Caught in a Moment 10.14.11

Portraits mixed with candid moments. That really defines my photography style.

When I photograph my own kids, I wouldn't want every picture to be of them looking at the camera, though I also wouldn't want every picture to be candid. I like happy mediums. I also like when a "candid moment" is such a perfect documentation of real life that it could rival even the best portrait. To catch a family in the moment, just enjoying life, that is the best. And to know that I could make them comfortable enough to be themselves, that just makes me smile.

So, when Sarah contacted me and said something like, "My kids are at the ages (2, 4, and 6) where they are unpredictable, but those also happen to be the ages where you want to capture how precious they are!" I knew that she wanted exactly the type of photography that I strive to deliver. Here are just a few favorites of their beautiful family of 5 - happy Friday!

Speaking of portraits...this was one of the first ones we got. Love love love. Could these 3 be any cuter?!!

Joe is 6 -- and oh how I adored that toothless smile.

Ian is 4 -- and he was just full of laughter.

And Helen is 2. What a beauty!

Two-year old with serious face against fence -- with legs crossed and leaning arm = happy day! Soooo cute.

Now that we had some portraits out of the way, it was just time to play.

We got mommy and her boys...

And daddy with his every other combination imaginable.

Even this funny one that kind of defines what life is like with 3 little ones. :)


They really love each other. So so sweet!

Caught in moment. That laughter is priceless.

One more portrait -- what a beautiful family!

And one more candid that in my eyes would rival the greatest portrait. What love! Sarah and Tom, thank you for allowing me to capture your family -- it was a blast! ~Kris

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun 10.07.11

I'm loving this combined session with 2 sets of adorable sisters, 4 little best friends, and their beautiful mommies too!

I first did photos for Kristy and her gorgeous girls Sydney and Hailey about 2 years ago, and I was thrilled when she contacted me about doing another session. I loved "working" with them the first time around and knew we would have a blast again -- especially when I found out that this time the session would be for not THREE girls, but SIX.

Kristy asked if her good friend Bridgette and her 2 girls Cameron and Ava could tag along for a few shots -- of them individually of course, but also of the 4 girls together and the entire group too. Everyone is such good friends so this was such a fun idea! I LOVED this session and can't wait to share a few favorites. Happy viewing!

Meet Kristy's older daughter Sydney. She is 8 now and like a little model.

Baby sister Hailey doesn't look so baby anymore! Sigh. She is just beautiful too.

A natural, relaxed portrait that I like to call an "unpose".

And a sweet candid. Love.

The introduce the other 2 girls...Cameron is Bridgette's older daughter and wow is she stunning.

Little sister Ava is so adorable too. Could I have asked for a cuter bunch??

Precious sisters. Love it!

Girls just wanna have fun -- and we did!

ME: "Who wants to show me how they can do the splits?"
THEM: "I do, I do!"

And there we have it. They were so into showing me what they could do for my camera.

Jumping...yes please!

Since this was primarily Kristy's session, I'm showing a few more of her little beauties.

These girls are so pretty...

But it's easy to see why -- just look at their mommy!

We did more candids...

And more portraits...and I could blog the entire session...

But I wanted to end with this shot of all 6 beautiful girls. Kristy, thanks for coordinating this! I had so much fun and I hope you love the preview as much as I do. Hugs! ~Kristine

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Isabel: Maternity 10.05.11

Isabel contacted me at the recommendation of her husband's coworker who I had done family pictures for in the spring (thanks Beth!), and she was so excited about documenting not only her pregnancy but also (and even more so) her little bundle of joy. She and her husband Jerry are expecting a little girl in a few weeks, and her newborn photos are on my calendar for early November. I can't wait to meet her!

These photos, though, are all about pregnancy and what an amazing and beautiful time it is. We did this session at Isabel and Jerry's home, and it was so relaxed and fun. I really felt like Isabel and Jerry were friends of mine, and Isabel even emailed me afterwards to say how easy it was and how comfortable she felt in front of the camera. Thanks Isabel, that is the nicest compliment!

What a GORGEOUS mommy-to-be!

I have always wanted to take a pregnancy photo like this! It was totally impromptu -- I had no idea what their home would look like and that they would have the perfect window in their master bedroom to do this. Love!

We spent about 30 minutes inside, capturing some more intimate shots of Isabel alone...

And then we went outside in the backyard to get some more. So pretty!

What a beautiful couple!

I have so many favorites.

Jerry -- such a proud Daddy!

Soon he will have 2 beautiful girls in his life.

Perfect basketball belly.

Love this one and the lines of her dress.

Really though, I love them all. For photographers, this was shot with f/2.0 -- that's why the dirt looks so pretty. :)

One more of the stunning Mama.

And one more of the adorable parents-to-be. Isabel and Jerry, thanks for inviting me into your home and for asking me to document this very special time in your lives. I can't wait to see you next month for newborn photos. Congratulations! ~Kristine

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Fun on the Lawn at UVA 10.04.11

This is the 3rd year in a row I've photographed these cuties, and it is my FAVORITE session of theirs yet. Sounds familiar, yes, but it is so true. It seems that every time I repeatedly photograph the same kids, I love their photos even more than the last time. I am so grateful for my clients who ask me to take their childrens' photos year after year. It's the nicest compliment. And I guess the best way I can say thank you is by making their kids feel comfortable enough with me and the camera to get natural and genuine images that capture the essence of who they are.

I'm feeling a little wordy this morning, but I have a bunch of pictures I want to share so here they are. Enjoy!

The first time I photographed this adorable sibling duo was late summer of 2009.

Wow what a difference 2 years makes! They are getting so big and they are cuter than ever!

Such a handsome boy - look at those eyes!

It would be hard to take a bad picture of him.

Mr. Photogenic.

And wow, little sister is such a beautiful girl.

I think this is my favorite of's the most genuine smile which happened in the split second right before...

I made her laugh like this. Adorable.


Couldn't resist those pink converse. Love them!

I think their parents are going to have a hard time choosing a favorite for a Christmas card this year.

Does it get any sweeter?

Not too sure what to think of his little sister kissing him -- sooooo cute!

Even cuter! I could keep posting and posting...

But I will end with this one. Definitely one of my favorite relaxed portraits of them. J & A - thank you so so much for asking me to capture your beautiful kids once again. It is always so much fun! With appreciation ~Kristine

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Beach Baby - Harbor in the OBX 09.30.11

Harbor's Mommy = one of my best friends, Amanda.

I have known Amanda since college, and I adore that girl more than I could ever articulate in words.

OBX = where Amanda, Johnny and Harbor live. How lucky are they?!?!

Every time I visit the OBX (the Outer Banks in NC), we manage to squeeze in a photoshoot. This most recent session was over Labor Day weekend earlier this month, and I'm so excited to share some favorites.

Before we start though, I thought it would be fun to look back at a few. This was from Amanda and Johnny's maternity session in November of 2009.

Harbor was born in February of 2010, and this image is from her newborn session.

Fast forward to Labor Day weekend of 2010, and Harbor was 6 months old. Since they live at the beach and spend so much time there, Amanda and Johnny (well, I'm pretty sure it was Amanda and Johnny just went along with whatever) thought it would be fun to do some pics in their bathing suits. Love it! Little Harbor had almost no hair then...

But look at her now. A whole year later, she has her Mommy's blond curls.

She is such a beautiful little girl.

Love her sweet smile!

First we ventured out to the sound side for a few shots that I knew we couldn't get on the ocean side...

Like this silhouette as the sun was setting. Oh how I love those OBX skies!

I love that the sound side has a completely different feel than the beach. It gave so much variety to their session, and of course, so did their great outfit choices.

That dress is so A-dorable!

The beach pictures though are my favorite, so I'm blogging more of them.

What a beauty!

Watching her run around was so much fun.

A fave. And I love the pigeon on the left.

I'm starting to really love beach photography. Who doesn't feel like a kid and want to play when they're on the beach??

Amanda, this should be your Stella & Dot profile pic. Love the necklace.

What a cute dad!

Models. Posting in sepia cause I know A loves it. Gorgeous family!!!

What can I say you guys?? My favorite session of yours yet! Thanks for being such amazing friends and for all that you do. Love you all and miss you terribly already. See you in November! XOXO ~Kris

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Fun at Home 09.27.11

Late in August (and this is my last August blog and then it's onto September sessions!), I did a shoot for a fabulous Mommy and her 2 beautiful daughters. I adore this session for so many reasons. First of all, I had been emailing back and forth with Maureen for months, and during all of our talking we figured out that we were both Tri-Deltas AND we have the exact same wedding anniversary (6/22 - Yay!). Oh, and yeah, we both have 2 daughters.

So....after all the emailing back and forth, of course I couldn't wait to meet Maureen and her girls...(Dad was working this year but I think after seeing these he'll be in on next year's shoot), and we both thought that doing their session at home would produce great results. And it did. So excited to share. I am blogging 17 images but I mean it when I say that there are a ton more where these came from. Enjoy the preview!

Meet beautiful blue-eyed 2-year old Dana....

And her beautiful 5-year old brown-eyed big sister Anne Marie.

These 2 are sooo cute, and soooo close...

Obviously. Love. During every session, I capture both portraits like the one above and candids like this one.

The girls with their beautiful mommy. Sometimes it's a "directed candid" like this...

And other times, it's just a pure candid moment like this. These are my favorites. Just families enjoying life.

Onto outfit number 2. Anne Marie is such a beauty in that window light.

And look at those pose by baby sis! Soooo cute!

Love this sibling shot. This is a result of some games we were starting to play during the second half of our session.

One of those games was "Simon Says".

I'm just like..."Put this hand on that hip etc. etc." and before you know it you have little catalog models. Reminder, Dana is TWO - wow, love her!

Then it was time to break out the bubbles. Does it get any more real??

I love capturing these fleeting moments. The way your "baby" looks when popping bubbles...

And the way your "big girl's" hair swings around when doing the same.

The way she looks the first time she can really do a hula hoop.

And let's not forget the smiles on the very popular zipline!

Maureen, thank you for asking me to photograph your gorgeous girls! It was so fun meeting you and doing these pics and I hope you love the little preview. Hugs, Kris

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Gerber Baby 09.23.11

Seven-month old Charlotte is such a Gerber baby....aka, baby model. As I was editing these photos, I actually pulled a pack of Gerber animal crackers out of my pantry and compared the pictures. She has the most beautiful big eyes, and her chubby cheeks are just precious!

I know Charlotte's mom Sarah from high school and college, and I was thrilled when she sent me a Facebook message several months ago asking me to do Charlotte's first professional photos. I advised her to wait until Charlotte could sit up, and I think she'll be so glad she did. It was hard to pick favorites to blog, but here is my best attempt. Enjoy!

Proud parents Sarah and Paul -- what a beautiful family!

And what a beautiful baby! Just adore her.

As always, I started with some portraits first....

Then moved on to some close ups of those sweet baby features. Look at those lashes!

I love this because it perfectly shows her 7-month old personality. Teething!

We did some portraits with Daddy.

And with Mommy.

And then we did some that were more candid. Love it.

I think these 2 would look so pretty framed side by side on a wall.

In between outfits... I said to them, let's do a few of Charlotte in just her diaper. Someday when she's skinny like her Mommy, they will cherish having a picture of that delicious baby chub.

Love window light.

Seriously, what a perfect little subject.

My camera couldn't get enough of this little sweetie!

Cute cute cute.

Another favorite with her stunning Mommy.

And one last family shot. Sarah, it was so great to see you again, and Paul, it was so great to meet you and your gorgeous baby girl. You are the sweetest family and I'm honored that I got to take your first professional family pictures. I hope you love the preview as much as I do. Hugs, Kris

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Britton and Jason's Growing Family 09.19.11

In 2007, I photographed Britton and Jason's Richmond wedding. Now, they are the proud parents of 2 little boys. Britton just gave birth to their second son, Chase, a few days ago, and I am so happy for them.

This session that we did last month was a combined maternity-family session. Big brother Parker is the sweetest thing ever, and Britton is one of the most stunning pregnant Mommies I've worked with. Here are a few favorites from our Lewis Ginter session. Enjoy!

In 2007...the "before".

And in 2011...the "after" the EXACT same spot. My job is so rewarding.

Britton, you are so pretty. Just glowing.

And Parker, he is definitely a Gerber baby. So so cute!

Mommy's "big boy". I love a good portrait like this...

Though I love catching a moment like this even more.

It is so special to capture an older sibling with Mommy's pregnant belly. It's truly a once in a lifetime kind of image.

One more of the gorgeous Mama in her dress...

And then it was time for a more casual outfit. Ummm, I don't think those are even maternity jeans!?! Britty, you are way too cute for 36 weeks prego. With baby #2. :)

Cute baby bump.

I think parenthood suits these 2 really well...

They are just as adorable as ever together!

A couple more of Parker. What a great little smiler!


And then it was time for a couple fun shots of their beautiful and growing family. Look at that pose! I was melting!

Britton and Jason, thank you for asking me to do your pictures yet again -- my favorite session yet -- and congratulations on your newest little bundle of joy! So happy for you both, big brother Parker and your families too! With love and appreciation ~Kristine

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A Corporate-Session for Charlottesville Gas 09.12.11

Last month I did a corporate session for Charlottesville Gas Company -- you know Flicker the Flame -- and it was so. much. fun. The goal was to get a bunch of images of this ADORABLE family using the gas appliances so that C'ville Gas could use them for various forms of advertising.

We started with the gas stove. First, "Mommy and Daddy" cooked dinner. Their expressions are perfect.

And then "Mommy and Daughter" made dessert. Is there anything better than warm chocolate chip cookies?

I was told I was hired because I had a lot of experience working with kids and families. So hopefully I produced images that feel natural and just real.

Next it was time for books and popcorn by the gas fireplace.

And after the little one was fast asleep...

Mommy and Daddy had a date night by the fire. LOVE the moment.

Editing this session made me really excited for fireplace season.

To everyone at Charlottesville Gas, thank you so much for asking me to be a part of your ad campaign. This was a blast and I can't wait to see some of these in print, along with the commercials too. With appreciation ~Kristine

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1-week old Marianna 09.01.11

I recently photographed the sweetest, most angelic newborn baby girl and her parents, Anne Marie and Dan. I love newborn sessions. It's so rewarding to capture new parents at one of the happiest times in their lives. They're just in awe of the little life they created, and that love really shows in the pictures. About a week after our session, Anne Marie sent me the nicest email and she was saying how much Marianna was changing already. I know exactly what she means. The newborn stage is sooooo fleeting, and I am so thankful that I could forever document Marianna for them at just 1 week old.


I could have photographed that sweet little face all day.

I never work from a "shot list", but for newborn sessions I always make sure to capture their tiny hands and feet. This is one of my favorites.

The proud parents with their little miracle.

Mommy's girl.

And Daddy's too. There is that awe I was talking about.

Then it was time for some more of Marianna alone. Is there anything cuter than a newborn baby in a hat!?!

Well, this blanket was also really adorable. Dan collects vintage hot wheel cars, so this picture is pretty special.

And so is this one. Someday when Marianna is starting Kindergarden, it will be even more so.


Later we went outside for a few more. Beautiful family!

They are just filled with love...

And pride, and it shows. Anne Marie and Dan, it was such a privilege to do these special pictures for you. Marianna is just perfect and I am so happy for your family! Congratulations! ~Kristine

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