sweater wasn't part of the "planned outfit" -- she was just cold -- but wow it worked so well! Stunning!

I think she rubbed off on her brothers, who then gave me the most adorable smiles.

Either that, or it was the HOKIE gear they were wearing.

Let's go!

Back inside...our last mission was to get some of the kids with their "loveys".

I always have a hard time picking favorites for a blog (which is why my blog posts are always so big!)...

So this time, I thought I would just share a bunch. Little miss personality. Sooooo cute!

Trent wasn't excited about sitting in his PBK chair...but that's okay. He was willing to kiss his doggie for me. Could he be any more precious!?!

Shane and those eyes! Love him!!

And I love that after seeing his big brother sit in the chair, Trent decided he would do it too. Yay Trent!

Kim and Mark, thank you so much for asking me to document your babies as they grow. It is the biggest honor. Love your sweet Hokie family!!! XOXO ~Kris

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Bouncing Baby Boy 10.24.11

If you're wondering about a good time to have your baby photographed, 8 months is fantastic. I mean, not that every age isn't fantastic (of course I love capturing babies at every age and love that I can freeze time with my camera), but really, 8 months stands out for a couple reasons.

First, babies are sitting up. Not all babies can sit at 6 months, so waiting another month or two can make a big difference. Second, they're also usually crawling, which makes for more fun. Third, they can't yet walk, so they can't escape the camera! ;-) Fourth, they're usually really expressive and smiley. And last but not least, they're not so fragile...they're usually willing to be bounced around a bit.

Christopher was all of the above. Sitting, crawling, smiley, giggly, and LOVED to be bounced, tickled, tossed and swung through the air, etc. Oh, and he waved hi to my camera. Add that to the list. Here are a few favorites of this 8-month old sweetie and his beautiful family from our morning at the University of Richmond. Enjoy!

I wasn't kidding when I said beautiful family.

It was so fun to capture Jenny and Matt and the adoration in their faces as they looked at Christopher. Love it.

Another Gerber baby. Love the smile, and the little outfit.

Jenny and Matt both graduated from the University of Richmond, so it was special to do their session there.

They walked these sidewalks many times carrying books -- this is WAY more fun. :)

Look at that smile.

Christopher loved going in the air...not too high...

Just enough to make him giggle like this.

A favorite.

And another. I loved that he waved to us.

During every session, I make sure to capture portraits like this...

Candids like this...

And even little "details" like this. Baby feet and dimpled knuckles are just delicious.

Since Christopher was hamming it up for the camera, I thought it would be fun to get a shot of him crawling with his Jenny and Matt in the background. Sooooo cute!

We all loved these wooden doors...

And I loved that we were able to incorporate the beautiful campus.

At the very end of the session, we went onto the football field.

You think Christopher was having fun?

He couldn't stop laughing! It made me so happy!

Jenny and Matt, thanks for asking me to photograph your sweet family. I had so much fun meeting you and I love knowing that we're doing more of these next spring. Can't wait! Hugs! ~Kristine

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I Hope You Dance 10.21.11

The song is over 10 years old, but I will always love it.

I Hope You Dance.

As the lyrics say, "...And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance...DANCE...I hope you dance."

Taken literally or figuratively, those lyrics often resonate through my mind as a photographer. As a wedding photographer, it's obvious. Behind my camera, I am literally thinking, "I hope you dance. I hope these people keep that dance floor packed!" Makes for fun pictures, ya know. But as a family/lifestyle photographer, I usually think of the lyrics in a more sappy sentimental-mommy kind of way. More like, "Your baby's feet won't always be that small, or your 6-year old won't always have his 2-front teeth missing." Life's moments are fleeting. I hope you capture them.

Well, let me just say that for THIS family's session, it was a double-sided gold coin. Obviously I got a chance to capture these boys while they are at the most adorable ages of 6 and 8 -- missing front teeth included -- but as an added bonus, it just so happens that Andrew and Ryan had recently choreographed an entire dance routine to "Thriller". After hearing that, I hoped that they would show off their moves for the camera. I hoped they would be comfortable enough to be themselves. And they did. And they rocked! Here are a few favorites from our fun session. Enjoy!

Brothers. This was one of the first frames I snapped. Love.

These two LOVED to laugh. They obviously love life and each other.

Stunning family!

This is their older son, Andrew.

And their "baby", Ryan.

As usual, we started out with some portraits...

It's my style.

I like them to have a relaxed and natural feel.

Mission accomplished.

Seriously, they were making it way too easy. Clare, could you be any prettier?!?!

A favorite. These 2 are sooooo handsome!

And, they were so polite and listened to my "subtle directing" so well.

They were definitely comfortable around the camera, which made for the most adorable candids. Love it!

A fun reflection shot.

And a few more that are just playful.

It's a candid portrait and landscape/scenic shot all in one.

I hope you dance! And they did! Soooooo cute! There are a bunch more, but the blog is just a preview, so I just shared one for now.

All that dancing and running tired them out.

But only for a brief second. A minute later, they "woke up" and gave me this! Those smiles - oh happy day!

Clare and George, I had the best time doing this shoot for your family. Thank you so much and kudos on raising two very adorable and sweet boys! Hugs! ~Kris

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Rain rain go away... 10.20.11

Rain rain go away...That is what I was thinking when the rain started just minutes before our session. I was in NOVA, and I did a session right before this one without a drop. It was even in the exact same location. And there wasn't supposed to be any rain in the forecast. What was going on?

A few minutes later, at 9:30 am, my clients showed up. In the rain. And I'm sure they were just as bewildered as I was. I went up to their car window and said something like, "Let's check the radar. Maybe we can wait it out." So there we sat, in our separate cars, checking the weather...Jennifer and Jason on their iphones, and me (girl who will be getting an iphone asap) calling my husband and asking him to check the weather on his iphone. Something is wrong with this picture! ;-)

Anyway, apparently there was a big spot of green on the radar right where we were shooting and it didn't look like it was leaving anytime soon. So I said to them, "Well, that red barn over there does have an overhang. And you're here and you're all dressed. Do you want to try to get a few and call it a mini-session?" That's just what we did, and I am thrilled with what we were able to accomplish in about 10 minutes. Enjoy!

Meet gorgeous 8-year old Gavin...

And his adorable 6-year old brother Nolan.

Look at those eyes!! Blue eyes, blue shirt.

Green eyes, green shirt. Love it.

Under the overhang of the barn, we managed to get some eyelash shots.

A staple of mine, and something that parents adore.

Christmas card?? I heart the red.

These two did soooo great. I really hope I get the opportunity to do a full-length session with their beautiful family in the future.

Speaking of their beautiful family....they really are, and they're just as sweet too.

Jennifer and Jason, thank you for trusting me to capture a few images of your family in the rain. Sometimes the first 10 minutes of a session are a sort of "warm up" to the camera time, so knowing that, I have to say that I am so beyond impressed with your boys and their natural smiles. With appreciation! ~Kristine

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Little Athletes 10.19.11

I have photographed Brandy & Patrick's family a few times now, and as the story goes when I work with the same clients over and over, I love their pictures more than the last time. There is something magical that happens when kids start to know you. They are that much more comfortable, and I too know what to expect....well, as much as can be expected when working with kids, right? :) Especially at 7 am. Yes, we did these at 7 am so that their oldest "little athlete" Tyler could get to his baseball game on time. I heart my clients for making photos a priority in their hectic schedules. For knowing that all the effort that goes into planning a family photo session and figuring out outfits will be well worth it. Here are a few of my favorites - enjoy!

Brandy & Patrick's new family room color scheme is going to be mustard yellow, sage green, and chocolate brown. I know this because I met them at their beautiful home before our session and there were paint samples all over their walls. It's going to be gorgeous, especially with this PERFECTLY coordinating photo hanging up. Love love love.

Adore this one too.

These boys are ridiculously cute!

Aiden is 2...

And big brother Tyler is 5. Soooo handsome!

"Yep, I'm adorable."

Beautiful family!!

The boys were doing great, having lots of fun in between taking photos...

I still can't believe we got them to do this one! Love it!

Tyler really wanted to run...which we did later...but first he made me (and his parents) really happy by doing this. Perfection!

Aiden just smiled away too.

Then they came and stood by me to help make Mommy & Daddy smile. Yes, Brandy and Patrick's little athletes definitely earned their running time.

So....they switched into some fun college football t-shirts and we just played.

A favorite! Sometimes Dads are reluctant to be included in photos because they think it will be a "smile and say cheese" fest. Patrick can tell you it is anything but. Boom Chicalacca! ;-)

Aiden had some serious skill with the football. Love that face!

And Tyler...after 2 hours of running for pictures, he was ready for his baseball game.

Brandy and Patrick, thank you for once again asking me to do pictures for your family. I had a wonderful time as always! Hugs! ~Kris

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Sweet Newborn Baby Finn 10.17.11

I have been taking family photos for Meghan and Ryan since their first son Chase was a tiny newborn. Now, Chase is the proud big brother to sweet newborn baby Finn and their family is complete. Mego and her boys! What an honor for me to document these most cherished memories for them. I can't say it enough - my job is so rewarding and for that I'm so grateful.

I have known Meghan since college, and I have never seen her look so beautiful. This photo was taken over the summer, and she was just glowing with the anticipation of meeting her sweet baby.

At last, Finn Reilly is here and he is absolutely perfect.

While Daddy was getting big brother Chase down for a nap, I focused on baby Finn by himself, knowing (hoping!) we would get some good shots of the 2 brothers together later.

Look at that face and those lips - could he be any more precious!?!

While Finn was sound asleep...

I captured all of his sweet little features. Love.

Adorable! Meghan and Ryan are a wonderful couple and parents.

Proud Daddy....and Mommy!

Meghan, you are gorgeous!

Such love.

Harder than it looks, but the McD's pulled it off!

A favorite.

I love that I have given them their Christmas card pictures. But not just that, I'm sure will be hanging up on their walls -- and their families' walls too. :)

Baby Anthropologie catalog anyone?? Adore it.

Completely different feel when taken in landscape orientation and converted to black and white.

Chase earned a LOT of tic-tacs for these photos. Love it.

Love it in an "old school sepia" finish too.

Meghan and Ryan, thank you for asking me once again to photograph your beautiful family.

I am so happy for you, and I so admire the parents you are to your boys. Congratulations!!! Love, Kris

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