Susan's Baby Shower 03.25.12

I recently got to photograph the ultimate surprise! Susan knew she would be having a baby shower a couple of weeks ago, but she had NO idea there would be a photographer there.

Susan's good friend Cali contacted me and said she wanted to give Susan the gift of "memories" -- though I had never met Cali, I immediately adored her. We think alike! :-) So I then suggested that I coordinate with Susan's husband Reid to do a sort of mini-maternity session at their home and then head over to the shower. This way they'd at least have a few nice shots together. Memories of this precious time in their lives as they await the arrival of their baby boy.

Here are a few of my favorites from this perfect, perfect day. Enjoy!

The day started at Susan and Reid's home...

First I did a few pictures of the gorgeous Mommy-to-be. Susan, you are stunning!

I told Reid that if this were a "normal" session (meaning 1-2 hours and not 10 minutes!), that he'd have a chance to sort of warm up the camera. But in this case, this was his warm up shot.

Well, look what we got next! I would totally canvas this! Love!

Susan and Reid, after knowing me for only 5 minutes, were completely comfortable and natural in front of the camera...

And at the shower, I overheard her telling her friends how much fun she had during our mini shoot. Sus, thank you!

Onto the shower. You know it's going to be great when you see the most adorable diaper wreath on the front door.

It was hosted by Susan's good friend Sarah (whose family you may recognize from my blog!)....she was the ultimate multi-tasker...mingling right next to her double wall ovens to make sure all the food turned out perfectly.

And it did. Yum!

Look at those sangria glasses. Adorable!

And the cake.

All the details, in shades of blue and green, were just perfect.

Each guest wrote a special note to Susan on these little cards, which were strung around a doorway.

Cali, thanks so much for asking me to do this -- you rock!

I love when I can stand back and capture a moment from across the room...

These ladies were having a good time.

Love the laughter.

Then it was game time.

Can you guess what they were playing?

Who has more than 10 right?

These girls were good.

Susan in her sea of presents. Can I just say that the onsies hanging behind her were the most perfect backdrop! Love them!

She got the most adorable things...

And my heart fluttered as I watched her open each gift. Some made her laugh...

And some made her cry. Like the framed baby shower invitation.

In just a few short weeks, she'll be putting all of these things to use...

One for VT, one for JMU. So cute!

Everyone departed with a bag of hand sanitizer as their favor -- so practical.

Thanks to everyone there for making my job so easy and fun!

Susan and Reid, congratulations! I am so happy for you and can't wait to meet your little boy! Hugs ~Kris

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Vivienne: 10 Days Old 03.03.12

I first met Jenn when she took one of my photography workshops. That was almost a year ago. Since then, I have had the opportunity to do maternity pictures for her, and most recently -- newborn pics! Sweet little Vivienne was born at the end of January, and she was just 10 days old for this session. She is as cute as cute can be -- just like her big brother Christian -- and I'm so excited to share a few favorites as I'm finishing their entire gallery. Enjoy!

A little glimpse from Jenn and Jason's maternity session last December...they truly are a precious precious family.

And just look at their newest addition. What an angel! Vivienne was wide awake when I first arrived at their home -- so happy we could get this before she fell asleep.

And she did. What a beauty.

While she slept I focused on her precious little features...hands...


And we posed her in all those cute curled up poses.

Love this and her baby sleep smile. :)

Jenn had the most perfect hats...

And the most adorable baby headbands. Love.

The best part about this one is that we handcrafted it from their rose bush out was blooming perfect pink flowers just in time for Vivienne's birth.

Gorgeous girls.

During a feeding break, I got some images of Vivienne's incredible nursery.

Jenn and Jason did a fantastic job.

And then I got Christian warmed up to my camera again.

Totally adore this handsome little guy!

My favorite of Jenn with her little doll. I love all the white. It's so pure and simple for a newborn session.

Jason demonstrated to Christian how to gently kiss Vivienne for a picture.

And he did it. And then he just admired her. Truly THE perfect moment.

What a doting big brother.

I loved doing these very special photos for this very special family.

Jenn and Jason, thank you once again. I am so happy for you all! You are so blessed! With love and appreciation ~Kristine

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Charlotte Turns ONE 02.18.12

I recently had the chance to do another session for my beautiful friend and sorority sister Sarah, her husband Paul, and their darling daughter Charlotte, who had just turned ONE! Our session couldn't have gone better. First of all, it was a really warm day at the end of January with lots of sunshine. That made everyone happy. Especially Charlotte! She was ALL SMILES. The first time I photographed her, she was in a "serious mood", and this time -- she just couldn't stop giggling and clapping. Even with no nap! Here are just a few favorites as I'm finishing their whole gallery. Enjoy!

This is gorgeous little Charlotte at 7 months over the summer.

And this is her at age ONE. Look at that smile, and those curls!

And look where she gets them. So so pretty.

As usual, we started with some relaxed portraits. I love a classic photo like this of a Dad with his daughter. One he can proudly display at work.

Such a beautiful family! To my surprise, our session took place on Sarah's birthday.

Paul, thank you for getting your wife a gift she will truly cherish forever. Sarah, how is it that you are even more gorgeous than in college?!!?

Next I focused on the other birthday girl. Such a beauty.

We got lots of portraits...

And then what I like to call "baby details" her curly hair coming in...

Her clapping...(those dimply knuckles give me the warm fuzzies!)...

Her eyelashes...

And her boots. Love this.

Later we took her to see the water...

And then to play on the swing.

It was her VERY first time on a swing, and she absolutely loved it!

Sarah and Paul, thank you so much for asking me to take photos for you as Charlotte grows. I hope you love the little preview as much as I do. Hugs! ~Kris

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Happy Valentine's Day! 02.14.12

To all the couples who remind me how much I love documenting love, and who make me LOVE my job, here is a little slideshow of some recent wedding favorites -- Happy Valentine's Day!

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Ascher: A Day in the Life at 7 months 01.31.12

I have been photographing this adorable little one since he was in his Mommy's belly. We started with maternity pictures, and then we did some at the newborn and 3-month stages. I love "working" with his family, and I couldn't wait to get to the 6-7 month session because as I've said many times in this blog, that is one of my FAVORITE stages to capture a baby. It's at this age that babies become so expressive and giggly, especially Ascher. He even had a cold during our session, but you would never know it. What a happy boy! Here are a few favorites from our sort of "day in the life" session. Enjoy!

7 month old Ascher -- Gorgeous!

The first time I met him he looked like this.

Now he is getting to be such a big boy, filling up that basket.

If you read my blog then you know that I strive to capture portraits like this...

And this...

But I also love to document personalities and moments. Like Ascher starting to crawl...

And the "superman belly flop" that follows when he falls down.

This boy loves to laugh.

And read books. His parents will want to remember his favorite one...

And how every time he saw the fish he had to kiss it.

First time taking a photo of a baby boy wearing one of Dad's ties. I was excited.

Then I realized I had no idea how to tie a tie. And neither did his Mama! Together we did our best and though it's a little off, I think this precious little man more than makes up for it.

I love capturing baby "details" -- like feet...

And profiles...

And chubby cheeks...

And lips! Just delicious!

How bout them apples?!

I think he liked them.

What do you do after your baby gets apples all over himself during a shoot?

You give him a bath!

Sharon and Todd, you have the most adorable smiley little baby! Thanks Sharon for being up for "anything" during this shoot. It was so fun and I hope you love the preview. Can't wait to see you all again in a few months. ~Kristine

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Continuing Education -- With my Daughter! 01.28.12

Squeezing in a "personal" blog post real quick...

It's been awhile since I've posted any photos of our family. I have been BUSY, and I'm so thankful for that.

These pictures were taken last fall. This is my 3 year old in 3 minutes flat. Literally. Sometimes I grab my camera just to practice. Okay, a lot of times. I like to challenge myself. I love to learn. I love to keep getting better. In this case, we were heading out to dinner, but the light was gorgeous, so I couldn't resist.

I sang Elsa her favorite song and tried to snap as many "keepers" as I could in 3 minutes. This is what we came up with. The BEST form of "continuing education" I could ever imagine. I am blessed. xoxo ~Kris

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Heather: Maternity 01.26.12

If you read my blog then you know that I've been doing a LOT of maternity sessions lately....and more are coming! I don't know if that's because more and more women are choosing to document their pregnancies (which I think is awesome), or because I've kind of developed a new niche that my husband calls "just normal, not awkward preggo shots", but either way, I LOVE IT!

When I first started doing maternity sessions, I promised myself that I would stick to my "normal" style of shooting. I wanted them to have that "magazine look" my clients love. I wanted them to include Dad and the older siblings or pets. I wanted them to be modern and fun. Mostly though, I just wanted them to be REAL. Think less 'woman wrapped in sheet gazing out window with hands on belly' and more 'woman in real clothes laughing at her husband'. I think a huge part of the reason my clients have so much fun during a session is because it isn't "awkward". It feels like every day life.

Heather and Ryan's maternity session is the perfect example of this. Heather is my cousin (well, technically she is my husband's 1st cousin but now she is both of ours!), and I'm so excited to share some of my favorites from her "normal" maternity session. Enjoy the realness!

Heather. One gorgeous mama!

A favorite. This session was about Heather and her bump...

But also about capturing their sweet daughter Kate, who just turned 2. What a beauty!


1 year...

2 years. It is so fun when you can do the "same" shot 3 years in a row. This one I/we like to call "the blurry parents".

Wow how much babies change in those first 2 years. I think these need to be framed like this.

A maternity session with a can phone! "Ummm, what do you want me to do with this?"

Daddy happily demonstrated.

And Kate thought it was so much fun.


Kate was very excited to meet baby brother Fisher.

Once we got a few shots with Mommy...

And Daddy...

And baby...

I just captured Kate being Kate.

These are those precious 2-year old moments parents want to remember.

Whenever she looked at me, I got some portraits...

And even some eyelashes.

I love eyelash shots in black & white, but I couldn't resist those strawberry blond lashes, and the blue of her dress against the green grass. Love.

A few more of Heather.

Always a natural beauty. Even more so when anticipating a miracle!

I love the laid back, rustic feel of this belly shot.

Have to end with this one. Favorite photos are all about expressions and this is just perfect.

But then again, so is this!

Heather and Ryan, and sweet little Kate too -- congratulations on your newest addition Fisher! We cannot wait to meet him! And thank you once again for asking me to do photos of your precious family. It is always a blast. Love, Kris

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Monica + Chris Wedding Preview 01.21.12

On Saturday December 17th, my associate photographer Jessica and I photographed Monica and Chris's wedding. I love a Christmas time wedding. Their details -- in shades of red and gold -- were just perfect for the season, and everything was just so personalized and classy.

So excited to share some favorites as I finish up the editing. Here is the story of their day as told through our lenses. Enjoy!

We showed up to find the beautiful Monica getting her make-up done.

And dresses hung on personalized hangers.


You know it's going to be a great last wedding of the year when you are greeted by Jimmy Choos...

Flowers by the talented Holly Chapple...

And a totally stunning bride!

I loved her long veil and her black bolero.

The handsome groom.

Monica and Chris did a "first look"...Chris could not wait to see her.

Such anticipation...

Such joy.

Love this.

Monica gave Chris one of his favorite things -- ketchup. :)

But not just any ketchup -- one that was personalized for their wedding day.

We did a few relaxed portraits...

It was cold...

So these 2 hugged tight. Timeless with a modern twist...uncluttered with a candid feel.

These are my favorite type of portraits.

Couldn't get enough of the flowers...

So of course I thought we needed a ring shot in them.

Ceremony time.

For Monica's mom Annie...

Who was smiling down from Heaven.

It was a beautiful, heartfelt ceremony.

Sealed with a kiss!

Seeing double?! That's because Monica is an identical twin. I so adore them both!

Seeing double again?! That's because Chris is also an identical twin. How cool!

Monica knew she wanted a second photographer because of the different angles she would get. I coached Jessica to do this (meaning shooting from the side when I was straight on) and she totally nailed it.

Proof that a simple, 'posed' shot of your wedding party can be such a treasure.

My angle.

Jessica's angle.

Still can't get over how cute this is!

The kids were rewarded with mac and cheese sliders. Yes, Monica and Chris thought of everything.

The Bethesda Country Club...cold outside.

Warm inside.

A few details...

Everyone at your wedding is family -- what an awesome idea!

The grand entrance, basketball style.

A few of the first dance...

They took dance lessons and totally rocked it. I think Monica was proud - so cute!

Jessica gave a sweet toast...

And there was a cupcake cake.

Seriously loved the details. I had to collage a few.


The night ended with LOTS of dancing.

Father of the groom -- love it! So much fun was had by all!

Monica and Chris, we are so grateful to have been able to document your wedding day. Thank you (and your twinnies!) for being so much fun and for making us feel so welcome. We hope you love the little preview -- tons more coming soon! Hugs! ~Kristine and Jessica

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Jenn: Maternity 01.14.12

Jenn took one of my photography workshops last spring, and afterwards she kept saying how she couldn't wait to do a family session. I couldn't wait either -- I adored her the second I met her! A few months later, Jenn found out she was expecting her 2nd child, and she hired me to do a maternity session for her and her beautiful family.

Jenn had left a few comments on my Facebook Page, so I knew exactly what she liked. Even though it was December and it was COLD, I knew that we had to do a bunch of outdoor shots, that we had to get a silhouette, and that we definitely needed to get a few "hot mama" pictures. As one of my best friends once said, "Pregnancy is sexy. Who wouldn't want to capture that!?" And I know that Jenn's husband Jason will agree. Here are a few of my favorites. Enjoy!

Jenn = 31 weeks pregnant = glowing Mommy!

In Jenn's belly is their daughter Vivienne, and they cannot wait to meet her.

Christian is so excited to be a big brother. Could he be any cuter!?!!

The hat, the Uggs, so precious!

Love this!

I found myself capturing this family as I approach a wedding -- details, moments, and portraits. I really love capturing "baby details" Christian's sweet little curls...

And his gorgeous eyelashes.

A favorite portrait with Mommy...

A fave with Daddy.

And hands down my favorite moment. Christian just turned 2, and he wowed us with his smiles and how he touched Mommy's belly.

Then it was my chance to wow them. Jenn has been wanting a silhouette like this since seeing some others that I posted. I hope she is smiling right now. :)

Then it was Mother Nature's turn to wow all of us! After about an hour outside, we went inside and I focused on Jenn for a little bit.

Her husband convinced her to do a few "hot mama" shots and I know she'll be so glad he did.

Jenn, you are so stunning! Jason wasn't in the room when we did these, but occasionally he would peek in and he would say, you guessed it, "WOW!"

Love the pink scarf for Vivienne.

Jenn and Jason, I am so happy for your family!

Thank you for asking me to document this truly special time in your lives and I can't wait to see you all again -- and meet Vivienne -- soon! Hugs! ~Kristine

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Baby Love! 01.10.12

I think we'd all agree...the words "baby" and "love" just go together. There is so much to love about babies. Especially these 2 girls -- man are they cute! Between Abby's curls and Olivia biting her toes, my heart definitely skipped a beat. I first photographed these 2 sisters during Olivia's newborn session. Olivia was 10 days old and Abby had just turned 2. Fast forward 6 months, and we have this most recent session. I'm so glad that Sarah and Jason asked me to come back to capture their precious girls as they grow. Here are a few favorites as I'm editing. Enjoy!

This was taken over the summer. Olivia at 10 days old. PRECIOUS!!!

And here she is now at 6 months. Even more precious!

This is Olivia's beautiful big sister Abby. I am in love with her curls!

At the beginning of the session, I focused on the girls...

I was able to capture a bunch of shots of them this!

I got their sweet profiles...

But I had yet to get a good shot of them TOGETHER. Then I eyed my small basket.

How do you get a 2-year old to sit so closely to her 6-month old baby sister AND kiss her?? You put them in the small basket TOGETHER and then reward her with a lollipop. :)

Beautiful family! I adore this portrait and think all my clients should have one like this. Meaning with everyone looking at the camera.

Though I also want my clients to have one like this -- meaning just caught in a moment.

I love capturing the way you can make her giggle when you turn her upside down.

Or the way she can make you giggle when she tries to kiss your nose. Every day "ordinary" moments are often my favorite.

Once inside, I focused on Olivia for a little bit. It was "unofficially" her 6-month session, so I made sure to capture some images that really show her personality.

And if these next 2 don't capture it I don't know what does.

One of my favorite baby images ever. Eyelashes, toes and chub in one shot -- LOVE it.

Who is (was) excited for Christmas?

Abby! Look at that smile!

At the end we did some pictures in their Christmas dresses. Olivia's first Christmas = so special.

Does it get any sweeter?

Sarah and Jason, thanks for asking me to come back for updated pictures as your girls grow. It is so much fun to "work" with your awesome Hokie family! Hugs! ~Kris

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