The Workshop 03.17.11

On Saturday March 12th, I taught a photography workshop that helped people better understand their SLR cameras and all of the features. It was a blast, and I wanted to share a few photos in case you are thinking about signing up for one of these in the future. To stay in the loop, you can click HERE to follow me on Facebook, or just send me an email or follow my blog. I am going to announce more spring and summer dates soon. Thanks to everyone who has already contacted me and expressed interest.

This workshop sold out in a few hours, and I was so excited that many of the people who attended were friends and clients of mine. My intern Jocelyn (bottom left) also attended, and she brought along her super adorable niece to be our child model.

Since I was mostly teaching, Jocelyn also took a bunch of fun behind-the-scenes shots of everyone learning and shooting. Thanks so much J! You are the best.

Brooke was a total ham -- I love this shot that Jocelyn captured.

Everyone loved taking her picture and practicing some of the new things they had learned.

Including me. Sometimes I shoot from above...

...So I can get shots like this. What a gorgeous little girl. I only took a few pictures of Brooke, but this one is a definite favorite.

And this one. Beauty!

We also had a maternity model, my friend Heather. At the very end of the workshop, we all took some photos of her and her beautiful baby bump.

I took a few too, but for now this is all I'm going to share...because before the workshop started, I did an actual session with Heather, her husband Tib, and their 2 little ones, Jackson and Charlotte. That blog is coming next week. :)

I always say that blog previews are somewhat arbitrary because it is so hard to choose favorites. Case in point. After everyone had left, I spent like 3 minutes flat with Brooke. So glad I did! Thanks again to everyone who came to this workshop and for making it so much fun. ~Kris

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