Happy Birthday Mom 10.12.11

Saturday 10/15 is my mom's birthday, but since I'll be photographing a wedding that day (YAY Kathy & Thad!) I wanted to post something special a few days early.

Last month over Labor Day weekend, my family took a vacation to the Outer Banks, and while there we decided we were finally going to get a nice family picture of EVERYONE (meaning my brother Mark and I and our families). Something my mom has always wanted.

So...I started planning way ahead. As I know (and as my clients know), picking out clothes is not an easy task. But neither is getting 3 wild girls to sit still, especially since I wanted them to sit "independently" for this photo. How could we resist those darling pint-sized rockers?? But as I arranged chairs, I knew I had my work cut out for me to get this photo. Whew.

The girls would much rather dance around, and/or run towards "Miss Amanda" -- my wonderful friend who was willing to stand behind the tripod and click 200+ times to get the photo I was hoping for. Love you A! And thanks to Uncle Ben & Aunt Shawna for being helpers too. :)

Close...but not quite. Emme is not looking. Elsa's feet are up in her chair. My niece Viv is being soooo cooperative.

And then it happened...PERFECTION!!! I think this was frame 191 or something like that. Oh, and in case you were wondering, that is "Grammie and Bo" in the middle. Isn't she so pretty!!!

After we got a shot on the front porch of our OBX house, we headed to the beach of course.

Love this one. I wish I had time to edit more right now, but it is BUSY season as my mom knows, so the rest will have to come as Christmas presents.

Even though I won't be home to celebrate my mom's birthday on the actual day, I know that her present (this 4 foot by 3 foot canvas of the winning shot, now hanging in her family room!) will remind her every day of every year how blessed we all are. Family is everything and I thank my mom everyday for teaching me that. Mom, I love you and happy birthday!!

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