Three Years Old 05.29.11

Today is the 3-year anniversary of one of the happiest moments of my entire life. Our oldest daughter Elsa's birth. Today, she turned 3 years old. I've made a point to blog about every birthday for both of our girls, so even in the midst of a very busy spring, I am so thankful that I'm taking some time to do this, as it forces me to edit a few personal photos that otherwise might not get done til Elsa is in college. ;-)

Three years ago today, I had no idea how much my life was about to change for the better.

The other day, I told Elsa the story of her being born for the first time. She listened so intently to every little detail.

I told her how she liked to suck her thumby, even as a tiny new baby.

Then she told us that she was 3 now and that she wasn't going to suck her thumby anymore. While I know that probably isn't true quite yet, her statement reminded me once again why I love forever documenting these memories.

Our little girl is getting so big.

She really knows how to love.

Her smile can light up a room.

She has such a zest for life.

And she is quick to introduce herself to new friends.

I am so proud of her...but I have to say that her turning 3 is hard.

Last year at age 2, she was still a "baby".

Now she really looks like a little girl.

A little girl who loves to skate...

to ride her bike (her new padding is her favorite thing!)...

to do gymnastics...

and to play at the beach...

and of course the pool.

Last weekend we had a party at our house.

Thanks so much to everyone who came to help Elsa celebrate.

Then today, we spent the morning in church and the afternoon at a polo match at King Family Vineyards...

With who else?? Family! Elsa loves her cousin Vivienne.

She has really found a best friend in her, and of course her sister, Emme.

It is just pure awesome to watch.

I am so in love.

I've been making a point to leave my camera laying around so that I can easily capture some of the every day moments. Like the girls brushing their teeth in the morning...

Or Elsa writing words with Daddy...her favorite nightly activity.

Whether we want her to or not, Elsa is growing up.

I can't believe she'll start pre-school in September.

I hope she's never too big to cuddle with her Mommy.

I am blessed and I am so thankful.

And I was hoping to have an updated family photo, but for now, this one from last fall will have to do. Happy 3rd birthday to our beautiful sweet girl! Mommy and Daddy love you to the moon and back a million times over. XOXO

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