Amelia & Dana's Engagement 09.21.11

Last month I did an engagement session for an awesome, awesome couple. I first met Amelia while photographing her good friend Julie's wedding in 2007. We really got to know each other well, because if anyone remembers Julie (how could you forget her!?!), you know that she did a ton of different sessions around her wedding and many of them included her friends. We all had so. much. fun.

That was 4 years ago this month. And since then, I moved from Pennsylvania to my hometown in Virginia. So you can imagine my delight when I got a Facebook message from Amelia asking if I could photograph her and Dana's wedding next June in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I was so glad I was available on their date! It's gonna be a good time!

For their engagement session, Amelia, Dana, their dog Henry, and Amelia's mom & dad traveled to Richmond, Virginia. We started our session at Sunday Park in Brandermill, and as always, we started with some portraits.

You can't wear a dress and heels like this and not expect me to find a fun way to show them off. :)

Helping another girl feel relaxed and beautiful in front of the camera is something I really love about my job. And Amelia, all I can say is you are gorgeous!

I adore morning light! And this image!

Amelia and Dana made every location look that much more amazing.

A favorite. The love boat.

An engagement session is a great way to "master" some things I'll ask you to do on your wedding day. "Smile kiss" - check!

A perfect moment. SO cute.

Amelia's parents (Gail & Ken - you are seriously the best!) watched Henry during a lot of our session. But you can't travel all the way to Richmond with your dog and not include him in some shots.

Henry was perfect.

All I had to do was hold up a treat and his eyes were on me! :)

For the second half of our session, we mixed it up by doing something completely opposite of the park setting. We headed into Carytown to get a more urban look for some of their photos. We really just walked around...

Found some neat places to sit...

And then we ended up in this neat old book store. LOVE those colors.

Notice their wedding books - fun!

At the very end, they celebrated a successful session over a glass of wine. These images remind me how much I love window light.

Looks like it could be their first date. Their expressions are adorable.

Amelia and Dana, thank you so much for traveling to VA for this session. It was just as fun as I expected and I am so happy for you both. Thanks for being so wonderful! Can't wait for your rehearsal dinner and wedding in June! Hugs! ~Kris

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