Niki & Ian's Engagement 11.14.11

Niki and Ian are getting married in Charlottesville next August, and after doing their engagement session, I am even more excited for their big day. What an adorable couple! I think the images will speak for themselves, but can I just say that this was SO fun! Ian went into this completely not knowing what to expect (he even said to Niki, "Oh, so you mean we have to get pictures taken BEFORE the wedding?"), and I am so glad that it turned out to be such a memorable afternoon for both of them. Because in my opinion, every moment leading up to the big day should be a memory too. Here are a few favorites from their shoot. Enjoy!

We started off in downtown C'ville...

Making sure to incorporate some of the things that kind of define downtown.

A little window the reflection, and the dress!

And then we did a few portraits that were just simple and sweet.

I'm a big fan of "looking away" shots too.

A favorite! Their expressions are so cute!

Niki and Ian are having their wedding reception at the gorgeous Jefferson Theater on the downtown mall. LOVE!

It doesn't get any more C'VILLE than this!

After a few downtown, we headed to Jefferson vineyards. I adore this relaxed portrait.

And I really adore Niki's laugh!


We practiced all kinds of "poses" for their wedding day.

This is one we will not be doing (hehe!), so I'm really glad we were able to capture it now. We did this over and over a few times to get Niki's hair to bounce just perfectly. :)


I loved capturing the way they looked at each other.

There's that laugh again.

Love it. Niki, could you be any prettier?

I had to end with this one -- hello golden hour sunshine! Niki and Ian, thank you for making this so fun! I cannot wait for the big day! Hugs! ~Kris

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