Ben & Shawna: A Sexy Anniversary Session 09.22.11

During my recent trip to the OBX, I did a mini-session for my wonderful brother-in-law Ben and sister-in-law Shawna. We did these in about 5 minutes -- actually it was pretty impromtu with a little encouraging from yours truly. ;-) Now I wish we had time for more! I wasn't really planning to do a blog, but the images were too pretty not to share, especially since today is Ben and Shawna's 4 year wedding anniversary.

As a wedding photographer, it is so nice to see married couples even happier than they were on their wedding day. Definitely the case for these two love birds.

So they started their session wearing some clothes, and we got a portrait or two...

But, we were on the beach. And Ben and Shawna look pretty darn good in bathing suits, so we figured -- you're only young once. Go for it!

Our little session started out really playful. Look at that proud hubby!

And since we were losing light quick (we did these after our family picture session), it quickly got a little sexy.

What I would do for a picture like this with my own husband (pre-kids of course).

Hot. No, Hawt with a capitol H.

Could be an Abercrombie ad.

Love it.

Had to end with a funny one. Love it. Happy anniversary to an awesome couple. We love you and we're so happy you're moving to Richmond so we can see each other a lot more often! Thanks for being such great friends and a wonderful Aunt & Uncle to Elsa & Emme too. XOXO ~Kris

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